Parenting Your Anxious Child

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					Trillium Elementary
School Council
proudly presents:

             Parenting Your Anxious Child
 Join us for an informative session about recognizing anxiety and what we
                    as parents can do to help our children.
  Keynote speaker:

                      Dr. Anand Prabhu, PhD, C.Psych
                      From the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
                     Dr. Anand Prabhu is a registered psychologist who has practiced in the
                     area of clinical child and adolescent psychology since 1988. He is currently
                     in private practice at the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
                     of which he is a founding member. Prior to this he worked in the Mood
                     and Anxiety Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and at the
                     Children’s Outpatient Department of the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

              and   Margo Sargent from Family Services Ottawa
     Margo Sargent has made a career of helping families; she has over 20 years of expertise in par-
     enting education, behaviour management and helping families in crisis. Her professional experi-
     ence includes working with adolescents in residential care, advocating on behalf of youth and
     their families, youth counselling and family coaching. Margo currently coordinates the Parenting
     Programs at Family Services à la famille Ottawa. She also has her own well established coaching
     practice – The Parenting Coach.

                                                                          Your RSVP is kindly
                                                                        appreciated in order for
     At Trillium Elementary School                                            us to make
           1515 Varennes Blvd.,                                            arrangements for
                                                                         seating. Please email
        Wednesday, April 20, 2011                                 
               7:00– 8:30 pm
     Other community partners will also be on hand with their available resources .

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                                                                          PRO Grant

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