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									The "Green Jobs" Radical Network
Tides Foundation Founder /CEO: Drummond Pike, Treasurer of Sorosbacked Democracy Alliance Former board member: Wade Rathke, ACORN projects program $$$, launch $ Tides Center Founder and CEO: Drummond Pike Former board member: Wade Rathke, ACORN project of launch $$ Apollo Alliance Chairman: Phil Angelides Board members: Ellen Pao, partner at KleinerPerkins, Al Gore venture capital firm Gerland Hudson, SEIU VP John Podesta Lew Gerard, United Steelworkers Union President Former board member: Van Jones, Green Jobs Czar spin off $$$ Ella Baker Center Founder: Van Jones, selfdescribed Communist, now Obama Green Jobs Czar Partners Hewlett Foundation Charman: Walter Hewlett President: Paul Brest Board member now in Obama administration: Steven Chu, Energy Secretary $$$ Project of/funded by $$$ National Commission on Energy Policy Former chairman: White House science advisor John Holdren Executive Director Jason Grumet was chief energy advisor on Obama campaign Board member: Lew Gerard, United Steelworkers Union President $$$ Center for American Progress President: John Podesta Former fellow: Van Jones sends daily talking points

Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law sponsor of PoliceWatch, which became Ella Baker

ACORN $$$ Founded by Wade Rathke Indicted on multiple election law violations Formerly employed President Obama as trainer and counsel Tightly interconnected $$$ SEIU President Andy Stern VP Gerland Hudson Wade Rathke, Founder and chief organizer, SEIU Local 100

Designed and promoted Stimulus Bill $787 billion in spending on farleft wish-list

$$$ Friends of the Earth Tides gave $180,000 in 2008 to "integrate a climate equity perspective in the the presidential transition"

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