Sharepoint Instructions - general by liwenting


									                           SHAREPOINT INSTRUCTIONS

How To Get There

Access the site at
      SharePoint works best with Windows Internet Explorer as the browser


       Username – it is your first name (dot) last name, (ex: firstname.lastname)

       Your should have received you initial password in an email or other

       To login click on Sign In – upper right of the screen – and enter your username
        and password you were issued.

There is a Help icon (blue circle with a ? in the middle) located in the top, far right

Once you are logged in, all committees you are assigned to will display on the left menu
under Committees. Click on your committee name to access the site for that

If you would like to personalize your password after you login then click on “Change
Password” on the top tool bar. Passwords must be at least 7 characters in length
and contain 3 of the following: lowercase, uppercase, symbols or numbers.

At the top of the screen the toolbar will have the titles “Site Action” and a “yellow folder”
icon. The “yellow folder” icon is your “home” icon and is used to navigate between the
Texas Home Page and your Committee Home Page.

Click on your committee name which will bring up the “home page” for that committee
       (ex: Awards). It will say “Welcome to the Awards Committee”

On your screen (left side) it will say:
      (1) Libraries (this is where documents are stored for review or editing)
              Shared Documents
      (2) Lists
      (3) Discussion
              Team Discussion
      (4) Pictures
      (5) Committees
On your committee’s home page you will see on the center screen
“Announcements” and “Calendar”

If you click on “Announcement” it brings up a link that says “add new announcement”
        Click on this link which brings up a text box where you type in the information
        Click “SAVE”
        This info will be posted to the Committee’s Home Page

Then click on the “yellow folder” icon for the drop down menu to get back to the
Committee Home Page.

If you click on “Calendar” it brings up a link that says “add new event”.
        Click on this link which brings up a text box for you to type in information
        Click “SAVE”
        Your calendar event will be posted on your Committee’s Home Page
               Note: You can also click on the word “Calendar” which
               brings up another tool bar and you can add your events this way

On left menu click on “Contacts” . YOU NEED TO ADD YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT
       Click on “contact”, then “add new item”, a text box will appear that you will
       type in your contact info and “SAVE”


Make sure you are on your Committee Home Page (not the Texas main page)
Click on “Shared Documents” under the Libraries heading (left screen)

A new tool bar will appear at the top.
      Library Tools
             Documents & Library
                     Click on Document, then click
                      New Folder (click here to set up and name a new folder)
                            Click on “add document” (in the middle screen)

To add a document you may “upload” or add the document by going to the “browse”
option. A box appears for you to browse/search for the document. Click & add the

Once a document is uploaded to SharePoint you will have to click on the box that says
“CHECK IN”. This allows everyone on your committee to see and/or edit the
“CHECK OUT” box - if this box is checked then people can not make any changes to
the document.

If you make edits to a document then click your computer’s refresh icon so that the
document will be updated.

You should set up ALERTS so that when someone makes a change to a document
or post an announcement or calendar event, you will be notified via email that there has
been a change.
       Go to your name in the upper right corner and click on it
       A Drop down menu appears and click “my settings”
       Then click “my alerts”, then click “add alert”
       On the right side of your screen is a list of topics. Select the topic(s)
       that you want to receive an alert about.

To sign-off you click on your name in the upper right corner. Go to the drop down
menu and click “sign out”

General Information

Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs and Staff Liaisons assigned to your committee have
access to assigned committee pages as an “owner”. Owners have the ability to:
           Create the content for Announcements and Spotlighted information
           Create Links to other websites
           Customize the Committee site by adding additional features (i.e. tracking
             tasks for a project)

Committee members have access to the committee pages as a “member”. Members
have the ability to:
           Create, edit, upload and download documents
           Add items to the Committee Calendar
           Add discussion items to the Discussion Forum and respond to existing
               Discussion Forum items

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