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									                         insider info.
                     Clutch Pedal Sticking
                       If you encounter a customer com-
                                                                 (P/N 114130151) used on the connector
                                                                 of the operating cylinder must be
                     plaint of the clutch pedal not returning    replaced with new ones when replac-
                     completely after being engaged, or if       ing the clutch hose. Tightening torque
                     there is a spongy or light pedal feel       of the bolt is: 37 ±3 Nm (27 ±2 ft. lbs).
                     while shifting, the following repair        • Add brake fluid.
                     method should be followed. This con-        • Bleed the air from the system.
                     dition may affect certain manual trans-     • Install the intercooler.
                     mission vehicles with a hydraulic           • Insure there is no leakage from the
                     clutch system under certain weather         line, check whether fluid leakage
                     conditions. The affected manual trans-      occurs after the clutch pedal has been
                     mission Subaru models are as follows:       fully depressed.
                                                                 • Check whether the clutch performs
                     1995-2002 Legacy                            normally.
                     1997-2003 2.5L Impreza
                     1998-2003 Forester

                       To correct this condition you must
                     replace the parts in the chart that
                     match your vehicle using the following

                     For naturally-aspirated models
                     with hydraulic clutches:
                     • Remove the intake chamber from the
                     backside of the intake manifold.
                     • Remove the clutch hose and the
                     clutch operating cylinder. In this proce-
                     dure it is not necessary to remove the                              Clutch Operating Cylinder
                     master cylinder, the clutch pipe bracket.
                     • Replace the clutch hose and the
                     clutch operating cylinder with new          2002 WRX (5MT)
                     parts as listed below. Note that two
                     pieces of gasket (P/N 114130151) used       Clutch Operating Cylinder: Do not replace
                     on the connector of the operating cylin-    Clutch Hose: 37251AA003
                     der must be replaced with new ones          Gaskets for Hose: 114130151 X 2
                     when replacing the clutch hose.
                     Tightening torque of the bolt is: 37 ±3     Legacy (5MT)
                     Nm (27 ±2 ft. lbs).
                     • Bolt the operating cylinder onto the      Clutch Operating Cylinder: 30620AA042
                     transmission.                               Clutch Hose: 37251AC001
                     • Add brake fluid.                          Gaskets for Hose: 114130151 X 2
                     • Bleed the air from the system.
                     • Bleed the air from he system.             Impreza (5MT)
                     • Install the intake chamber.
                                                                 Clutch Operating Cylinder: 30620AA042
                     For turbo models:                           Clutch Hose: 37251AC001
                     • Remove the intercooler.                   Gaskets for Hose: 114130151 X 2
                     • Remove the clutch operating cylinder
                     hose. In this procedure, the clutch mas-    Forester (5MT)
                     ter cylinder, clutch pipe and bracket
                     are unnecessary to be removed.

                                                                 Clutch Operating Cylinder: 30620AA042
End Wrench

                     • Replace the clutch hose that was          Clutch Hose: 37251AC001
                     removed with the new one listed             Gaskets for Hose: 114130151 X 2
                     below. Note that two pieces of gasket

Power Steering                         can often see the wear marks in        may be affected:
Pump Replacement                       the paint when removing the
  When replacing the power             brackets that hold the bushings.       All 1999-2002 and some
steering pump on a Subaru vehi-          The noise can be eliminated, in       2003 2.5L vehicles
cle, remember to replace the           most cases, by applying Dow            All 2002 and some
0-ring between the pump and the        Corning Silicone Grease #111 to         2003 2.0L WRX vehicles
reservoir. The pump does not           the bushing and the stabilizer bar
come with the O-ring and if not        area where the bushings mount.           Prior to replacing these parts,
installed, the pump will not oper-       This grease has an operating         confirm that the engine and trans-
ate. Also, make sure that the fluid    range of -40°F to 400°F. It is also    mission mounts are not broken,
level is at the proper level before    waterproof and will not wash           loose, or misaligned.
you start the engine.                  away with water. If you cannot
                                       locate this grease, call Dow           2.5L Parts
Front Suspension Noise                 Chemical at 517.496.6000 and ask         Use Clutch Kit: P/N
1995/96 Legacy                         for a distributor in your area.        32098AA020. This kit contains
  A squeaking noise in the front                                              the following parts (which can
suspension during extremely cold       Cold Clutch Judder                     also be purchased separately):
weather (0°F or lower), may be           If a customer complains of cold
caused by the front stabilizer bar     clutch judder that goes away after     Flywheel P/N 12342AA061
bushings.                              the first few applications, replace-   Cover P/N 30210AA590
  In extremely cold weather, the       ment of some clutch parts will be      Disc P/N 30100AA851
bushing material hardens and           necessary to repair the vehicle.       Bolts (8 pieces) P/N 800610740
rubs against the stabilizer bar. You   The following Subaru vehicles                               Continued on page 20.
                         insider info.
                     Note: If the OE flywheel and cover have
                     more then 30,000 miles on them and are
                                                                   bump in the road such as when turning
                                                                   into a driveway. Please keep in mind
                     in good condition, they can be reused.        that while the noise sounds the same,
                     After 30,000 miles of driving, the surface    the cause (and ultimately the repair per-
                     finish is equivalent to the replacement       formed) is different between 1995-99
                     flywheel and cover.                           Legacy and 2000 Legacy models.
                                                                      The power steering assist is created
                     2.0L Parts                                    using hydraulic pressure. This pressure
                     Flywheel P/N 12342AA071                       is generated by the pump and then dis-
                     Cover P/N 30210AA570                          tributed through valving on the steering
                     Disc P/N 30100AA840                           rack, to the appropriate side of the rack.
                     Bolts (8pieces) P/N 800610740                 There is always pressure on both sides
                                                                   of the rack, in order to provide quick
                     Note: 2002 WRX vehicles with an engine        steering reaction and a positive feel.
                     number of E/G #331738 and later can              When the steering input is negative,
                     also reuse the OE flywheel and cover if       that is, straight driving, the fluid is cir-
                     they are in good condition and have           culated for lubrication, while maintain-
                     more then 30,000 miles on them.               ing equal pressure. When the steering
                     Vehicles produced prior to E/G #331738
                     will need to install all four parts.

                       These countermeasure parts were
                     installed into production beginning with
                     the following VINs:

                         2.5L Legacy Baja            36103910
                         2.5L Legacy Sedan           36206712
                         2.5L Legacy Wagon           36305452
                         2.5L Legacy Outback         36622108

                         2.5L Impreza Sedan          3G506077
                         2.5L Impreza Wagon          3G805549
                         2.0L Impreza Sedan          3G500127
                         2.0L Impreza Wagon          3G800014
                                                                                               Power Steering Hoses
                         2.5L Forester               3G732771
                                                                   wheel is turned, hydraulic pressure is
                       Vehicles after the listed countermea-       greater on the input side, while some
                     sure, or repairs to vehicles after the        residual pressure is maintained on the
                     clutch set has been installed, can be         free side of the rack.
                     repaired using individual parts as need-        When turning the steering wheel, even
                     ed. Repair history should be checked to       slightly, on rough roads, or especially
                     determine what parts are currently in         when entering a driveway over a curb,
                     the vehicle. The parts system should be       the tires will input a reactive force
                     checked for any future information            through the rack, caused by the impact.
                     regarding these parts.                        This causes the hydraulic pressure in
                                                                   the input lines to force back against the
                     Steering Knocking/Rattle Noise                residual pressure in the free side lines.
                     When Turning                                  When the higher pressure hits the lower
                       If you should encounter a knocking or       pressure, knocking noise is generated.
                     rattle noise from the vehicle steering sys-     While some customers may object to
                     tem on a 1995-2000 Legacy, use the pro-       this noise, it does not harm the steering
End Wrench

                     cedures below to diagnose and reduce or       system or any of its components. This
                     eliminate the noise. The noise is usually     noise can be reduced or eliminated by
                     heard when turning and going over a           following the procedures below.

1995-1999 Model Years                    ice manual, it will be necessary to     Outback Gear Ratios
  If you should encounter the con-       drive the vehicle to confirm the          When performing repairs on
dition on a 1995-99 Subaru vehi-         correction.                             automatic or manual transmission
cle, it will be necessary to install a                                           Outback vehicles, be certain to
steering universal joint with            2000 Model Year                         check appropriate Service materi-
damper. The steering universal             If you should encounter the con-      als to determine whether or not
joint with damper are available in       dition on a 2000 Subaru vehicle, it     the vehicle you are working on has
two lengths.                             will be necessary to install a set of   a different final drive ratio than a
                                         modified power steering lines.          non-Outback version of the same
Legacy Models: P/N 34160AC030                                                    vehicle. If a different ratio is indi-
(shorter length)                         Modified Power Steering Lines:          cated, be certain to obtain the cor-
                                         P/N 34190AE120                          rect matching parts while perform-
Outback Models: P/N 34160AC090                                                   ing your repairs.
(longer length)                             Always check the part number
                                         suppression for any changes. After      Noise From Rear Axle Oil Seal
  Always check the part number           installing the Modified Power           — Legacy Models
suppression for any changes. After       Steering Lines using the proce-           If you encounter a high pitched
installing the new steering univer-      dures in the appropriate service        noise coming from the rear of
sal joint with damper using the          manual, drive the vehicle to con-       Legacy vehicles, the cause may be
procedures in the appropriate serv-      firm the correction.                                        Continued on page 22.
                         insider info.
                     rear axle oil seal number 2 coming
                     loose from its mounting. This noise can
                                                                  reports a good speed sensor 2 reading,
                                                                  then you’re likely to have a concern
                     often be duplicated by placing the vehi-     with the signal from speed sensor 1 to
                     cle on a lift and rotating the tire on the   the transmission control computer.
                     side suspected of causing the noise.         Speed sensor 1 is the speed sensor in
                       Too much pressure applied during the       the back of the transmission by the
                     seal installation process may be respon-     transfer clutch on an AWD vehicle and
                     sible for the seals becoming loose.          inside the transmission back cover of a
                       A modified installation procedure has      two-wheel drive vehicle. Diagnose with
                     been instituted and applies to the fol-      resistance readings, direct signal moni-
                     lowing VIN range:                            toring, and physical examination, if
                     Sedan: V7209190                                If speed sensor 1 checks out, and it
                     Wagon: V7312934                              has been determined that speed sensor
                     Outback: V7624830                            2 itself is okay (since the engine control
                                                                  computer can read it), check the con-
                       If you encounter this noise, inspect       nections from speed sensor 2 to the
                     the above mentioned seal for proper          transmission computer.
                     installation. If you need to install a
                     new seal, do not apply too much pres-        Identifying 1997 Subaru Legacy
                     sure when installing it. Otherwise, the      Propeller Shafts
                     seal may be deformed and work loose            There is a paint mark located on the
                     at a future date.                            end of the universal joint that fastens to
                                                                  the rear differential. It is necessary to
                     4EAT Speed Sensors                           unbolt the propeller shaft from the rear
                       If you are in the process of diagnos-      differential to locate the paint mark.
                     ing delayed or erratic shifting on a
                     4EAT transmission, pay close attention               Sedan & Wagon 5MT
                     to the comparison of readings between                        Paint Color: Blue
                     speed sensor 1 and speed sensor 2 as                         P/N 27031AC080
                     displayed on the Select Monitor. If                  Outback 5MT
                     these sensors are working properly, the                      Paint Color: White
                     two readings should be close, but are                        P/N 27031AC060
                     rarely absolutely identical. If, however,            Outback 4EAT
                     in the vehicle that you are driving, you                     Paint Color: Pink
                     notice that the speed sensor 1 signal                        P/N 27031AC070
                     and the speed sensor 2 signal are                    Sedan & Wagon 4EAT
                     always precisely identical, there may                        No Paint
                     be a malfunction in the signal or circuit                    P/N 27031AC010
                     from one of the sensors. When the
                     transmission computer senses a failure
                     in one of the speed sensor circuits, it
                     may substitute the other sensor’s read-
                     ing in the display of the Select Monitor.
                     This is why the two readings would be
                     identical. Check the computer’s memo-
                     ry for fail codes corresponding to either
                     or both of the sensors.
                       If you have codes for both, identify
                     which sensor is the one that is not
                     sending a proper signal by looking at
                     the speed sensor display in the engine
End Wrench
End Wrench

                     computer side of the Select Monitor.
                     The engine computer only monitors
                     speed sensor 2. If the engine computer                                  Driveshaft Removal

Rear Axle Binding On Turns              same” if they are all the same size,     tion can be repaired by doing the
   If a customer complains of a rear    the same manufacturer, and the           following:
axle that is binding on turns, phys-    measurements mentioned above             • Remove and disassemble both
ically measure the outer circumfer-     are within the 1/4-inch limit.           inner axle joints.
ence of the tires before making any        If the vehicle has lots of miles on   • Clean the grease from the joints.
repairs. This means that you must       it, determine whether the tires          • Inspect the “freeze out” plug that
actually measure the tires using a      have been rotated on a regular           covers the splined shaft area in the
piece of string or a flexible meas-     basis. Most have not and this caus-      base of the inner joints to be sure
uring device. Differences as small      es them to wear differently.             that the plug has not fallen out.
as a 1/4-inch can cause a binding          It’s a whole lot easier to take the   • If the plug has fallen out, it may
situation.                              time to measure the tires than it is     be possible to reinstall it. Make
   It doesn’t matter what the num-      to rebuild an AWD clutch pack            certain you do not block the air
bers are on the sidewall of the tire.   along with its assorted subsystems,      bleed hole. This air bleed hole is
Even new tires can be different         then find out that the tires were        located at a point around the outer
sizes due to variations in the          causing the problem all along.           circumference of the seal plug. If
molds they come from. Different                                                  the air bleed hole is blocked, then
tire brands can be and, in most         Grease Leaking From Inner                there is a possibility that the axle
cases, are different sizes even         Axle Joints                              boots may be damaged.
though they may have the same             If you encounter a 1998 Subaru         • Install new grease P/N
numbers on the tire sidewall. This      that has grease leaking out of the       28093TA000. (This grease is used
is why you must measure the tires.      inner axle joint along the transmis-     on 1997 model year vehicles).
   Tires can only be considered the     sion splined stub shaft, the situa-      • Reassemble.
                                                                                                             Continued on page 24.

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                     Rear Differential Vent Oil Leakage
                       If you should encounter a rear differ-
                                                                        This is done to keep the transmission
                                                                        from upshifting/downshifting in and out
                     ential leaking oil from the vent, please           of 4th gear needlessly. On the uphill
                     perform the following procedures:                  control, the slope angle is estimated
                     • Check to see if the rear differential has        from the throttle opening angle and
                     been over-filled with oil. If not, proceed         vehicle speed change. When the TCU
                     to the next step.                                  detects that the vehicle is moving
                     • Drain the rear differential.                     uphill, upshifting is restrained by select-
                     • Remove the rear differential from the            ing a special shift map, which prevent
                     vehicle.                                           needless upshifting/downshifting.
                     • Remove the vent from the rear cover.               When driving downhill, under coast-
                     • Turn the differential over and drain             ing conditions, if the driver touches the
                     the vent chamber.                                  brake pedal, the TCM will downshift the
                     • Reinstall the vent and rear differential         transmission into 3rd gear to provide
                     assembly back into the vehicle.                    engine braking. This downhill control is
                     • Fill the rear differential with new              canceled when the TCU detects the
                     fluid to the proper level.                         vehicle acceleration by the driver’s
                     • Road test the vehicle and reinspect for          depressing of the accelerator pedal and
                     leaks.                                             input from the Throttle Position Sensor.
                                                                          Both of these conditions are part of
                     Note: If leakage is going to occur, it will        the slope control logic and are a charac-
                     usually happen on low mileage vehicles.            teristic of the vehicle TCM logic.
                     If mileage is high, then check for other             If a customer comes to you with a
                     causes like improper gear ratio, improp-           transmission shift concern, question the
                     er tire match, wrong type of fluid, etc.           customer thoroughly on how and when
                                                                        this condition occurs. If possible, road
                     1999 4EAT Transmission Operation                   test the vehicle with the customer. If it
                       There are seven different shift sched-           is something you’re not sure about,
                     ules/maps in the TCM logic control of              drive a similar vehicle to determine if
                     the 1999 Second Generation 4EAT. They              there is a problem with the customer’s
                     are Normal, Power, Slope, Hold 2nd,                vehicle.
                     Cruise, Hot ATF, Cold ATF. The shift
                     schedule/map will determine how and                Noise From Rear Axle Oil Seal —
                     when the transmission shifts. For exam-            Legacy Models
                     ple, in the slope mode, when driving up              If you encounter a high pitched noise
                     a hill under certain engine load condi-            coming from the rear of Legacy vehicles,
                     tions, the TCM will shift the transmis-            the cause may be rear axle oil seal num-
                     sion back down to 3rd gear.                        ber 2 coming loose from its mounting.
                       In most cases, the transmission will             This noise can often be duplicated by
                     stay in 3rd gear until the vehicle reaches         placing the vehicle on a lift and rotating
                     the top of the hill, then it will upshift.         the tire on the side suspected of causing
                                                                        the noise.
                                                                          It has been determined that too much
                                                                        pressure during the seal installation
                                                                        process might be responsible for the
                                                                        seals becoming loose.
                                                                          A modified installation procedure
                                                                        applies to the following VIN range:

                                                                                Sedan:           V7209190
                                                                                Wagon:           V7312934
                                                                                Outback:         V7624830
End Wrench

                                                                          If you encounter this noise, inspect
                                           Phase II 4EAT Transmission   the above-mentioned seal for proper

installation. If you need to install a   that pilot bearing noise will be       fied by part numbers starting with
new seal, be certain you do not          unaffected by installing the front     27011AA***. Physically, the dif-
apply too much pressure when             wheel drive fuse, whereas the ring     ferentials can be identified by the
installing it. Otherwise, the seal       and pinion noise will effectively      fact that the side covers for setting
may be deformed and work loose           disappear with the fuse installed.     case preload are bolted on as
in the future.                           The slight ring and pinion noise       opposed to the Fuji-produced dif-
                                         occurs in the 40-60 mph range and      ferential (38300AA***), which
Rear Differential                        is considered a normal characteris-    have side covers that screw in sim-
Modifications                            tic of the rear differential.          ilar to the side covers on Subaru
   Rear differentials with an updat-     However, the pilot bearing noise       front differentials.
ed style pilot bearing and AKA           can be corrected.
pinion bearing are available. This          Order the updated assembly by       Shifter Rattle
is a countermeasure for a high           looking up the appropriate part          If you encounter a shifter rattle
pitched whine noise (sometimes           number and changing the last digit     complaint on a 1996/97 Legacy
described as a turbine jet engine        to a 2. If you have a question         Outback or on a 1998 Forester, the
winding up) from the rear differen-      regarding the part number or its       necessary parts are available to
tial that can start at a relatively      availability, please consult your      correct this symptom. For the 1996
slow speed (25 mph) and rises in         Subaru parts department.               Legacy Outback, order a modified
pitch and volume to about 50                Please note that these modifica-    spacer, P/N 35045AC040. For the
mph. This can be distinguished           tions and part number changes          1998 Forester or 1997 Legacy,
from the characteristic differential     only pertain to Nissan-produced        order a modified bolt, P/N
ring and pinion noise by the fact        differentials. These can be identi-    35045FC000.
                                                                                                    Continued on page 30.

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                     Manual Transmission
                     Case Boss Wear
                                                          Continued from page 25.

                                                                  8. If both axle ratios are the same, the
                                                                  marks on the tire should be in the same
                       Some shops are replacing the trans-        positions as each other. If not, the axle
                     mission case because of wear found on        ratios are different.
                     the case boss. This has been a judgment
                     call because the Service Manual does         Note: This procedure must not be
                     not provide specifications. Fuji Heavy       attepted on 1991 Legacy Turbo or SVX
                     Industries has provided information          vehicles. These vehicles are equipped
                     regarding the wear limit of this case        with a limited slip rear axle.
                     area. It is not necessary for the case to
                     be replaced if this area is not worn           Caution should be used whenever
                     under 32.8 mm. Always measure this           you are working on manual or automat-
                     boss prior to ordering a new case.           ic transmission vehicles. Leave the
                                                                  parking brake off, but make sure the
                     Correct Axle Ratios                          wheels that are on the ground are
                        You’ve just changed a 4EAT/AWD            blocked. On automatic transmission
                     transmission or rear differential and        vehicles, be sure that the shift lever is
                     now the rear axle is binding during the      not placed into any Drive ranges. If you
                     road test.                                   suspect that the differential may be
                        Or, the customer has brought the          locked due to internal damage, do not
                     vehicle in complaining about a shud-         perform this test. Make sure nobody is
                     der when turning (rear axle binding).        around the vehicle while conducting
                     They inform you that the problem has         this test, other than the person perform-
                     occurred since the transmission or rear      ing it. Never leave the vehicle running
                     differential was changed at another          and unattended.
                        The possible cause may be an              Popping Out Of Fifth Gear
                     improper front to rear axle ratio match.       Some 1999 and 2000 Legacy and
                     Driving a vehicle with different front to    Forester vehicles may intermittently
                     rear gear ratios, even for a short time,     pop out of fifth gear when coasting.
                     may cause permanent damage to the            The cause may be a loose main shaft
                     transfer clutches.                           nut. In some cases, all that maybe nec-
                        To determine if the front and rear        essary to repair the transmission is to
                     axle ratios are the same or different        replace the nut, torque to specifications
                     without removing the transmission, use       and stake the nut. In other cases, dam-
                     the following procedure:                     age to the hub and syncro assembly
                     1. Position vehicle on the ground.           may be found.
                     2. Lift one side of the vehicle so that
                     the tires are off the ground. Block the      4EAT Remanufactured Transaxles
                     wheels on the other side of the vehicle        Subaru of America, Inc. offers reman-
                     as a safety precaution. If lifting the       ufactured automatic transmissions for
                     vehicle with a floor jack, place jack        most Subaru models, starting from
                     stands under the vehicle.                    1990 vehicles. Please check applica-
                     3. With a marking crayon, place a mark       tions and availability through normal
                     on the two raised tires at the 6 o’clock     parts channels prior to making vehicle
                     position.                                    repairs.
                     4. Open the hood and disconnect the            Never attempt to repair a remanufac-
                     main wiring harness for the transmis-        tured transmission. These units are
                     sion or unplug the TCU. This will put        warranted by the remanufacturer for 2
                     the transmission in its Fail-Safe mode.      years or 24,000 miles. If you attempt to
                     5. Place the transmission gear selector      repair the unit, it will void the warran-
                     in Neutral.                                  ty. This will result in the remanufactur-
End Wrench

                     6. Start the engine.                         er rejecting your claim.

                     7. Manually rotate one of the raised         Remanufactured units can be identified
                     tires through at least five rotations.       easily because they are painted gray.

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