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									Thank you for your continued support
 World Travel Market
10-13 November 2008

Presented by Polly Magraw
   Regional Account Manager
   Americas & Global Village
                   Today’s Agenda
 RTE and the value of exhibitions

 Current trends in the UK market

 WTM overview

 How to optimise your business potential at WTM:
   The Exhibitor Zone Up-date: - your key marketing tool
   Meridian Club:- the VIP Club for key industry buyers
   The New Admissions Policy
   PR opportunities
   World Responsible Tourism Day
Reed Travel Exhibitions Globally
      Why World Travel Market works?

    It generates business - £28 billion spent by visitors with exhibitors in 2007

    87% of visitors count WTM as the must attend event of the year - a key
     business to business travel industry meeting point
    75% of visitors had direct purchasing responsibility
    87% of exhibitors stated that they will be doing business with contacts
     made at the show
    76% of exhibitors agree that WTM gives a higher return on investment
     than any other sales or marketing exposure
    Gateway to the UK outbound market
    47,000 international travel professionals attend over 4 days

*Source: FUSION
            The Strength of the UK Market

 Third biggest outbound market worldwide - $59.6 billion USD spend -
  growth of 24% since 2002

 High disposable income

 Strong GBP & EUR against weak USD - increase in purchasing power
  abroad - expenditure by UK residents on international holidays is
  projected to increase by 3% pa

 Increased immunity to negative factors such as terrorist attacks and
  natural disasters

 In 2011 outbound UK market - projected 18% growth
UK Market Trends: Changes in consumer behaviour

     Customers now faced with overwhelming choice compared to just 5 years
     Demanding more value for money, choice and variety
     Travel more often - for shorter periods
     Stronger demand for new destinations and experiences
     Increasing demand for holidays to previously less popular and less
      affordable destinations. (Caribbean, Latin America and Australasia)
     Demand for niche products: spa, golf, cruise, adventure travel, cultural,
      of-the-beaten track locations
     Increasing environmental awareness – want ‘responsible tourism
How is the industry responding?

 •   Destinations pushed to enhance their brands to differentiate themselves
     from the growing competition

 •   Developing marketing strategies with high levels of segmentation and

 •   Increase in tailor-made holidays, city breaks and adventure tourism

 •   Suppliers adapting their products to meet the changing needs of the

 •   Rise of dynamic packaging

 •   Retail travel agents losing share to growing internet based competition

 Exhibitions provide platform to help deliver this
What do Tour Operators want from WTM?

   Contract Managers – negotiate offers for Winter season and contracts & offers
    for Summer season

   Product & Marketing Managers – agree budgets with hotel chains & tourist
    boards for joint advertising campaigns – understand what joint opportunities
    suit both parties. Information about new developments, destination
    opportunities, products & services that could be of interest to the tour operator

   Health & Safety Managers / Overseas Managers – discuss specific hotel
    health & safety or quality issues with suppliers alongside the contractor

   Directors & Senior Managers – the opportunity to meet key suppliers and
    understand how we can develop our working relationship further
   What does this mean for exhibitors at WTM
 Set up meetings in advance and ensure the relevant
people from the tour operator are attending – stands need
meeting areas

 Be prepared to do business there and then
        What offers can you give as a hotelier?
        What is the marketing budget you are able to agree
        for joint marketing?
        What types of activity and what timings would you
        like for a joint campaign?

 Prepare information in advance that you think the tour
operator may be interested in – send to the tour operator in
advance to allow for a more detailed discussion

 Be ready to discuss strategic direction if more senior
team are present at the meeting
Who visited WTM 2007?

   Meridian Club members   12,793
    UK                      7,154
    Overseas                5,639
   Trade professionals     10,928
    UK                      7,020
    Overseas                3,908
   Press                   2,833
   Ministers               124
   Total visitors          28,079 (ABC Audited)
        Visitor interest levels in Latin America
       3,577 of all visitors to WTM ’07 expressed an
       interest in Latin America (Represents 13%)

       Event Management Companies:       36
       Exhibition Organiser:             17
       Group Traveller Organiser:        159
       Incentive House/Agency:           17
       Private Travel Arranger:          22
       Tour Operator:                    931
       Wholesaler:                       72
       Travel Agency:                    425
       Corporates:                       70
       Conference Organiser:             130

*Source: FUSION
Who exhibited in 2007?

 618 Main Standholders
 4,794 Exhibiting Partners
 Over 190 countries
 5,412 total exhibiting companies

 20,116 Exhibiting Personnel

Total Industry Participation: 48,195 (ABC Audited)
Latin America Region
 Total Area:                   3,383 sqm
 Total Main Stand-holders:     32
 Total Exhibiting Companies:   438
 National Tourism Boards:      19
 Private Sector:               425
How can we help you generate more
        business at WTM?

Today will give you some new
ideas ………….
   Exhibitor Zone accessed via

 Main source of information

 Receive own logon / password
 Make sure your details are up-to-date in exhibitor zone
  (links to show catalogue details)
 Fill out online profile including product, geographic and
  sector categories links into PEP’s – takes 2 minutes and
  is really important

     Website is visitors search engine
        for who is at the show!
  WTM Personal Event Planner (PEP)
• Hosted within the WTM website
• Website users to select product, sector and/or geographical to
  generate a tailored pdf Personal Event Planner document to
   – Exhibitors
   – Seminars / conferences
   – Press releases
   – Pinpoints on the floorplan by region
   – Appointment requests
Buyers club…
• Meridian Club is RTE’s Business Club for the travel industry

• Annual Membership exclusively reserved for senior travel
  buyers from:

   Outbound Tour Operators, Domestic Tour Operators, Coach
   Tour Operators, Group Travel Organisers, Business Travel
   Companies, Online Travel Companies, Conference Organisers,
   Meeting Planners, Incentive Travel Agencies,
                2007 Admission Policy
• In 2007 admission into WTM on the first two days was by Meridian
  Club membership only

• Exhibitor feedback and research shows:

    Visitors wanting to attend on Monday and Tuesday could not do so
     unless they were nominated by an Exhibitor and they qualified as
     travel trade buyers.
    Some nominees were not being invited on first 2 days as they did
     not qualify as Meridian Club Buyers.
           New 2008 Admission Policy
Monday 10 November
Opening Day – admission by invitation only
Exhibitors, Exhibitor Invitees*, Ministers and Press

Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 November
Admission by pre-registration to all travel professionals
Exhibitors, Exhibitor Invitees*, Meridian Club members, Travel
  Trade Professionals, Ministers and Press

*As well as attending on Monday 10 November Exhibitor Invitees can
   also attend on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 13 November
• Definition of Meridian Club as a brand that allows exhibitors to identify
  travel buyers
• Separate the Meridian Club from the admission policy
• Positive move to allow trade visitors to attend on more days
• Exhibitors to see the people they wish to invite through the strategically
  designed ‘My Invitation’ process
• Exhibitors are able to place an increased focus on Business meetings,
  Press and Ministers on the Opening Day
• To spread attendance across 4 event days
       The Exhibitor Invitation Process
• Replaces the Meridian Club nominations programme
• Submit your list of individuals for the Opening Day through ‘My
  Invitations’ within your exhibitor zone
• Allocation of up to 20 individual buyers per exhibiting company.

   Deadline: Monday 18th August

• Access to the pre-registered invitees database to target key buyers 7
  weeks before the show (available September 19th)
Additional opportunities…..

 Exclusive networking at the M-Bar, Meridian Club’s buyer-
  exhibitor evening reception (Monday and Tuesday 17:00-
  19:00), at the Meridian Club Lounge

 Opportunity to have a private one-to-one meeting in Meridian
  Club meeting rooms

       Overview of Event programme
Opening Day - Admission by invitation only.
• Opening Ceremony
• Press conferences / interviews / launches
• Captains of Industry lunch
• No seminar / conference programme

Admission by pre-registration to Meridian Club members
Travel trade professionals, Press.
• Ministers Summit
• Full seminar / conference programme
Admission by pre-registration to Meridian Club members, Travel trade
  professionals, Press.
• WTM World Responsible Tourism Day (part of a 2 day programme)
• Full seminar / conference programme
• Student programme

Admission by pre-registration to Meridian Club members, Travel trade
   professionals, International Press & Students.
• WTM Global Economic Forum
• WTM Responsible Tourism educational programme
• Full seminar / conference programme
• Exhibitor to exhibitor networking
• Retail – travel agents, homeworkers, call centre staff, group travel organisers
• Student programme
Help us to build your profile both before
                           & during WTM
PR planning & preparation is vital:

Let us know exciting new initiatives / stories for regional & sector news
16 Leading industry publications worldwide covering WTM
CNBC & Travel Channel - Official Broadcast partners, UK National Press
WTM Radio – your very own syndicated radio interviews
5 key ways of targeting the media at WTM:

 Press Release on your own Exhibitor Zone

 Press Packs – Press Lounge

 Launchpad

 Media Bulletin

 Media Diary of Events

Online newsletter
Breaking News
New products, launches and innovation by exhibitors
Issued mid October
Write 100 words on new service/new product
Include your email/telephone number
Email to
Deadline September 1st
Media Bulletin
Given to nearly 3,000 visiting media
Used for on site coverage - strategic initiatives
Used by media as reference post WTM
We will contact all those on the Exhibitor PR Contacts
database at beginning of September
Is your PR Contact on this database?
If not please send their details to Katy on or complete the online form
on WTM website
Media Diary of Events

Given to over 3,000 visiting media from around the world

At-a-glance record of all events at World Travel Market

Complete the online form in PR Manual – deadline October 10th
WTM World Responsible Tourism Day

   Most ambitious responsible tourism day of action ever undertaken
   Global reach
   In association with the UNWTO
   Supported by major industry associations and figures eg WTTC, PATA
   An opportunity for the industry to signal a universal commitment to
    preserve, sustain our world for future generations
               Cape Town Principles

   Stopping negative economic, environmental and social impacts
   Generating new prosperity
   Creating a better quality of life
   Empowering local communities
   Working to preserve our natural heritage
         Why World Travel Market?
 WTM campaigning for responsible tourism over past 15 years
 Originally with WTM’s Environmental Awareness Day
 Then with Responsible Tourism Day
 Eventually Responsible Tourism Day events attracted “standing
  room only” audience worldwide
 Time to take our campaign an important step further…
Simple reasons to change our world:

 Aim is to push the environmental lobby onto mainstream
  international tourism agenda
 Make a difference by taking constructive, meaningful action
 Involve staff, suppliers, communities and media
 Challenge, educate and inspire
 But also by: Marking WTM World Responsible Tourism Day with a
  special event e.g. a press conference, seminars, workshops,
  information fair, a creative product
               How to get involved

 Log on to
 Learn more about WRTD activity
 Let us know about you responsible tourism initiatives
 Apply for approval to use the WTM WRTD logo on your sales and
  marketing literature
 Dedicated WRTD Hotline: Telephone +44 (0)1732 866121
     Support for WRTD Participants
Those who qualify to use the WTM WRTD logo could also receive:
 Publicity on the WTM WRTD website
 In WTM WRTD newsletters, distributed globally
 In Spotlight, WTM WRTD’s colour magazine, available on the day
  and via the WRTD website
Points to remember….
Ensure you invite your key target clients through the ‘My Invitations’
Access the ‘Opening Day’ list of pre-registered buyers
Up-date your on-line company profile, load press release & logo
Submit editorial on new products & services for publication online in
the e-newsletters, Launchpad & regional roundups for GMN partner
Utilise the Meridian Club meeting facility/M-bar
Utilise on-site publications
Data capture
Review results – were objectives achieved ?
Feedback to your Main Standholder
Travel Services
                       Travel Services
•   Accommodation - Expotel
•   Flights
•   Trains
•   Travelcards - Leisurepass
•   Oyster Cards – Visit Britain (new for 2008)
•   Riverboats – Thames Clippers
•   Chauffeur Services – Tristar
•   Airport Express Trains – LHR, LGW, STN

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