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									                          What can Damage your Credit Score

A good credit score leads to a happy and peaceful life as a good credit history brings real
satisfaction. Good grades determine one’s credibility. Poor past performances can be an
obstacle in leading smoother life. To have good credit report and scores, one has to be a
good and responsible financial manager. In order to survive in the credit competitive
market, one has to maintain above average or good grades as lenders now undertake
credit checks before lending money to an individual.

What hurts credit scores?

   Here are basic guidelines on what can affect your credit score and how to avoid them
   to improve your grades:

      Never show inconsistency while paying, as late payments negatively impact the
       grades. The payments should always be on time, with this responsible behavior
       you can contribute 35 percent boosting to your score.

      Never leave big amount on your credit cards to have healthy credit file. It is
       necessary to aptly utilize the amount, which can be done by making use of 40% of
       the balance and this will also not ruin the debt utilization ratio. You can show
       good financial management by spending the amount, which can be easily paid off.

      You should not close the credit line, just because of the increasing interest rates. It
       will hamper the credit report, as closing card with the zero balance increases the
       debt utilization ratio. Also, you must also know that your scores are checked if
       you apply for new credit.

      Do not be irresponsible while repaying, doing this will lower the credit scores.
       Moreover, your worthiness will fall down due to the short sales, bankruptcies,
       foreclosures and write-offs.

Credit grades now play a vital role as it is being checked by banks, financial institutions
and lenders before approving credit to any individual. Obviously, none of us would risk
offering money to someone who has shown irresponsible behavior in the past. And if
money lent is not paid on time, then the lender has to pay exorbitant interest rates.

With calculated actions, bad credit score will stop to haunt you. So, it is also necessary to
check your credit file and carefully monitor it to get the errors corrected, if there are any.
In addition to this, one should watch his spending and also take note of the guidelines
mentioned as it will surely improve the scores and make you live a stress-free life.

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