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                                                                                                  Crime Bulletin
                                                                                                  Vol. 28, 2010

                                                 Silver Alert!!
                           The Kansas Silver Alert Protocol is a voluntary process that coordinates efforts
                           between law enforcement agencies, media outlets and other entities when a
                           person who is 65 years of age or older (or a person who haws dementia) is
                           reported missing by family or caregivers. The system also protects the dignity,
                           independence, of seniors in Kansas, as well as the right to make choices in their
                           everyday lives.
                           The Kansas Silver Alert was passed by the Kansas Legislature in 2009. Following its
                           passage, Attorney General Steve Six created the Silver Alert Committee made up
                           of law enforcement, media and other community partners to develop the protocol
                           for issuing an alert, and the model policies for law enforcement and the media to

The term “Silver Alert” is used when the following criteria have been met:
1. Law enforcement has reason to believe the person reported missing is either
       A. Suffering from dementia, or
       B. Over the age of 65 and
               1. has a reported medical/mental condition that threatens or greatly reduces his/her ability to
                   make sound reasonable decisions (and/or may diminish his/her ability to survive
                   without assistance
               2. The person has been determined to be a risk to harm him/herself
2. The person’s whereabouts are not known and he/she is missing under circumstances the don’t conform
   to their normal routine or habits, and may be in need of assistance or intervention.
       A. Care is taken to be reasonably certain the person reporting the missing person is not using the
            system for any other reason than to assure the safety of the missing individual.
3. The investigating officer determines it is appropriate to request public assistance in locating the person.

A Silver Alert is initiated locally by the law enforcement agency investigating the report. KBI communications
is notified if it is determined that a statewide search is necessary. The Alert is deactivated as soon as possible
after the missing person is located.
When a Silver Alert is initiated, it includes information such as the
name and age of the missing person, his/her description (including
                                                                                             Photos from:
clothing last seen in, vehicle, hair color, height, weight, and other
identifying characteristics), last known location, a recent photograph                          Info from:
and contact information for the public to call with tips.
Other states have similar programs. Some have programs for people
with cognitive impairment, developmental disabilities, and/or mental
health diagnoses. See (August 2,
2010) for a list of some of these programs.

         Don’t Leave Your Car
         Running Unattended
    Don’t become the victim of a stolen
    automobile...bundle up and warm-up your car with
    you in it. Don’t leave it running while you run into
    a store, bank, childcare center, etc. Being cold for a
    few minutes is a lot less stressful than having to
    deal with a stolen car.

                                                    New Texting Law Effective
                                                        January 2, 2011
                                                 The texting law that was passed in 2010 will now start
                                                 costing you money as of January 1, 2011. It's a $60 fine,
                                                 plus court costs. In Johnson County, Kansas, if a deputy
                                                 writes you a ticket for Texting While Driving, the total
                                                 will be $153.50. Please be safe on the roads, a text is
                                                 not worth your life. Check out the Johnson County
                                                 Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page for more conversation
                                                 regarding this law.

                                                 Also check out an excellent video about texting and
                                                 driving that was produced by AT&T and the Missouri
                                                 Highway Patrol:

    Please…...don’t text while you are driving. Don’t read a text. Don’t send a text. Pull over, stop your
    vehicle, do not drive while you are distracted. If you are a passenger, don’t distract the driver by
    having them glance at your cell phone. Messages can wait…

                                          Inmate Search
    The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has upgraded the Inmate Search feature on its website. You can
    now find inmates that have been in custody as far back as three years. This also includes their mug
    shots! Just go to:

                        Don’t Drive Under the Influence
    The holidays are over...but it’s still not okay to drink and drive. You are being watched and will be
    stopped by a police officer if it appears that you are drinking while under the influence. Remember,
    it’s not only alcohol that can impair your ability to drive. Pharmaceutical agents (prescription, over-
    the-counter and illegal) can all lead to dangerous driving. Please stay safe (and keep others safe)
    while driving.

                                                            Once on the road, keep distractions to a minimum.
                                                            Turn the radio off. Ignore your cell phone. If the kids
                                                            are with, ask them to stay calm so you can
                                                            concentrate on the road. Be alert for the
                                                            unpredictable, such as another driving sliding your
                                                            way. Remember that even if you are maintaining
                                                            control of your vehicle, everyone else might not be.
                                                            Drive under the speed limit and keep extra distance
                                                            between you and the driver ahead of you. This isn’t
                                                            the time to be in a hurry.
                                                            Be especially cautious of areas you are more likely
                                                            lose traction in, including hills, intersections, and
                                                            bridges. If your car breaks down, don’t leave it
                                                            abandoned. Call for a tow truck as soon as possible
         Winter Safety Tips                                 so you don’t block snow plows or create additional
Winter has arrived. And so has the snow...and the           hazards to other drivers. Try to stay on the main
ice. Every year, there are many weather-related auto        roads that get priority plowing and sanding attention.
accidents. Preparing yourself for driving in winter         If your car starts to slide when you apply the brakes,
conditions is a good step to avoid becoming one of          stop braking immediately and then apply the brakes
these statistics.                                           again - but more slowly. Steer into skids. This means
When the weather gets bad, the roads can become             if your car is sliding to the right, turn the wheel to
treacherous very quickly. If possible, don’t drive until    the right until you have control, then gently steer
the roads have been opened up. Ice storms are               back onto the road. Often there's time to pull off this
precarious. If ice fall is followed by snow, it can be      maneuver; sometimes there isn't.
impossible to tell how slick the roads are - until
you’re on them (or in the ditch).                           Nobody is born knowing how to drive of course -
                                                            and practice in all situations makes for better, safer
Life goes on in spite of the weather, so if you have to     drivers. The best way to learn how to drive on snow
venture out, please use extreme caution. Start with         and ice is to practice in a safe place such as a large,
asking yourself if what you're headed out to do can         empty parking lot.
wait. If it can’t, be sure you allow extra time to get to
your destination. Pack a blanket, gloves, cell phone,       If you have any weather –related questions about the
some food and water, a flashlight, and other items          roads in Merriam, please contact the Merriam Public
you may need in case of an emergency. Be sure your          Works Department at: 913-322-5570. If you have a
tires are in good shape to give you the best traction       weather-related emergency, call 911.
                                                                    (Information from

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            Crime Statistics From December 16-31, 2010

Warrant Arrests:      33                                      •   4700 block of Eby (broken window stolen I-pod)
DUIs:                                                         •   9000 block W. 47 Terr (broken window stole change)
 •      7400 SB I-35                                          •   4700 block Kessler (unlocked car stole CD’s)
 •      NB I-35 and Shawnee Mission Parkway                   •   4800 block of England (unlocked car stole tools and garage
 •      Johnson Drive and Woodward                                door opener)
 •      Johnson Drive and Woodward                            •   9100 block of W. 74 St. (unlocked car stole wallet and
 •      5700 Antioch Road                                         stereo)
 •      Johnson Drive and I-35                                •   9800 block of W. 62 Terr (broken window stolen purse)
Intoxicated Pedestrian                                        •   9800 block of W. 62 Terr (broken window stolen purse)
• 6500 NB I-35                                                •   9100 block of W. 69th St. (unlocked car stolen cell phone,
Possession of drugs:                                              tools, cash)
• 6100 block of Cortez                                        •   7300 Royalty Way (broken window stolen speakers and
Traffic Accidents:                                                Christmas gifts)
• 9505 W. 48th Street                                         •   5500 block of Antioch (broken window stolen purse)
• I-35 at Shawnee Mission Parkway                             Residential Burglary:
• Shawnee Mission Parkway at Antioch                          •   10000 Block of W 57 Street - An unknown person forced
• 5500 Antioch                                                   open the front door and to the victims purse, cell phone,
• 5724 Antioch                                                   and some jewelry. A few days before the burglary the victim
• 10000 Hocker Drive                                             had reported a suspicious subject knocking on her door.
• 5800 Merriam Drive                                          •   6000 block of Antioch—Someone broke into the storage
• 6200 Antioch (Hit and Run)                                     shed in the back yard and stole numerous tools and
• 5005 Merriam Drive                                             equipment.
• Shawnee Mission Parkway and Eby                             •   7300 block of Brittany—Someone pried open the front
• NB I-35 at 67th Street (Hit and Run)                           door and stole the victims TV, laptop, camera, and X-Box.
• Johnson Drive and Eby                                       •   9600 block of W. 48 St—Someone forced open the front
• West 53rd Street and Knox                                      door and stole the victims TV and x-Box.
• NB I-35 at 67th Street                                      •   9500 W. 48th St—Someone forced open the back door
• Shawnee Mission Parkway at Antioch                             and stole several flat screen TV’s and a Playstation 3.
• Johnson Drive and Woodward                                  Theft (Non-Business):
• 7200 SB I-35                                                • 7300 block of Brittany (a friend of a friend stole a camera
• 7400 SB I-35                                                   and camcorder)
• 50th Terr and Merriam                                       • 6100 block of Antioch (stolen tires/wheels)
Domestic Disturbance/ Domestic Dispute:                       • 9500 W. 55 St (stolen necklace and cash)
• 9200 block of W 72nd Street                                 Theft (Business):
• 5800 block of Blackhoof                                     • 5800 Antioch (shoplifting arrest)
• 10200 block of W 56 Terr                                    • 5400 block of Antioch (stolen car tag)
• 6200 block of Slater                                        • 5100 block of Merriam Dr (stolen catalytic converter)
• 5300 block of Farley                                        • 9000 block Shawnee Mission Parkway (stolen food)
• 9700 block of W 59th Terr                                   • 9000 block Shawnee Mission Parkway (stolen TV)
• 5400 block of Knox (Battery arrest)                         • 9800 W 62 Terr (stolen skates)
• 5300 block of Farley                                        Financial Crimes:
• 9800 block of W. 51 Place                                   • 5800 block of Antioch (use of stolen credit card)
• 10000 block of W 51 St                                      • 7300 block Royalty Way (identity theft)
Suicidal Subject:                                             Crimes/Calls also included:
• 9100 block W. 74th Street                                   • 6800 Antioch (someone egged a car)
• 7200 block of Eby                                           • 9100 W. 73 St (Disturbing the Peace)
 Auto Theft:                                                  • 7900 W. 59 Terr (Disorderly Conduct)
• 9000 block of W 48th Terr (Ford Van, arrest made)           • Shawnee Mission Parkway/ Eby (Littering)
• 5700 Antioch (Ford F350 truck)
• 9100 W. 73rd St (Pontiac Grand Am)                          Call the Merriam Police if you’ve been the victim of a
Auto Burglary:                                                       crime or if you notice suspicious activity:
• 8300 block of W. 63 St. (Arrest was made)                         Emergencies: 911  Station: 913.322.5560
• 9000 W 47th Terr (Arrest was made)                                      Dispatch: 913.782.0720
• 6500 block of E. Frontage (stolen surveillance equipment)

                                              Why a Crime Bulletin?
                                             The Merriam Police Department
                                             operates under the "Community
                                             Policing Philosophy"...
                                             This means we are committed to
                                             providing the highest quality of police
                                             services by partnering with you - the
                                             citizens of our community. Together,
                                             we work as a team to maintain a high
    The Merriam Police Department is         quality of living in Merriam, keeping it
    trying to contact you...not because      a safe place to be. This crime bulletin
    you’re in trouble, but because there     lets us share information with you,
    are times when something important       helping us reach these goals. We
    is going on in the Merriam               hope you forward this to others who
    community that you need to know          will find it interesting and useful!
    about as soon as possible.
                                             The Police Department asks you to
    It’s free and it’s easy to sign up for   report any suspicious activity by
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                                               Emergency: 911
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                                                  Prepared by Suzette Mack

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