Fall Christmas Newsletter 2010 by Hq8B58R


									                                 Fall Christmas Newsletter 2010

                            Season’s greetings to all CSORN members!

News from the 2010 CSORN Conference in Québec City
Once again this year, the annual CSORN conference held in Quebec City in June was a success. It was very
pleasant to meet several new members and our colleagues from across Canada. A total of 90 nurses attended
the day. Several nurses also attended the dinner afterwards at La Crémaillère for delicious French Cuisine.
Rosemary Bickerton, Janet Powers and Pascale Rinfret, the coordinators of the 2010 conference, were very
pleased with the event and the participation of the group.
The minutes from the June 2010 CSORN General Meeting can be viewed on our website: www.csorn.ca

COS/CSORN Conference Vancouver 2011
Next year’s Canadian Ophthalmic Society (COS) Symposium will be held from Thursday June 9 to Sunday
June 12, 2011 at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia. The official nursing
(CSORN) day will be Saturday June 11, 2011.
Our conference coordinator for 2011 is Shona Lobo with help from her colleagues. Updates will be included in
the Spring Newsletter. Please check the COS website www.eyesite.ca for more information and to register on-
line for the CSORN conference in the New Year.
Please note that you must be a member of CSORN ($25) to be eligible for the reduced COS registration fees.
Non-members pay a higher rate to attend the CSORN conference.
CSORN will not accept new CSORN membership applications after April for the June Conference.

Future conferences:
ASORN 2011 will be held in Orlando, Florida.
COS Symposiums/ CSORN Conferences in Toronto in June 2012 and in Montreal in 2013

Results of the 2010 Election of CSORN Executive
As Rosemary Bickerton becomes the Past President, Janet Powers becomes the new CSORN President. Janet is
replaced in her role as Vice-president by Kathy Bruce. Pascale Rinfret will be replaced by Marlene Griffin for
the role of Secretary while Wanda Mulrooney will take the Treasurer role that Veronica Mills has occupied for
several years.

News from our Provincial/Local Representatives
Newfoundland: No report

Nova Scotia: Submitted by Mary Stairs. We have been very busy with hospital Accreditation. We are actively
working on a Surgical Checklist. Our surgical electronic chart is under the process of an upgrade.
Cathy Cormier is retiring in the New Year, after many years of service to the Ophthalmology dept. We wish
her all well.

New Brunswick: Beth Kennedy told us that there is no Chapter but the nurses are interested in forming one.
Québec: Lynn Bélanger from Montréal mentioned at the Conference that the chapter is inactive, but people in
Québec are interested in re-activating the chapter. Montreal will host COS/CSORN in 2012.

Ontario/ Ottawa: Submitted by Rosemary Bickerton.
Changes in Ottawa include the use of the WHO checklist, e-charting for OR, PACU, Day Care and Pre-
Admission units. Ratio of RPN to RN is changing. A dinner meeting was held in November 2010 and the
speaker was a corneal surgeon speaking on the different techniques of corneal transplants. The other speaker
gave us an update on the ASORN conference. Reminder to Ontario CSORN members that 5 members/year can
request funding for registration fees for the COS Conference through the Ontario Chapter every 2 years.
Contact Rosemary Bickerton, Ontario Chapter Rep.

Manitoba: Submitted by Karen Terlinski.
Karen is attached to a 14-bed in-patient unit, which is quite different from what anybody else has in Canada.
Misericordia Health Centre has added approx 1200 cataract surgeries per year to their slate. These patients
previously had surgery at a clinic in Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan: Submitted by Charlene Talbot.
The chapter has met twice to discuss and to follow issues pertinent to our area of work – mainly the Eye Centre
clinic and fundraising. We were able to send 2 staffs to the conference this year. It was very beneficial. We are
as a unit continuing our steps forward in the area of Chronic Disease Management with our Diabetic Screening
program (rural and low income urban). We are also continuing with our Falls Prevention program (community
and seniors based) with all staff being certified with the TLR program (TLR stands for Transfer, Lifting and
Repositioning. It’s a specifically built program to reduce injury to staff and client. Similar to the old back
programs, but updated.). Our best wishes to the new Executive.

Alberta: Sheila Roske mentioned at the June conference that the Regina Chapter has been in existence for 3
years and the nurses get funding to come to the conference through fundraising.

British Colombia: Submitted by Shona Lobo.
Shona is our new B.C. Rep as well as the Coordinator for the CSORN Conference in 2011. The CSORN group
met on October 21 and had a good turn out of 50 people. One of the young Ophthalmologists gave a
presentation on Ahmed valves and stents. There was a good response for help for the conference. Shona had
also mentioned in Québec City that at the centre where she works, there is no anesthesia offered to patients.
There is an increase in corneal transplants surgery because there is an active corneal transplant nurse. B.C.
hospitals are using the WHO checklist. Shauna also mentioned that they use the surgeon’s initials to mark the
surgical site: they do not accept the use of an “x” to mark the surgical site, because WHO said that an “x”
means wrong side.

Amendments to CSORN by-laws
Two amendments to the CSORN by-laws were presented and approved at the June CSORN general meeting:
Article 6:
1. Officers shall be elected by ballot or show of hand at the annual meeting.

Nomination Procedure:
2. Any member may submit the name(s) of any member(s) eligible and willing to run for office, in writing to
    the Nomination committee. Eligibility for nomination consists of a minimum of 2 consecutive years of
    membership. However, consideration by the Executive will be given to those not meeting this minimum
    (Approved by member Heather Loppe, seconded by member Gisèle Montgomery)
News from ASORN:
Several Canadian nurses attended the American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses Symposium in
Chicago which was held in October 2010.

Annual Membership Renewal 2011
It’s time to renew your membership. Registration forms can be downloaded from our website www.csorn.ca
and mailed with your $25 to your Provincial/Local Chapter President or to our National Treasurer Wanda
Mulrooey by January 31st, 2010. You will also find a registration form attached to the email. Please send your
updated e-mail address to our new Secretary Marlene Griffin as all communications are done via e-mail:

For our Spring Newsletter, we would like to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to share with us your projects, new
initiatives, ideas, articles or educational activities (past or future). Please send to Marlene Griffin as well.

If you would like to start a provincial or local chapter of CSORN, please contact our President Janet

Wishing you all wonderful and safe holidays!

Rosemary Bickerton, Janet Powers, Pascale Rinfret and Veronica Mills and
Kathy Bruce, Marlene Griffin and Wanda Mulrooney
Past and new CSORN Executive
        Executive Members                 Local Chapter President or Representatives

                 President                             Nova Scotia/ Atlantic
               Janet Powers                               Mary S. Stairs
  The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus                  1276 South Park Street
      3rd floor Eye Institute, CCW             2nd Fl VG Site Centennial Room 2023
             501 Smyth Road                       Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 2Y9
         Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6                             (W) 902-473-3926
            (W) 613-737-8577                       mary.stairs@cdha.nshealth.ca

              Past President                         Ontario/Ottawa Region
          Rosemary Bickerton                          Rosemary Bickerton
  The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus                     613-737-8639
      3rd floor Eye Institute, CCW                    rbickerton@toh.on.ca
             501 Smyth Road
         Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6
            (W) 613-737-8639                                 Manitoba
          rbickerton@toh.on.ca                           Karen Terlinski
             Vice President
             Kathy Bruce
        The Scarborough Hospital                        British Columbia
 General Campus 416-438-2911 ext. 4715                     Shona Lobo
Birchmont Campus 416-495-2400 ext. 2472             Mount St Joseph's Hospital,
             kbruce@tsh.to                          3080, Prince Edward Street,
                                                    Vancouver, B.C., V5T 3N4
                                                   (W) 604-874-1141 Ext 78568,
               Secretary                                Fax: 604-877-8171.
            Marlene Griffin                        slobo@providencehealth.bc.ca
      North York General Hospital,
        Branson Cataract Center
           5555 Finch Ave W                              For members in:
        Toronto, ON, M2R 1N5                                  Québec,
    (work) 416 633 9420 Ext. 1-6601                        Saskatchewan
         (home) 905-727-4103                                and Alberta,
      griffinmarcsorn@gmail.com                 please send your registration form
                                                       with your $25 cheque
                                                         to our treasurer
               Treasurer                                Wanda Mulrooney
           Wanda Mulrooney
         406-6095 Coburg Road
     Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4K1
   (H) 902-473-3226 or (902) 473-3227
          Fax: (902) 473-7316.

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