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 Heli Skiing, Thrilling but Deadly

 What is heli skiing? You might probably be amazed at how many different kinds of skiing there are.

 In general, skiing as a whole can always be dangerous and challenging. There is the snow skiing, the water skiing, and now another form and type of skiing--- the heli skiing.

 Heli skiing comes from the word skiing and helicopter. The literal analysis of the word would come up with the literal and practical definition for this recreational or sports acivity.

 Heli skiing is a term used to denote the practice or action of Alpine skiing with the use of the helicopter. Why the helicopter? You might ask.

 The helicopter

 Helicopter is used in heli skiing so the skier can be able to gain extreme altitude that would be impossible to be gained or attained by any person without the help of the helicopter.

 Heli skiing enables the skier to ski coming off from different and various starting points. Skiing in very remote areas can also be made possible by heli skiing.

 As such, heli skiing can be safely and appropriately classified as a very extreme sports. Because heli skiing is mainly done in remote and unlikely places or areas for skiing, the dangers of avalanches is very evident.

 Heli skiing is also never free of the dangers posed by the existence of rocks and trees.

 The helicopter used for helis skiing is also not the ordinary helicopter used in the modern times. They are specially designed and are used to carrying out the task of helping heli skiers lift up and ski at great heights.

 A short history

 Heli skiing is an extreme sport developed and introduced in April 1965 in Canada by Hans Gmoser.

 Hans Gmoser is an Austrian who migrated to Canada in the 1950s to pursue and chase after greener pastures. Ironically, the man found whiter pasture, because the Canadian state where he got into turned out to be covered with thick snow.

 By that time, there are a number of Austrians who went up and posed on top of Mt Everest in the Himalayas. The thrill and excitement aroused the national pride in the extreme sports fanatic, Mr Gmoser.

 To have his own participation in the emerging Austrian pride for the heights, Mr Gmoser devised and designed an extreme recreation or sports to lift snow skiers in the Bugaboo Mountains.

 Because no one has ever tried it before, he introduced skiing using helicopters to lift up the skier to greater altitudes.

 The result was an extreme fun and thrilling exercise. Hel skiing was born.

 The modern times

 The modern times is characterized by extreme recreation and sports. That is because most people are earning their living through the corporate scene.

 Most people are engaged in seats and in front of computers in general to earn their living. That is why the opportunity of going out and sweating it all out through extreme activities in the great otdoors thrill most people.

 Heli skiing has it all and more. It can also be too risky and deadly. Experts and less-gutsy people stay away from it because the activity is truly not one to keep your visceral parts at peace.

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