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How to Maintain Great Credit (PDF)


How to Maintain Great Credit

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One Key Thing On How To Maintain Good Credit

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The majority of people these days rely a little bit too much on their credit in order to keep them living in the
lifestyle that they are accustomed to. For many people their entire life seems to be run on a line of credit.
This is all good but because credit has become such a life line to so many people, they have to resort to
loosing almost the entirety of their paychecks from work just to keep their credit going.

Most people are either living with credit debt that is so high it prevents them from getting a home or a car,
and others are working just so that they pay their credit limits with credit cards so that they live off of those
credit cards until their next paycheck. People who live like this condemn themselves to this repeated cycle
of spending and credit for the majority of their lives.

 Since most people begin to establish their credit line when they are young, they are predisposed to see the
credit as free money. That is of course; until they realize that eventually they will lose it all unless they pay
off these ridiculously high limits. It is not uncommon for people with high credit limits to try to fix the
balance of one credit card by getting another one and making the payments with the new cards and vice
versa. This is a dangerous game to play that usually results in multiple credit debts that have to be fixed
instead of one.

Using credit is meant to be a help to you and your life, and not your primary means of supporting yourself.
When you decide to get credit, you must do so responsibly. Ideally, you would only use your credit cards in
an emergency, but that is rarely the case anymore. Thanks to online shopping capabilities, people are
spending more money than ever on their credit cards. Credit is a very tricky thing that can destroy your
entire life because it can put you so deep in debt that you can’t get out of it.

If you are already deep in debt because of your credit, you should visit your local debt consolidator for help.
If you are just starting out with your credit, the best advice that can be given to you is to be responsible and
never spend more between paychecks than you can afford to pay back in full. As long as you keep up on
paying your creditors on time and keep a copy of your credit report or score, you can easily maintain
excellent credit and avoid bankruptcy.

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