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					                                  Tips On Interview

Tips on interview provides valuable Interview tips and techniques on how to face interviews. We
know many people struggle with interviews though they are the most experienced and best
qualified for the job. Interview is used as a platform to determine whether you are qualified for
the required job position, motivated to do the job and to find if you are the right fit for the applied

Tips on interview is an Open Database where you can search for interview skills, interview
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job seeker should bear in mind before attending a job interview.

When you attend for an interview you should answer questions in a way which is acceptable to an
interviewer, but not necessarily right to the interviewer. If you are applying for any job then there
are different types of interviews conducted to find if you are the suitable person for their
company. Handling the hot seat can be one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of the job hunting
process. But there are plenty of ways to calm those interview nerves, be prepared and get ready
to make the right impression.

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1.   Did you work on PPC?
2.   Is sitemap usefull for Seo?
3.   Do you know HTML Coading?
4.   Explain your seo Experience?
5.   Can you write HTML code by hand?
6.   Did you work on PPC?
7.   Is sitemap usefull for Seo?
8.   Do you know HTML Coading?
9. Explain your seo Experience?
10. Can you write HTML code by hand?
11. What Seo tools do you regularly use?
12. Explain importance of meta tags in seo?
13. Why are you leaving your current seo job?
14. Have you attended any seo conferences?
15. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
16. Give me a description of your general SEO experience.
17. What role do social media play in an SEO strategy?
18. Explain what META tags matter in today’s SEO world?
19. What kind of SEO strategies do you normally implement for back links?
20. What do you think is different about working for an SEO agency vs. doing SEO in-house?
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22. As a seo consultant Do you consider yourself as creative?
23. Have you ever prepared proposal for seo clients? if yes can you give me one proposal now?
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26. In what area of seo are you strong ? And what area of seo you are weak?
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Job Interview Tips

Preparation and confidence are very important tips. Before attending an interview we need to be
well prepared, you must prepare yourself practically for the interview and gather information
which is useful during the interview. Preparations means not only preparation of your syllabus etc.
but also look at the company’s website and learn something about the company before you attend
your interview. People say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. The
interview is your opportunity.

Checklist before attending an interview.

* When you are called for an interview you have to confirm about the date, time, and location of
the interview.
* Be on time, you have to plan to be earlier than half an hour before the interview schedule time.
And if you are going to be late, then best option is call them.
* You have to wear professional dress. Get your hair cut and styled, No gum, cigarette smell,
heavy scents.
* Concentrate on the interview at the interview
* On arrival ensure that receptionist knows you are present.
* Your interview letter must be with you.
* If you are asked to bring certificates, references etc, get them ready before the day of
* Always keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
* Collect sample questions on job interview.
* You can sign up to do a mock interview with a career counselor.
* Get a good night’s sleep before your interview so you’ll be as psychologically physically and
emotionally ready for interview as possible.
* Carry additional resumes for distribution to department heads, search committees, and others
you may meet who have not seen your resume.
* Employers typically require references. Get permission before using anyone as a reference.
Make sure that they will give you a good reference. Try to avoid using relatives as references.
* If you have to do a formal presentation, be well prepared.
* PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, In front of a mirror or with an audience of friends or

Points to remember during interview.

* Good smile always please people. Smile is one of the things which may matter in your
impression during interview.
* Do not forget for firm handshake.
* Eye contact without glaring shows your confidence.
* Be ready to briefly describe your experience, showing how it relates it the job.
* During interview time do not talk too much
* don’t interrupt to interviewer when he/she is talking
* Always remember that communication is two-way
* Avoid sounding as though you assume the job is yours.
* It is fine to ask about the package on offer and accommodation
* It is important to listen to the question asked and answer that question.
* At some point during your interview, you’ll be asked whether you have any questions. Asking
questions demonstrate your level of interest in the job, so be prepared with questions to ask, and
jot some down during the interview. Your ability to ask straightforward, insightful questions lets
the interviewer understand your perspective and concerns, as well as your judgment and
analytical ability.
* you need to learn how to close your interview to win the job
* Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information targeted towards the
company needs, have your facts ready.
* Avoid negative comments about past employers.
* Evaluate/Review your interview’s strengths/weaknesses immediately after the interview.Be
cooperative and enthusiastic.

5 Main interview tips

In today’s competitive world based on companies requirement the company’s are conducting
different levels of interviews to filter the candidates.And many candidates would search for
interview tips or some one who know few things regarding the jobs interviews.The main object
of is to guide the candidate what are different types of interviews and
different interview questions and few sample interview questions and interview techniques and
how to face a personal interview, all these are to help the candidate to get through the

In the past there is only one interview round to offer a position/job to a candidate. Now there are
different rounds in the interview they are

1)written test.
2)technical test.
3)group discussion or group interview.
4)Telephone interview or telephonic round.
5)personal interview.

These are the interview rounds what we generally see in the companys.

The basic question we have here is.How do candidates prepare for these interview rounds and
what are the questions asked in these interview rounds. we are here to help you providing few
interview tips in .In this we can find different questions that are
repeated in the interviews. Here we are providing few sample job interview tips in .To help the candidates who are preparing for job interviews.

1)written test tips:

While preparing for written interview you have to be well prepared on the skill set you are
working and you can also go through the company sample interview questions so that you will
have an idea how the interviewer is asking the questions. Answer all the questions which you
know well first. And you can think about the others later.You can also find few sample interview
questions and tips in asked by few company’s in the past.

2) Technical interview tips: This is the second interview round to check your technical strengths.
The name technical interview it self tells us the interview is completely based on technical skills.
Based on the skill you can find few technical interview techniques and tips in .we are able to collect at least few sample technical interview questions

3)tips on Group interview or group discussion: In this interview you will be given a topic and ask
you to discuss regarding the topic. Try to take initiation in the group interview because the main
aim of this round is to check the leadership quality of the candidate and his convencing way to the
group members.Here you have to introduce yourself first and then move into the topic. first talk
about the advantages and then move to the disadvantages later and you have to close discussion
in such a way that showing the advantages and disadvantages so that the interviewers get
impressed in the group interviews.

4) Telephone interviews tips : In Telephone interview many people get tensed of this. But we
should be every confident in phone interview and no need of getting tensed because the
interviewer is not before you. And before hanging up the call and if you are confident that you did
your interview well. You can also ask the interviewer when you are going to have your second

5)Personal interview tips: personal interview is also called as face to face interview. Here you
should be very confident while answering the questions asked by the interviwer and this is the
round to fix your salarys, so be confident while discussing regarding the salary .

These are the few sample interview questions in a job interview.Our main idea is to provide few
interview tips for the candidates who are preparing for interviews.And help the candidates to
prepare well for there interviews.And we are trying to get more and more sample interview
questions and tips in future.