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Green Jobs Network August by enviroknow


									Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law Sponsor of PoliceWatch, which became the Ella Baker Center

The “Green Jobs” Radical Network
Institute for America’s Future Robert Borosage, President Center on Wisconsin Strategy Joel Rogers, Director

Hewlett Foundation Chairman: Walter Hewlett President: Paul Brest Fmr. Board Member: Steven Chu
Energy Secretary for Obama

Spin-O Organization


Founded & Funds

Ella Baker Center
Self-described Communist, now Obama Green Jobs Czar

Founder: Van Jones

Apollo founded by Dan Carol as a joint project of IAF & COWS


National Commission on Energy Policy Former Chairman: John Holdren
White House Science Advisor Chief Energy Advisor for Obama Campaign

(A Project of the Tides Center)

Apollo Alliance

Executive Director: Jason Grumet Board Member: Leo Gerard

Chairman: Phil Angelides Tides Center Founder/CEO: Drummond Pike Board Member: Dan Carol Fmr. Chairman: Wade Rathke Board Members: Ellen Pao Gerland Hudson
SEIU VP Center for American Progress President

United Steelworkers Union President

Partner @ Kleiner-Perkins (Al Gore VC rm)

Receives Daily Talking Points Center for American Progress President: John Podesta Former Fellow: Van Jones Current Fellow: Bracken Hendricks Receives Daily Talking Points

John Podesta Leo Gerard Carl Pope

Projects Program

United Steelworkers Union President Sierra Club President

Tides Foundation Founder/CEO: Drummond Pike
Treasurer of Soros-backed Democracy Alliance ACORN

Former Board Member: Van Jones
Green Jobs Czar

Fmr. Board Member: Wade Rathke

First Executive Director and author with Rep. Jay Inslee of Apollo’s Fire

Former Sta : Bracken Hendricks

SEIU President: Andy Stern Vice President: Gerland Hudson Wade Rathke, Founder and Chief Organizer, SEIU Local 100

Receives Daily Talking Points ACORN
Indicted on multiple election law violations

Designed and Promoted

Friends of the Earth $787 billion in spending on far-left wish list, including $110B of “green spending” Partner Organizations

Stimulus Bill

Founder: Wade Rathke Formerly employed President Obama as trainer and counsel KEY:

Received $180,000 from Tides Foundation in 2008 to “integrate a climate equity perspective in the presidential transition” Political/Personnel Connection Financial Connection

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