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What a legacy…
A message from the
Managing Director
Like most charities, the Philharmonia has sustained its position as
one of the world’s great orchestras throughout the decades thanks
to the continued support of our wonderful patrons. Whether you have
supported us loyally from the very start, attended or participated in
the important work we do in education, listened to our recordings or
have recently attended your very first Philharmonia concert, you are
part of the circle of support that we simply couldn’t live without.
Every gift makes a difference, and we are grateful for them all.

Something important to think about in your planning for the future is how
you can support the causes most dear to you through a gift in your Will.
Legacies provide an important and ongoing source of income for the
Orchestra, preserving its heritage and helping to secure its future. Perhaps
there’s a specific element of the Philharmonia’s work that you have
particularly enjoyed throughout your life, or perhaps the Orchestra has
simply been a huge source of enjoyment for you over the years. As you
read through this booklet, I hope you will be able to see and understand
the full breadth of the Philharmonia’s work as an innovator, educator,
and world-class musical institution.

Legacies enable this work to happen. Please remember the Philharmonia
in your Will, and safeguard the work of this magnificent orchestra for
the enjoyment of future generations, forever. With your support, anything
is possible.

David Whelton
                                   forever… celebrate                                                                                                 Herbert von Karajan recording in
                                                                                                                                                      Kingsway Hall, 1955

                                   Since 1945, the Philharmonia Orchestra, together with the greatest
                                   conductors and soloists of our time, has delighted millions of people
                                   across the globe. It is vital to protect our rich heritage, which continues
                                   to give many people, through live concerts or recordings, their first taste
                                   of brilliant classical music. This heritage has provided the foundation
                                   for us to thrive, and must be protected and preserved.

Otto Klemperer and Daniel
Barenboim chatting during a
break from recording Beethoven’s
Piano Concertos 1-5 with the
New Philharmonia Orchestra
at Abbey Road Studios, 1968.

                                   We aim to set the standards by
                                   which public performances and

                                   artists of the future will be judged.
                                   Walter Legge, founder of the Philharmonia

                                                                                                                 Ilit veraesed minci te ex endre
                                                                                                                 conum ipisi eugait alisl do od ero
                                                                                                                 con et acidui el iustrud min volor
                                                                                                                 sit lamcon eugiamet enim ad
                                                                                                                 magnit alit elent am.
                                         forever… inspire
                                         Hundreds of thousands of children throughout the Orchestra’s history
                                         have been given their first musical experiences through the work we
                                         have undertaken in schools and in our community. Continuing to give
                                         these children a creative outlet where they can express themselves,
                                         learn leadership and communication skills and build their confidence
                                         through music making is incredibly important.

A student participates in the final
performance of Creative Orchestra.
One of the Philharmonia’s most
successful education projects,
Creative Orchestra brings together a
socially diverse group of young people
to address issues of self-esteem,
leadership, and communication
through a week of musical workshops
over school holidays.

                                         I may be a musician when I’m
                                         older, especially if all music is as

                                         fun as this!
                                         Sam, aged 8 (opposite)
                                 forever… encourage
                                 From our Conductors’ Academy which has served as a platform for
                                 developing the early talent of artists like the wonderful Gustavo Dudamel,
                                 to supporting gifted soloists like Tasmin Little, Steven Isserlis, Nigel
                                 Kennedy, and Jennifer Pike through the Martin Musical Scholarship Fund,
                                 we’ve always seen it as part of our mission to nurture the next generation
                                 of talented young musicians, and it is central to our mission in the future.

The Martin Musical Scholarship
Fund has supported over 2,500
young musicians since 1968

                                 Playing with supportive and experienced
                                 musicians gave me such confidence
                                 to continue and pursue the thing I have

                                 loved doing most in my life.
                                 Rachel Roberts, Principal Viola (opposite)
                                        forever… pioneer
                                        No orchestra in history has been more recorded or more broadcast
                                        than the Philharmonia. Building upon this tradition, we’ve continued
                                        to be at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the use of new
                                        technologies in an effort to make extraordinary performances of great
                                        music exciting and accessible to everyone in the world. It’s important
                                        that we continue to create original ways to reach new audiences and
                                        bring innovative orchestral experiences to our existing ones.

The Philharmonia believes that
you don’t need to be seated in
a concert hall to have a special,
classical music experience.
Launched in 2009/10, RE-RITE:
Be the Orchestra was one of the
most innovative and widely heralded
projects in the musical world,
attempting to bring people inside the
world of the Philharmonia Orchestra
through an impressive installation
of film and video recordings.

                                        I’ve been conducting the Philharmonia
                                        since I was 8 or 9 years old – through
                                        their recordings! It was the very first

                                        orchestra I ever heard.
                                        Gustavo Dudamel
                                   forever… create
                                   For more than half a century, the Philharmonia has shared the stage
                                   with countless musical legends such as Riccardo Muti, Sir Charles
                                   Mackerras, Otto Klemperer, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Christoph von Dohnányi,
                                   and Esa-Pekka Salonen, creating unforgettable live performances
                                   all over the world. It is this outstanding legacy of music making that
                                   established the Philharmonia as one of the world’s great orchestras,
                                   and it is with your support that this legacy will be sustained, forever.

Since 1945 the Philharmonia has
performed over 7,000 concerts in
49 countries on 6 continents.

                                   I thought, “Yeah, this is it.
                                   This is fun.”

                                   Esa-Pekka Salonen, on conducting his first ever
                                   concert with the Philharmonia (opposite)
Play your part
                                                                                                                                                                                 How to add a codicil to your Will…
                                                                                                                                                                                 If you have an existing Will and would like to add the

Leaving a gift to the Philharmonia Orchestra in your Will…                                                             The Philharmonia has                                      Philharmonia Orchestra as one of the charities you
                                                                                                                                                                                 would like to support in your Will, your solicitor will
                                                                                                                       brightened our lives.                                     attach a written instruction, called a codicil. You may
Leaving a gift in your Will is a remarkable and            circumstances may change. Over time you may                                                                           invalidate your Will if you make these changes yourself,
unique way to support the Philharmonia Orchestra.          change your mind on how you would like to support           We wish it to brighten the                                so it is very important to enlist the help of your solicitor

It is also a wonderful way to make a meaningful
contribution to the work of the Orchestra during
                                                           charities like the Philharmonia Orchestra, and you
                                                           may have more or less assets to divide, which could
                                                                                                                       lives of future generations.                              if you would like to amend or change your Will in
                                                                                                                                                                                 any way. The codicil will need the signature of two
your lifetime without giving anything now.                 require frequent amendments to your Will.                   Stuart and Margaret Renshaw                               independent witnesses.

These gifts help to preserve every aspect of the           If you would like to leave a pecuniary gift to the                                                                    If you would like to add a codicil to your Will, an
Philharmonia’s work, from live concerts and                Philharmonia Orchestra an example of the wording                                                                      example of the wording that may be used is below:
recordings, to education and cutting edge digital          that can be included in your Will is below:
projects, and fulfil our mission to make incredible                                                                    Specific Gift                                             In addition to the legacies given by me in the said Will,
music accessible to anyone in the world in the             I give the sum of                   pounds                  Many people also choose to give the gift of a specific    I bequeath (the sum of                       pounds/
most creative, exciting, and engaging way.                 to Philharmonia Trust Limited (Endowment Fund),             item. Specific items might include musical instruments,                        % of the residue of my real and
                                                           Registered charity no. 254191, Company no. 913665           collections of memorabilia, or even property.             personal estate) as a charitable legacy absolutely
How to leave a gift in your Will…                          (“The Philharmonia”).                                                                                                 to Philharmonia Trust Limited (Endowment Fund),
Though it is incredibly easy to make a Will, it is                                                                     If you would like to leave a specific gift to the         Registered charity no. 254191, Company no. 913665
important to consult your solicitor when making and        Residuary Gift                                              Philharmonia Orchestra, an example of the wording         (“The Philharmonia”).
amending your Will. Your solicitor will be able to guide   A residuary gift is a proportion of the remainder of your   that can be included in your Will is below:

and assist you to ensure you are making the best           estate after all other commitments have been settled.
decisions possible in looking after your estate. Your      Residuary gifts are wonderful because they ensure           I give my (short description of property given) free
solicitor will also ensure that your Will is accurate      that your loved ones are looked after but also that         of all inheritance tax to Philharmonia Trust Limited
and legally binding.                                       charitable causes like the Philharmonia Orchestra that      (Endowment Fund), Registered charity no. 254191,          When I am no longer there
There are two main types of legacy gifts that charities
                                                           are close to you are remembered as well. Even 5% of
                                                           your estate can have a large and lasting impact on
                                                                                                                       Company no. 913665 (“The Philharmonia”).
                                                                                                                                                                                 to come to concerts and
like the Philharmonia Orchestra receive. These are         the work the Philharmonia undertakes in education,          In Memoriam Gifts                                         participate in the Orchestra’s
Pecuniary and Residuary gifts, respectively.               recording, and live music making in Britain and around      In Memoriam gifts are a special way to remember
                                                           the world.                                                  someone who had a fondness for the Orchestra              activities, I have decided to
Pecuniary Gift
A pecuniary gift is a set amount of money. If you          If you would like to leave a residuary gift to the
                                                                                                                       — perhaps a Friend of the Philharmonia, or a
                                                                                                                       faithful concert goer, or even a former member of
                                                                                                                                                                                 leave a gift in my Will so that
know the particular costs to support a certain element     Philharmonia Orchestra an example of the wording            the Orchestra. These gifts may take the form of a         something of my love for the
of the Philharmonia’s work, this may be an attractive
option for you. Details about specific project costs
                                                           that can be included in your Will is below:                 dedicated donation or may be given in lieu of flowers
                                                                                                                       at memorial services and funerals. You may also like
                                                                                                                                                                                 performances and commitment

can be easily obtained by contacting the offices of        I give                    % of the residue of my            to express a wish in your own Will for loved ones to      to the Orchestra can continue.
the Philharmonia Orchestra.                                real and personal estate which I can dispose of             consider this option for yourself.
                                                                                                                                                                                 J. Hammond
                                                           by Will in any manner I think proper to Philharmonia
The one drawback of leaving a pecuniary gift is that       Trust Limited (Endowment Fund), Registered charity
over time your preferences and your financial              no. 254191, Company no. 913665 (“The
Legacy gifts will typically benefit the                    Work out the value of your estate
Philharmonia Trust which secures the                       Your solicitor or other advisor may be able to help

                                                           you with this exercise. This should be the estimated
long-term future of the Orchestra and                      sum of your property, money and possessions at the
enables the Philharmonia to undertake                      end of your lifetime, less anything outstanding such
special projects and initiatives.                          as a mortgage or other loan.                           The Philharmonia really is
                                                           Decide who will benefit from your Will
                                                                                                                  an enchanting orchestra.
We do understand, that people’s love
for the Orchestra is personal and you
                                                           As well as family and friends, many choose to          I am glad to be able to leave
                                                           remember charities like the Philharmonia Orchestra
may wish to leave a gift in your Will                      or other causes they have held dear throughout         my own legacy to support
                                                                                                                  its future.

to benefit specific areas of interest                      their lives.
such as orchestral chair endowment                                                                                Deborah Longhurst
or live concerts, recordings, tours, or                    Choose your executors
                                                           Your executors can be professional advisors such
education projects.                                        as a solicitor, or relatives or friends. Choose
                                                           your executors to make sure your Will is properly
If you let us know how you would like                      discharged. It does not matter if your executors
your gift to be used, we will do our best                  are beneficiaries from your Will.
to ensure that your wishes are carried
                                                           Keep your Will safe
out as you would want them to be.                          Make at least two copies and entrust one to your
                                                           solicitor. Tell your executors where the Will can
                                                           be found.
Other helpful hints                                        Keep your Will up to date
Everyone should have a Will and keep it up to date.        You may need to review your Will occasionally to
It is the only way to make sure that your wishes           make sure it reflects your wishes and your current
are carried out after your lifetime. Making a Will         circumstances. You can amend your Will at any time.
is neither difficult nor time-consuming, especially
when considering how it can protect you and your
loved ones.

When writing or amending your Will please make
sure to:

Appoint a professional advisor
If you already have a family solicitor they will be able
to help you through this process. Many banks also
give advice on this matter.
We understand these are important
decisions which you must make in your
own time. If you are considering
remembering the Philharmonia Orchestra
in your Will, or would like to discuss a
similar matter further, please contact:

All conversations and
communications will be
treated as strictly confidential
and non-binding.

Clive Barda, Benjamin Ealovega, Richard Haughton, Sylvia Lelli,
Kate Peters, Calum Sadler, Nicho Soedling, Guy Wigmore
With your support, anything is possible.

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