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L=Los Angeles County; O= Orange County; RC=Riverside County; SB=San Bernardino County;

Project #                               Project Title                                Funding
                          Group A: Air Pollution Mitigation
A-3 LA               Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach Air Monitoring Station           $50,000
A-4 LA                    City of Carson Air Quality Monitoring Training              $20,000
A-8 LA                    City of Culver City Cogeneration Replacement              $2,000,000
A-9 LA                            City of Diamond Bar Shuttle Link                   $350,000
A-10 LA                       City of Downey Planting Trapper Trees                   $50,000
A-11 LA                    Installation of Filters on Buses and Subways              $175,200
A-12 LA                 Coalition on Environment & Jewish Life Tu B'Shvat             $16,245
A-13 LA                     East Valley Coalition Sun Valley Inspector                $67,000
A-15 LA               City of LaVerne University/Community Bike/Bus Plan             $200,000
                City of Lakewood Public Web-based GIS Property Records and
A-17 LA                                                                              $50,000
                                Economic Development Application
A-19 LA                        City of Los Angeles Green Team L.A.                   $50,000
             City of Los Angeles Dust & Odor Reduction Measures for Solid Waste
A-20 LA                                                                             $200,000
A-21 LA         City of Los Angeles Community to Business Pollution Prevention      $150,000
                City of Los Angeles Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Municipal
A-22 LA                                                                             $150,000
A-24 LA                        Construct Solar Energy Facility
A-25 LA              Dominguez ES Dominguez Health Project for Students             $980,000
              Greater Long Beach Interfaith Community Organization West Long
A-27 LA                                                                             $219,000
                      Beach Community Air Quality Improvement Project
A-29 LA                             Hudson ES Sound Wall                            $148,000
               Lincoln Ave. Task Force & LA Steelcraft, Inc. in Partnership for a
A-32 LA                                                                             $100,000
                                     Healthier Community
              Long Beach Unified Construct Wall for Webster ES, Stephens MS,
A-33 LA                                                                             $831,525
                                           Cabrillo HS
A-35 LA             LA Community College Student Bus Pass Pilot Program             $500,000
A-38 LA              LA County Dept Health Services Ridesharing Program             $108,018
A-39 LA           LA County Dept Public Works Retrofit Fleet Diesel Engines         $500,000
                 LA County Dept Public WorksCommuteCall Real-Time Traffic
A-40 LA                                                                             $750,000
                                        Information Line
A-41 LA                        Tree Musketeers TLC for Trees                         $120,350
 A-2 O                       City of Brea Transportation Program                     $190,000
 A-3 O                       City of Fullerton Feeder Bus System                      $50,000
 A-4 O        Fair Housing Council of Orange County Smoke Free Housing Plan          $250,000
A-4 RC                         City of Norco Trail Improvement                      $1,000,000
             Riverside County Walkable and Transit-Friendly Lakeview Community
A-6 RC                                                                              $100,000
                                       Core Specific Plan
A-7 RC      Riverside County Mecca Livable Community Planning Program (MLCPP)        $75,000
A-8 RC           Inland Valley Humane Society Upgrade Exhaust System
A-10 RC           Riverside Transit AgencyGo Riverside Transit Program                 $150,000
 A-2 SB                 City of Fontana Hybrid Vehicle Pilot Project                    $27,900
                                                                                       $50,000 -
A-4 SB               City of Highland Electronic Fuel Control Systems
                                                                                     $40,000 per
 A-1 R         Altostratus Urbanization of Photochemical Air Quality Models            year for 2
                                                                                     $3,220,493 -
 A-3 R      CA Urban Forests Council United Voices for Healthier Communities
A-12 R            GTI Ultra Low Emission Hybrid Diesel Bus Technology                  $200,000
A-15 R                  GTI Demonstration of Flex-Flame Burner                         $125,000
A-17 R               Placement of Fresh Air Purifiers in Classrooms                    $500,000
A-18 R                     Quality Control Services CNG Station
A-21 R                Using Biodiesel Blends to Reduce Emissions                       $500,000
A-22 R                   Air Filters Near Heavy Traffic Clusters                        $43,000
A-24 R            Conversion of Diesel Vehicles to Run on Vegetable Oil                $200,000
A-25 R                 SunGen DC, LLC Production of Prototypes                         $500,000
A-26 R              Retrofit of Diesel-Powered Vehicles & Equipment                   $2,000,000
                                                                                      $150,000 -
A-27 R                             Monitor Air Pollution
          USDA Forest Service Air Pollution Mitigation Capacity of Trees in the LA
A-28 R                                                                                $450,000
                                         Air Basin
                                 Group B: Research
           Energy Harvester Demonstration Project of Energy Walls on Transit
B-1 LA                                                                                $151,000
           Fargo Consulting Evaluation of Air Emissions on Student Health and
B-2 LA                                                                                $250,000
                  Implementation of an Air Pollution Educational Program
B-4 LA             Comparing Thermal Comfort in Superadobe Test Cells                  $1,000
          T&B Systems Nature, Extent and Distribution of Ozone in Northern Los
B-5 LA                                                                                $275,000
                                     Angeles County
          Watts Labor Community Action Committee Neighborhood Environmental           $35,000 -
B-6 LA
                                     Impact Project                                    $50,000
 B-1 O        City of Anaheim Data Acquisition System (DAS) - Energy Field            $100,000
             Orange County Business Council Air Quality Community Indicators
 B-2 O                                                                                 County
                                                                                     Southern CA
           Orange County Business Council Regional Economic Development &
 B-3 O                                                                                $120,000
                               Industry Cluster Change
 B-4 O      Orange County Coastkeeper John Wayne Airport Air Quality Study            $202,000
 B-5 O    T&B Systems Nature, Extent and Distribution of Ozone in Orange County       $200,000
            T&B Systems Nature, Extent and Distribution of Ozone in Riverside
B-1 RC                                                                                $200,000
             Aerospace Corp Real-Time Air Quality Forecast Products for the
 B-1 R                                                                                $179,000
            Aerospace Corp Characterization of Fine Particulates at Port of Los
 B-2 R                                                                             $146,400
 B-3 R            Environmental Consulting/Awareness for Businesses                $500,000
 B-4 R             GTI Ultra Low Nox Technology for Industrial Boilers             $180,000
 B-5 R         GTI Demonstration of Low Nox and CO Burners for Heaters             $140,000
 B-6 R                 GTI Demonstration of 300HP Super Boiler                     $150,000
                                                                                  $50,000 per
 B-8 R                Community Air Quality Indicators in Tribal Lands
                                                                                  Tribal Nation
B-9 R                       Effects of PM2.5 on Atherosclerosis                     $4,000,000
B-10 R                   Factors in Single Occupancy Vehicle Use                     $171,000
B-11 R                             Develop UV Coatings                               $200,000
B-12 R                                  Refuse to Rails                              $250,000
B-13 R      Pac Wind Technology Hydrogen/Oxygen Boost Generator Prototype            $500,000
            Physicians for Social Responsibility Community Participatory Action
B-14 R                                                                               $100,000
            SuperDrive Conversion of CNG and Diesel Powered Transit Bus to
B-15 R                                                                               $200,000
                       Continuously Variable Transmission Vehicles
           T&B Systems Nature, Extent and Distribution of Ozone in Los Angeles
B-16 R                                                                               $175,000
                                      Basin Mountains
            T&B Systems Characteristics of Ozone and Precursors Produced by
B-17 R                                                                               $175,000
          UCI Dept Medicine Air Pollution from Traffic, Repeated Hospitalization by
B-18 R                                                                               $375,000
                               Children w/ Respiratory Illness
            UCI Dept Medicine Traffic Related Airway Pollution, Inflammation by
B-19 R                                                                               $585,000
                               Children w/ Respiratory Illness
          UC Riverside Impact of Goods Movement and PierPass on the Quality of
B-20 R                                                                               $150,000
                                  Life in the Inland Empire
           USDA Angeles National Forest Air Pollution Impacts on Drinking Water
B-21 R                                                                               $280,000
                               Quality in District Watersheds
            USDA Angeles National Forest Lichen Indicators of Air Pollution and
B-22 R                                                                                $30,000
                          Forest Health in San Gabriel Mountains
B-23 R             USDA Forest Service Safe to Recreate, Phase I & II                $100,800
           Western Riverside County Clean Cities Coalition Guidance Document
B-24 R                                                                               $160,000
                   Group C: Public Outreach and Education
          American Lung Assn of LA County O24U - Clean Air Public Outreach &
C-1 LA                                                                            $1,000,000
                                      Education Program
C-2 LA         Apollo West Carson Players Local Cable Program Talk Show            $500,000
C-3 LA           Asthma & Allergy Foundation Childhood Asthma Initiative           $100,000
C-4 LA              Andrews ES Environmental Library Resource Center                 $5,000
C-5 LA                  Andrews ES Weather Bug Achieve Program                       $5,000
C-6 LA                              Antelope Valley YMCA                           $250,000
          Boys & Girls Club of LA Harbor Safe-Air-Exercise Solution for LA Harbor
C-7 LA                                                                             $261,948
C-8 LA                     Cabrillo HS Fitness in Training Program                 $15,000
C-9 LA               California Science Center World of Ecology Exhibit            $500,000
C-10 LA         City of Carson Living Healthy in Carson Community Forums           $50,000
C-11 LA           City of Whittier Travel Training for Seniors and Disabled        $18,000
C-12 LA                       City of Whittier Bus Service Clinic                   $28,000
C-13 LA                Whittier Historic Depot Transportation Museum               $11,000
C-14 LA              Whittier Greenway Trail Public Education Program              $16,000
C-15 LA                   City of Whittier Personalized Travel Planning            $63,500
             Coalition for a Safe Environment Petroleum Industry Public Health
C-16 LA                                                                           $125,000
                                          Education DVD
           Public Information on Petroleum Industry Toxic & Hazardous Chemical
C-17 LA                                                                            $45,000
C-18 LA            Coalition of Environment & Jewish Life Green Sanctuaries      $1,491,200
          Communities for a Better Environment Community Outreach & Technical
C-19 LA                                                                           $185,000
                             Assistance for Long Beach LNG Project
                                                                                  $15,000 -
C-21 LA                               XII Eco Maya Festival
            Glendale Healthy Kids Project CHASE - "Children's Health: A Shared
C-22 LA                                                                           $100,000
C-23 LA                      City of Downey Keep Downey Beautiful                  $10,000
C-26 LA      Long Beach Dept Health Services Long Beach Respiratory Project       $350,000
C-27 LA              LAUSD Environmental Education Outreach Programs              $163,000
                                                                                  $50,000 -
C-28 LA                Molina Park Environmental Education Pocket Park
C-29 LA                     Carson Neighbors Air Monitoring Project               $160,000
C-30 LA                           Green Festival in Los Angeles                   $500,000
            People's Community Org for Reform Air Pollution Prevention through
C-31 LA                                                                           $500,000
                        Educational Awareness & Leadership (APPEAL)
C-32 LA      Phillipine Action Group for Environment Pollution Education Project   $15,000
C-33 LA                         Southern California Green Pages                     $4,000
C-34 LA                       Recycle Media "Air Quality Alert" PSA               $180,000
C-35 LA             South Bay Cities COG Air Pollution Mitigation Education        $50,000
            USDA Forest Service Air Pollution in Southern California Mountains
C-36 LA                                                                            $50,000
           American Lung Assn of Orange County Master Home Environmentalist
C-1 O                                                                             $300,000
             City of Anaheim Emergency Preparedness Outreach--Battery Free
C-2 O                                                                            $1,000,000
            City of San Juan Capistrano TELE-Works Complete E-Government
C-3 O                                                                             $200,000
C-4 O       Huntington Beach Tree Society Costumes for Air Quality Awareness        $5,000
C-5 O               Irvine Valley College Clean Air Public Outreach Project        $25,000
C-6 O     Orange County Business Council Air Quality Business Outreach Program    $90,000
C-1 RC       City of Riverside "Partners Against Air Pollution" Museum Exhibit   $113,000
C-2 RC        Clean Air Now Alternative Fuels Public Outreach & Education         $49,000
C-1 SB                Educating Native American Children & Families              $100,000
            American Lung Assn Inland Counties Youth Environment Leadership
C-1 R                                                                            $240,000
              CS Dominguez Hills Industry Scientist Teachers and Students
C-2 R                                                                            $1,500,000
                            Collaborating for Pollution Reduction
C-4 R                       Community Communication Network                       $450,000
                                                                                 $100,000 -
C-5 R                              Learning to Breathe
C-6 R                              EcoSoul Shine Kits                              $1,601
                                                                                 $10,000 -
C-7 R                 John T. Lyle Ctr Biodiesel Educational Program
C-8 R                   Learn OnLine Experiments with Fuel Cells                  $60,000
          Mexican American Health Ctr Air We Breathe Community Partnership
C-9 R                                                                                $85,000
         Neighborhood Housing Services of Inland Empire Filter Insert Installation
C-10 R                                                                             $1,500,000
                             for Wood Burning Fireplaces
C-11 R                Recycle Media Smog Animated Characters                        $180,000
             Western Riverside County Clean Cities Coalition Middle School
C-14 R                                                                               $60,000
                                  Education Program
C-15 R        Veterans in Community Service Air Quality Education Project           $120,000
                      Group D: Health Treatment Centers
D-1 LA       Carson Coordinating Council Mental Health Strategies for Care        $250,000
D-5 LA                       LAUSD Equipment/ Nurses                              $450,000
D-7 LA                Wilmington YMCA Expansion/Renovation                       $1,000,000
D-1 RC            San Gorgonio Mem Hospital Endoscope Sterilizer                   $15,000
                         Group E: Other Related Areas
E-2 LA                  City of Long Beach Construct Molina Park                  $250,000
E-3 LA         AFIBA Center Asthma Awareness & Management Program
E-4 LA                     Santa Monica Air Pollution Project
E-5 LA        West Long Beach Community Air Quality Improvement Project
E-6 LA                   Beautification of Jefferson High School
E-1 OC              Community Outreach to Vietnamese Community
E-2 OC            Huntington Beach Tree Society Tree-Lined Bike Paths
E-1 RC                 City of Temecula Public Transportation Plan                $150,000
E-2 RC                NAACP Riverside Out of the Mouths of Babes
E-2 R              Educational Programs for Native American Children
E-7 R       Community Transportation Grants to Air Quality Forums/Hearings        $100,000

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