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                                                                             Mini guide to Asia's
Hong Kong                                                                    international city
    Essential and practical information
    Getting around
    The city's best attractions and things-to-do
    Recommended hotels and hostels
    Hong Kong's best restaurants and eateries
    Shopping tips and recommended places to shop

                                                                                              Tourist information
    Introduction                                   Essential Information                      Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)
                                                                                              operates a few visitor-centres: In Hong
Nestled along the southern coast of china,       Entry regulations                            Kong International Airport, Victoria Peak
Hong Kong is known mainly for its                All visitors to Hong Kong should hold a      (between The Peak Tower and The Peak
glittering skyscrapers and endless               passport that is valid for at least six      Galleria), Star Ferry Concourse (Tsim Sha
shopping opportunities, and while                months after their planned departure         Tsui) and Lo Wu Border Cross.
shopping is, indeed, a big thing in this         date.
international metropolis, Hong Kong has a                                                     Visitors who need assistance can also call
lot more to offer to its visitors…               Many nationalities do not require to         the "hotline" between 9am and 6pm daily
                                                 obtain a visa in advance and will be given   (2508 1234), or visit their excellent
Occupying an area of just more than 1,000        a permission, upon arrival, to stay for      website (Particularly the "Cultural
km², this small territory is as diversified as   periods varying from seven days to 180       Kaleidoscope programme", where you can
a big country, and boasts an unbelievable        days, depending on nationality.              find a variety of interesting activities to
spectrum of sights, sceneries and                                                             choose from, some of which are free)
contrasts that can be seen only here…            For more details about visitor
Ancient Chinese temples stand in front of        visas/permits, visit the visa or entry       Currency
modern skyscrapers, exotic markets are           permit requirements page, at the Hong        Hong Kong dollar (HKD or HK$) is the
shadowed by glittering shopping malls,           Kong Immigration website.                    currency of Hong Kong. For up-to-date
forest-covered mountains fall steeply into                                                    exchange rates, you can check
the island-dotted bays, and the old              Weather / When to come             
Chinese tradition co-exists, side by side,       Hong Kong is located on the northern
with the British Colonial influence and the      fringe of the tropic belt and has a          Electricity
Western pace.                                    monsoon-influenced humid climate, but        The electrical current in Hong Kong is 220-
                                                 unlike tropical countries, its climate       240 volts / 50 cycles AC. The plugs have
Our Hong Kong Mini Guide was created             divides to fairly distinct seasons.          three round prongs.
specifically for those of you who want to
get the best information, but don't like         Best time to come is from October to         Time Zone
reading long books…                              April. Worst time to come is during          Hong Kong doesn't apply summer saving
                                                 summer (roughly from the end of May          time. The time is GMT+8 all year round.
We hope it will help you to get the most         until the end of September), as heat and
out of your visit or holiday in Asia's World     humidity can be unbearable around this
City.                                            time of the year.
Telephone Code                               Central Post Offices
Hong Kong's country code is 852. There is    General Post Office (GPO)
                                                                                            Airport to town
no city code.                                2 Connaught Place, Central
                                             8am - 6pm, Mon to Sat                        Airport Express
Emergency numbers                            9am - 5pm, Sun & Public Holidays             The Airport express provides the quickest
Emergency Service (Police, Fire,                                                          and most comfortable connection
Ambulance) - 999                             Causeway Bay Post Office                     between Hong Kong International Airport
                                             Shops 1015-1018,                             and the city center. It departs every 12
Visitor Hotline: (+852) 2508 1234 (9am –
                                             10/F, Windsor House,                         minutes, from 6am to 00:45am, and
6pm daily)
                                             311 Gloucester Road,                         reaches Central in about 24 minutes, with
                                             Causeway Bay                                 stops in Kowloon and Tsing Yi.
Medical Services                             9:30am - 5pm, Mon to Fri                     Passengers are also provided with a free
Adventist Health, 40 Stubbs Road, Hong       9:30am - 1pm, Saturday                       Shuttle Bus service from Hong Kong and
Kong Island, Phone: 3651-8888                                                             Kowloon stations to various hotels in the
Queen Mary Hospital, Pokfulam Road,          Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office                    vicinity.
Phone: 28553838 / 28553111                   Hermes House,
Canossa Hospital, No. 1 Old Peak Road ,      10 Middle Road                               Click here for more info about the Airport
Hong Kong Island, 25221194 / 95              Tsim sha Tsui                                Express, including rates and special tickets
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 30 Gascoigne       9am - 6pm, Mon to Sat
Road, Kowloon, 2958 8888                     9am - 2pm, Sunday                            Public buses
                                                                                          A11 travels to Causeway Bay, Wanchai
                                             Internet cafés                               and Central (N11 is the overnight version
                                                                                          of this route), A21 travels to Nathan Road
                                             Fresh Cyber Café seems to be pretty          and Tsim sha Tsui (N 21 is the overnight
                                             popular. Their Wanchai branch is located     service that covers the same route).
                                             on Lockhart Road, opposite The Bridge Bar
                                             and stays open 24 hours a day. Rates are
                                                                                          Private transfer
                                             quite reasonable.
                                                                                          Private transfer is more expensive than
                                                                                          taking the Airport Express (not to mention
                                             Some public libraries across Hong Kong
                                                                                          public bus), but it's really comfortable and
                                             have installed Internet Express Terminals
                                                                                          will save you time and sweat, which makes
  Do you know? We have a whole               (IETs) and allow visitors to use their
                                                                                          it an option worth considering.
  range of free eBooks and mini-             internet facilities free of charge. Each
  city-guides about Asia's most              session lasts for 15 minutes though...
                                             Travelers recommend the library at City      Taxi
  popular city destinations... Click                                                      Taxis are available 24 hours a day and can
                                             Hall, as well as Central Library, next to
  HERE to view and download them.                                                         be picked up at the taxi station,
                                             Victoria Park in Causeway Bay (both are on
                                             Hong Kong Island).                           outside the Arrivals Hall.
Cantonese is the most widely used                                                         The fare from the airport to central areas
                                             A growing number of coffee shops offer
language in Hong Kong, and although                                                       of the city, like Central, Wanchai ,
                                             wireless connection to their customers.
English is one of the territory's official                                                Causeway Bay, or Tsim-sha-Tsui is likely to
languages, it is spoken only among one       Pacific Coffee Company is a particularly     range around HK$ 250 – 300, excluding
third of the population.                     good option, as they offer wireless access   additional taxi charges, such as excessive
                                             for those of you who carry their own         luggage.
Business hours                               computer, as well as some PCs on site, for
Shops in popular areas, such as Tsim Sha     those of you who don't have a computer...    Airport Hotelink
Tsui, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay stay         (They'll normally allow you to use the PC    Airport Hotelink is a luxury coach service
open until 9 or 10 pm, or even later,        for maximum 15 minutes, unless there are     that takes arriving passengers from the
especially on weekends, while shops in       not too many others who want to use it...)   airport to various hotels across Hong
Central tend to close at around 7 pm.                                                     Kong. It is more expensive than the Airport
                                             Their store locator is recommended, as it
                                             indicates how many PCs are available at      Express, but slightly cheaper than the
Office hours in Hong Kong are 9am –                                                       private transfer (although takes much
                                             each branch...
5/6pm, or longer on weekdays, and 9am -                                                   longer, as the bus has to travel through
1pm on Saturdays. Major banks are open                                                    numerous hotels).
9am - 4:30pm on weekdays, and 9am -
12:30pm on Saturdays.                                                                     Hotels pick-up
                                                                                          Many hotels in Hong Kong offer a pick-up
Demographics                                                                              service at an additional cost, which is
Hong Kong's 's population stands at                                                       normally not too high… Check this option
around seven million, of which 95% are                                                    with your hotel before travelling.
Chinese (mostly Cantonese). The rest are
Europeans, Indians and Southeast Asian's.
                                                Hong Kong Tramway
  Getting around                                Double-decker trams have been rattling          Best attractions and
                                                along the north shore of Hong Kong Island       things-to-do
Hong Kong boasts one of world's best            since 1904, covering the central business-
public transport systems, which means it        and-shopping districts of Sheung Wan,
is an ideal destination to explore on your      Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway        Victoria Peak
own, without having to rent a car.              Bay, Happy Valley ( , Causeway Bay and        "The Peak", as it is commonly known,
                                                Shau-kei-Wan, and providing easy access       is probably Hong Kong's most popular
The MTR, Hong Kong's Subway/Metro               to most shopping malls and attractions.       tourist attraction, boasting world-class
system, provides fast and comfortable           (see details + route map)                     views of the city and Victoria Harbour,
means of transport and covers many of                                                         which look as if they were taken from a
the territory's attractions.                    They run daily, from before 6am until         postcard… The view at night is particularly
                                                midnight, charge a flat rate of HK$2.30 per   beautiful, when the city's countless
Each MTR station is linked to a bus             adult and HK$1 for children/senior            skyscrapers and neon-signs flash in
interchange, where you can find bus             (Octopus accepted) and tend to get very       millions of dazzling lights...
routes that service nearby destinations         crowded during peak hours.
(buses are much naturally slower than the                                                     When reaching "The Peak", you can opt
MTR, so passengers usually prefer to use        Ferries                                       for the Sky Terrace, which offers a
them only when travelling to places that        An extensive network of ferry lines           breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the
are not covered by MTR). See map                provides connections between Hong Kong        city and the waters around it, or visit Hong
                                                Island, Kowloon, the outlying islands, the    Kong's Madame Tussauds… There are also
Taxi                                            New Territories, Macau and China.             more than a few shops, cafés and
Taxis make a good option when you need          Details will be given at the relevant         restaurants around here, as well as some
a short distance drive (for example: from a     sections across this ebook.                   surprisingly quaint and easy walking trails
certain MTR station to a nearby place) or                                                     (You can read about them here)
when you need to get to a place which is        Smart cards and passes
far from the public transport network.                                                         "The Peak" is open daily, morning-night
                                                The Octopus Card is an electronic stored-
                                                                                              Sky Terrace is open daily, 10 am - 11 pm
                                                value card, accepted on most means of
They can be found everywhere and fares                                                        Madame Tussauds is open 10 am - 10 pm
                                                public transport, including buses,
are relatively low. Taxis can be stopped        minibuses, trains, ferries, the Peak Tram,
anywhere along the street, although they                                                      To get to Victoria Peak: You can either ride
                                                and some taxis... It is even accepted at
cannot pick up or drop off passengers in                                                      the 120 years old Peak Tram (a real "must
                                                convenience stores and fast food
restricted areas (which are marked with                                                       do"), or take the bus (very scenic road),
double yellow lines).                                                                         but the best option is to combine them
                                                The main thing about it as that it saves      both… (One way tam + one way bus).
Basic rates for taxis in Hong Kong are:         you the hassle of looking for exact change    The Peak Tram can be boarded at the
                                                when travelling on buses... Simply place      Lower terminus, on 33 Garden Road, daily,
Flag fall is HK$18 in Kowloon and on Hong       the card on the reader located next to the
Kong Island. (HK$ 14.5 in the New                                                             7am – 12midnight (See the guide-map to
                                                fare box and the fare gets deducted           Peak Tram Lower Terminus)
Territories and HK$ 13 on Lantau Island).       automatically (you won't even need to
This fare covers the first two kilometers       take the card out of your wallet).
and in many cases you will not need more                                                      Bus No. 15 runs daily, 6am – 12 midnight.
than that. Every additional 200 meters                                                        It departs from "Central" (next to the Star
                                                A new Octopus card includes a refundable
/every one minute of waiting time will                                                        Ferry Terminus) and passes through the
                                                HK$50 deposit. Any leftover money is also
cost you HK$ 1.50 in Kowloon/ Hong Kong                                                       bus terminus at Exchange Square (next to
                                                refunded when you return the card.
Island and HK$ 1.30 in the New Territories                                                    Central MTR station) and Admiralty (MTR
or on Lantau Island.                            Octopus Card can be purchased at the          Admiralty Station, exit C-1)
                                                Airport Express Customer Service Counter      Green minibus No. 1 departs from the bus
Additional charges may apply if you wish        (Arrivals hall), as well as at the Customer   interchange, next to Hong Kong Station -
to carry extra luggage or pets or if you        Service Centers within the MTR/KCR            Exit A1 (direct link through Central MTR),
make a telephone booking. Toll charges          stations, and in outlets of 7-Eleven and      daily, 6:30 am - 12 midnight.
will apply when traveling via the               Circle K. It can be reloaded at any
cross-harbor tunnels or the Lantau Link.        MTR/KCR station, either by using the Add
                                                Value Machines or at the Customer                Planning to visit Hong Kong ? If
                                                Service Centers.                                 you want to make sure you get
Taxis come in different colors to indicate
                                                                                                 the best possible rates for your
their area of service:
                                                Tourist Day Pass                                 accommodation, simply click here
Red taxis operate in most of Hong Kong.         MTR's Tourist Day Pass costs HK$ 55 at the       to instantly compare rates from
Green taxis serve the rural areas of the        time of writing and gives you unlimited          the world's 30 top hotel-
New Territories.                                use of the MTR and the KCR for a period of       websites… You can also click here
Blue taxis operate on Lantau Island.            24 hours, from the moment you start your         to get the best rates for
                                                first journey (excluding Airport Express,        accommodation in Macau
All taxis can travel to and from the airport.   Light Rail, MTR Bus, East Rail Line First
                                                Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations).
Hong Kong Museum of History                    InterContinental Hong Kong                        Yuen Po Street Bird Garden (or, simply,
This fabulous museum tells "the Hong           InterContinental Hong Kong enjoys one of          the Bird Garden), at the far end of Flower
Kong Story", from the Devonian period          the best locations in town, right in front of     Market Road, boasts dozens of bird shops,
400 million years ago until reunification      Victoria Harbour, and although it is not as       where hundreds of colorful songbirds in
with China in 1997.                            "classic" as the Peninsula, it is just as posh.   exquisitely crafted cages can be seen...
                                                                                                 It is also a popular meeting point for
Eight galleries, loaded with thousands of      Sink into one of the comfy couches around         elderly bird owners... Daily 7 am - 8 pm
exciting exhibits, including antiques and      the lobby and enjoy the breathtaking
pieces of art, as well as 3D dioramas and      views of Hong Kong's metropolitan skyline         To get there: From Ladies' Market, turn
interactive multimedia displays, make the      through the huge floor-to-ceiling window.         right to Argyle, left to Sai Yee and straight
visit to the museum a rich experience                                                            all the time, crossing Prince Edward Road
                                                Daily, 7 am – after midnight.
 Daily, except Tuesday, 10 am - 6 pm (till                                                      West and right, to Flower Garden Road.
7pm on Sundays and public holidays)            18 Salisbury Road, Tsim sha Tsui (next to
                                               "Avenue of Stars" and just a short walk           From MTR Prince Edward: Leave via exit A,
Chatham Road South, Tsim sha Tsui (few         from Tsim-sha-Tsui MTR and Star Ferry)            turn back, enter Playing Field Road, walk
minutes' walk from Tsim-sha-Tsui MTR                                                             along it to the end, turn right to Sai Yee St.
(via exit B-2 : see map)                       website
                                                                                                 and left, to Flower Market Road
website                                        The Markets of Mong Kok
                                                                                                 Temple Street Night Market, Jade
                                               The street markets of Mong Kok are
Peninsula Hotel                                extremely popular among visitors,
                                                                                                 Market, and the "Chinese" streets of
To revive the splendor and charm of            especially Ladies' Market which                   Yau-ma-Tei
bygone colonial days in the Far East, opt      specializes, as its name suggests, in             Some of Hong Kong's most authentic
for the English Style High Tea at the          women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics,         shopping streets can be found in the area
swanky Peninsula. Opened in 1928, this is      and the likes, although there are more            of Yau-ma-Tei, between Tsim-sha-Tsui and
one of the world's most classic hotels and     than a few stalls here that sell men's and        Mong Kok.
a long established icon of Hong Kong.          children's products, including soft toys,
                                               clothes, bags, jeans and watches, just to         Temple Street Night Market operates
Felix, one of Hong Kong's most stylish         name a few… (10:30 am - 10:30 pm daily).          daily, from 4 to 11pm (although the
resto-bars, is perched on the hotel's top                                                        "action" starts only at around 7 pm) and
floor, boasting fantastic views of Victoria    Fa Yuen Street (also known as Sportswear          its hawkers sell almost everything… There
Harbour and the city skyline...                Street) runs parallel to Ladies' Market and       are also some nice Chinese eateries here
                                               boasts many small retailers which sell            and at the northernmost end of the street,
 Afternoon Tea, daily, 2 – 6pm                sports equipment and clothing (wide               next to the old Tin Hau Temple, there are
Felix, daily, 5pm – 1:30am (Bar)               diversity of sports shoes).                       fortune tellers and performances of
                                                                                                 Cantonese Opera.
Salisbury Road, Tsim sha Tsui (few             Goldfish Market stretches along the north
minutes' walk from Tsim-sha-Tsui MTR,          part of Ladies' Market Tung Choi Street           The Jade Market boasts dozens of stalls
as well as from Star Ferry Terminus).          and has dozens of shops and hawkers that          that specialize in Jade products, including
                                               sell aquarium fish and equipment.                 sculptures, figurines and other pieces of
Tsim-sha-Tsui Waterfront, Avenue of                                                              art… Be careful not to buy anything
                                               Fa Yuen Street Market is situated along
Stars and Symphony of Lights show                                                                expensive, unless you are an expert (There
                                               the north part of Sportswear Street and is
Facing Victoria Harbour, The Avenue of                                                           are more than a few stalls that sell cheap
                                               full of shops selling bargain-priced trendy
Stars is Hong Kong's answer to Hollywood                                                         and beautiful pieces)
                                               fashion and casual wear for men, women
Walk of Fame, and boasts floor plaques of
                                               and children (10:30 am - 10:30 pm daily)
celebrities of the city's thriving film                                                          While you visit Jade Market, or Temple
industry, including legends like Jackie                                                          Street Market, it is recommended to take
                                               To get to Ladies' Market: Leave MTR
Chan and Bruce Lee.                                                                              a stroll through the "Chinese" streets, like:
                                               Mong Kok Station via exit D-3, turn back
                                               and walk a few steps to the corner, where         Shanghai Street, Nanking Street, Ning Po
This is also one of the best places to watch
                                               you turn right to Argyle and, again, right,       and Reclamation Street (wet market)
the "Symphony of Lights" from. Awarded
the world's "Largest Permanent Light and       to Tung Choi / Ladies' market (5 minutes)
                                                                                                 To get there: Leave MTR Yau-ma-Tei via
Sound Show" by Guinness World Records,
                                                                                                 exit-C, turn right to Nathan Road and walk
this nightly light, sound and laser show is    Flower Market and Yuen Po Street                  along it a few minutes, right again, to
featured on 37 key buildings on both sides     Bird Garden                                       Market Street (covered walkway), left to
of the Victoria Harbour.                       These two unique market streets are not           Temple Street and across Kansu Street, to
 Symphony of Lights, daily, at 8 pm           far from Ladies' Market and its offshoots,        the night market…
Avenue of Stars is open 24 / 7                 in the northern part of Mong Kok.
                                               As its name denotes, Flower Market Road           (If you continue straight along Market St.,
Salisbury Road / Tsim sha Tsui Waterfront                                                        you will get to the old Tin Hau Temple and
(short walk from Tsim-sha-Tsui MTR,            is lined with dozens of shops that sell
                                               flowers, potted plants and their likes…           to Shanghai Street / If you turn from
as well as from Star Ferry Terminus).                                                            Temple St., right to Kansu Street, you will
                                               (some are really colorful)
                                               Daily, 7am – 7:30pm                               get to the Jade Market).
Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden             Bank of China Tower (BOC Tower) is one          To get there: MTR Admiralty (exit C-1), via
One of Hong Kong's most beautiful spots.        of Hong Kong's most recognized                  the pedestrian bridge across Queensway,
                                                skyscrapers and can be seen from almost         and through Pacific Place, to the park
The nunnery features rich Tang style            every point around the city.
architecture and boasts beautiful gold,                                                         The Zoological and Botanical Gardens are
clay, wood and stone statues of the             Built in 1989, The 315 metres tower was         on Garden Road, not far from the Peak
Buddha, Kwun Yam (The Bodhisattva of            designed by world-renowned Chinese-             Tram Lower Terminus.
Compassion) and other bodhisattvas.             American architect I.M. Pei, and was the
                                                tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia until    Hollywood Road and Man-Mo Temple
Nan Lian Garden lies next to the nunnery
                                                1992. It was also the first building outside    Historic Hollywood Road and the small
and is just as beautiful, with pavilions,
                                                the United States to break the 305 m            streets around it are packed with galleries
goldfish ponds with water lilies, rock -        (1,000 foot) mark.
gardens and manicured Bonsai trees.                                                             and knick-knack shops that sell everything,
                                                                                                from expensive porcelain ware and Ming
To get there: MTR Diamond Hill, exit C-2,       Facing Statue Square and HSBC Building,         Dynasty ceramic, to Chinese furniture and
out to the street, turn left and walk along     the neo-classical Former Supreme Court          kitsch Maoist memorabilia, and is a great
the wall of the shopping mall to the            Building was designed more than a               place to visit even if you are not buying
pedestrian crossing, cross Sheung Yuen          century ago by Sir Aston Webb, the British      anything, as some of these galleries really
Street, walk a minute or two along Fung         architect who created the eastern facade        look like "mini museums"...
Tak Road and use the pedestrian's bridge        of Buckingham Palace and the Cromwell
above it to enter the nunnery / garden.         Road frontage of the Victoria and Albert        Hollywood Road is also a 'jumping board'
                                                Museum in London.                               to some of the area's most interesting
Wong Tai Sin Temple                                                                             sights, including Possession Point, in
                                                How to get there: Start your stroll from        Hollywood Road Park (where British
Not far from the above Chi Lin Nunnery,
                                                the Star Ferry Terminal, or from MTR            soldiers had first set a foot on Hong Kong
Wong Tai Sin is one of Hong Kong's most
                                                Central (exit B will take you straight to the   soil), Man Mo Temple, on 126 Hollywood
popular temples and enjoys a good
                                                hustle and bustle of "Central") and make        Road (an atmospheric 1840s temple),
reputation for fulfilling the devotees'
                                                sure you visit 2 IFC, Exchange Square,          Ladder Street, The Hong Kong Museum of
                                                HSBC Building, BOC Tower and the Central        Medical Sciences, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum
Occupying a fairly large piece of land in       Elevated Walkway, which connects may            and, of course, the Central-Mid Levels
the north of Kowloon, it boasts quite a few     of the buildings.                               escalators (one of the world's longest
shrines, pavilions and altars, and is rich in                                                   escalator systems) and the dining-and-
lavish ornaments and sculptures…                Riding the Star Ferry                           nightlife precinct of SoHo.
(Virtual tour / map of the temple)
                                                The historic "Star Ferry" has been plying
                                                the waters of Victoria Harbour for more         How to get there: Leave MTR-Sheung Wan
To get there: The entrance to the temple                                                        via exit A-1, turn left and left again, to
is right outside MTR Wong Tai Sin Station       than a century and is one of Hong Kong's
                                                most popular attractions, providing its         Hillier Street, walk along it to the end.
                                                passengers some of the best photo ops on        Turn right to Queen's Road Central (after
Architectural stroll in "Central"                                                               crossing it) an immediately left, to the
Central, Hong Kong's financial core, is                                                         stone steps of Ladder Street.
dominated by ultra-modern skyscrapers
                                                The Central - Tsim sha tsui route seems to
that make the area look like a display of
                                                be the most popular, although more than         Times Square
the world's leading architects…
                                                a few visitors use the ferry to travel across   Considered as one of Hong Kong's ten
                                                the harbor to Wanchai. For more                 most popular tourist attractions, this
2 IFC, Hong Kong's second highest
                                                information, visit Star Ferry website           colossal shopping mall offers its visitors
skyscraper is one of César Pelli's creations.
It rises to a height of 415 m and although                                                      more than 300 shops that are spread
it does not have an observation-deck, you
                                                Hong Kong Park and Hong Kong                    across its 16 floors… You can find here
can take the lift to the 55th floor, where      Zoological and Botanical Gardens                most of the well-known international
the Information Centre of Hong Kong             Two of Hong Kong's most quaint parks are        brand names, alongside a decent choice of
Monetary Authority (HKMA) is located and        located one next to the other, on the edge      good restaurants and cafés, and there are
enjoy the breathtaking sceneries for free.      of "Central", and offer their visitors more     free live entertainment and art
10am - 6pm (Monday - Friday) and 10am - 1pm     than a few lovely attractions, including the    exhibitions, every now and then…
(Saturday). Closed on Sundays.                  Museum of Tea Ware, the Edward Youde
                                                                                                 Daily, 10 am - 10 pm
                                                Aviary, the Forsgate Conservatory and the
Designed by famous British architect, Sir       Tai Chi Garden (in Hong Kong Park).             MTR-Causeway Bay, exit A
Norman Foster, the pretentious HSBC
Building features a classic example of          The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical             Planning to visit Hong Kong ? Click
Hong Kong's modern architecture,                Gardens are, perhaps, not as impressive as         here to get some of the best rates
combining contemporary design with              those of other large cities across the
traditional Feng Shui philosophy. It used to
                                                                                                   for accommodation in Asia's most
                                                world, but are definitely worth the visit.         cosmopolitan city (You can also
be the world's most expensive building at
the time of its inauguration, back in 1985.                                                        click here for fantastic rates in
(Take the escalator to the first floor, just                                                       Macau)
to get a feeling of the colossal atrium…)
Aberdeen's floating restaurants                 Other highlights in Stanley include the                 Hong Kong Disneyland
Although it is a tourist cliché, the floating   lovely seafront promenade, where quite a                Hong Kong Disneyland hardly needs to be
restaurants in Aberdeen are well worth          few alfresco cafés and restaurants can be               introduced and although it is the smallest
visiting, offering their customers a truly      found, the old Tin Hau Temple and the                   Disneyland park on earth, it is well worth
unique dining experience.                       beautifully restored Murray House, where                visiting, as it boasts most of these features
                                                the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is                        that made Disneyland parks so popular,
Surprisingly enough, Top Deck, the              located.                                                including the early 1900s American town
alfresco rooftop resto-bar on top of Jumbo                                                              street, Adventureland ("Jungle River
Kingdom, seems to be a better choice than       Getting there: Bus nos. 6, 6-A, 6-X and 260             Cruise" and "Tarzan's Island"), Fantasyland
its older and better known downstairs           come here from Exchange Square Bus                      ("Dumbo carousel", "Snow white grotto"
neighbor, both in terms of food and             Terminus (adjacent to MTR-Central)                      and "Sleeping Beauty Castle"...) and
ambience.                                                                                               Tomorrowland ("Space Mountain" roller
 daily, lunch and dinner (Top Deck also        Dragon's Back Trail                                     coaster, and "Buzz Lightyear Astro
operates as a 'night spot' until fairly late)   Lauded by Time Magazine as the "Best                    Blasters").
                                                Urban Hike in Asia", the Dragon's Back                  What's more, it is probably the only
Getting here: Diners are taken by small         (or, Stage 8 of the Hong Kong Trail, as it is
boat to the restaurants, from either                                                                    Disneyland in the world which you can
                                                officially known), crosses Shek O Country               comfortably cover in a day.
Shum Wan Pier, or Aberdeen Promenade:           Park along the hilly ridge-top (which gave
Bus No 70 travels to Aberdeen Promenade         it its name) and passes through some of                  Daily, 10am – 8 / 9pm
from Central and Admiralty, while nos.          the territory's most scenic spots, providing
38, 42 and 72 come here from Hennessey          breathtaking panoramic views of the bays                Getting here: Take the MTR from Hong
Road in Causeway Bay.                           on both sides of D'aguilar Peninsula                    Kong Station (linked to MTR-Central),
                                                (approximately 3 hours of moderately                    or from MTR-Lai King (if coming from
To Shum Wan Pier Drive you can take 75                                                                  Kowloon) and travel to MTR-Sunny Bay,
from Central, or 72-A from Causeway Bay         difficult hike along a reasonably
                                                signposted trail).                                      where you change trains and continue to
Website: Top Deck                                                                                       Disneyland.
Website: Jumbo Kingdom                          Getting there: Travel to MTR-Shau Kei                   Website
                                                Wan, take exit A-3 to the bus interchange,
Ocean Park                                      board bus No. 9 to Shek-O and ask the
Ocean Park, one of Asia's most popular          driver to drop you off on Shek O Road,                  Tai O
                                                                                                        Tai O, "the Venice of Hong Kong", is a
and successful amusement parks, occupies        near To Tei Wan / 龍脊 (The trail starts
a mountainous peninsula near Aberdeen                                                                   quiet fishermen village where little has
                                                right near the bus-stop).
and boasts 35 attractions and rides: From                                                               changed through the years... Originally
ocean-and-sea related attractions, such as                                                              built by the "Tanka" boat people, it is
                                                Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha                           possibly the only place in this part of the
world-class aquariums and Dolphin shows,        Ngong Ping and its environs form one of
to the colossal roller coasters and the                                                                 world where you can still see traditional
                                                Hong Kong's most popular attractions.                   "Pang uk" houses, built on stilts along the
Giant Panda habitat exhibition, and from
the magnificent cable car ride to one of        Po Lin Monastery was built in the                       canals.
the world's longest escalators and other        picturesque highlands of Lantau Island
                                                                                                        As expected from a fishermen village,
adrenaline boosting rides...                    almost a century ago, but it was the
                                                                                                        there is a seafood market here (a bit
                                                colossal statue of the seated Buddha that
 Daily: 10am – 6pm                                                                                     smelly) and some good seafood eateries.
                                                came up in the early 1990s and turned this
                                                                                                        There are also two small but interesting
Citybus No. 629 comes here directly from        area into one of Hong Kong's hottest
                                                                                                        museums and some old Chinese temples…
Admiralty (next to MTR-Admiralty, exit B)       destinations…
                                                                                                        Getting here: Bus No. 11 come here from
website                                         Later on, the famous cable car came up
                                                                                                        Tung Chung / No.1 from Mui Wo ferry,
                                                (providing almost 6km of scenic ride) and
                                                                                                        and No. 21 from Ngong Ping / Big Buddha
                                                the kitschy "tourist village"… But there are
Stanley and Stanley Market
                                                still more than a few nice walking trails               You can also catch a ferry from Tung
The picturesque beach town of Stanley is
                                                around the area, for those who want to                  Chung
best known for its market, although it has
                                                get away from it all
a lot more to offer to its visitors…
                                                 Daily: 10am – 6pm (9:30am – 6:30pm
The market offers a relatively good choice
                                                on Weekends & Public Holidays)
of pocket-friendly clothes, shoes, silk
garments and traditional Chinese dress,         Getting there: Best you can do is to
as well as toys, ornaments, luggage,            purchase the "special pass" of Lantao Bus
souvenirs and Chinese arts and crafts, and      Co., which gives you one-way cable-car
although it is quite touristy, it is still a    ride + unlimited bus rides across the island
popular destination for both tourists and       (How to get to the cable-car terminal / bus-terminal)
locals.                                                                                                 Offering 50% off and 'Buy 1, get 1 free' discounts at
                                                                                                        nearly 100 of Hong Kong's top restaurants, shops
                                                Info on the combo ticket of Lantau Bus Co.              and spas, the Hong Kong Card includes plenty of
                                                Info on Ngong Ping Pricing and Packages                 quality dining options, and is really easy to use.
Lamma Island                                            Hong Kong Wetland Park                           Take a stroll inside the building and watch
Although it is only a short ferry ride from             Hong Kong Wetland Park is one of Hong            Victoria Harbour and Kowloon through the
the city centre bustle, Lamma Island                    Kong's best wildlife conservation centers        enormous glass screen, before walking out
offers its visitors picturesque scenery, with           and a must-see for anyone who has some           to the Golden Bauhinia Square, on the
nice walking trails, pristine beaches (some             interest in nature (particularly wetlands...)    waterfront adjoining the centre, where
are slightly spoilt by the power plant) and                                                              the handover ceremony of Hong Kong
lovely seaside towns with lazy cafés and                Located on the edge of the internationally       took place in 1997, officially marking the
great local eateries…                                   known Mai Po Marshes, on the banks of            end of 150 years of British rule in this
                                                        Deep Bay, the nature reserve gives visitors      corner of the world.
The island's vivid and cosmopolitan                     a glimpse into the wetlands' world and is
community of expats has contributed a lot               particularly popular during bird migration       Wan Chai Ferry Pier, opposite the bus-
to its unique character and, all in all, it             seasons, when tens of thousands of water         stop, is where you take the Star Ferry
makes a great day out…                                  birds rest in the marshes and gather             from, on your way to Tsim-sha-Tsui, on
                                                        strength, before continuing their long           the Kowloon side of the water… This
Most visitors start in Yung-Shue-Wan and                journey…                                         historic ferry has been plying the waters of
walk to Sok-Kwu-Wan, from where they
                                                                                                         Victoria Harbour for more than a century
take the ferry back to Hong Kong, but we                One of the park's main draws is the 10,000
                                                                                                         and is one of Hong Kong's most popular
also highly recommend to visit tiny                     square meter visitor centre, which boasts
                                                                                                         attractions, providing its passengers some
Mo-Tat-Wan and Shek Pai Wan (click here                 some excellent themed exhibitions about
                                                                                                         of the best photo ops on earth...
to see more about Lamma)                                wetlands, marshes and swamps all over
                                                        the world...                                     As soon as you walk out of the ferry pier in
Getting there: Hong Kong & Kowloon                                                                       Tsim-sha-Tsui, cross the small bus
Ferry Ltd (HKKF) operates the ferry line                 Daily: 10am – 5pm (except Tuesdays)
                                                                                                         interchange and Salisbury Road, turn right
from Central to Yung Shue Wan and Sok                   Getting here: Citybus No. 967 comes here         and walk along the road, passing the
Kwu Wan                                                 directly from Admiralty (next to MTR-            aristocratic "Peninsula Hotel" and crossing
                                                        Admiralty, exit B) and has stops in Central      Nathan Road and tiny Middle Road, where
Ping Shan Heritage Trail                                (Connaught Road Central, near Statue             you climb a flight of stairs (on your left) to
Less than a few visitors take the bother to             Square) and next to Wing Lung Bank               Middle Road Children's Playground,
visit "the New Territories", which is a                 (MTR-Central, exit C)                            through which you walk to the pedestrian
shame really, cause that is where you can                                                                bridge across Chatham Road South, cross
                                                        Website / Tickets information
experience Hong Kong's heritage best…                                                                    the open piazza and walk down to the
                                                                                                         street, continue walking along Chatham
The Ping Shan Heritage Trail is an easy
1km walk, passing through a number of
                                                          one-day itinerary ideas                        Road South (road should be on your left)
                                                                                                         until you reach the entrance to Hong Kong
historic heritage sights, including temples,                                                             Museum of History.
pagodas, ancestral halls and walled                     1. The best of modern Hong Kong
villages of the Tang Clan, one of the "Five             Our day starts from Victoria Peak (or            This fabulous museum tells "the Hong
Great Clans" in the New Territories.                    simply "the Peak"), one of Hong Kong's           Kong Story", from the Devonian period
                                                        most popular tourist attractions, from           400 million years ago until reunification
Getting there: Travel with the KCR train                where you can enjoy breathtaking                 with China in 1997.
from East Tsim sha Tsui (directly linked to             postcard views of the metropolis and the
MTR-Tsim sha Tsui), or from Austin Station              island dotted bays around it…                    Eight galleries, loaded with thousands of
to Yuen Long Station, walk out to the                                                                    exciting exhibits, including antiques and
adjacent Light Rail Terminus and take                   The Peak Tram can be boarded at the              pieces of art, as well as 3D dioramas and
one of the following light-rail lines: 610,             Lower terminus, on 33 Garden Road, daily,        interactive multimedia displays, make the
614, 615 and 761P to Ping Shan light-rail               7am – 12midnight (See the guide-map to           visit to the museum a rich experience
station, where the trail starts.                        Peak Tram Lower Terminus)
                                                                                                          Daily, except Tuesday, 10 am - 6 pm (till 7pm on
                                                                                                         Sundays and public holidays)
The trail ends next to KCR-Tin Shui Wai Station, from   After descending, take bus No. 40 from
where you can take the train back to Kowloon, or                                                         website
                                                        the bus-stop on Garden Road, next to
catch a light-rail to Hong Kong Wetland Park (next)
                                                        historic St. John's Cathedral, and ride it all
Map of Ping Shan Heritage Trail                         the way to its last stop, outside Hong Kong      If you started your day at around 7am, it
                                                        Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCC),         should be 1 – 1:30pm by the time you are
                                                        a colossal architectural complex that            through with the museum and you have
    Although Hong Kong has one of                                                                        two options: The first option is to grab
                                                        dominates the coastline of Hong Kong
    the best public-transport                           Island almost as much as the Opera House         something small to eat and continue to
    systems in the world, taking the                    distinguishes Sydney's coastline…                Hong Kong Museum of Art, which is just a
    Hong Kong City Hop-on Hop-off                                                                        ten minutes' walk from here and displays
    Tour is highly recommended, as                                                                       thousands of pieces of art and antiques,
    it takes you directly to the                           Click here to view ALL our                    from the Neolithic age, through the
    various attractions and saves you                      FREE travel eBooks of                         mighty dynasties of ancient China, to our
    the time and hassle of waiting                                                                       days… The second option is to have proper
                                                           Singapore, Hong Kong,
    for a bus or walking…                                                                                lunch before you continue with your day
                                                           Macau and Bangkok !                           trip….
To go to Hong Kong Museum of Art you                      If you visited Hong Kong Museum of Art                 2. Chinese traditions and markets
should turn left as you leave Hong Kong                  all you have to do is to cross under                    Our day starts at the Chi Lin Nunnery and
Museum of History and walk back along                    Salisbury Road through the underpass                    Nan Lian Gardens, one of Hong Kong's
Chatham Road South (the way you came),                   (next to SOGO). If you came from                        most beautiful spots.
climb the flight of stairs near the corner of            Kowloon Park, walk down Nathan Road
Mody Road, to the piazza on top of the                   towards the waterfront, turn right to                   The nunnery features rich Tang style
bus interchange, and walk to its other end.              Salisbury and you will see the entrance to              architecture and boasts beautiful gold,
Cross the pedestrian bridge over Salisbury               the hotel on your right hand side.                      clay, wood and stone statues of the
Road and turn right when you reach the                                                                           Buddha, Kwun Yam (The Bodhisattva of
waterfront, walking behind                               From the Peninsula Hotel, continue                      Compassion) and other bodhisattvas.
InterContinental Hong Kong and through                   walking along Salisbury Road for a couple
                                                         of minutes, turn right to Canton Road and               Nan Lian Garden lies next to the nunnery
the "Avenue of Stars" to the museum                                                                              and is just as beautiful, with pavilions,
                                                         visit Heritage 1881, a posh and elegant
 Daily, except Thursday, 10 am - 6 pm (till 8pm on      shopping mall that occupies the                         goldfish ponds with water lilies, rock -
Saturdays)                                               beautifully restored Victorian buildings of             gardens and manicured Bonsai trees.

For more information, visit their website or call them
                                                         what was once the headquarters of Hong                  To get there: Travel to MTR Diamond Hill,
on 2721 0116                                             Kong's Marine Police.                                   exit C-2, out to the street, turn left and
                                                                                                                 walk along the wall of the shopping mall
If you chose the second option, cross                    Heritage 1881 is popular among                          to the pedestrian crossing, cross Sheung
Chatham Road South with the pedestrian                   architectural photographers and is well                 Yuen Street, walk a minute or two along
bridge, right outside Hong Kong Museum                   worth visiting, even if you do not have                 Fung Tak Road and use the pedestrian's
of History, turn right and immediately left              plans to buy yourself a "Rolex" or "Gucci".             bridge above it to enter the nunnery /
to Observatory Road, through which you                                                                           garden.
walk until you see the entrance to                       Next in line is the Avenue of Stars, Hong
Knutsford Terrace on your left… This very                Kong's answer to Hollywood's Walk of                    Go back to MTR Diamond Hill and travel
narrow lane is Tsim-sha-Tsui's answer to                 Fame, which stretches along the eastern                 one station back, to MTR Wong-Tai-Sin,
Central's Lan Kwai Fong, and although it is              side of Tsim-sha-Tsui's waterfront, five                where our next destination is. Wong Tai
much smaller than its Hong Kong Island                   minutes' walk from "the Peninsula") and                 Sin Temple is one of Hong Kong's most
counterpart, it boasts a decent choice of                boasts floor plaques of celebrities of the              popular places of worship and enjoys a
nice restaurants, cafés and bars.                        city's thriving film industry, including                good reputation for fulfilling the devotees'
                                                         legends like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.                 wishes.
Nathan Road, Kowloon's main
thoroughfare, is just a few minutes' walk                This is also one of the best places to watch            Occupying a fairly large piece of land in
from here (via Kimberley Road). On its                   the Symphony of Lights from. Awarded                    the north of Kowloon, it boasts quite a few
other side you will see a line of shops                  the world's "Largest Permanent Light and                shrines, pavilions and altars, and is rich in
called Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard, and                Sound Show" by Guinness World Records,                  lavish ornaments and sculptures…
next to them there is a wide flight of stairs            this nightly light, sound and laser show is             (Virtual tour / map of the temple)
that takes you to Kowloon Park, an island                featured on 37 key buildings on both sides
of peace and tranquility within Tsim-sha-                of the Victoria Harbour.                                Back to the MTR station, from where we
Tsui's never ending shopping madness.                     Symphony of Lights, daily, at 8 pm                    travel four stations, to MTR-Prince
                                                         Avenue of Stars is open 24 / 7                          Edward, where our markets trips begins…
Kowloon Park is not very big, but it boasts
a few lovely spots nonetheless, like the                                                                         Leave MTR Prince Edward via exit A, turn
                                                         If you are not deadly exhausted by now,                 back, enter Playing Field Road and walk
Aviary, the Bird-lake and the Hong Kong                  you can cross under Salisbury Road by the
Heritage Discovery Centre.                                                                                       along it to the end, turn right to Sai Yee
                                                         underpass, to MTR-Tsim sha Tsui, and                    Street and left, to Flower Market Road
                                                         travel two stations to Yau-ma-Tei, where                which is lined with dozens of shops that
It is probably 4 – 4:30 pm by now and we                 you can visit Temple Street Night Market,
are heading to the Peninsula, one of the                                                                         sell flowers, potted plants and their likes…
                                                         or three stations to Mong Kok, where you                (some are really colorful).
world's most classic hotels, which was                   can take a look at the famous Ladies'
built more than eighty years ago and                     Market.                                                 At the end of the street, turn left to Yuen
became synonymous with grandeur and
                                                                                                                 Po Street Bird Garden (or, simply, the Bird
opulence… To taste the splendor and
                                                                                                                 Garden), which boasts dozens of bird
charm of bygone colonial days in the Far
                                                                                                                 shops, where hundreds of colorful
East, opt for the English Style High Tea at
                                                                                                                 songbirds in exquisitely crafted cages can
the lobby… Later on, you can continue to
                                                                                                                 be seen... The garden is also a popular
Felix, one of Hong Kong's most stylish
                                                                                                                 meeting point for elderly bird owners ...
resto-bars, which is perched on the hotel's
top floor and offers fantastic views of
Victoria Harbour and the city skyline...                                                                            Click HERE to find some of
(The men's WC at Felix is worth visiting…)               Offering 50% off and 'Buy 1, get 1 free' discounts at      the best rates for hostels and
                                                         nearly 100 of Hong Kong's top restaurants, shops           low-cost accommodations in
 Afternoon Tea, daily, 2 – 6pm                          and spas, the Hong Kong Card includes plenty of
Felix, daily, 5pm – 1:30am (Bar)                         quality dining options, and is really easy to use.         Hong Kong and Asia !
Walk back to the corner of Flower Market                                                    Walk back, down Shanghai Street (towards
                                                Good Hope Noodle (好旺角粥麵專家)
Road, but instead of turning right keep                                                     the lower numbers). A few minutes' walk
                                                is a small and inexpensive eatery, on
walking straight along small Yuen Po                                                        will bring you to the corner of Public
                                                146 Sai Yeung Choi Street (A minute
Street to the end, turn right to Prince                                                     Square Street, where you turn left and
                                                walk from the corner of Argyle and
Edward Road West, cross it at the                                                           visit Mido Café, on the corner of Public
                                                exit D-3 of MTR-Mong Kok), which
pedestrian crossing (near a petrol station)                                                 Square and Temple Street. This culinary
                                                has been serving great noodle dishes
and keep walking for another 2 – 3                                                          institution has changed very little (if at all)
                                                for God knows how long…
minutes, before turning left to Fa Yuen                                                     since it first opened its doors, sixty years
Street, where a thriving market operates                                                    ago... Even the old cash till is still there...
daily, from 10:30 am to 10:30pm, with           Seam Eett Taiwan Noodles, (西門町
countless stalls that sell bargain-priced       台灣麵食) next to the corner of                 Food wise, they serve the traditional Cha
trendy fashion and casual wear for men,         Ladies' Market and Dundas Street,           Chaan Teng fare, which is basically Hong
women and children.                             serves a variety of Taiwanese               Kong style café fare... From nice and
                                                specialties.                                simple sandwiches and toasts, to more
At the southernmost end of the street                                                       "serious" fried rice and noodle dishes, like
market, you can cross Mong Kok Road by          Those of you who feel more like going       their signature Baked pork-chop rice,
the pedestrian bridge and keep walking          to a western style café, can opt to         Baked spareribs rice, Spicy Eggplant &
straight along Fa Yuen Street. This section     Homemade Café, on the 12 floor of           Minced Pork with Fried Noodles and
of Fa Yuen is popularly known as                Dundas Square (43 Dundas Street,            Shredded Chicken Fried Noodles...
Sportswear Street, as it is lined with          only a heartbeat from the corner of         everything is nice (and there is a nice
numerous small retailers that sell sports       Ladies' Market), or to Little Fusion,       street-view from the windows...)
equipment and clothing, as well as a wide       which is on Ladies' Market, just
diversity of sports shoes (including some       before the corner of Dundas.                Opposite the café, on the other side of
that are rear and expensive).                                                               Public Square Street, there is an open
                                              A good choice of shops of consumer            piazza with some shady banyan trees and
At the end of Fa Yuen Street, turn right to   electronic products can be found along Sai    an old Chinese temple… This is the old Tin
Dundas Street and right again, to Tung        Yeung Choi Street South, near the             Hau Temple, which was built in 1880 in
Choi Street, which is better known as         entrance to MTR-Mong Kok. Yau Shing           honor of Tin Hau, protector of seafarer
Ladies' Market. As its name suggests, this    Commercial Centre, on No. 51, boasts          and Hong Kong's most beloved deity, and
extremely popular market specializes in       some of the most popular shops around,        although it is not as impressive as some
women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics,     including those that specialize in gadgets,   other temples across the territory, it is
and the likes, although there are more        cameras and the likes…                        well worth visiting.
than a few stalls here that sell men's and
children's products, including soft toys,     Mong Kok Computer Centre is one of the        From the square in front of the temple,
clothes, bags, jeans and watches, just to     best places in Hong Kong to buy               turn left to Shanghai Street, pass under
name a few… (10:30 am - 10:30 pm daily).      computers and computer ware… From             the bridge and right to Kansu Street,
                                              laptops to computer components,               where the Jade Market is. Occupying a
From Ladies' Market, turn left to Argyle      software and games... The choice is           low building under the motorway-bridge,
Street and left again, to Sai Yeung Choi      immense and prices are very good (No. 8       the famous Jade Market boasts dozens, if
Street South, where the entrance to MTR-      Nelson Street – an offshoot from Ladies'      not hundreds of stalls that sell magnificent
Mong Kok can be found.                        Market)                                       Jade products, including figurines, statues
                                                                                            and what not, but don't be tempted to
  Have something to eat before                That's it… We leave Mong Kok and travel       spend a fortune, unless you are an
  traveling onwards…                          one station with the MTR, to Yau-ma-Tei       expert… There are enough stalls here that
                                              station. Leave via exit-C, turn back and      sell cheap jade products which make just
  Mong Kok is a great place to discover       start walking along Man Ming Lane. After      as beautiful souvenirs.
  some of Hong Kong's best authentic          2 – 3 minutes, turn right to Shanghai
  eateries…                                   Street… A short stroll will bring you to      Cross Kansu Street and enter the bustling
                                              Man Kee Chopping Board, on 342                wet market of Reclamation Street, from
                                                                                            where you turn left to Ning Po and right,
  Curry A La King (旺角咖喱大皇), is                Shanghai (on your right), which is one of
                                              the best places to buy professional           to Shanghai Street (You should also take a
  on 88 Soy Street (a street that crosses
                                              chopping boards, and right next to it, on     short stroll along Nanking Street, if you are
  both Ladies' Market and Fa Yuen
                                              344 Shanghai, you can see the historic red    around…). On 164 Shanghai Street, not far
  Street) and serves a variety of curry
                                              bricks building which once housed the         from the corner of Ning Po, there is a
  specialties indifferent styles…
                                              oldest pumping station in Hong Kong.          small and popular eatery called Sek Wong
  Chinese, Indian… you name it…
                                                                                            Lam ( 蛇王南 ) which is particularly
                                                 Make the most of your trip to              famous for its Snake Soup… Turn left to
  Satay King, o the corner of Ladies'
                                                 Hong Kong and enjoy substantial            Jordan Road and after a few minutes' walk
  Market and Shantung Street (above
                                                                                            you will reach the entrance (A) to MTR-
  Bank of China) serves nice Thai food           discounts at the city's BEST
                                                                                            Jordan, from where we take the subway to
  and specializes, as you can guess, in          attractions, restaurants and               our next (and last) destination, Victoria
  Satay…                                         shops with our range of special            Peak.
                                                 discount-cards and flexi-packs !
Ride the MTR to Central. Leave the station      A few steps walk from exit B of MTR-Tung        Along the narrow street leading from the
via exit J-2, cross Chater Garden towards       Chung will bring you to the bus terminus,       bus-stop to the bridge over the canal,
Bank of China Tower, cross Queen's Road         next to the Cable Car Lower Terminus.           there is a small museum, called Tai O
Central and start climbing along Garden         Board bus no. M-3 (of New Lantao Bus            Rural Committee Historic and Cultural
Road, until you see the fountain at the         Co.) and travel with it to Mui Wo, a quiet      Showroom, where you can see a few
entrance to the Peak Tram Lower Trminus         seaside town on Lantau's southern coast.        interesting objects from the village's past
on your right, opposite St. John's                                                              (open daily, except Monday and the
Cathedral. (See the guide-map to Peak           You can have your breakfast here, take a        entrance is free)
Tram Lower Terminus)                            short stroll along the bay and in the small
                                                streets, or rent a pair of bikes from           Another worthy place to visit is the Tai O
The Peak Tram can be boarded at the             Friendly Bike Shop, on Mui Wo Ferry Pier        Culture Workshop, which is like a "private
Lower terminus, on 33 Garden Road, daily,       Road (2 – 3 minutes' walk from the bus          museum", owned and managed by Wong
7am – 12midnight                                terminus). They open six days a week            Wai-king, who was born in Tai-O and
                                                (closed on Monday, or Tuesday) and will         works hard to keep the village's traditions
Victoria Peak, or "The Peak", as it is          be happy to explain to you how to get to        and to promote ecological tourism in the
commonly known, is probably Hong                nice sightseeing spots in the vicinity, like    area (Phone 6118 2985)
Kong's most popular tourist attraction,         Silvermine Waterfall, Silvermine Cave and
boasting world-class views of the city and      the Man Mo Temple…                              You can also join a boat ride, while you are
Victoria Harbour, which look as if they                                                         here... They last 25 - 30 minutes, don't
were taken from a postcard… The view at         China Bear, near the bus terminus and the       cost much, and you get a chance to see
night is particularly beautiful, when the       ferry pier, is one of Mui Wo's more             the stilt houses from the water and to sail
city's countless skyscrapers and neon-          popular cafés… They serve simple western        around Lantau's southwestern side
signs flash in millions of dazzling lights...   fare and you can seat alfresco and enjoy        (including some shockingly beautiful
                                                the view.                                       views...). The boat operators (or their
When reaching "The Peak", you can opt                                                           salespeople) will probably tell you about
for the Sky Terrace, which offers a             From here, you should take bus no. 1 and        the Chinese White Dolphins you are going
breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the                                                        to see on the way, but that doesn't usually
                                                drop off at Pui-O (貝澳), 2 – 3 km down
city and the waters around it, or visit Hong                                                    happen. Nevertheless, the boat ride is still
                                                the road from Mui Wo, where you can
Kong's Madame Tussauds… There are also                                                          fun and if you do wish to encounter the
                                                take a walk to the lovely beach, followed
more than a few shops, cafés and                                                                dolphins, you'll better join Hong Kong
                                                by a visit to the rice paddies and the low-
restaurants around here, as well as some                                                        Dolphinwatch.
                                                lying wetland, next to the village, where
surprisingly quaint and easy walking trails
                                                you can encounter Asian Water Buffalos
(You can read about them here)                                                                  The nice thing about Tai O is that even
                                                (one of the last places in Hong Kong where
                                                Water Buffalos still live). The buffalos also   after droves of visitors has been trampling
 "The Peak" is open daily, morning-night                                                       its streets for quite a few years, it still
                                                walk inside the village itself, every now
Sky Terrace is open daily, 10 am - 11 pm                                                        somehow manages to maintain its quaint
                                                and again, and while they look huge and
Madame Tussauds is open 10 am - 10 pm                                                           fishing village character...
                                                intimidating, they are actually quite
                                                peaceful and used to see people around...
3. A day trip to Lantau Island                                                                  Take bus no. 21 from Tai-O, up the steep
Early in the morning, we will head to the       If you can't trace the buffalos, for some       mountains of Lantau Island, to Po Lin
modern town of Tung Chung, not far from         reason, try to ask the locals for assistance    Monastery and the Big Buddha, next to it.
Hong Kong International Airport, where          (Asian Water Buffalos in Chinese is 水牛)
our trip begins.                                                                                The monastery was built in the
                                                From here, take bus no. 1 to the last           picturesque highlands of Lantau almost a
MTR-Tung Chung is the last station on the       station, at Tai-O                               century ago by three Zen masters who
orange marked Tung Chung Line, so if you                                                        arrived here from the Jin Shan Monastery
come from Central, Wan Chai or                  Built over canals and waterways, Tai O,         of Zhe Jiang, looking for a peaceful and
Admiralty, you should take the MTR from         which is popularly known as "the Venice of      secluded place, but it was the colossal
Hong Kong Station, which is directly linked     Hong Kong", is a quiet fishermen village        statue of the seated Buddha that came up
to MTR-Central, while if you come from          where little has changed over the years...      in the early 1990s and turned this area
Tsim-sha-Tsui, Jordan, Yau-ma-tei, or           Originally built by the "Tanka" boat            into one of Hong Kong's most popular
Mong Kok, you should ride the MTR along         people, it is possibly the only place in this   attractions…
the red marked Tsuen Wan Line to Lai            part of the world where you can still see
                                                                                                Later on, the famous cable car came up
King Station, where you can switch to the       traditional "Pang uk" houses, built on stilts
                                                                                                (providing almost 6km of scenic ride) and
Tung Chung Line and continue to MTR-            along the canals.
                                                                                                the kitschy "tourist village"… But there are
Tung Chung Station.                                                                             still more than a few nice walking trails
                                                As expected from a fishermen village,
                                                there is a seafood market here (a bit           around the area, for those who want to
   Explore Hong Kong's less known               smelly) and some good seafood eateries,         get away from it all.
   "gems" through our range of                  as well as some old Chinese temples
   Unique Day Trips and Guided-                 devoted to the Tin Hau, the legendary              Click HERE to find some of the
   Walks !                                      protector of fishermen…                            best rates for hostels and low-
                                                                                                   cost accommodations in Hong
                                                                                                   Kong and Asia !
The cable car will take us down to Tung       I Caramba                                      Tiffin Lounge at the Grand Hyatt
Chung, where we started the day. If you       Well positioned on Elgin Street, in trendy     Serves a superb afternoon high tea buffet
are into shopping, don't miss a visit to      SoHo, this lovely resto-bar serves a wide      in a delightful environment, as well as
Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong's first and (so   selection of scrumptious Mexican fare in a     what is possibly the best Dessert Buffet in
far) only outlet mall, where you can get      very nice ambience, and there is live          Hong Kong… To make the dining
off-season goods at large discounts you       performances, every now and again.             experience even better, there are large
won't find elsewhere in Hong Kong.                                                           windows through which you can admire
                                              Daily for lunch and dinner (till 11 pm)        the views of both Victoria Peak and the
Citygate Outlets is right above MTR-Tung      26-30 Elgin St.              Tel: 2530 9963    harbour.
Chung and boasts more than 80
international brand names of designer         MTR: Central                                   Afternoon Tea Buffet is served every
fashion, sports, beauty, accessories,                                                        afternoon, from around 3pm, while
children's wear, and home items, as well      El Taco Loco                                   Dessert Buffet is served nightly, from 7 to
as some great cafés and restaurants, a 6-     Nestled on a small corner in SoHo, this        10:30 pm
screen multiplex cinema and a 3-suite spa     tiny and vividly designed café serves a        Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Wanchai       Phone
centre...                                     decent choice of Enchiladas, Fajitas,          2584 7722
                                              Nachos, Quesadillas, Chorizo sausages and
If you are not too exhausted, take bus No.    other Mexican favorites, in a pleasant and     MTR: Wan Chai
DB01R from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay,       easygoing surroundings, and at fairly
a ritzy and perfectly planned suburb along    affordable prices.                             High Tea at Clipper            Lounge      -
one of Lantau's most scenic coastlines,                                                      Mandarin Oriental
inhabited mostly by expatriates and local     Daily, 12 noon - 11 pm
                                                                                             The Mandarin Oriental's legendary lounge
white-collars…                                LG/F, 9 Lower Staunton Street, SoHo            is possibly where Hong Kong's best and
                                              Tel: 2522 1262                                 most popular High Tea Buffet can be
The main draw here is the D-Deck. Lauded                                                     enjoyed, and although it lacks the colonial-
as "Hong Kong's largest oceanfront            MTR: Central                                   era glamour of the more famous
alfresco dining destination" by its                                                          peninsula, the food and the tea at Clipper
proprietors, this is certainly one of the     Harbourside in InterContinental Hong           Lounge are superb and the ambience is
most pleasant spots in Hong Kong for          Kong                                           relaxed and pleasant.
dinner and a great vantage point to watch     This is probably one of the best buffet
Disneyland's nightly fireworks from…          restaurants in Hong Kong, with an              Afternoon tea is served daily, 3 - 6 pm
                                              outrageously extravagant spread that           Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 2825 4007
That's all folks… Now you can catch a ferry   features the very best of the cuisines of
from the pier, next to D-Deck, and sail       East Asia, and the city's gorgeous skyline     MTR: Central
back to Central. Discovery Bay                as a backdrop.
Transportation Services operates ferries                                                     Joy Hing Food Shop
on this line almost 24 hours a day, so you    Their Sunday Champagne Brunch is out of        This low-cost Wanchai eatery specializes in
can take your time and enjoy your long        this world.                                    Chinese BBQ dishes, mostly suckling pig,
dinner… (click here for the timetable).       InterContinental Hong Kong, Salisbury          chicken and duck. The small dining area is
                                              Road, Tsim sha Tsui,    Tel:2313 2495          usually packed, which means you might
                                                                                             need to wait for a while and share a table
                                              MTR: Tsim sha Tsui / Tsim sha Tsui East
  Wine and Dine Guide                                                                        with others...

                                              Tandoor Indian Restaurant                      Monday - Saturday, 10:30 am - 10:30 pm
Restaurants                                   Tandoor has been around for the last 20        (Closed on Sunday)
                                              years and it still maintains its rank as one   G/F, Block C, 265-267 Hennessy Road,
Coyote Bar & Grills                           of Hong Kong's most favorite curry houses,     Wan Chai (The entrance is actually from
Nestled along Wanchai's Lockhart Road,        equally popular among businessmen,             Stewart Road, next to the bank on the
this well established resto-bar serves nice   residents and tourists...                      corner)
Tex-Mex fare with a modern twist, as well
as a wide range of Margaritas and             Their 'not to be missed' lunch buffet          MTR: Wan Chai
Tequilas.                                     boasts a selection that is wider and better
                                              than any other Indian restaurant in town,      Mak's Noodle Limited
Daily for lunch and dinner (until late)       and give very good bang for the buck.          Located on Wellington Street, not far from
120 Lockhart Road,           Tel: 2861 2221   Daily, lunch and dinner (till 12 midnight)     SoHo, this simple eatery has made a name
                                                                                             for itself for its Wonton Noodles, which
MTR: Wan Chai                                 1st floor, Lyndhurst tower, 1 Lyndhurst        some say are the best in Hong Kong.
                                              terrace, Central.         Tel: 2845 2262
   Visiting Hong Kong ? Guided day                                                           Open daily from 10 am to 8 pm
   tours are one of the nicest ways           MTR: Central
   to explore this fantastic                                                                 G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Central
   metropolis, especially if you                                                             MTR: Central
   want to visit all those temples
   and unique sightseeing spots...
Kau Kee Noodles                               Yung Kee                                     Peking Garden
Nestled on tiny Gough Street, not far from    This legendary restaurant has made an        This award winning restaurant serves
"Central", Kau Kee serves what is             international name for itself for serving    some of the best "Peking Duck" in Hosng
considered by many as Hong Kong's best        the best Roast Goose in Hong Kong.           Kong, and features nightly noodle-making
Beef Brisket. Try to avoid lunchtime as the   Their VIP room serves some of the most       presentations that are very popular and
queue in front of the shop can be awfully     outstanding Cantonese food in the city.      well worth watching.
                                              Daily, 11 am to 11 pm (Dim sum meals are     Daily for lunch and dinner
Open daily, from morning till 8 pm (closed    served in the afternoon).
on weekends)                                                                               1/F, Alexandra House, 16-20 Chater Road,
                                              32-40 Wellington St. (near the corner of     Central                   Tel: 2526 6456
21 Gough Street (from Hollywood Road,         D'aguilar) Tel: 2522 1624
walk down Aberdeen Street anf turn left                                                    MTR: Central
to Gough)                                     MTR: Central
                                                                                           Da Ping Huo
MTR: Central / Sheung Wan                     Fook Lam Moon                                This private-kitchen restaurant has made a
                                              This Hong Kong culinary legend has been      name for itself for preparing some of the
Lin Heung Tea House                           around for more than half a century and is   most fabulous Sichuan food in Hong Kong.
This is one of Hong Kong's most iconic        known for using the best and freshest        The dining experience is complemented by
eateries, serving fantastic dim-sums, "Yum    ingredients, creating some of the city's     a live performance of the owner-singer.
Cha" and other Cantonese fare in              most delicious Shark Fin and Abalone
authentic         and         unpretentious   specialties.                                 Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, SOHO
surroundings...                                                                            Tel: 2559 1317
                                              Open daily for lunch and dinner
Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm                                                              MTR: Central
                                              Newman House, 35-45 Johnston Road,,
160-164 Wellington Street, Central            Wan Chai              Tel: 2866 0663         The Peak Lookout
                                                                                           Occupying a pretty colonial stone-cottage,
MTR: Central                                  MTR: Wan Chai
                                                                                           right across the street from the shopping
                                                                                           malls at "the Peak", The Peak Lookout
Golden Bauhinia                               Shanghai Garden Restaurant                   serves fabulous European and Asian
Located at the Hong Kong Convention and       Serving fabulous Shanghainese cuisine, as    delicacies in a very nice environment. They
Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), this fantastic,    well as a nice selection of dishes from      also have a well-stocked bar and live
award-winning restaurant serves some of       other regions of China, in a pleasant        music during evening hours.
the best Cantonese cuisine in Wanchai,        atmosphere, this excellent restaurant is
if not in the whole of Hong Kong              very popular among Central's white collars   Daily, 10:30am to midnight (till 1am on
                                              and businessmen.                             weekends).
The place is encircled by huge floor-to-
ceiling windows that offer stunning harbor    Daily for lunch and dinner                   121 Peak Rd., Victoria Peak Tel: 2849 1000
                                              Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road            MTR: From Central / Admiralty, walk to
Daily for lunch and dinner (until 11 pm)     Tel: 2524 8181                               the Peak Tram Lower Terminus
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition           MTR: Central (Exit J-3)
Centre (HKCEC)       Tel: 2582 7728
                                                                                           Located within the sumptuous Peninsula
                                              Yunyan Sichuan Restaurant                    Hotel, Chesa specializes in Swiss and
MTR: Wan Chai
                                              This Michelin featured restaurant serves     Central European food, and serves it in a
                                              some of the best Szechuan food on the        classic, elegant and cozy environment that
Lung King Heen                                Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour.
Nestled within the swanky Four Seasons                                                     works well for a romantic evening, as well
Hotel, Lung King Heen serves the "crème       Open daily for lunch and dinner              as for a quiet business meal.
de la crème" of the Cantonese cuisine,                                                     Daily, for lunch and dinner
                                              4/F, Miramar      Shopping Centre, 132
including some of the best Dim sum and
                                              Nathan Road               Tel: 2375 0800     1/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury
dumplings in Hong Kong and a wide
variety of creative Shark's fin and bird's    MTR: Tsim sha Tsui                           Road, Tsim Sha Tsui        Tel: 2315 3169
nest delights.
                                                                                           MTR: Tsim sha Tsui
Open daily for lunch and dinner                  Although Hong Kong has one of
                                                 the best public-transport
Podium 4, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance          systems in the world, taking the
Street, Central,        Tel: 3196 8880
                                                 Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour is
MTR: Central                                     highly recommended, as it takes
                                                 you directly to the various
                                                 attractions and saves you the
                                                 time and hassle of waiting for a
                                                 bus or walking…
The Verandah Restaurant - Repulse               Caprice                                          Zeffirino Ristorante
Bay Hotel                                       Located within the sumptuous Four                This is the Hong Kong offshoot of an
Nestled along one of Hong Kong's most           Seasons hotel, Caprice is one of Hong            internationally famed Genoese restaurant.
picturesque beaches, The Verandah serves        Kong's most prestigious and sought after         Nestled within Causeway Bay's Regal
fabulous French and European fare in an         restaurants, offering an unbeatable              Hotel, it serves the best of classic Italian
elegant and romantic setting, that is           combination of beautiful design, gorgeous        cuisine, in an elegant and soothing
complemented by gorgeous beach and              harbor views, lovely atmosphere and,             ambience, backdropped by beautiful
ocean views...                                  above all, Superb French cuisine with a          harbour views.
                                                lighter touch...
Their Sunday brunch buffet is legendary                                                          Daily for lunch and dinner
and needs to be booked well in advance.         Open daily for lunch and dinner
                                                                                                 Regal Hong Kong hotel, 88 Yee Wo Street,
Open Wednesday - Sunday for lunch,              Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong            Causeway Bay
Afternoon Tea (3 to 5:30 pm) and dinner.        Tel: 3196 8888
                                                                                                 Phone: 2837 1799
On Sunday, there is a brunch buffet, from
                                                MTR: Central
11am to 2:30 pm (instead of lunch)                                                               MTR: Causeway Bay
The Repulse Bay, 109 Repulse Bay Rd.            Restaurant Petrus
Tel: 2292 2822                                  Perched on the 56th floor of the Island
                                                Shangri-la Hotel, with stunning views of         Grissini, one of Hong Kong's most sought
MTR: Take a taxi from Central or Admiralty      Victoria Harbour and the city's glittering       after Italian restaurants, is located at the
                                                skyscrapers, Petrus is one of the paragons       second floor of the sumptuous Grand
1/5 Nuevo (One Fifth Nuevo)                     of Hong Kong's culinary scene, and is also       Hyatt, and enjoys stunning harbour views.
Replacing the legendary 1/5 lounge-bar,         considered as one of the world's top             It is particularly known for the baking oven
this Michelin awarded resto-bar                 hotel-restaurants.                               at its entrance, which fills the dining hall
specializes in contemporary European                                                             with appetizing aromas of freshly baked
cuisine, with a focus on modern versions        The cuisine is classic French and the            Grissini bread sticks...
of familiar Spanish favorites. Stylish-         setting is swanky and elegant
                                                                                                 Daily for lunch and dinner
elegant décor , nice chillout tunes and an
                                                Daily for lunch and dinner
excellent cocktail bar, create just the right                                                    Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.       Tel: 2584 7722
ambiance for a quiet dinner or a drink.         The Island Shangri-la hotel, Admiralty
                                                Tel: 2820 8590                                   MTR: Wan Chai
Daily, for lunch (except Sunday) and
dinner                                          MTR: Admiralty                                   Sushi Hiro
Starcrest, 9 Star Street, Wan Chai                                                               Serves some of the best Sushi and Sashimi
Phone: 2529 2300
                                                Gaddi's                                          in Causeway Bay, and other than fantastic-
                                                Gaddi's is another Hong Kong culinary            fresh food and pleasant ambience, it gives
MTR: Wan Chai                                   legend. Housed within the glamorous              customers the opportunity to order
                                                Peninsula Hotel, it serves the "best of the      outstanding Tempura dishes from the
The Press Room                                  best" of French cuisine in an elegant and        menu of its sister restaurant, Ten Yoshi,
Nestled along historic Hollywood Road,          opulent setting.                                 which is just two floors below.
just a short stroll from the trendy SoHo,
                                                Open daily for lunch and dinner                  Daily for lunch and dinner
the Press Room is a modern interpretation
for the classic French Brasserie.... Warm       1st Floor, The Peninsula, Salisbury Road.        10/F, Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Rd.,
and homey on one hand, modern and               Tel: 2315 3171                                   Causeway Bay Tel: 2882 8752
stylish on the other hand...
The menu is dominated by familiar               MTR: Tsim sha Tsui                               MTR: Causeway Bay
western favorites that have been given a
contemporary touch...                           Gaylord Indian Restaurant                        Habibi Café
                                                Gaylord has been serving splendid Indian         Possibly the most popular Middle Eastern
Open daily for lunch and dinner                 fare for the last 30 years or so, and is still   eating place in Hong Kong, and although
108 Hollywood Road           Tel: 2525 3444     as popular (and good) as ever...                 the kitchen is mainly Egyptian, the menu
                                                                                                 boasts more than a few dishes from
MTR: Sheung Wan                                 Atmosphere is quite soothing and                 Lebanon, Greece and other countries
                                                pleasant, and there is live-band playing         across the region.
                                                Indian music nightly
                                                                                                 112-114 Wellington       Street,    Central,
   Planning to visit Hong Kong ?                Open daily for lunch (12 noon - 3 pm) and        Tel: 2544 3886
   Click here to get some of the                dinner (6 - 11 pm)
   best rates for accommodation                                                                  MTR: Central / sheung Wan
                                                1/F, 23-25 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
   in Asia's most cosmopolitan                  Phone: 2376 1001
   city (You can also click here
                                                MTR: Tsim sha Tsui
   for fantastic rates in Macau)
Ruth's Chris Steak House                       Staunton's Bar & Café                          The Pawn
The Hong Kong outlet of Louisiana's            Staunton's Bar & Café, next to the             Occupying a three-floor historic building
famous restaurant-chain serves some of         escalator in SoHo, is a good place to see      on Wanchai's Johnston Road, where a
the finest steaks in town, in an elegant       and to be seen... Familiar international       pawn shop once existed, The Pawn
ambience that revives the charm of             favorites dominate the menu, with a lean       features a Bar, Lounge and Restaurant
bygone days.                                   towards Mediterranean...                       under one roof...
Daily, for lunch and dinner                    Daily, from morning hours till 2 am.           Daily, from before lunch till late...(the
                                                                                              lounge-bar remains open until 2am)
G4, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Road, Tsim          10-12 Staunton St. (next to the escalator),
Sha Tsui Tel: 2366 6000                        Tel: 2973 6611                                 62 Johnston Road, Wanchai        Tel: 2866
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui                             MTR: Central
                                                                                              MTR: Wan Chai
Indochine 1929                                 Flying Pan
Indochine 1929 in Lan Kwai Fong is one of      Flying Pan is one of Hong Kong's most          Azure
Hong Kong's most favorite Vietnamese           favorite breakfast joints, serving a hearty    Perched on the 29th and 30th floors of the
restaurants, with elegant interior décor       "all day breakfast" 24 hours a day / 7 days    LKF Hotel, Azure provides some gorgeous
that revives the glamour of French             a week, alongside some other delicious         cityscape views, as well as fantastic drinks
colonialism in Vietnam, and superb,            western fare. They have outlets in both        and food, and is one of Hong Kong's best
authentic food that consists on ingredients    SoHo and Wanchai.                              places to see and to be seen...
directly imported from Vietnam.
                                               Daily, 24 hours a day                          Daily, morning till night
Daily, for lunch and dinner
                                               G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street, SoHo, Tel: 2140      29-30/F,  Hotel   Lan   Kwai    Fong,
4/F, The Plaza LKF, 21 D'Aguilar Street, Lan   6333                                           33 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Tel:
Kwai Fong                   Tel: 2869 7399                                                    3518 9330
                                               MTR: Central
MTR: Central                                                                                  MTR: Central
                                               3/F Empire Land Commercial Centre,
Chili Club                                     83 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai (On top of          The "Terrace" at Sevva
This is one of Hong Kong's most popular        Mes Amis) Tel: 2528 9997                       Perched at the penthouse level of Prince's
restaurants and although its interior décor                                                   Building, The "terrace" at Sevva provides
is not awe inspiring, the ambience is          MTR: Wan Chai                                  some of the most magnificent cityscape
sufficiently pleasant and the food is                                                         views Hong Kong has to offer, as well as an
outstandingly good and also affordable.        G Bar                                          excellent spot to watch the "Symphony of
                                               This chic New York style lounge-bar is         Lights" laser show from...
Daily for lunch and dinner. Bookings are
                                               located in IFC Mall, in Central, and boasts
essential.                                                                                    Daily for lunch, tea and dinner (on Fridays
                                               some of the best views of Victoria
                                               Harbour. Their outdoor terrace is              and Saturdays, they serve "late supper"
1/F, 88 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
                                               particularly recommended for romantic          until well after midnight)
Tel: 2527 2872
                                               couples, so long as heavy rain or              25 floor, Prince's Building, Central (right
MTR: Wan Chai                                  unbearable heat don't spoil the magic          next to MTR Central), Tel: 2537 1388
Cafés and bars                                                                                MTR: Central
                                               Daily, 12 noon till late...
Bacar                                          Shop 4009, Podium Level Four, IFC Mall,        ToTT's
Although Bacar is more of a wine-bar, this     Central Tel: 2234 7739                         Perched on the 34th floor of the Excelsior
lovely SoHo restaurant serves great café                                                      Hotel, this uber-stylish "resto-lounge-bar"
fare in a cozy and pleasant ambiance. The      MTR: Central                                   provides the ultimate dining experience:
menu can be described as "Contemporary                                                        Fabulous food, splendid ambience and
Mediterranean", with quite a few light         Hong Kong Brew House                           breathtaking views
dishes.                                        Huge selection of beers, ales and spirits,
                                               great food (their ribs are among the best      Daily, for lunch and dinner
Daily, morning till well after midnight        in Hong Kong), fair prices and good            34/F, The Excelsior Hong Kong, 281
2 Shelley Street, SOHO        Tel: 2521 8322   atmosphere. Music, dances and large            Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay Tel: 2837
                                               screens, broadcasting sport events…            6786
MTR: Central
                                               Open daily from 11 am until late at night...   MTR: Causeway Bay
   Make the most of your trip to               (On weekends, the place stays open until
   Hong Kong and enjoy substantial             early morning hours).                             Click here to view ALL our
   discounts at the city's BEST                G/F & Basement, 21 D'Aguilar Street, Lan          FREE travel eBooks of
   attractions, restaurants and                Kwai Fong,                Tel: 2522 5559          Singapore, Hong Kong,
   shops with our range of special
                                               MTR: Central                                      Macau and Bangkok !
   discount-cards and flexi-packs !
  Where to Stay                                Star Guest House / Lee Garden Guest              3-star and mid-range hotels
                                               Lee Garden and Star Guest House, two of          The Salisbury YMCA
Hostels and guesthouses                        Tsim sha Tsui's most recommended                 With its million dollars location at the tip
                                               backpacker hostels, are both located along       of the Kowloon Peninsula and its excellent
Ah Shan Hostel                                 Cameron Road and offer their guests              variety of facilities and amenities, The
Makes one of the best options for low          pleasant rooms and superb location at a          Salisbury YMCA is possibly the best of
budget travellers who want to stay on this     very fair price.                                 Hong Kong's mid-range hotels and
side of the city, as it has everything a       Both are ran and managed by friendly             provides a very good value for money.
backpacker in Hong Kong can ask for:           Charlie Chan, who work hard to ensure
From great location, next to Ladies'                                                            Click here for more info, photos and rates
                                               that his properties are a head above the
Market and the MTR station, to very            rest…
helpful staff, proper maintenance and                                                           41 Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
good prices.                                   Lee Garden Guest House is on Block D, 8th
                                               floor, 34-36 Cameron Road (just a stone's        Traders Hotel (Formerly Hotel Jen)
Room 1406, 14/F, Sincere House, 83             throw from Star Guest House, which is on         Located on the western side of Sheung
Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon                6th Floor, 21 Cameron Rd.)                       Wan, surrounded by old style streets with
click here for more info, photos and rates                                                      traditional shops and restaurants, Traders
                                               Yes Inn Hostel                                   Hotel (Formerly Jen) is one of Hong Kong's
                                               Yes Inn is a small, clean and comfortable        best and most pleasant mid-range hotels,
Dragon Hostel                                                                                   with relatively spacious guestrooms, that
Dragon Hostel, one of Hong Kong's best         hostel, located next to MTR-Fortress Hill in
                                               North Point area, on Hong Kong Island. It's      boast clean lines and light hues of white,
and     most    popular    low    budget                                                        and some nice hotel facilities, like a lovely
establishments, has been around for more       newly renovated and the design is fresh
                                               and youthful with all the rainbow colors...      rooftop pool, a 24 hrs gym, and a lounge-
than 20 years and still manages to keep                                                         bar where you can enjoy a cocktail, while
the winning formula, which is : Location,      The location is within a residential area
                                               but with the MTR just a minute away,             admiring the views of Victoria Harbour.
Clean and well maintained rooms, nice
and friendly service and down-to-earth         getting to all the attractions is very easy...   508 Queen's Road West, Western District,
rates…                                         FLAT B, 15/F, FRONT BLOCK,                       Hong Kong Island
Room 707, Sincere House, 83 Argyle St.,        CONTINENTAL MANSION, 294 KING'S RD,              Click here for more info, photos and rates
Mongkok, Kowloon                               FORTRESS HILL, HONG KONG

click here for more info, photos and rates
                                                                                                Bishop Lei International House
                                               Alisan Guest House                               The popular Bishop Lei is a great value for
                                               This popular guest house has been in             money. Owned and operated by the
The Salisbury - YMCA                           business for more than twenty years now          Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, it is
With its million dollars location at the tip   and still provides an excellent alternative      located in the high class Mid-levels
of Tsim sha Tsui, next to the legendary        for travelers who look for accommodating         residential area, a short walking distance
'Peninsula', and its excellent variety of      on this side of Victoria Harbour.                from Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo and the
facilities and amenities, The Salisbury                                                         escalator.
YMCA possibly provides the best value-         Alisan's superb location, right in the hub of
for-money accommodation you can find in        trendy Causeway Bay, is one of the main          4 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
Hong Kong.                                     reasons for its ongoing popularity among         Island
                                               western travelers who want to get away
There are seven clean and comfortable          from the chaos of Chunking Mansions…             Click here for more info, photos and rates
dormitory rooms at the Salisbury, and
although the price they ask for is far         Flat A, 5/F Hoito Court, 275 Gloucester          Casa Hotel Hong Kong
higher than what you'll pay in one of the      Road, Causeway Bay (On the Corner of
                                                                                                A combination of superb location, great
guesthouses in Chunking Mansions, the          Cannon Street – Two minutes' walk from
                                                                                                rates and fairly comfortable rooms have
two can not really be mentioned in one         Causeway Bay's MTR station).
                                                                                                made the Casa Hotel so popular among
breath...                                                                                       travelers who like to explore the city, do
                                               Hello Inn                                        shopping, go out at night and be where
41 Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon       Hello Inn is probably the best bet for those     the action is…
Website                                        of you who dare to walk into the lion's den
                                               of Mirador Mansion and unlike most of            No.487-489 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Email:                      the hostels along Nathan Road, this one is
                                                                                                Click here for more info, photos and rates
                                               by far cleaner and better maintained and
Tel: (+852) 2268 7888
                                               provides good service and pleasant
                                               ambiance at a reasonable price.
   Click here to view ALL our                                                                      Explore Hong Kong's less known
                                               A7, 6/F Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan               "gems" through our range of
   FREE travel eBooks of                       Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowllon, Hong Kong
   Singapore, Hong Kong,                                                                           Unique Day Trips and Guided-
                                                                                                   Walks !
   Macau and Bangkok !
Butterfly on Morrison                        Crowne Plaza Hotel Hong Kong                  Luxury and 5-star hotels
Part of a small and successful chain of      Causeway Bay
boutique hotels, The Butterfly on            The most significant advantage this hotel     Hotel Mira Hong Kong
Morrison was opened only in 2009 and         boasts is, doubtlessly, its location.         The recently refurbished Mira enjoys a
offers new and clean rooms, pleasant         Fantastically positioned on Leighton          superb location, on Nathan road's Golden-
ambience of a spanking new hotel and         Street, just a heartbeat from Causeway        Mile and close to Tsim Sha Tsui's shopping
great location in Causeway Bay, at a rate    Bay's glitzy malls and numerous               and entertainment venues, as well as to
that is more than sensible.                  nightspots, as well as from the MTR           Kowloon Park and the MTR station.
                                             station, the Crowne Plaza provides superb
39 Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay                                                        118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
                                             accommodation and a decent choice of
Click here for more info, photos and rates   facilities to its guests.
                                                                                           Click here for more info, photos and rates
                                             Click here for more info, photos and rates
Kings De Nathan                                                                            Langham Place Hotel
The popular Kings De Nathan went             Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong             Located in a glittering tower, high above
through a complete renovation just                                                         bustling Mongkok, the fabulous Langham
recently, so everything about it is still                                                  Place Hotel prides itself for being one of
                                             Causeway Bay's Metropark enjoys a pretty
spanking new and clean. Add to this a                                                      the best spa-hotels in the Asia-Pacific
                                             good location and while it is not slap-bang
great location, slap bang in the middle of                                                 region...
                                             in the middle of things, it is just a few
busy Nathan Road, and more than
                                             minutes' walk from Causeway Bay and
reasonable prices and you've got a few                                                     Other than its superb spa, gym and
                                             literally a few steps from the MTR station,
good reasons to consider staying here…                                                     swimming pool, the hotel boasts spacious,
                                             which makes it an excellent choice for
                                                                                           luxurious and beautifully appointed
473 Nathan Road, Yau ma Tei, Kowloon         people who like to shop and explore the
                                                                                           guestrooms, that come with floor to
Click here for more info, photos and rates                                                 ceiling windows and are equipped with
                                             Address: 148-160 Tung Lo Wan Road,            state-of-the-art facilities.
Garden View International House              Causeway Bay
                                                                                           555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
Strategically located in the prestigious     Click here for more info, photos and rates
Mid-Levels, right above the Hong Kong                                                      Click here for more info, photos and rates
Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the
                                             Hotel Marriott Courtyard Hong Kong            InterContinental Hong Kong
Garden View provides high level
                                             The Marriott Courtyard can best be
accommodation at fairly reasonable                                                         The fabulous Intercontinental is one of
                                             described as a "no nonsense hotel" that
prices.                                                                                    Hong Kong's most prestigious hotels.
                                             provides excellent accommodation at a lot
                                                                                           Well known for its fantastic location on
1 MacDonnell Road, Mid Levels, Central       less than what you would pay in a similar
                                                                                           Tsim Sha Tsui's waterfront, it provides the
                                             establishment in Central or Wanchai.
Click here for more info, photos and rates                                                 best views towards Victoria Harbor and
                                             Address: 167 Connaught Road West,             the Hong Kong skyline
Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong                 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
                                                                                           Other than stunning views, the hotel is
The Cosmopolitan is one of the only hotels   Click here for more info, photos and rates    lauded for its helpful and efficient staff, as
in Hong Kong where you can enjoy 4-star                                                    well as for its excellent facilities, which
guestrooms at a rate which is lower than     Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hotel             includes the beautiful infinity pool, Hong
what you will pay in most 3-star hotels      Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hotel is          Kong's only 'Feng Shui Friendly spa' and
across the city.                             located right on busy Nathan Road, a          some outstanding restaurants
387-397 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai          minute walk from the MTR station of           18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
                                             Jordan and close enough to most of Tsim
Click here for more info, photos and rates   sha Tsui's shopping and entertainment         Click here for more info, photos and rates
            4-star hotels                    Relatively spacious guestrooms, friendly
                                                                                           The Peninsula
                                                                                           Alongside the Raffles in Singapore, the
                                             staff and sane rates make this hotel the
The Luxe Manor                                                                             Waldorf Astoria in New York and the
                                             choice for many visitors to Hong Kong
Fantastically located on Kimberley Road,                                                   Savoy in London, the Peninsula is
right in the hub of Tsim sha Tsui's          348 Nathan Road, Kowloon                      considered as one of the world's most
shopping and entertainment area, this                                                      classic hotels and has long become one of
                                             Click here for more info, photos and rates    Hong Kong's most prominent icons...
lovely boutique hotel features an eclectic
mix of Oriental, Post Modern and                                                           Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
                                                Planning to visit Hong Kong ? Click
European Surrealism that makes it look
"as though fashioned from Salvador Dali's       here to get some of the best rates         Click here for more info, photos and rates
fertile imagination..." (As they describe       for accommodation in Asia's most
themselves).                                    cosmopolitan city (You can also
                                                click here for fantastic rates in
39 Kimberley Road, Tsim sha Tsui,               Macau)
Click here for more info, photos and rates
                                                          Sheung Wan                                             Wan Chai
  Shopping districts                                      Sheung Wan, "The Chinese heart of old                  Wan Chai, east of Central and Admiralty, is
                                                          Hong Kong", is one of the city's oldest                not predominantly a shopping area,
Central                                                   districts and is characterized mostly by               although it has more than a few shopping
Hong Kong's skyscrapers-dominated                         historic streets with many traditional                 streets that are well worth knowing about.
financial core makes home to some of the                  Chinese shops… This is also where some of
city's best and most prestigious shopping                 Hong Kong's best galleries and antique                 Wan Chai Computer Centre is one of the
malls, most of which can be found around                  shops can be found.                                    best places in Hong Kong for computers
MTR-Central and are connected to each                                                                            and computer ware, including hardware
other through the Central Elevated                        Housed in a beautiful Edwardian building,              and software…
                                                          Western Market is the oldest surviving                 130 Hennessy Road (MTR Wan Chai, exit A-4)
                                                          market building in Hong Kong. Nowadays,
                                                          it boasts a few traditional Chinese shops              The narrow, old streets where Wan Chai
IFC Mall, right above Hong Kong Station
                                                          that sell everything, from souvenirs and               started from, more than a century ago, are
(Airport Express Terminus) and within a
                                                          cheap fakes to jade stones, handcrafts,                housing some nice street markets…
short walking distance from both MTR-
Central and the Star Ferry Pier, is a good                fabrics and more...
                                                          Open daily, 10 am to 7 pm : From MTR-Sheung Wan,       The best streets to visit are Tai Yuen
place to start from, although it is not as                take exit C, turn left to Connaught Road Central and   Street, Spring Garden Lane, (which runs
big as some of its counterparts… Housing                  walk for a couple of minutes, until you see the
                                                                                                                 parallel to it), Tai Wong Street East and
more than 200 high-end shops that                         market on your left. (If coming by tram, the stop is
                                                          right next to the market).                             Ship Street, but if you visit this side of Wan
specialize, mainly, in international
                                                                                                                 Chai anyway, you might just as well visit
premium brands, alongside a unique new
                                                          Walk out from the market to Morrison                   Hung Shing Temple and the Blue House.
cinema, and some excellent restaurants
and cafés that enjoy great harbor views.                  Street (where Das Gute café is), turn left,
                                                                                                                 From exit A-3 of MTR-Wan Chai Station, just cross
                                                          along the tramway rails, to Des Voeux
                                                                                                                 Johnston Road and you are on the corner of Tai Yuen
Located within a business development                     Road Central and after a few minutes'                  St.
that carries the same name, on the corner                 walk on the right side of the street you will
of Pedder Street and Des Voeux, The                       see the entrance to Man Wa Lane (on the                Johnston Road is also lined with factory
Landmark is very popular among well-                      right side of CITIC Ka Wah Bank). Better               outlet shops that sell casual, designer and
heeled shoppers. The mall's atrium is                     known as "Chop Alley", the tiny alleyway               sportswear items from last season at good
home to the flagship boutiques of many                    houses many stalls of chop-makers (Chops               prices.
famous international fashion names,                       are traditional Chinese stamps and seals,
having one of the highest concentration of                engraved on various materials like wood,
                                                          bamboo, stone, bone and the likes...)
                                                                                                                 Causeway Bay
world-leading fashion, jewelry and                                                                               Causeway Bay is Hong Kong's hippest
lifestyle names as well as dining outlets.                                                                       shopping district and a popular
Open daily from 10 am to 7:30 pm. From MTR-               From Man Wa Lane, turn right to Wing
Central: take exit G (the entrance to the mall is right   Lok Street, also known as the Ginseng and              destination for the city's yuppies, who
next to it).                                              bird's nest street. At the end of the street           consider it as Hong Kong's "fashion
                                                          turn left to Des Voeux Road West, which is             barometer": The place where you go when
Our next destination is Pacific Place, in                 better known by its popular name Dried                 you want to know what's new and "in"...
Admiralty, which is favorite among locals                 Seafood Street, then left again, to Ko Shing
and visitors alike and considered as one of               Street, (the Herbal Medicine Street), from             Other than ritzy shopping malls, Causeway
Hong Kong's swankiest malls, with top                     where you turn right to Queen Street and               Bay makes home to one of Hong Kong's
designer brands like Dior, Agnes b,                       right again to Queen's Road West, and                  most popular bazaars, Jardine's Crescent,
Vivienne Tam, Max & Co, Momento,                          left, to Hollywood Road.                               where inexpensive clothing and fashion
Celine, Chanel, Bally I.T, La Perla, Loewe,                                                                      accessories are sold at a bargain (MTR-
Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and                    Historic Hollywood Road was the first                  Causeway Bay, exit F).
Zara... The watch & jewelry corridor on                   road to be constructed in Hong Kong, back
the 3rd floor is worth visiting; Here you                 in 1844.                                               The Lee Gardens and Lee Gardens Two,
will find the likes of Piaget and Cartier, not                                                                   across the street, are two elegant and
to mention Richard Mille where every                      Nowadays, it is lined with galleries, as well          glitzy shopping malls that specialize in
watch is worth a fortune...                               as with shops that sell trinket and antique            international brand names and are
Pacific Place is directly linked to MTR-Admiralty,        of all sorts: From Chinese furniture to                frequented by local celebrities.
one station ride from MTR-Central, and can also be        porcelain ware, from Buddha sculptures to              Corner of Yun Ping and Lan Fong : Few minutes'
easily accessed by the tramway (Daily, 10am – 8pm)                                                               walk from exit F of MTR-Causeway Bay, Daily, from
                                                          Tibetan rugs and from Ming dynasty
                                                                                                                 11 am to 10 pm
                                                          ceramic horsemen to kitsch Maoist
                                                          memorabilia... Visiting some of these
                                                          shops is truly an authentic experience,                    Click HERE to find some of
                                                          even if you don't really plan to buy
                                                                                                                     the best rates for hostels and
                                                          anything… You should also make a point to
                                                          visit Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street), just                  low-cost accommodations in
                                                          under Hollywood Road.                                      Hong Kong and Asia !
Times Square, one of Hong Kong's 10 most             Getting there: Bus nos. 6, 6-A, 6-X and 260         Mong Kok
popular tourist destinations, is a colossal          come here from Exchange Square Bus                  The street markets of Mong Kok are
shopping mall that offers its visitors more          Terminus (adjacent to MTR-Central)                  extremely popular among visitors,
than 300 shops, spread across its 16                                                                     especially Ladies' Market which
floors… You can find here most of the                Tsim sha Tsui                                       specializes, as its name suggests, in
well-known international brand names,                Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon's most vivid and             women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics,
alongside a decent choice of good                    bustling district, is chock-a-block with            and the likes, although there are more
restaurants and cafés, and there are free            shopping and entertainment venues,                  than a few stalls here that sell men's and
live entertainment and art exhibitions,              including glitzy shopping malls, high street        children's products, including soft toys,
every now and then…                                  shops and bazaars…                                  clothes, bags, jeans and watches, just to
Exit A of MTR-Causeway Bay leads directly to the
                                                                                                         name a few…
mall, Daily, 10am – 10pm
                                                     Harbour City, one of Hong Kong's largest
                                                                                                         Fa Yuen Street (also known as Sportswear
SOGO, Hong Kong's largest Japanese-style             and most popular shopping malls, makes
                                                                                                         Street) runs parallel to Ladies' Market and
department store, is a huge "one stop                home to 700 retail outlets that sell
                                                                                                         boasts many small retailers which sell
shop" that boasts 400,000 sq. ft of floor            everything... From branded boutiques,
                                                                                                         sports equipment and clothing (wide
space, packed with quality goods of every            such as Louis Vuitton, Salvatore
                                                                                                         diversity of sports shoes).
kind and sort…                                       Ferragamo, Prada and Hugo Boss, to
555 Hennessy Road (near the corner of East Point     prestigious department stores, such as              Fa Yuen Street Market is situated along
Road) : Exit D of MTR-Causeway Bay takes you there
                                                     Lane Crawford, and more than a few good             the north part of Sportswear Street and is
directly, 10am – 10pm
                                                     cafés and restaurants, as well as a modern          full of shops selling bargain-priced trendy
Island Beverly, right next to SOGO, houses           cinema complex.                                     fashion and casual wear for men, women
                                                     Daily, 10 am to 9 pm. MTR-Tsim sha Tsui, exit A-1
shops that cater mostly for the young and                                                                and children (10:30 am - 10:30 pm daily)
                                                     (via Haiphong Rd), or exit E (via Peking Rd)
young in heart, with a decent choice of
local and regional brand names (mostly               1881 Heritage is an ultra-elegant shopping          To get to Ladies' Market: Leave MTR
from Japan and Korea). Prices here are               mall that occupies the beautifully restored         Mong Kok Station via exit D-3, turn back
quite good and if you are ready to try               Victorian buildings of the former Marine            and walk a few steps to the corner, where
something slightly different, you should             Police Headquarters and houses mostly               you turn right to Argyle and, again, right,
come and take a look…                                posh shops, like Rolex, Piaget and Gucci…           to Tung Choi / Ladies' market (5 minutes)
Corner of East Point Road and Great George, right
next to exit-E of MTR Causeway Bay                   Worth visiting, even if you don't buy.
                                                     Located at the bottom of Canton Road, between       Sham Shui Po
                                                     Harbour City and the Star Ferry Pier
From Island Beverly / SOGO, continue                                                                     Sham Shui Po is possibly one of the best
walking along Great George Street, where                                                                 places in Hong Kong to look for reasonably
you can see quite a few shops that                   Chinese Arts & Crafts is one of the if not          priced electronics and computer ware,
specialize in international brand names,             the best Chinese art and antiques gallery           including accessories and video games...
turn left to Paterson Street and right to            in Hong Kong, with customers like Hillary
Kingston, and left again, through "Fashion           Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, and                  Apliu Street is the area's main market-
Walk", to Houston Street mall, that will             although its prices are quite high, this            street, boasting lots of electronics and
lead you to Gloucester Road and the                  fabulous shop is well worth a visit                 accessories, including second hand stuff...
                                                     Salisbury Road, near the corner of Canton Road
waterfront… The short stroll will take you                                                               (Exits A-2 and C-2 leads directly to the street.
                                                     (opposite the Star Ferry Terminal)
                                                                                                         Shops are open until quite late...)
through dozens of high-end shops and hip
boutiques, in casr the shopping malls were           Nathan Road, Hong Kong's "Fifth Avenue"
not enough for you.                                                                                      Golden Computer Centre and Golden
                                                     is lined with hundreds of shops – mostly            Computer Arcade, on the other side of
On 280 Gloucester Road, right next to the            electronics and fashion (some of the                Sham Shui Po MTR station, are the right
Excelsior Hotel, there is one more                   electronics shops along the lower part of           place to look for computer related stuff:
shopping mall that is worth knowing                  Nathan Road used to be infamous for                 From complete computers to computer
about: World Trade Centre                            playing tricks on customers, so keep your           components, software and games...
                                                     eyes open). Park Lane Shopper's                     The choice is immense and prices are very
                                                     Boulevard, near the mosque, is where you            good (use exit D-2 to get there: Open until 10pm)
Stanley                                              can find a decent choice of high-end
The picturesque beach town of Stanley is             international names.
best known for its market, although it has                                                               Sham Shui Po is also home to one of Hong
a lot more to offer to its visitors…                                                                     Kong's most popular fabric markets, where
                                                     Graville Road, an offshoot of Nathan                you can get silk and other fabrics at a
The market offers a relatively good choice           Road, boasts a few outlet shops where               fraction of what they would have cost
of pocket-friendly clothes, shoes, silk              you can find brand name surplus clothing            elsewhere.
garments and traditional Chinese dress,              at pocket-friendly prices. You should also
as well as toys, ornaments, luggage,                 make a point to visit Rise Arcade, on               Most fabric shops can be found on Ki Lung
souvenirs and Chinese arts and crafts, and           Granville Circuit                                   Street and Yu Chau Street, two parallel
although it is quite touristy, it is still a                                                             streets that run between Nam Cheong
popular destination for both tourists and                                                                Street and Wong Chuk Street, and while
locals.                                                                                                  many of them are strictly wholesalers,
                                                                                                         others would be happy to sell to whoever
                                                                                                         walks in...
Citygate Outlets                                                                                    One last thing…
Citygate Outlets, right above Tung Chung
MTR terminus, is Hong Kong's first and (so                                                          Sky100, Hong Kong highest man-made
far) only outlet mall, which means you can                                                          observation deck, overlooks the city from
get off-season goods here at large                                                                  the 100th floor of Hong Kong's highest
discounts you won't find elsewhere.                                                                 skyscraper,   International   Commerce
                                                                                                    Centre, 393m above sea level, and gives
shops here are quite spacious and airy,                                                             tough competition to Victoria Peak(The
with plenty of fitting rooms, but the real                                                          upper terminus of the famous "Peak
draw are undoubtedly the discounts:                                                                 Tram" and the observation decks are also
Year-round discounts of 30% to 70% on                                                               perched 400m above sea level, more or
more than 80 international brand names                Offering 50% off and "Buy 1, get 1 free"      less...)
of designer fashion, sports, beauty,                  discounts at nearly 100 of Hong Kong's top
accessories, children's wear, and home                restaurants, shops and spas, the Hong         Bullet elevators take you in just 60
items, are a good enough reason for                   Kong Card includes plenty of quality dining   seconds from the 2nd floor to the 100th
visitors to like this place...                        options, and is really easy to use. What's    floor, where you can get stunning 360o
The mall is open daily, 10am to 10pm                  more, it comes with a handy pocket-sized      panoramic views of most of the
Getting here: Directly from Tung Chung MTR (along     city guide that was written by locals and     metropolis, and enjoy a whole range of
the orange marked Tung Chung Line)                    resident expats and covers everything,        other activities, such as a multimedia tour
Bus Nos. S1, S52P and S64go directly to Hong Kong     from transport and attractions, to culture,   of Hong Kong's history and culture
International Airport from here (10 minutes' drive)   shopping and nightlife…                       (including 3D projections and touch
                                                                                                    screens which show you interesting stuff
                                                                                                    about HK's history), Audio-visual guided
   Please note: Prices and other                         Click here to view ALL our                 tour devices, with commentaries in
   details mentioned in this                             FREE travel eBooks of                      several languages, and cutting-edge
   ebook were correct at the                             Singapore, Hong Kong,                      telescopes which can re-create day and
   time of writing and may                                                                          night views and fireworks scenes with
                                                         Macau and Bangkok !                        special effects…
   change by the time of your
   visit.                                                                                           At the time of writing, the observation
                                                                                                    deck is opened daily, 10am – 10pm (last
                                                                                                    entry at 9pm) and ticket costs HK$ 150 for
                                                                                                    an adult, or HK$ 105 for a child (3-12) /
                                                                                                    senior (HK$ 125 / 90 respectively if you
                                                                                                    order online, which is advisable anyway,
                                                                                                    because it saves you the hassle of standing
                                                                                                    in the sometimes long queue lines), and
                                                                                                    there is also a "family combo ticket" which
                                                                                                    is even cheaper .

                                                                                                    Getting there: The entrance to the lifts is
                                                                                                    from the Elements Shopping Mall, 2nd
                                                                                                    floor (Metal Zone, near the escalators):
                                                                                                    The mall is directly connected to MTR
                                                                                                    Kowloon Station, along the orange marked
                                                                                                    Tung Chung Line (Exit C).

                                                                                                    If coming from Tsim sha Tsui: Take the
                                                                                                    MTR from East Tsim sha Tsui station to
                                                                                                    Austin (one station away), exit through D-
                                                                                                    2, turn left and immediately right, to
                                                                                                    Austin Road West, and walk for something
                                                                                                    like five minutes, till you see the vividly
                                                                                                    painted Elements Mall on your right.

                                                                                                    100/F, International Commerce Centre, 1
                                                                                                    Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
                                                                                                    Customer Hotline: (852) 2613 3888

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