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					                     PHARAOH’S PRIDE
                                                                                    VOLUME 3 Issue 2
                                                               SEPTEMBER 2011
                                                               CHARACTER FOCUS:

                     Raleigh Egypt Middle school – Rommie Vasser, Jr., Principal

Fight Free Data
                                                 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
Raleigh-Egypt Middle School is a fight free      Everything we do here reflects our
school. We will focus on character education
with all of our students in promoting conflict
                                                 vision which is centered around our
free resolution to all problems. In addition,    three pillars of focus: 1) Being
we will provide incentives to those students     Respectful 2) Being Disciplined and 3)
who continue to follow our vision of
remaining a Fight Free school.
                                                 Creating a Nurturing Environment
                                                 that permeates throughout our
(#of days fight free as of 9/2/2011)             building. Our mission is to ensure each
                          Girls   Boys
                                                 student is empowered with the
                                                 knowledge and skills necessary to meet
Scribes(6th)              7       20             the challenges of our ever-changing
Scrolls (6th)             5       3              society by forging a collaborative
                                                 relationship with our parents and
Lions(7th)                20      20             community.
Eagles(7th)               20      6
                                                 It’s Always A Great Day at Raleigh –
Pyramids (8 )             9       20             Egypt Middle !
Egyptians(8th)            9       11               BREAKFAST ON WHEELS!!
                                                 We are now providing breakfast to all
                                                 students each day during homeroom.
                                                 Encourage your child to get to school on time
                                                 so that he or she can start the day off with a
      5TH – Labor Day Holiday
                                                 good breakfast. Remember: Breakfast is the
                                                 most important meal of the day!!
      14th- Progress Report goes home

      15th- PHARAOH Family Night                             PARENT LINKS
                                                 Listen to receive important
                                                 information and updates
 See your September calendar for the dates       regarding happenings at school.
and times of all FOOTBALL AND VOLLEYBALL         Parents, be sure to update us with
games. Let’s support our PHARAOHS!!!             any new phone numbers
                                                 throughout the school year.

Everyday at REMS, we encourage our
PHARAOH’S PRIDE                                                                       Page 2

   As safety remains the primary concern for all of our stakeholders, all
   students will be issued a student ID badge that must be worn at all times.
   We encourage our parents to assist us in enforcing this district initiative.
   Speak to your child about keeping the badge in a routine place so that he or
   she will remember to wear it everyday.
    Consequences for failure wear the          2011-2012 Staff
   Include ISS and overnight                   Principal –        Rommie Vasser Jr.
   Suspension as well as parent                Asst.Principal – Janice R.Brown
   conferences. Repeat offenders               Instructional Facilitators: M.Knapp
    may receive out of school suspensions                                      T.McGlothian
    Please discuss the Importance of wearing the ID badge
                                               Counselor –                     T.Hardy
   the security badge as required with your Admin.Asst. –                      Alana Brown
   child. Remember : The ID
   badge is an official part of the school     6th Grade
                                               P. Herron        N.Washington
   uniform. Everyday at Raleigh-Egypt          A.Woods          R.Johnson
   Middle, we encourage our students to        S.Parson         A.Garden
   Come to school on time and in uniform.
    Our uniform policy is that                 7th Grade
                                               N.Williams       W.George
   students wear white collared shirts         P.Couch          M. Tucker
   with a solid white, black or gray shirt     M.Lazare         J.Henderson
   underneath. Students may purchase a         C.Somerville     L.Vos
   collared shirt with the REMS crest from     ESL – C.Hullender
   the school for $10 each. The REMS
   collared shirt may be worn in addition to 8th Grade
   the white collared shirt.                   A.Graybeal       N.Jean-Louis
   Pants should be black,                      K.Beno           M.Gentry
                                               L.Liggins        M.Watson
   navy, or khaki. Jackets worn inside         M.Byrd Moore     N.Drumgole
   the classroom must be solid black,
   navy, khaki, gray,or white. Students        Exploratory
   should not wear any colors                  F.Young – PE
                                               N.Nicks- PE
   ( or purple) in their                 G.Patterson- Computer
   Accessories. This includes hair,            S.VanPelt-Band
   jewelry, undershirts, belts, and            S.Middlebrook – Technology
                                               E.Lucas – Stanford Math
   socks, lanyards, etc. At no time, should
   students be wearing tops or bottoms         SPED/CDC/ED
   that have any cuts or ties.                 M. Brock     V.Sewell         Librarian – K.Norment
   Thanks for your support!                    M.Branch     S.Moore           ISS –      D.Rosenthall
                                                     P.Murphy     C.Houston    ASD VISTA – A.Barker
                                                     L. Tillery   J. Berry

                                             Editor: J. Brown, Asst. Principal

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