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New Year's Pictionary


How well can you draw items related to the New Year?

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									   New Year's Pictionary
       How well can you draw items related
                to the New Year?
A list of items commonly
associated with New Years and
large sheet of paper, flip chart,
or a whiteboard for each team.
Classified ads also work if you
use a broad tip marker.
Each team selects a person to
draw. The person leading the
game shows all those who are
drawing the first item on his list.
Each returns to his/her group and
tries to get the group to guess
the name of the item by
DRAWING ONLY. No Speaking, No
sound effects, especially no
humming, and no gestures are
As soon as the group knows the
item, they must write it down
on a piece of paper for you to
check. They send the piece of
paper and a new person to you.
If the item is correct you give
the person the next item to
draw. The first team to
complete the entire list wins the
Common New Year items
Champaign, cork, ginger ale, party
poppers, a toast, clock, midnight,
fireworks, streamers, calendar,
resolution, noisemakers, party hats,
confetti, balloons, time, year, party,
health, happiness, prosperity, black-
eyed peas, ham, cabbage, tamales,
appetizers, Auld Lang Syne, Father
Time, baby, firecrackers, January 1st,
beginning, countdown, prayer, fasting,
watchnight service, Times Square,
Dropping of the Ball, church bells
Instead of items associated with
the New Year, use events,
movies, and highlights from the
past year for items. These could
be specific to your church or
youth group, or general world
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