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Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers - Join the Wave

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This article provides and overview of what a balance transfer credit card is and provides tips for identifying
available balance transfer programs.

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Balance transfer credit car offers have been a popular means of literally transferring a balance from one
credit card to the next. The primary reason that someone would enact a balance transfer is so that he or she
could obtain a lower interest rate than his or her current credit card offers. Balance transfers are relatively
easy moves, provided that you find a balance transfer credit card that can accept you into the lucrative
balance transfer program at a lower rate than your current company. There are a few essential items that you
should know about balance transfers before you begin the process and "join the wave".

What Is a Balance Transfer?

A balance transfer is a simple strategy that many people use in order to obtain the most appealing interest
rate. Quite literally, a credit card balance transfer requires that you take the balance on your current credit
card and roll it into a balance transfer credit card program with a competing credit card company. It is
important to note that while many credit card companies offer appealing balance transfer credit cards, you
should first ensure that you are eligible to perform a balance transfer and lock in at a low rate before you
initiate the procedure. If you have a low credit score, you may not find a credit card company that will offer
a balance transfer credit card to you until your score increases.

How Balance Transfers Effect Your Credit Score

Whether you think it's fair or not, if you frequently switch from one balance transfer credit card program to
the next, you will not proceed unnoticed. Credit card companies will eventually catch on to your migrant
tendencies and thus, decrease your credit score and increase the available rate for you. Therefore, if you are
a chain user of balance transfer credit cards, you run the risk of negatively effecting your credit score in the
long-run. Credit card companies will be weary of an individual that has a history of performing balance
transfers, and therefore, may lock you into a higher interest rate to ensure that they do not lose money by
taking you on as a client.

When Not to Initiate a Balance Transfer

If you are lucky enough to be locked in with a credit card company at a good interest rate, then it is a bad
idea to engage in a balance transfer. Like any other balance transfer, a credit card balance transfer will most
likely clear your credit card account with your original company and, thus, lock you into a relationship with
a new credit card company. That new company may raise your rates to a level that is higher than your
previous company after the initial low interest rate trial period. Therefore, before you initiate a balance
transfer, it is important that you read the fine print on the company offering the balance transfer credit cards.

It can feel like finding a pot of gold when you find a balance transfer credit card that offers a low interest
rate and other incentives to encourage you to make the switch. However, as with anytime you engage in a
balance transfer, it is essential that you do ample research into exactly what the new credit card provides.
Chances are good that any company that offers balance transfer credit cards is using the tried-and-true credit
card balance transfer strategy to get a quick influx of clients. Educate yourself so that you can make an
informed decision about your own balance transfer possibilities.

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