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					Textbook Format:

Each Chapter in the Expresate textbook is organized into 2 sections that have related vocabulary and grammar topics. For
example, Chapter 1 is divided into Chapters 1.1 and 1.2. For each of those sub-chapters, you will be assessed on the following
Learning Targets; Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Writing Fluency. Every 2 Chapters, you might have
an assessment on Speaking Fluency. The Speaking section could be a short interview with the teacher, a role play with another
student or an individual narration of a cartoon story.

In-class practice:

During each activity in class, you should be asking yourself these questions, 1) Did I get it? 2) What vocabulary or grammar
concept do I need to study tonight to "get it?" Don't be afraid to ask your classmates or me if you don't get it! The more
questions you ask, the better I can plan activities that will give you the practice you need to do well on quizzes and tests. Don't
wait for the quiz to realize you didn't "get it."

Semester 1 Curriculum                     Expresate Level 2 textbook
***Even though we will work with the level 2 book during semester 1, our curriculum will be supplemented with the
textbooks Abriendo Paso Gramatica , Continuemos, Que pasa magazine and possibly online activities through Moodle. My
committement to you is … you will be prepared to handle Spanish IB.

+Material not part of the textboo…. Supplemental material so take good notes!!

Scope and Sequence                                                         Scope and Sequence
Chapter 7 Buen provecho Sept/Oct                                           Chapter 9 A nuestro alrededor Dec/January

Vocabulary: 7.1 order in a restaurant, talk about how food tastes, 7.2     Vocabulary: 9.1 describing places and their climates, telling a story of
talk about your diet, describe the preparation of food                     what happened, 9.2 talking about what you and others will do,
                                                                           wondering out loud
Grammar: 7.1 Double object pronouns (review), commands with
double object pronouns adverbs, 7.2 the imperfect, past participles        Gramatica: 9.1 Comparing quantities, adjectives as nouns, preterite
as adjectives                                                              and imperfect to tell a story, the subjunctive moods for hopes and
+Passive voice (ser)                                                       wishes, subjunctive of stem-changing -ir and irregular verbs, future
+Present perfect and irregular past participles                            tense
+future tense review                                                       +conditional “idea of would”
                                                                           +negative words
Chapter 8 Tiendas y Puestos Oct/November

Vocabulary: 8.1 talking about trying on clothes and how they fit,                             Special reading/writing
taking about going shopping, 8.2 bargaining, stating preferences           Vocabulary -> to be determined
Grammar: 8.1 imperfect vs. preterit verb tenses, using ir+ a and           Grammar-> subjunctive for giving advice and opinions
preterit and imperfect, comparative and superlatives, prepositions         Subjunctive of –car, -gar, -zar, -ger, -guir
por/para, demonstrative adjectives, adverbs of place, adjective as         Review of preterit, imperfect, future and subjunctive as part of final
nouns                                                                      test review
+tener, saber, querer verbs that change meaning in the preterite

There will assessments regularly to assess your mastery of the material. These can be given at any point during the chapter. They will be very
short and worth few points. There will be more formal quizzes halfway through a chapter and a chapter test. These are worth a lot more so
prepare well. Expect to find a Listening, Reading and Writing component on chapter tests.

In addition, each quarter will have at least 3-4 journals and a specific set of quizzes (these are the only quizzes you may retake). Quarter 1
Transitions Quarter 2 Cognates

Sometime during second quarter you will also begin your practice for the final verbal assessment.

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