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					SharePoint ® &
     Document Management
Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint            Although documents can easily be stored
adoption as an enterprise ECM has grown            within SharePoint, the ability to quickly
immensely. In fact, over 73% of large              search and retrieve those documents is lost.
companies (above 5000) have deployed               Without the ability to retrieve documents
SharePoint enterprise-wide. There is no            easily creates lost employee time and lays
denying SharePoint’s platform as a business        the foundation for unstructured content.
collaboration tool, as evident by its staggering   Organizations have simply duplicated the
85.2% within that business segment.                redundancies of paper files into electronic
                                                   form. Instead of saving time and
                                                   productivity, employees are wasting time
However, the rising debate over SharePoint’s       searching through an abundance of folders
electronic document management solution            in SharePoint, resulting in inefficient,
(EDMS) capabilities still continues. With          inadequate, and ineffective document
limited imaging, metadata searching, and           management.
workflow functionalities, SharePoint alone may
not effectively curtail organizations growing
needs to manage, process, and retrieve the         The final opportunity to enhance SharePoint
varying types of documents received daily.         remains within the workflow. Instead of using
                                                   an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface for
                                                   the development of a workflow, SharePoint
An opportunity lies in SharePoint’s lack of        utilizes Windows Workflow Foundation
document capture and imaging. In an idealistic     (WWF) as its workflow engine. One of the
business environment, all incoming and             biggest downfalls of WWF is that it requires
outgoing material would be generated and           significant programmable work, thus making
received electronically, but that may not always   implementation generally longer and more
be the case. Many organizations still rely on      costly – if even possible. By enabling non-IT
paper documents that flow to and from              staff the ability to create and manage
departments. Examples of these documents           workflows using easy-to-use tools, a fully
may include new hire applications, invoices,       functional workflow can be deployed faster
vendor contracts, and more. Without being          and more economically.
able to incorporate those paper documents into
SharePoint coupled with the inability to edit,
markup, OCR (Optical Character Recognition),       As SharePoint grows in market strength,
read bar codes, and other image-centric            document management solutions continue to
functionalities, SharePoint can very easily        bridge the gap between SharePoint and
become an incomplete document repository.          overall business requirements.

Yet another point of contention with SharePoint
lies is in its lack of metadata searches.
inSite provides an efficient and affordable          Indexing: Administrators can easily configure
platform for managing organization’s                 metadata fields for automated indexing or
unstructured content in Microsoft® SharePoint.®      enable users to index upon document
With inSite, organizations can couple the            •      Able to use barcodes to automatically
repository strength of SharePoint with                      assign indexing values
integrated imaging, capture, and workflow.           •      Able to index upon document
                                                            entering Incite
About inSite                                         •      OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
                                                            for automated indexing based on
inSite is an enterprise scalable and                        templates and masks
comprehensive SharePoint ECM solution for
searching, viewing, securing, routing, and
annotating your company’s mission critical           Workflow: Administrators can easily create,
content.                                             manage, and edit workflows in an enterprise
                                                     or departmental setting.
Scanning: Easily capture and release
documents to SharePoint using desktop                •      Graphical user interface for easy
scanners and high volume scanning.                          design and management

•         TWAIN and ISIS compliant for ease of       •      Drag and drop workflow design with
          deployment                                        no programming required

•         Barcode reading capabilities for high      •      Easily managed security settings,
          volume scanning                                   rules, escalation processes, and
                                                            much more
•         Ability to import PDF and Office
          documents                                  •      Automated common document
                                                            activities such as email, split
                                                            documents, print, and more
Viewing: Integrated viewer enables users to          •     Create custom scripts for a more
view common document types from                            customized, efficient workflow
SharePoint such as PDF, TIFF, Office                       process
documents, and more.
•         View documents in SharePoint easily
•         Make annotations, such as stamps,
          highlights, notes and much more.           To learn more on inSite or to schedule a
                                                     demonstration, contact us.
•         Insert electronic signatures directly on
•         Automate redactions on documents to        Toll Free: 866.369.2680
          protect confidential and sensitive data    Direct: 512.986.7650

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