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                                         Vol. XIII, No 16 April 20, 2009

                                         Identifying (Sick) Members
                                                 To Head Off Bigger Problems Later

By Kevin Jepson,                                                                                           “We’re looking at what types of mortgages
Technology Correspondent                                                                                   are going sideways and talking to the bor-
                                                                                                           rowers ahead of time. Or our central servic-
NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.–Maxed-                                                                               es department might see multiple overdrafts
out members are getting personal calls from                                                                and send a report to the CRM and to an
financial advisors at North Shore Credit                                       Special Repo                assigned account, with the idea that maybe
Union here, who are acting on daily alerts                                      Technology                 the financial advisor should call the account
issued by the CU’s Customer Relationship                                                                   holder.”
Management (CRM) system.                                                                                      “We’re constantly looking to see where the
   Whether members are maxed-out by debt                                                                   next issue is,” he said.
or by disheartening financial headlines, the                                                                  CRM also helped North Shore reach out
$2-billion CU uses CRM data to “help                                                                       in November to about 200 “key” members
members who are trending toward a posi-                                                                    to bulk up deposits in a time where mem-
tion we don’t want to see them in and to                 North Shore automatically translates data        bers were justifiably “skittish” about other
quickly deal with the risks in our books of            from multiple systems into CRM reports that        investments, Cook continued. The provin-
business,” said Fred Cook, CIO.                        alert financial advisors about loan and deposit    cial government had just voted to provide
   The CRM system–the heart of North                   trends, Cook explained. Each advisor has an        unlimited deposit insurance to all credit
Shore’s tech anatomy–amasses data from mul-            assigned “book” of members to counsel.             unions in British Columbia, up from the
tiple systems, including the core, mutual              “About 20% of our members are assigned to          previous $100,000 protection–and North
funds, investment, credit products and insur-          a financial advisor. One advisor would be          Shore used CRM to make the most of the
ance systems, and is thus able to keep an eye          looking at mortgage reports, another at            change.
on myriad trends, such as rate changes, or on          investment reports. The advisor then calls the       “The day that unlimited insurance was
segments of its portfolios, such as jumbo              member to take a proactive approach” to            announced, we used the system to reach out
loans, Cook said.                                      stemming delinquencies or ramping up               to all key accounts and reassure them that
   North Shore has used Pivotal CRM, offered           deposits.                                          the credit union industry was strong and
by Atlanta-based CDC Software, since 2000.                                                                that insurance was unlimited,” said Cook.
   “CRM has always been the place where we start
and end our day in terms of how we interact with
members,” added Cook. “But at times like this,
CRM is an even sharper tool. When the
                                                       W     e’re looking at
                                                              what types of
                                                       mortgages are going
                                                                                                          That made members think twice about
                                                                                                          spreading their deposits across several insti-
                                                                                                          tutions–they could keep all their money at
                                                                                                          North Shore and have it 100% insured, he
market shifts, it’s a matter of how well you respond   sideways and talking                               said.
to the information you have on your members.”                                                               That campaign was superior to “blowing
   CDC Software has noticed that more cus-               to the borrowers                                 our brains out with jumbo rates” to attract
tomers are using Pivotal to get “closer and               ahead of time.                                  deposits and then “trying to figure out how to
more consistently in touch” with members,                                                                 pay for them in the future,” Cook said.
according to Jason Rushforth, VP-worldwide                  –Fred Cook                                      The results? “The calls were very success-
marketing at CDC. “Our customers are                                                                      ful,” according to Cook. “We know from our
reaching out to every member, whether                    “We have not gone down in our book of            statistics that making a few phone calls makes
through direct calls or emails. Member needs           business as much as the marketplace has taken      a difference. We also get the opportunity to
are dramatically different today than they             a hit, and part of that is because we’re talking   have trusted, advisory conversations and
were two years ago.”                                   proactively to our members,” Cook said.            understand our members’ fears.”

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