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					Interactive CD-ROM                                                                  Age 5–7                SCIENCE

                                                      Find Out About:
                                                      The Seaside
                                                      Teach science at the seaside with
                                                      this cross-curricular resource

                                                      Barnaby	Bear	and	Magic	Grandad	help	us	learn	about	all	
 CONTENTS:                                            aspects of the seaside, combining fantastic interactive
 • Physical features of the seaside and
                                                      content and comprehensive teacher support to cover an
 • Beaches, tides, rock-pools, seabirds
                                                      extensive	range	of	curriculum	objectives.
 • Living and working by the sea – now
                                                      4 objectives can be covered in a fully integrated topic or separately at
   and in the past
                                                        different points over KS1
 • Seaside holidays – now and in the
   past                                               4 Covers key aspects of Science SoW Units 1c, d, e, f – Materials, Light
 • The sea, boats, fishing and floating                 and Sounds, Pushes and Pulls, Sound and Hearing, plus elements of
                                                        Units 2b, c and d
 • Seaside safety, the story of Grace
   Darling                                            4 Science National Curriculum objectives covered include key elements
 • Seaside poems                                        from scientific enquiry, life processes, materials, physical processes
                                                      4 Strong cross-curricular focus across Humanities, Literacy and PSHe

£99.99 (ex VAT)    £118.19 (inc VAT)
Unlimited User Licence CD-roM

                                          Video clip screen

 Key benefits
 •		Pupils	will	love	the	BBC	characters
 •			 trong	cross-curricular	focus	
    offers great value

 Cross-curricular links
 •		Geography			•			History
 •		Literacy			•			PSHE                                         Activity screen

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     SCIENCE                      Age 5–11                                                            Interactive CD-ROM

                                                        Primary Science
                                                        Ages 5–11
                                                        Everything you need for
                                                        imaginative, creative science
       NEW!                                             lessons

     “There are huge benefits from                      Evolve	your	science	curriculum	with	BBC	Active	Primary	
       motivating children through                      Science	Age	5-7,	7-9	and	9-11.
       stimulating classroom materials                  4 30 fascinating new topics, which present scientific learning in both
       and clear reference to real life                   familiar and unexpected contexts

       applications… BBC Active’s                       4 Securely supports the requirements of the statutory National
                                                          Curriculum (2000)
       Primary Science supports you
                                                        4 Develops a holistic model of learning, with links across the curriculum
       with this process                                  to history, geography, DT, maths and literacy
       Penny Coltman, Co-author, Lecturer, Faculty of   Each Primary Science pack contains:
       education, University of Cambridge
                                                        4 Whiteboard active disk, with a wealth of engaging classroom-ready
                                                        4 Teacher’s Book for planning, with topic charts, session outlines and
                                                          pointers for support and extension
                                                        4 APP Assessment Book, with skills-based activities and guidance for
                                                          how to form a level judgement


     Slideshow screen

      Key benefits
      •	 	nspirational	BBC	video	and	interactive	
         learning materials
      •	 	 lan	for	progression	using	the	APP	

        Cross-curricular links
        •		Maths	•	Literacy	•	ICT	•	Geography	
                                                                  Activity screen
        •		History

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Interactive CD-ROM                                                                         Age 5–11 SCIENCE

Primary Science                               Primary Science                                   Primary Science
Age 5-7                                       Age 7-9                                           Age 9-11

  CONTENTS:                                    CONTENTS:                                         CONTENTS:
  •   Party Time (the five senses, how         •   In the kitchen (changing rates / teeth        •   Around the world on a plate
      children grow & change)                      / healthy eating / food in Victorian              (plant & animal groups / digestion /
  •   How does your garden grow?                   and Tudor times)                                  changing states)
      (green plants: growth, lifecycles,       •   Grow to eat (growing plants / rocks           •   Weird and wonderful (adaptation /
      edible parts)                                and soils / growing food in Victorian             life cycles / microorganisms)
  •   Creatures great and small                    times)                                        •   Inventions (frictions / mechanisms /
      (Animals: features & colours,            •   What could we do with it?                         propulsion / Victorian inventions)
      movement, caring for their young)            (characteristics of materials / recycling)    •   Feel the beat (sound & hearing /
  •   A wonderful world (materials:            •   Animal helpers (characteristics of                materials)
      origins, textures, the environment)          animals / caring for animals)                 •   Fairground (forces / electricity /
  •   Toys and games (materials:               •   Carnival (body parts / movement /                 mechanisms / Victorian fairgrounds)
      properties & applications)                   sound)                                        •   Reach for the sky (forces /
  •   Whatever the weather (changing           •   Made to amuse (friction / light &                 pressure / weight)
      seasons & temperatures, clothing)            dark / magnets & springs / how did            •   Push to the limits (the body:
  •   Let’s eat! (the five food groups,            Victorians amuse themselves?)                     muscles, skeleton, circulation &
      healthy eating, changes with             •   A world of weather (measuring /                   fitness)
      heating & cooling)                           keeping warm / water cycle)                   •   Saving the Earth (energy / climate
  •   Light and dark (light sources,           •   The time traveller (adaptation /                  change / conservation)
      shadows, transparent, translucent &          rocks & soils / habitats)                     •   Step into the future (investigative
      opaque materials)
                                               •   Bright ideas (forces / materials /                skills)
  •   Can you hear it? (sound &                    Victorian inventions)
      hearing, how sound travels, musical
                                               •   Science detectives (investigative                           PROTECT
                                                   skills)                                                    OuR PLANET
  •   Playtime (pushes & pulls)

£160.00 (ex VAT) £190.20 (inc VAT)            £160.00 (ex VAT) £190.20 (inc VAT)                £160.00 (ex VAT) £190.20 (inc VAT)
Unlimited User Licence CD-roM                 Unlimited User Licence CD-roM                     Unlimited User Licence CD-roM
+ Assessment book                             + Assessment book                                 + Assessment book
ATe-978-1-4066-5936-8                         ATe-978-1-4066-5666-4                             ATe-978-1-4066-5669-5

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  Complete Primary Science Pack:                                       KS2 Primary Science Pack:
  Ages 5-11                                                            Ages 7-11
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  Primary Science Age 5-7                                              Primary Science Age 7-9
  Primary Science Age 7-9                                              Primary Science Age 9-11
  Primary Science Age 9-11

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     SCIENCE Age 7–11                                                                              Interactive CD-ROM

                                                       The Human Body
                                                       Age 7–11
                                                       Look inside the human body

     “Motivating graphics and                          Discover	how	our	bodies	work	in	this	incredible	interactive	
      video clips.”                                    resource, studying a range of aspects from internal organs
                                                       to how we develop from birth.
       Mrs randall-Harris, yarm Primary, Stockton.
                                                       4 Covers the human biology elements of the Life Processes and Living
                                                         Things strand of the KS2 curriculum.
                                                       4 Video footage and imagery examining the human body in microscopic
                                                         detail, impossible to see with the naked eye.
                                                       4 exclusive content from programmes including David Attenborough’s
                                                         Natural World and robert Winston’s The Human Body.
                                                       4 engaging activities on and away from the whiteboard to help pupils
                                                         actively learn about the body.

                  Video clip screen

      Key benefits
      •	 Cross	curricular	links	add	value	to	lessons
      •	 	 tunning	footage	creates	fascinating	

      Cross-curricular links
      •		Literacy	•	Maths	•	ICT	•	PSHE                          Teacher’s notes extract

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Interactive CD-ROM                                                                 Age 7–11 SCIENCE

The Human Body                                                      The Human Body
Age 7-9                                                             Age 9-11

  CONTENTS:                                                          CONTENTS:
  •   Look at us humans! (basic chemistry of the human               •   Before you were born (development before birth, stages
      body)                                                              of pregnancy)
  •   What can you do? (unique skills, attributes and                •   When you were very young (capabilities & needs of babies)
      achievements)                                                  •   How will you grow? (human development, changes to
  •   The five senses (interacting with the world, living with           the body)
      sensory impairment)                                            •   What is special about humans? (communication,
  •   Why do we need to eat? (balanced diet: carbohydrates,              upright walking, memory)
      proteins, fats, oils, vitamins)                                •   Why you need different foods (balanced diet, food
  •   All about teeth (the nature, function & formation of teeth,        groups)
      digestion)                                                     •   Safe to eat (micro-organisms, food hygiene & preservation)
  •   Looking after your teeth (keeping clean & avoiding             •   Blood and the heart (blood components & vessels,
      decay)                                                             circulation)
  •   Your skeleton (the skeleton & its purpose, vertebrates &       •   Why you need oxygen (survival, dangers of a lack of
      invertebrates)                                                     oxygen)
  •   Bones (how bones develop and mend)                             •   Lungs and breathing (functions of the lungs, circulation
  •   Looking at joints (location in the body, movement)                 of oxygen)
  •   How do muscles move bones? (location in the body,              •   What happens when you exercise? (demand for oxygen,
      movement)                                                          heart rate, sweating)
                                                                     •   Safety first (protecting from physical, biological &
                                                                         environmental risks)
                                                                     •   Feeling ill, getting better (harmful bacteria, disease
                                                                         prevention, treating illness)

£99.99 (ex VAT) £118.19 (inc VAT)                                   £99.99 (ex VAT) £118.19 (inc VAT)
Unlimited User Licence CD-roM                                       Unlimited User Licence CD-roM
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  The Human Body Age 7-9
  The Human Body Age 9-11

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     SCIENCE Age 7–11                                                                                     Interactive CD-ROM

                                                             Age 7–11
                                                             Perfect for explaining materials and
                                                             their applications

     “It’s fun and exciting, a great                         This	highly	interactive	resource	encourages	pupils	to	
      visual-practical resource.”                            re-examine the world around them, to look at familiar
                                                             objects	and	think	about	the	materials	that	have	been	used	
       Mrs McGinley, The Valley School, Hibbert St. Bolton
                                                             to create them. It provides a wealth of creative contexts for
                                                             exploring and learning about materials.
                                                             4 A comprehensive resource, featuring high-quality BBC video clips,
                                                               audio, concept cartoons, quizzes and activities
                                                             4 Delivers the ‘Sc1 Scientific enquiry’ and ‘Sc3 Materials and their
                                                               properties’ strands of the National Curriculum in a stimulating way
                                                             4 Features fantastic video clips from BBC television programmes to
                                                               inspire your class such as ray Mears working with materials in the
                                                               natural environment
                                                             4 Helps pupils to visualise and understand challenging topics, such as
                                                               solids, liquids and gases, and the processes that transform them.

                   Video clip screen

      Key benefits
      •	 Allows	flexibility	to	teach	how	you	want	to
      •	 	 ealth	of	content	to	relieve	stress	of	
         lesson planning
      •	 	nteractive	content	stimulates	speaking	
         and listening, and writing

      Cross-curricular links
      •		Literacy	•	Maths	•	ICT	•	D	&	T                                 Activity screen

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Interactive CD-ROM                                                               Age 7–11 SCIENCE

Materials                                                        Materials
Age 7-9                                                          Age 9-11

  CONTENTS:                                                       CONTENTS:
  •   different Materials (origins and uses of materials)         •   Finding the right material (suitability: motor bikes,
  •   Material choices (suitability: building a house, a              costumes)
      bicycle, clothes)                                           •   Barriers to heat (transferring heat and energy, thermal
  •   How do materials behave? (insulators, conductors,               insulators)
      magnets)                                                    •   Solids, liquids and gases (particle behaviour)
  •   Changing materials - irreversible changes (rusting,         •   Making it different (chemical changes: cheese making,
      decomposing, cooking)                                           dying, photography)
  •   Materials for special jobs (streamlining, protecting,       •   Separating materials (condensation, evaporation,
      strengthening)                                                  purification)
  •   Making, mixing and separating (combining, sieving,          •   If you can’t stand the heat (heat application: chemical
      filtering)                                                      changes in solids and gases)
  •   Testing materials (strength, durability, grip, sound and    •   Conserving and recycling (managing materials: reducing
      water proofing)                                                 and recycling waste)
  •   Just add water (soluble and insoluble mixtures)             •   Water, water everywhere (water cycle, weather, ice)
  •   Melting (ice, volcanoes, wax works, glass-blowing)          •   Why won’t it stay like new (weathering, erosion, decay,
  •   Materials in nature (wood, clay)                                preserving)
                                                                  •   Material problems (carbon dioxide, coal, pollution,
                                                                      materials for survival)
                                                                  •   Material detectives (crime scene investigation)

£99.99 (ex VAT) £118.19 (inc VAT)                                £99.99 (ex VAT) £118.19 (inc VAT)
Unlimited User Licence CD-roM                                    Unlimited User Licence CD-roM
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  £150.00 (ex vat)
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  Materials Age 7-9
  Materials Age 9-11

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     SCIENCE Age 7–11                                                                                    Interactive CD-ROM

                                                          Earth, Moon
                                                          and Sun
                                                          Explore space and beyond with our
                                                          interactive topic resource

                                                          From the phases of the Moon and why we have seasons,
                                                          to space exploration through time, this is the perfect
       • Where are the Earth, Moon
         and Sun?
                                                          resource for teaching the science unit Earth, Moon and
       • Our solar system                                 Sun, or for a cross-curricular topic on space.
       • What’s beyond our solar system?
                                                          4 incredible footage and photography of earth and the solar system.
       • What are the Earth, Moon and
         Sun like?                                        4 Fun activities for individual pupils or the whole class to do.
       • What did the ancient Aztecs                      4 Cross-curricular focus, examining science fiction and what ancient
         believe about the Sun?                             cultures thought about space.
       • How do we know the Earth is
         a sphere?                                        4    Detailed teacher’s notes featuring pupil worksheets and topic links.
       • How do we go from day to night?
       • Why does the Sun appear to
         move across the sky?
       • Why does the Earth
         have seasons?
       • Why does the Moon appear to
         change shape?
       • How far have we explored
         into space?
       • What is the future for space
       • What have we learned?

     £39.99 (ex VAT)    £46.14 (inc VAT)
     Unlimited User Licence CD-roM

                                             Activity screen

      Key benefits
      •	 	 ross-curricular	focus	adds	
         value to lessons
      •	 	 etailed	support	for	this	
         challenging topic
      •	 	 tunning	BBC	footage	makes	
         this a thrilling topic

      Cross-curricular links
      •		Literacy	•	History                                          Teacher’s notes extract

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                                                                                 Age 5–11 SCIENCE

                                                         Science Clips DVD Plus Packs

The perfect way to inspire children and bring key science concepts to life

   one fast-paced programme for each unit in each year of the QCA Scheme of Work
   each ten-minute programme provides a quick insight into some of the key ideas that need to be
   understood in that unit
   Thirteen extra short iNSeT programmes per DVD look at the major issues and problems of science teaching today
   Teacher’s activity book with programme-linked activities and discussion points on the DVD
   Six full-colour A2 posters

Science Clips                              Science Clips                              Science Clips
Years 1 and 2                              Years 3 and 4                              Years 5 and 6
(Age 5–7)                                  (Age 7–9)                                  (Age 9–11)
 CONTENTS:                                  CONTENTS:                                  CONTENTS:
 • Ourselves                                • Teeth and eating                         • Life cycles
 • Health and growth                        • Moving and growing                       • Keeping healthy
 • Growing plants                           • Helping plants grow well                 • Interdependence and adaptation
 • Plants and animals in the                • Habitats                                 • Micro-organisms
   local environment                        • Characteristics of materials             • Gases around us
 • Variation                                • Keeping warm                             • Changing state
 • Sorting and using materials              • Rocks and soils                          • Balanced and unbalanced forces
 • Grouping and changing materials          • Solids and liquids                       • Reversible and irreversible
 • Pushes and pulls                         • Circuits and conductors                    changes
 • Forces and movement                      • Magnets and springs                      • Changing circuits
 • Light and dark                           • Friction                                 • Sounds
 • Sound and hearing                        • Light and shadow                         • How we see things
 • Electricity                                                                         • Earth, Sun and Moon

£49.99 (ex VAT)     £58.19 (inc VAT)       £49.99 (ex VAT)    £58.19 (inc VAT)        £49.99 (ex VAT)     £58.19 (inc VAT)
running time: 40 minutes                   running time: 40 minutes                   running time: 40 minutes
ATe-978-1-4066-6117-0                      ATe-978-0-563-54889-8                      ATe-978-0-563-54890-4

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     SCIENCE Age 5–11

     Science Simulations CD-ROMs

        An exciting programme of ’virtual’ science investigations for each year of the QCA Schemes of Work
        Perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard
        Users can develop their understanding of fair testing by controlling variables on screen and can see instant results by
        selecting to view a table or graph alongside the animation
        The option to view two investigations simultaneously allows pupils to make direct comparisons
        A ’Questions’ section with full narration provides ideas for investigations that pupils can complete independently
        The clear graphics and simple controls also make the software perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard
        its Unlimited User Licence means that it can be installed on all PCs and the school network

     Science                                     Science                                      Science
     Simulations                                 Simulations                                  Simulations
     Years 1 and 2                               Years 3 and 4                                Years 5 and 6
     (Age 5–7)                                   (Age 7–9)                                    (Age 9–11)
      CONTENTS:                                   CONTENTS:                                    CONTENTS:
      Seven interactive simulations:              Seven interactive simulations:               Seven interactive simulations:
      • Using electricity                         • Thermal insulation                         • Plant germination and growth
      • Changing materials                        • Electrical circuits and conductors         • Light and shadows
      • Force and movement                        • Forces and friction                        • Exercise and health
      • Growing plants                            • Plants and growth                          • Electrical circuits
      • Exercise and health                       • Exercise and health                        • Changing state
      • Food chains                               • Food chains                                • Food webs
      • Light and dark                            • Light and dark                             • Forces and friction

      Questions section                           Questions section                            Multi-sim function

      Table or graph view                         Table or graph view                          Questions section

                                                                                               Table or graph view

     £99.00 (ex VAT)    £118.80 (inc VAT)        £99.00 (ex VAT)      £118.80 (inc VAT)       £99.00 (ex VAT)       £118.80 (inc VAT)
     Unlimited User Licence CD-roM               Unlimited User Licence CD-roM                Unlimited User Licence CD-roM
     ATe-978-0-563-50176-3                       ATe-978-0-563-50177-0                        ATe-978-0-563-50178-7

                             For your KS2 National Tests, the ReviseWise Science dVd and
                               books are ideal resources. See page 93 for more details.

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