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                              Bruce Partain Collection

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   Creator:        Bruce Partain
   Title:          Bruce Partain Collection
   Abstract:       Photographic and slide collection of Bruce Partain
   Identification: 2001-50
   Repository:     The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

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      Gift of Bruce Partain, 2001

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Collection Inventory
    Box 1 of
      Folder 2001-50-00 - Administration
          2001-50-00.01: Collection Inventory

Folder 2001-50.01 Slides
 p2001-50.01.01-p2001-50-01- 58                     Polo, Color Slides ca 1982
 p-2001-50.01.59-p2001-50.01.177                    Drilling, Color Slides ca 1982
 p2001-50-01.178-p-2001-50.01-257                   Drilling, Color Slides ca 1982-82

Folder 2001-50.02 – Slides
 p-2001-50-02.01-p2001.50.02-29                     Loggins & Messina 12-05-74

Folder 2001-50.03 – Slides
 p-2001-50-03.01-p-200150.03.41                     Glassware, VW, Laura & Misc.

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Folder 2001-50.04 – Slides
 p-2001-50-04.01-p-2001.50.04.104          London, Scotland & pumpjack 1981

Folder 2001-50.05 – Slides
 p-2001-50.05.01-p-2001.50.05.100             FNB, C of C. Misc ca 1979 & 1978

Folder 2001-50.06- Slides
 p-2001-50.06.01-p-2001-50.06.160             Drilling & Bull in lights

Folder 2001-50.07 - Slides
 p-2001-50.07.01-p-2001-50.07.59              Slide Show-Focus & 1st NB Logo
                                              ca 1976
Folder 2001-50.08 – Slides
 p-2001-50.08.01 – p-2001-50.08.40             Geologists
 p-2001-50.08.41 – p-2001-50.08.60             3 M Multi Image & rigs ca ‘77, ‘79
 p-2001-50.08.61 – p-2001-50.08.80             Stacks & rigs ca 1979
 p-2001-50.08 .81- p-2001-50.08.120            Stacks, Bits & Field Trip ca 1981
 p-2001-50.08-121- p-2001-50.08.155            Texas Skies ca 1979 & 1975

Folder 2001-50.09 – Slides
 p-2001-50.09- 01-p-2001-50.09.20                   Symphony, New York, Drilling. Ca 1982
 p-2001-50.09-21-p-2001-50.09-40                     Offshore drilling rig.
 p-2001-50.09-41-p-2001-50-09.60                     Off shore Drilling. & land Drilling.
 p-2001-50.09-61-p-2001-50.09.80                    Drilling
 p-2001-50.09-81-p-2001-50-09.100                    Drilling, B Limited 1983
 p-2001-50.09-101-p-2001-50.09.119                  How To Find Oil
 p-2001-50.09-120-p-2001-50.09.137                  Drilling
 p-2001-50.09.138-p-2001-50.09.157                   Drilling

Folder 2001-50.10 – Slides
 p-2001-50-10-01- p-2001-50.10.20                    Drilling
 p-2001-50.10-21 – p-2001-50.10.40                   Drilling
 p-2001-50.10-41-p-2001-50.10.60                     Drilling
 p-2001-50.10-61 p 2001-50.10.80                     Drilling – 8 Years to Market
 p-2001-50.10-81-p-2001-50.10.100                    How We Drill For Oil
 p-2001-50.10-101-p-2001-50.10.120                   Origin of Oil; office staff
 p-2001-50.10-121-p-2001-50.10.140                   Bank party & staff

Folder 2001-50.11 – Slides
 p-2001-50.11-01-p-2001-50.11.20                     Staff & Drilling
 p-2001-50.11-21-p-2001.50.11.39                     Drilling
 p-2001-50.11-41-p-2001.50.11.60                     Drilling
 p-2001-50.11-61-p-2001-50.11.80                     Drilling Day & night
 p-2001-50.11-81-p-2001-50.11.100                    Drilling Offshore & night
 p-2001-50.11-101-p-2001-50.11.114                   Drilling Offshore

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Folder 2001-50.12 – Slides
 p-2001-50.12-01-p-2001-50.12.15                     Young girl & field trip
 p-2001-50.12-16-p-2001-50.12.31                     Gauges & welder
 p-2001-50.12-32-p-2001-50.12.51                     Texas American Oil Co
 p-2001-50.12-52-p-2001-50.12.70                     Texas American Oil Co
 p-2001-50.12-71-p-2001-50.12.84                     Street scenes-Midland
 p-2001-50.12.85-p-2001-50.12.104                     Drilling & people

Folder 2001-50.13 – Slides
 p-2001-50.13-01-p-2001-50.13.16                      Drilling
 p-2001-50.13-17-p-2001-50.13.32                      Drilling
 p-2001-50.13-33-p-2001-50.13.48                      Treater; tanker
 p-2001-50.13-49-p-2001-50.13.68                      Drilling & men
 p-2001-50.13-69-p-2001-50.13.86                      Drilling & men
 p-2001-50.13-87-p-2001-50.13.106                     TX American Energy Corp.
 p-2001-50.13-107-p-2001-50.13.122                    TX American Energy Corp.

Folder 2001-50.14 – Slides
 p-2001-50.14-01 – p-2001-50.14.18                   Drilling; Cleaning tanks
 p-2001-50.14-19 - p-2001-50.14 34                   Drilling; Office personnel
 p-2001-50.14-35 – p-2001-50.14.54                   Welder; Office personnel
 p-2001-50.14-55 – p-2001-50.14.74                   Seismic trucks
 p-2001-50.14-75 – p-2001-50.14.94                   Drilling; trucks
 p-2001-50.14-95 – p-2001-50.14.109                  Drilling; trucks

Folder 2001-50.15 – Slides
 p-2001-50.15.01 – p-2001-50.15.18                   Offshore Drilling
 p-2001-50.15.19 – p-2001-50.15.30                   Drilling; Hogs
 p-2001-50.15.31 – p-2001-50.15.45                   Night Drilling
 p-2001-50.15.46 – p-2001-50.15.65                   Drilling; Hickory Field.
 p-2001-50.15.66 – p-2001-50.15.85               TX American Energy Corporation Drilling
 p-2001-50.15.86 – p-2001-50.15.103                  Drilling
 p-2001-50.15.104 – p-2001-50.15.118                 Drilling

Folder 2001-50.16 – Slides
 p-2001-50.16.01 – p-2001-50.16.19                    TX American Energy Corporation
 p-2001-50.16.20 – p-2001-50.16.37                    Parker & Parsley
 p-2001-50.16.38 – p-2001-50.16.56                    Drilling
 p-2001-50.16.57 – p-2001-50.16.76                    Drilling

Folder 2001-50.17 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.17.01 – p-2001-50.17.10                   Laura, Power, Pencil Collector,

                                     Do Not Cite

                                                    Tennis, Motorbike racers, Bell
                                                    Ringers, Egg, Faceting, Metal
                                                    Worker, Boot shine

Folder 2001-50.18 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.18.01 – p-2001-50.18 04                    Birds on branches, Gymnast,
                                                     Eliana Dreams; South Plains

Folder 2001-50.19 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.19.01 – p-2001-50.19.02                    Carnie; Under the Boardwalk

Folder 2001-50.20 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.20.01-p-2001-50.20.09                    Unidentified; Beginning, Unidentified
                                                   area; Laura, OSU Football team,
                                                   Unidentified area; Football players &
                                                   coaches, Player & coach, Man w/horse.

Folder 2001-50.21 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.21.01 – p-2001-50.21 12                  Accident; Skinfold; Young girl;
                                                   Athletes w/coach; Fall ‘77 football
                                                   Game; Baseball game; Street scene;
                                                   Three people @ pumpjack; Four
                                                   Ladies; Unidentified ladies; Boy w/

Folder 2001-50.22 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.22.01 – p-2001-50.22.14                  Skeet shooter; Military couple; Boy
                                                    blowing bubble gum; Boy w/ Halloween
                                                    character; Skeet shooting pad;
                                                   Fall ‘76 negative sheet; Fall ‘76
                                                   Negative sheet; Symphony –Dec. ‘76;
                                                   Damaged car; Ice scene-Jan ‘78; Un-
                                                   Identified lady –Jan ‘78; Girl‘s
                                                   Basketball-Jan ‘78; Boys Basketball
                                                   Jan ‘78; Basketball game-1977-‘78

Folder 2001-50.23 - Photographs
 p-2001-50.23.01 p-2001-50.23.11                    Fence; Man w/trum Petroleum;
Building. Accident
                                                    scene; Lady feeding cake to man;
                                                    Midland sands to Room; Dollar bills, Ice
                                                    on car; Trailer house; Lady w/kerosene
                                                    lamp; Symphony Debs, Window

                                   Do Not Cite


Folder 2001-50.24 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.24.01-p-2001-50.24.12                   Unidentified male, Rebel Basketball
                                                 game; Rebel Basketball game; Ice on
                                                  car; Larry Lozano; Unidentified
                                                  ladies; Unidentified young girls;
                                                  Putting out fire, Golfer, Candy
                                                  Stripers & others; Unidentified
                                                  People; Library.

Folder 2001-50.25 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.25.01-p-2001-50.25.12                  Job Fair, 01-04 1978; Bob Dole; Bob
                                                 Dole 1977; Dole Rally 1976; Bob Dole
                                                 Bob Dole 08-11 1976; Bob Dole Rally

Folder 2001-50.26 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.26.01-p-2001-50.26.12                  Accident scene; Unidentified adults &
                                                 students; Bob Dole w/supporters; Bob
                                                 Dole; Beth Ledbetter; Students in
                                                 school; Unidentified man; Swine Flu
                                                 meeting; Unidentified children; Un-
                                                 identified lady; Miss Sissy; Lee vs.
                                                 Abilene Cooper Basketball game
Folder 2001-50.27 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.27.01-p-2001-50.27.12                  Two young girls; Rig; Bird; Monkey
                                                 in cage; Young girls w/balloon; Man
                                                 getting haircut; Unidentified people
                                                 hugging; Pouring cement; Baking
                                                 bread; Unidentified couple, Unidentified
                                                 lady, Unidentified lady w/child.

Folder 2001-50.28 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.29.01-p-2001-50.29.12                  Tiger; Lee vs. Permian Football game;
                                                 Girl w/goats; Injured man-04-06;
                                                 Storeroom clouds, Umpire Mets Coach;
                                                 Bicycle auction; Unidentified man;
                                                 Girl ―mowing water‖; Midland

Folder 2001-50.29 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.29.01-p-2001-50.29.12                  House under repair; Lady playing
                                                 tennis; Unidentified male; Two
                                                 umpires; Carmen McCollom, 1976;

                                        Do Not Cite

                                                      Brad Swendig; Cosden Oil Refinery
                                                      Fire; Big Lake, Texas Pilgrim;
                                                      Refinery fire; House fire; Three
                                                      People @ PBPM pumpjacks; Two

Folder 2001-50.30 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.30.01-p-2001-50.30.13                        Jim Hall; Jim Crawford w/CSC
                                                       children; Unidentified tennis player;
                                                       Unidentified skeet shooter; Unidentified
                                                      girl eating corn on cob;

Folder 2001-50.30 – Photographs cont.                  Unidentified sewing teacher w/3
                                                      Girls; Unidentified ladies w/beads;
                                                      Unidentified ladies preparing food;
                                                      Unidentified lady; Unidentified ladies;
                                                      Dr. Viola Coleman w/unidentified
                                                      Men; Dr. Viola Coleman w/ unidentified

Folder 2001-50.31 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.31.01-p-2001-50.31.15                      VP Nelson Rockefeller, Unidentified
                                                      man fixing bicycle tire; Wendy
                                                      Hickman, Lee Homecoming Duchess;
                                                      Sidney Lennox blowing bubbles; Un-
                                                      Identified bride; Ostrich, Panther
                                                      Football scrimmage; Birds in flight;
                                                      Accident scene; Unidentified people
                                                      @cotton field; Unidentified lady
                                                      w/baby; Delicatessen sign, Denice‘s

Folder 2001-50.32 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.32.01-p-2001-50.32.15                     Foreign Exchange student; Glass of
                                                   beer; Unidentified skateboarder;
                                             Unidentified people; Swim meet – WTL-
                                                   COM; Federal prisoners; Cotton
                                                   Filled truck; Unidentified lady;
                                                   Andrews Football ‗76; Andrews
                                                   Football ‘76; Andrews Football
                                                   1976; Unidentified youngsters; MC
                                                   students; Unidentified lady.

Folder 2001-50.33 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.33. 01 – p-2001-50.33.15                        Senator John Tower & American

                                    Do Not Cite

                                                  Vets Overseas; Unidentified ladies
                                                  @ Petroleum Museum; Lunch
                                                  counter; Unidentified gymnast;
                                                  Holly Holt; Janice w/choir; Un-
                                                  Identified male; Crossing Guard;
                                                  Yo Yo Champion ‘78; Unidentified
                                                  Man; Unidentified teacher w/student;
                                                  Boy getting mascara applied;
                                                  Swimmers; Unidentified man;
                                                  Unidentified couple

Folder 2001-50.34 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.34 .01-p-2001-50.34.13               Unidentified lady; ―Mule Train‖-
                                               Summer Mummers act; Unidentified
                                               man; MCT Production-Bill
                                               Shaner; Unidentified girl w/wolf
                                             Pup Petroleum; Unidentified Tennis player;
                                               Unidentified man; Man hosing
                                               Burning coach; Girls Basketball
                                               1978; Unidentified man; Unidentified
                                               man w/reflectors; Unidentified
                                               people; Unidentified boy signing
                                               letter; Unidentified girls.

Folder 2001-50.35 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.35.01-p-2001-50.35.12                   Unidentified man; Unidentified man;
                                                  Unidentified drawing; Injured Soccer
                                                  Player; Injured Soccer player;
                                                  Football player; Football player, Football
                                                  Crane; Football-Crane; Girl on
                                                  Inner tube; Harriet Horton.

Folder 2001-50.36 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.36.01-p-2001-50.36.12                  Twirlers; Texas Tech mascot;
                                                  University Land Sale; Volleyball
                                                  Game; Volleyball game; Volleyball
                                                  Game; Spectators; Volleyball time-
                                                  Out; Facilities tour; Unidentified
                                                  Lady; Overhead watering in field;

Folder 2001-50.37 - Photographs
 p-2001-50.37.01-p-2001-50.37.15                   Unidentified couple; Unidentified
                                                  man; Unidentified man w/microphone;
                                                  Unidentified man w/microphone;

                                   Do Not Cite

                                                Unidentified musicians; Unidentified
                                                Musicians; Unidentified guitarists;
                                     President George H. W. Bush; President George H
                                                W. Bush; Unidentified lady; Lady
                                                w/baby in pool; Girl in pool; Girl in
                                                pool; Children playing ball in pool;
                                                Children in Swim masks @ pool.

Folder 2001-50.38 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.38,01-p-2001-50.38.12                   Reagan/Bush party-Dallas Smith,
                                                 Unknown, David Godfrey; Aida
                                                 Dunlap w/Roger; Roger playing pool
                                                  @ Opportunity Center; Roger in front
                                                 of Bulldog sign; Baseball game; Baseball
                                                  game; Soccer; Midland/Lee Freshman;
                                                  Basketball game; Basketball game;
                                                 Basketball game; Midland bank members.

Folder 2001-50.39 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.39.01-p-2001-50.39.12                     Lee/San Angelo football game; Lee/
                                                 San Angelo football game; Permian
                                                 Football game; Permian football game;
                                                 Trinity cheerleaders; Baseball game;
                                                 Lions Convention; Dr. Al Langford,
                                                 MC President; Jesse Grimes and two
                                                 Chinese men; Christmas Tree Farm;
                                                 Male tennis player; Two men w/horse;
                                                 Midland High cheerleaders.

Folder 2001-50.40 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.40.01-p-2001-50.40.12                   Midland and downtown; Midland and
                                                 downtown; San Miguel Square; Style
                                                  show; Man w/level; Carter Re-election
                                                  Headquarters; Chip Carter; Car w/trailer;
                                                  Airplane wreck; Unidentified speaker;
                                                  Horses in parade; Horses in parade.

Folder 2001-50.41 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.41.01-p-2001-50.41.13                   Women w/plaque; Figurine; Man in
                                                  doorway; Tiger Charter Corp. sign;
                                                  Ribbon cutting for Oil Show ‘80;
                                                  Coors Balloon folded; Balloon being
                                                  deflated; Continental airplane; Man
                                                  painting machine; Art Show;

                                        Do Not Cite

                                                      Unidentified ladies; Girl Scouts in small
                                                      boat (parade ?)

Folder 2001-50.42 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.42.01-p-2001-50.42.13                       Dancing girls- Summer Mummers;
                                                      Dancing girls- Summer Mummers
                                                      Unidentified man in car; Chip Carter;
                                                      Chip Carter; Damaged police car;

Folder 2001-50.42 – Photographs cont.                   Accident scene; Unidentified man on
                                                      stage @ mall; Man w/Chinese art
                                                      piece; Man w/Chinese art piece;
                                                      Girl w/balloon; Ladies posting dance
Folder 2001-50.43 – Photographs
  p-2001-50.43.01-p-2001-50.43.12                      Lady weighing; Two ladies @ Diet
                                                      Center; Chas. Green – Midland County
                                                      Agent; Two men walking in field;
                                                      Tech football game; Man w/car &
                                                      storage trailer; People standing in
                                                      line; Dallas Smith; Football game;
                                                      TU bank members & game; Ford
                                                      Motor Co.; Man herding cattle.

Folder 2001-50.44 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.01-p-2001-50.44.14                          Two ladies w/nurse & aide; Man in
                                                      hospital bed & two nurses; Girl w/
                                                      baby in hospital; Man & girl checking
                                                      candy in X-ray machine; Welcome
                                                      UT Bank sign; Man inspecting
                                                      damaged car; Runners; Solitary
                                                      runner; Unidentified speaker; Un-
                                                      identified man & lady; Lady timing
                                                      two Swimmers; Two young girls;
                                                      Rose Knapp-Pakaluk Pup Petroleum

Folder 2001-50.45 – Photographs
 p-2001-50-45.01-p-2001-50.45.15                       Lady in wheel chair bowling; Lady
                                                      holding disabled child; Midtran bus;
                                                      Midtran bus; Lady receiving plaque;
                                                      Unidentified couple; Jackie Ingram-
                                                      Mrs. Tom Ingram; Ladies @ Garage
                                                      sale; Ladies quilting; Lady helping
                                                      children read; Ladies @ Garage sale;

                                      Do Not Cite

                                                    People checking out ceiling fans; Boy
                                                    Climbing rope; Man in wheelchair
                                                    Checking out steps; Man in wheel-
                                                    chair using ramp.

Folder 2001-50.46 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.46.01 – p-2001-50.446.14                  Man building structure; Man having
                                                    blood Pressure checked; Injured man
                                                    being lifted onto stretcher; Lady
                                                    w/young girls; Man @ paint display;
                                                    Arts & Crafts Store; Girls getting off
                                                    school bus; Two girls working w/
                                                    younger children; Lady & child
                                                    looking @ globe; People kicking
                                                    Soccer balls; Picture of Waverly
                                                    High School, Iowa, student body
                                                    19970‘s; Elmer Reeves – 1877;
                                                    Damaged airplanes – Del Rio Airport;
                                                    Zeta Tau reception.

Folder 2001-50.47 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.47.02-p-2001-50.47.11                     Unidentified ladies; Unidentified
                                                    girl; Preparing patient for surgery;
                                                    Boys riding bicycles in street; Injured
                                                    man being treated; People dancing;
                                                    Man w/vintage car; Lee High Brass
                                                    Section; Rebels w/footballs; Dome
                                                    house under construction; Ladies
                                                    shelving books.

Folder 2001-50.48 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.48.01-p-2001-50.48.12                     Trinity Cheerleaders; Trinity
                                                    Cheerleaders; Cigarette papers; Man
                                                    inspecting cars; MMH Nursery;
                                                    Unidentified lady; Lady kissing
                                                    baby; Cowboys @ lunch on ranch;
                                                    Male speaker re budget; Man
                                                    inspecting hole in ground; Shriners;
                                                    Street scene w/cement truck.

Folder 2001-50.49 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.49.01-p-2001-50.49.14                     Martin Allday; Martin Allday; Birds
                                                    in trees; M. Allday in front of building.
                                                    under construction; Man bowling;

                                     Do Not Cite

                                                    Hilton Hotel; Unidentified male; Two
                                                    Unidentified males w/X-rays; Trucks;
                                                    Students @ high school; Pools of
                                                    water; Unidentified lady w/snowman;
                                                    Unidentified male.
Folder 2001-50.50 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.50.01- p-2001-50.50.15                    KYXX Country Music promotion;
                                                    Snowstorm; Snow figure; Unidentified
                                                    couple in trash area w/check in
                                                    hand; Two men having snowball fight;
                                                    Foosball game; Man w/police badges
                                                    and cards; Unidentified male;
                                                    Figurine; Two unidentified men; Out-
                                                    Door Christmas tree; People
                                                    Applauding unseen speaker; Basketball
                                                    Game; Man printing sign; Man w/
                                                    Paintbrush, others in background

Folder 2001-50.51 - Photographs
 p-2001-50.51.01-p-2001-50.51.15                     Lady w/microphone; Exterior wall of
                                                   building; Man sitting on curb; Style show-
                                                    Female; Style Show-Male; K-Mart;
                                                    Bellringers; Don Evans; Unidentified
                                                    male; Mother exercising baby girl;
                                                    Lady w/young boy in pool; Man
                                                    w/pinball machine; Construction
                                                    worker carrying board; Housing in
                                                    Midland; Abandoned drive-in w/
                                                    Scattered tumbleweeds

Folder 2001-50.52 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.52.01-p-2001-50.52.18                     Abandoned Drive-in Theater; Man in
                                                    courtroom w/dog; Street scene
                                                    w/sign; YMCA Yoga class; Boy
                                                    pushing wheelchair; Bank buildings;
                                                    Boy in sprinkler @ Dennis the Menace
                                                    Park; Man lifting weights; Unidentified
                                                    lady; Jan Moore & others; Two
                                                    unidentified ladies w/check; Man
                                                    lecturing to ladies; Narrow stream;
                                                    Man inspecting shoreline; Men
                                                    pouring cement; Lady w/cat.

Folder 2001-50.53 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.53.01 – p-2001-50.53.16                   Unidentified area; Tom & Marge;

                                    Do Not Cite

                                               Inner stairway; Man w/‘81 license
                                               plate; Lady in doorway, Christmas
                                               tree in background; Aida Dunlap
                                               w/Roger; Basketball game; Basket-
                                               game; Basketball game; License
                                               plate-1980; DPS Retirement-Wilson
                                               Speir; Unidentified ladies; Antique
                                               bed-doll on truck; House interior;
                                               Judge Perry Pickett administering
                                             Oath to lady; Children on Swing set;
                                               Man in front of photographs.

Folder 2001-50.54 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.54.01-p-2001-50.54.16                   Damaged steel wall w/boat in front;
                                                  Lady displaying overalls; Lady
                                                  examining antique doll‘s gown; Lady
                                                  showing horse to young girl; Man
                                                  w/vintage car. Unidentified male; Man
                                                  w/equipment; Unidentified men @
                                                  service station; Men checking golf
                                                  score card; Automobile; 911 Fire
                                                  Dispatcher; Midtran bus being
                                                  serviced; Drug Bust line; Unidentified

Folder 2001-50.55 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.55.01-p-2001-50.55.17                   OSU vs. Colorado Football game;
                                                  Unidentified man; Unidentified man.
                                                  OSU band members; ―Old Central‖
                                                  being repaired; Student Union; OSU vs.
                                                  UMSL Basketball; OSU vs. Kansas
                                                  Basketball; Chas. Foster playing
                                                  Tennis; Unidentified group of people;
                                                  OSU vs. Kansas Basketball; Unidentified
                                                  cheerleader; Wrestler; Wrestler;
                                                  Wrestler; Graduate; Wrestler.

Folder 2001-50.56 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.56.01- p-2001-50.56.20                  Crusade for Christ; Clowns;
                                                  Unidentified male; President Jimmy
                                                  Carter‘ Chris Stagl; Building on fire;
                                                  Bruce Partain; Chi Omega clock;
                                                  Two kittens; Unidentified couple;
                                                  VICA; Boys w/baseball trophy;

                                    Do Not Cite

                                                   Boy playing game; Silversmithing;
                                                   Man on College Board addressing
                                                   media; Auto; Unidentified College
                                                   Board member; Unidentified
                                                   speaker; Man w/shirt pulled up.

Folder 2001-50.57 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.57.01-p-2001-50.57. 28                   Football player; Bruce Partain;
                                                   Unidentified man; Unidentified man;
                                                   Unidentified lady; Men working on
                                                   ceiling; Unidentified guitarist;
                                                   Unidentified man; Unidentified man;
                                                   Wrestler; Senator Lloyd Bentson; OSU
                                                   vs. Colorado; San Francisco trolley;
                                                   Bruce Partain; Street scene; Bird on
                                                   rock; #17-#27 Unidentified lady;
                                                   Crank-type window.

Folder 2001-50.58 - Photographs
 p-2001-50.58.01-p-2001-50.58.16                    Man w/Lucky License plate sign;
                                                   Unidentified couple; Street sign;
                                                   C of Commerce opening 206 N. Main;
                                                   Man sorting license plates; Accident
                                                   Scene-car vs. building; Unidentified lady
                                                   w/Beefeater- Ennis Cole; Lady
                                                   teaching girl Swimming; Mickey Cohen
                                                   @ Camp Fire event; Sackrace-Scott
                                                   Goff; Carmen McCollum-Miss Texas
                                                   1976; Oil Show 1076 w/Rep. George
                                                   Mahon & others; Workmen @
                                                  parking garage; Building. rubble; Six men
                                                   sitting on wall; Children watching

Folder 2001-50.59 - Photographs
 p-2001-50.59.01-p-2001-50.59.12                     Ground breaking-unidentified people;
                                                   Designer Bill Blass w/others; Easter
                                                   Truck Co. truck; Man fixing exterior
                                                   clock; Electricians working on lines;
                                                   Crushed beer cans on tree; Bruce
                                                   Partain taking picture; Girl showing
                                                   Picture of lady; Eric Caraway w/Santa;
                                                   Man looking @ building rubble – Old
                                                   Llano Hotel; Boy rolling tire in

                                       Do Not Cite

                                                     street; Man showing dollar bills.

Folder 2001-50.60 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.60.01-p-2001-50.60.13                      Young man lifting weights; Girl
                                                     holding cat w/lady; 1980 Home-
                                                     coming-Mel & Vince; Calligraphy;
                                                     Lady writing in Calligraphy; Tax
                                                     Rally; Unidentified couple; Men
                                                     working on roof after fire; Unidentified
                                                     man; Mayor Ernest Angelo
                                                     Jno. P. Butler; Two police officers;
                                                     Kansas vs. OSU Basketball game;
                                                     Unidentified male.

Folder 2001-50.61 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.61.01-p-2001-50.61.14                      Unidentified man; Unidentified man;
                                                     Two men on airplane strut; Big
                                                     Spring Band members; Fire; Building.
                                                     under construction; Unidentified
                                                     lady; Unidentified man; Two
                                                     unidentified girls; Style show;
                                                     unidentified man & lady; Unidentified
                                                     lady; Rodeo contestant; Couple on

Folder 2001-50.62 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.62.01 – p-2001-50.62-15                    OSU Football game; OSU Football
                                                     game; Unidentified child w/face
                                                     painted; Man @bat; College Cross
                                                     Country runners; Barefoot Sanders;
                                                     OSU band members; Girl @ dressing
                                                     Table; Tank Farm fire; Truck line up;
                                                     Man holding chicken; Wrestling match;
                                                     Trees; Bob Dole in Midland.

Folder 2001-50.63 – Photographs
  p-2001-50.63 – 01-p-2001-50-.63.15                  Texas Tech President Dr. Cecil Mackey;
                                                     Ladybugs; Young ballet dancer on
                                                     stage; Four ladies sitting on piano;
                                                     Young boy playing in water; People in
                                                     waiting area; Four ladies w/lunch pails;
                                                     Two men working on building; Security
                                                     Guard; Swimmer; Swimmers ready for
                                                     Race; Swimmer; Tiger; People in
                                                     eating area; Flags @ Midland Federal

                                     Do Not Cite


Folder 2001-50.64 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.64.01-p-2001-50.64.16                    Bob Dole in Midland; Jonas Arnason,
                                                   Playwright; US vs. Canada Volleyball
                                                   game; Boy ―waterwheeling‖; Golfer
                                                   John Fought; Mayor Ernest Angelo;
                                                   ―Magnificent Seven‖-COM Swimmers;
                                                   Cosden Refinery fire; Sheep @ Live-
                                                   stock show; Girl wearing Dad‘s coat;
                                                   Drummer; Postal Employees-Sonny
                                                   Grimes; Unidentified girl; Unidentified
                                                   man; Person in silhouette eating apple;

Folder 2001-50.65 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.65.01 – p-2001-50.65.05                   Unidentified girl; Golf Course Rd.
                                                   under construction; Jeff Levenson of
                                                   Thouvenal Quartet & Young Artists
                                                    Judges-2-1978; Young twirler w/
                                                    balloons; Dog in courtroom.

Folder 2001-50.66 – Photographs
 p-2001-50.66.01-p-2001-50.66.36                    Mr. Lingle-1981 – 01-09; Unidentified
                                                   Drilling crew member; Unidentified lady;
                                                   Unidentified lady; Unidentified man;
                                                   Unidentified lady; Unidentified man;
                                                   Unidentified man in office; Midland
                                                   scenes – 17-20; Midland scenes &
                                                   skylines; Midland downtown & sky-
                                                   line; Midland downtown & unidentified
                                                   lady; Unidentified man; Gas flare;
                                                   1981 Cover for 1st National Bank 1981;
                                                   Bruce Partain.
Folder P 2001-50.67 - Negatives
  p2001-50.67 – 2001-50.23                        Little League; Order of Eastern Star-Mrs.
                                                Hyde, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Shurezy; Junior
                                                Achievement, Officers & Board; Bike
                                               Auction; Petroleum Accountants Club; P. O.
                                                Stamp-Peggy Gilmore Buck; Clouds-Sky-
                                                line; Clouds-Skyline; Alamo Jr. High Air
                                                Conditioner; Jr. Golf League Champs;
                                                Union 76 Picnic; Grandmother‘s Club;
                                              Highway 80 Tennis Tournament-J. Bramlett &
                                                K. Jackson; Linda‘s Mugs f or story;

                                Do Not Cite

                                         B. McCleery & Dewey Bancam; Bridge
                                         Tourney; Little League Champs; Darlene
                                         Collins, RT Contest winner; Sleep Shop
                                         Winner-Mrs. Muriel Nelson; Hi Sky Girls
                                         Ranch-Flag Donation-Beta Sigma Phi-
                                         Mrs. Hilton, Hearne, Poffenbarger &
                                         Rubin; Defending Golf Champs; Knitted
                                         Flag; Mrs. McClainess‘ Flag; Rotary
                                         Club New Officers.

Folder P 2001-50.68
 p-2001.50.68 – p-2001-50. 18            Susan Edwards-Education beat; Jaycees
                                         M. Sackash & David Wood; Clarence
                                         Trafton; Back to School-Books
                                         Warehouse; Pink Elephant Ball-Republican
                                         Women; Gazebo Fashion-Back to School
                                         Ad; Bus Prep-Back to School; Pickwick
                                         Players-Alice in Wonderland; Head Start
                                         Chris Posey; Randy Isenbeg-Airlane
                                         Bowling; School Board-Desegregation
                                         Dr. Viola Coleman; Rex Worrell, Hogan
                                         Park Golf Pro; Newtimers Bridge; TX
                                         Electric-broken bulbs-Warren Edwards;
                                         TX. Women‘s Fast Pitch Softball; Theater
                                         Gift; Jackson Mets & Midland Cubs;
                                         TX. Metro League-Odessa & Monahans

Folder P-2001-50. Negatives
P-2001-50.68 01 -p-2001-50.36      Thornton‘s Department. Store-John Mills; JoAnn‘s
                                     Ad-―Who‘s Who‖; Robin Moore-Optimist
                                     ―Kid of Month‖; Bruce Campbell; Jim
                                     Kremil-Cubs New Pitcher; Stadium Sports
                                     Sophmore League Baseball Champs; Doug
                                   Ingram & Don Huxman Midland. High Swim
                                     Coach-Optimist $300.00 check; Alyeska
                                     Exhibit-Permian Petroleum Museum –Mr. /Mrs.
                                     Jack Walters & Mr. /Mrs. Joe Neder, Sohio
                                     Oil; Midland Cubs vs. Jackson; Petroleum of
                                     Frosty- Sheepdog; Ed le Marquand-Realtor;
                                     Midland. College-Playland sale; Vineyard Boys
                                     Ranch-J.C. Gotcher; Petroleum Museum-
                                     Special Exhibit-Steve & Carla Hull-Stanton;

                                      Do Not Cite

                                           Meter Maids-B. Rains & G. Tekhmann;
                                           Girl Scout Award to Abbott Construction;
                                           Sr. Citizens Bus; Our Lady of Guadalupe

Folder P-2001-50.69-- Negatives
 P-2001-50.69.01 – p-2001-50-18             Cosden Refinery Fire, Big Spring, TX;
                                            Angela Renfro-Water baby; Midland National
                                            Bank@ night; Pecan Tree-Wadley Barron
                                            Park; Trans Pecos Sand Materials, Inc.-
                                            Sand Worker Accident; Fireman-D. Lewis;
                                            League of Women Voters-Pat Stanley
                                            et al; .Sec. Club-President. Tom Craddick; Girl
                                            Scout-Nancy Schatz; Texaco-ad; Symphony
                                            Guild-Janice Thomas et al; Petroleum of Week-
                                            Three kittens; Alaska Pipe Sculpture-
                                            Margaret Whitehead-―TX. Little Miss‖;
                                            Big Bend Mountains; 4-H Winners; Midland
                                            Floral-Mack Bowers & Gene Breedlove;
                                            Doc Dodson camp-Wrestling winners-
                                            S. Miles, 14 & R. Magness, 12.

Folder P-2001-50.70—Negatives
 P-2001.50.70.01-p-2001-50.70.17            La Floricita Child Care Center-Book Gift;
                                           Motorcycle death-Front & Lee Sts.; Keri
                                           Ashford-16 yr old Tennis player; Pickwick
                                        Players-―Adding Machine‖; Lafayette Apartments.;
                                           Little League Champs 1st Svgs & Loan;
Folder P-2001-50.70-Negatives cont.          RHCC; MCollege-Golf; Haley Library
                                            Dedication; Slo-Pitch Champs; Big Lake
                                            Picnic;-July 4th; Fi –A-Fair Carnival;
                                            Convention model; Camp Mitre Peak;
                                            Fire; Midland College Fountain; 55 + Dance‖
                                            Club; Reporter Telegram Building; Longhorn

Folder P-2001-50.71-Negatives
 p-2001-50-71-01-p-2001-50.71.24             Queen Candidate-S. Garcia & E. Ochoa;
                                            Cactus Drive I Theater Fire; Miss Texas-
                                            Odessa; Sr. Citizens-Ground Breaking-
                                            Scharbauer near ―F‖; Lisa McDonald-
                                            Optimist Club; Midland Community Theater
                                            ―Oldest Living Graduate‖; Two Episcopal
                                            priests; Brad Swendig-Swimmer; Girls
                                            Softball tourney-Lancaster Park; Little

                                        Do Not Cite

                                               League All Stars; Brad Swendig; Alpha
                                                Chi Omega-Summer party; Miss Softball
                                               Seniors & Majors Finals; Dr. Box-History
                                                Professor; Reporter Telegram Building;
                                                Pro Wrestling; Museum Street signs;
                                                Jr. League-Next to New Shop; Col/ Mrs.
                                      Bissel-Museum of Southwest-Gift; Belmont Apartments.
                                                Fire; Cole Park Zoo; Doug Sahmk & TX
                                                Tornadoes-Big Lake Mesquite Jamboree;
                                                Farewell Party-SOC move to Houston;
                                                Drillco Open House.

   Folder P-2001-50.72-Negatives
    p-2001-50.72.01-p-2001-50.72-15             Fall Style Show; School Board-Budget;
                                               Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Knorr Furniture;
                                               School Board @ Federal Court; Petroleum of
                                               Week-kittens; Cubs vs. El Paso-Old Timers
                                               Night-Bob Feller & Ernie Banks; St. Ann‘s
                                               Fair; Janet White-Scholarship; Midland High
                                               Booster BBQ; Rutledge Farm Feature-
                                               Brent & Lyla; Jack Mogle-Realtor ad;
                                               Haystack Apartment Party; Midland High
                                              Flag-Gift Bicentennial; Carmen McCollom.

Folder P-2001-50.73-Negatives
    p-2001-50.73.01-p-2001-50.73.15       Highway. 80 Wreck-1 car; Midland High. Class ‘56
                                                MCC Jr. League Tennis; Beta Pi; Accident
                                                3 car wreck-Police; Delta Zeta; MHS
                                                Football BBQ; Gibson‘s Gift-$500.00 to
                                                Midland College-Jack Scarbrough & D. Ray
                                                Boulter; Clara Gabbert; 206 N. Main
                                                Opening; Lee HS –Maroon/White promo-
                                                Camel & Janke; Girl Scout leaders; Ranchland
                                          Hills Manager; Trinity School Gym Groundbreaking
                                                ; Legal Secretry-30 yrs.

Folder P-2001-50.74-Negatives
 p-2001-50.74.01-p-2001-50.74.20                Optimist Officers-C. Johnson, D. Cope &
                                               Danny Meador; Water hearing; Chip
                                               Carter @ airport; Southwest Petroleum-
                                              Short Course-Board of Directors; Lee HS
                                                National Honor Society; Optimist—youth of
                                                Month-Sept. John ____________; Joe
                                                Campbell--Land Title Award; Shrine
                                                Circus & Parade-minibike; George Carter;

                                      Do Not Cite

                                      Museum of Southwest-Primitive History Exhibit;
                                            Joyce Hifler; Karen Foster-Consumer
                                            Credit; Library Book Sale; Lee HS vs. El
                                            Paso Football; Bill Shaner-Republican
                                            Christmas party; LEE HS Queen Candidates
                                            DAR Banquet; SAR plaque—Dr. J. Miley,
                                            Mrs. Solon Crain; Dr. R. Carter; Richard
                                            Dunham, Jim Ormand, Judge P. Pickett;
                                            Weather balloon; Tri Delta party; Lawyers
                                            Wives picnic.

Folder P-2001-50.75-Negatives
 p-2001-50.75.01-p-2001-50.75-26              Retiring Fire Chief; James J. Kirkpatrick;
                                             Rotary-High Sky Girls Ranch; 16 de
                                             Septiembre-Our Lady of Guadalupe;
                                           Midland. High vs. Lubbock Monterey Football;
                                             Not identified; St. Ann‘s Fair; Texas
                                             Presidents-Women-Luanna Crew & Patsy
                                             Gordon; Sons of American Revolution-Gift
                                       Permian Basin Oil Show Promo Dinner; Jim Allison
                                             $100 gift to United Way; Jr. League-
                                             Rescue Annie; Glenn Harris @ fire station;
                                             Mark Williams & Joe Feagan; Art Club-
Folder P-2001-50.75-Negatives cont.           MC; School Board signing desegregation;
                                           Geological & Geophysical Wives; Petroleum of
                                            Week-Tomcat; League of Women Voters-
                                            Registration; Water Tower Suicide threat;
                                            Phi Sigma Alpha-Pasty Gordon; Action
                                            Line ―Fish‖ Officers-Dolores Gunn & Sue
                                            Snelson; Tennis- B. Maytisek & C. DePraam-
                                            MC Board of Directors; Teen Bowlers;
                                            Punt, Pass & Kick contest;

Folder P-2001-50.76-Negatives
 p-2001-50.76.01-p-2001-50.76.25                Andrews vs. Lamesa football; Trinity
                                               Church-September Fest-Irene Kerr & Muriel
                                               Nelson; RHCC WGA-Patty Fuller, Incoming
                                               President Ova Smith Defending Champ, Out
                                               Going President-Nina Coulter; Racquet Club
                                               Champs- R. Fox & Cary Garton, Amy
                                               Thompson & Billy Hickey; MC Instructor
                                               Ahern; School Board-Alamo Jr. Hi-Mayor
                                               Erenest Angelo; RHCC Golf; MCC Golf
                                               Tournament-6 flight champs; MC Basket-
                                               Ball; LHS; Midland College-Majorettes-

                                      Do Not Cite

                                               Cheerleaders-Drum Majors; Kerrville
                                               Bluegrass- Larry Hitch; Big Spring vs.
                                               Andrews football; Optimist officers;
                                               Pink Elephant Ball; John Skogland-Midland
                                               School desegregation-Spec. Ed-Carver
                                               Building; Scholarship-Linda Holland; Dallas
                                               Smith-HQ opening; Multiple Sclerosis-
                                               wine bottles; Women‘s Regional-Hogan
                                               Park; Petroleum of Week-Cat; Newcomers
                                               Garden Club; Methodist Women;
                                               School Board Desegregation plans;
                                               Saudi Arabian students;

Folder P-2001-50.77-Negatives
 p-2001-50.77.01-p-2001-50.77.28              Ed Todd; MC Music Gift; Carrie &
                                        Holly @ St. Ann‘s Fair; Midland High Distributive
                                          Ed.; Knorr Furniture-ad; Midland Vs.
                                             Permian football; MCC ―Prickly Pairs‖
                                             Golf dinner-Mr. /Mrs. George Tope &
                                             Mr. /Mrs. John Euston; Lee Key Club &
                                             United Way heads; Junior League Film
                                             Series; PBPM-West Texas Life-Tab
                                             features; Not Identified; Scarecrow;
Folder P-2001-50.77-Negatives cont.            Karate School; PTA Officers; Kiwanis
                                             Oldsters [?]; MCT ―Washington‖; Paul
                                             Domowitch-MR.T Sports writer; Community
                                            Services ―Play‖; Ice Capades/Scooby
                                              Doo @ hospital; Courthouse Clock; Mr.
                                             Day‘s Water Treater; Beta Sigma Phi
                                             Clothes to San Angelo Boys Ranch; 4H
                                              Boy & Girl of Year; Certified Professional
                                              Secretaries; MCC Lawyers Musical
                                              skit- Mrs. Jim Conine, Mrs. Frank
                                              Tompson; Burglary-2420 Idlewood;
                                              Peyton‘s Toys retiree-Anna Price;
                                              ―Together‖ ad.

Folder P-2001-50.78-Negatives
 p-2001-50.78.01-p-2001-50.78.26              Citizen‘s Bank Clock; VIM-Volunteers in
                                             Midland; Lee HS vs. San Angelo football;
                                             Alva B. Adams-lawmover; TX Electric
                                             25th yr. Employees party; Southwestine Flu
                                             inoculation; Joe Strange-Great National. Life
                                             Insurance; American Business Women-Patsy
                                           Horton-new President.-Fay Kingoold President.;

                                      Do Not Cite

                                         Christian Church of Midland Building; Car Care
                                            Ad; CLU awards-Chartered Life
                                          underwriters; Midland vs. Lee Girls Volleyball;
                                            Cotton-1st ginned of season-Mr. /Mrs.
                                       Koonce; Petroleum Club Execs; Nurses
                                            Scholarship Society; Bell Telephone Open
                                            House; Planned Parenthood; Fashion
                                            Show-CP benefit; Alpha Chi Cookbook;
                                            Lee HS VICA; Geological/Geophysical
                                            Auxiliary; CPA Wives-President Mrs. Lee
                                            Foster-HST Mrs. Cary Stapp; Weather
                                           shot--fog; Midland vs. Abilene Football-David
                                            Isbury & Homecoming Queen; Gulf Oil
                                            50 yr. Picnic-Lew Ramsey-Cubs-Hogan
                                            Park; Eagles (FOB)

Folder P-2001-50.79-Negatives
 p-2001-50.79.01-p-2001-50. 79.25             50th Anniversary-R.J. Wilson‘s; Shrine
                                             Parade; Cap Fire Girls; Sears Roebuck
                                             VP; Music Teachers; SW Potato Man;
                                             Classified Houses shot-4500 Parkdale;
                                             Welfare check; Junior League @ Trinity
Folder P-2001-50.79-Negatives cont.           Episcopal; Fire; Midland Art Show-Judge
                                             Tom Manhart; PB Oil Shoe-Odessa; Aunt
                                             ―Sissy‖-Jimmy Carter‘s Aunt; Reader of
                                             Month-Joyce Richards; Zeta Tau Alpha-
                                        Candle Coffee; Lee HS Mock Political Convention;
                                            Carrie‘s legs-sock society; Midland
                                             HS Tennis team; Thornton‘s display ad;
                                             Old car wreck; Andrews vs. Pecos football;
                                             Music Teachers convention; Garden Club;
                                             Trinity Towers/Grammer Murphey—
                                             Christmas in October‖; San Jacinto JH
                                             Cheerleaders & officers.

Folder P-2001-50.80-Negatives
 p-2001-50.80.01-p-2001-50.80.25                Bob Dole & Allison;s-Lamp Presentation;
                                               Bob Dole-1st Methodist Church; Hilton,
                                               Rally @ Terminal- J. Floyd, Shackleford;
                                               Reese & Judge Barbara Culber; Bob Dole
                                               @ Terminal & Hilton; Bob Dole in hotel;
                                               MCT Ham Hocks Award; South Elementary
                                               Halloween –Pam Johnson; Haystack
                                               Halloween party; Dr. L. S. Thompson-

                                 Do Not Cite

                                        AMA Malpractice Convention @ Hilton;
                                     Highway. 80 Accident-two cars head-on; County
                                        Sheriff‘s Evidence; Lee HS vs. Permian
                                        Football; Travis Elementary Circus; US
                                        Senator George Mahon; US Senator Lloyd
                                       Bentson, St. Senator Petroleume Snelson; Rusk
                                        Elementary Pumpkins-Michelle Widner-
                                        Age 5; Voting machines-County Clerk—
                                        Rosenelle Cherry & Vern Dawkins, County
                                        Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor;
                                        Alamo JH Choral officers; Lee HS Choral
                                        Officers; Edison Freshman Choral Officers;
                                        Henderson School Halloween Carnival;
                                        Sidney Roberts-Eagle Scout; Classifies
                                        Ad-Lincoln Mercury head Mechanic;
                                        Women‘s Qualifying Golf Tourney-
                                        Sylvia -----------; Oil Show- George
                                        Mahon, US Senator; Midland Christian
                                        School Fair-Baseball Toss-Steve Clary
                                        soaked man; Display ad—―Magic Meal
                                        Borger Chef-Debbie Sides.

Folder P 2001-50.81- Negatives
 p-2001-50.81.01-p-2001-50.20         ―M‖ System grand opening; Brian Smith-
                                      weightlifter; MC Winter Carnival-Sidney
                                      Lennox; Mirrored kitchen-Mrs. Bertha
                                      Chapman; Drug Bust; Christmas Parade
                                      1976; 4-H‘ers; Crier Park Christmas
                                      tree; KKI Boys Club Soap gift; Carl
                                      Ljungstrom-Foreign Exchange student
                                      Sweden; Trinity Towers Annual Christmas
                                      Coffee; Boy Scout awards; Kappa Kappa
                                      Iota-Mrs. Willie Lee Corder‘s dolls; MCT:
                                      Building; T. H. McGuigan & Mrs. Frank
                                      Cahoon; MS Read-a-thon Bike winner;
                                      Mystery sleuth-Ray Yell-14; RHCC
                                      Women‘s Golf Ass.-Judy Rankin, Nina
                                      Colter & Bernice Jarnen; Pat Walker
                                      Figure Salon-4 employees-Joy Runion,
                                      ADV}; Salvation Army-1st Baptist dolls
                                      Gift; food drive; Hodge gift of land to
                                      City- E. Angelo-Mayor; Big Spring State
                                      Hospital volunteer.

                                      Do Not Cite

Folder P-2001-50.82 Negatives
  P-2001-50.82.01-p-2001-50.82-20          Medical Assistants Officer; Opportunity
                                           Center Aux-Mrs. Anease Stone‘s house;
                                           Desk & Derrick Club; Christman handicrafts;
                                           Toilet seats; Geological Geophysical
                                           Dance- Mrs. Wilson Comola, President
                                           GG Aus, Bill Henry WTGS; C. W.
                                        Aolstrum, President PPGS; Don Cassey, President
                                          WTGS; Realtors meeting; CP Center-
                                           Christmas party; Martin County, EM Medical
                                           Techs- Auto wreck removal; Crieer Park
                                           Christmas tree lighting; Barney Alsobrook-
                                           Weed removal; Coterie Officers-Mrs. Don
                                           Evans, Mrs. Edwina Duyer; Dellwood Plaza
                                           Night lights; MCC Golf-Ladies Officers;
                                           Garden Club Officers; Kappa Kappa Iota
                                           @Terrace Gardens Rest Home; Basketball-
                                           MC vs. Odessa; Panorama-business shots;
                                           Eagle Scout-George -----, Phil Dolbow-16,
                                           M/Mrs. Wm. L. Adam; Geological &
                                     Geophysical Auxiliary Tea; ―Meal w/Santa‘ American

Folder P-2001-50.83 – Negatives
  P-2001-50.83-01-p-2001-50.83.25       Midland Ministerial Association Officers; Boys Club
                                           Awards-Larry Bell & Rocky Ford; Bike auction-
                                         Captain Roger Meurer; Gerbil-Carver Science
                                           Room-Warehouse-Mrs. Sue Cockrell; AAUW
                                           Singers; MCAA Community Action van
                                 presented by TX State Highway Department-Charlie Welch;
                                           Deaf children w/ Santa-Lamar school; MCC
                                           Ladies Club; Bob Madison; Mr. Wward &
                                           Brogden-Dresser Industries; Park ―Y‖ Santa-
                                           Man & Women of the Year; MPS Science
                                           Room-Gerbils-Mrs. Sue Cockrell; ―Toy
                                        Bowl: Jaycees vs. Police Department; Marine Major
                                           Enrique Farias-Marathon runner; Phi Mu ―Hope
                                           Tree‖; Francis Etheredoe; Boy Scouts to
                                           Australia; Bill Carnack-school luncheon; Guy
                                           Mabee-$50,000 gift to Boy Scouts; Chamber
                                           Commerce-1977 Officers & Directors; Terry
                                           Jastrow-ABC Sports; Mrs. Jesse Faught Jr.-
                             Christmas baby in stocking at Midland Memorial Hospital; Mrs.
                                           Warren Builta-Vietnamese Christmas;
                                            Grandmothers Club; Post Office-Christmas

                                     Do Not Cite

                                          deluge of mail; Ed Darnell‘s going away party-
                                          [longtime Sheriff of Midland.]; Symphony Debs.

Folder P-2001-50.84 – Negatives
 P-2001-50.84.01-p-2001-50.84.19            Post Office-mail rush; Larry Grimes; Grace
                                           Lutheran Church Kids Choir; Air Park
                                           Bowling winners; ‗Jolly 17 Club‘-Leisure Lodge
                                          Nursing home; Carmen McCollum-Miss Texas
                                           1976; Christmas Party-Rudy Heinnikken; Car
                                           accident- Langley family-6 killed-1.5 miles S of
                                       Ira on Highway 350; MR.T News employees [names
                                           of employees on archival sleeve; Christmas Day
                                           Photos—Salvation Army, City Jail, Kids & bikes;
                                         Delta Zeta pledges; Glenn‘s Hondas-Ex Presidents
                                           CR125, XL 350, GL 1000, 750-A; Stephanie
                                           Goebel & Susan Staplere-UNSA Midshipmen;
                                           Maya Grimes-Japanese New Year articles;
                                           Open House John Brooks Campbell; W. M.
                                          Stanley * Wayne Gill; Maggie Gale-widow of
                                          Man living behind MR.T building; Jaycees-Joe
                                          Campbell, Bill Collyns & Doug Henson; Rabbits
                                         ―Hoppy New Year‖; House fire –1001 Ventura.

Folder P-2001-50.85 - Negatives
                                   Linda Bond‘s negatives; Unidentified; Lee Swim Team;
                                     Ramos Gavia-Casa de Amigos; Henry Poish- Facetor;
                                     Kelly Girl; Laura watering; 4H Boy & Girl of year-
                                     Rudy Wright; Roller skating; Slender ade; Julie
                                     Ocshner; Elem. School Halloween promo; Lucky
                                     License plate; MHS Swim Team #1; MHS Swim
                                     Team #2; Children‘s Library; County Clerk Rosenell
                                     Cherry verifies vote; Veteran‘s Day-Mayor Ernie
                                     Angelo; Russian Violinist-Mark Piskunov; John‘s
                                     Swap Shop; Allan Smith-Jr. Lion; Lancaster
                                     Garden Club-Christmas Tree; Daughter of Texas
                                     Republic-Mrs. Eugene Addison-President General &
                                     Mrs. John McKinley; Guy Sullivan; Wind damage
                                     @ Gibraltar Svgs. Building; Freedom Park-Odessa;
                                     Aerials-downtown Midland

Folder P-2001-50.86 – Negatives
P-2001-50.86.01-p-2001-50.86.26      Christmas Parade-sad kid; Unidentified man in Bill
                                   Collyns office; Midland Americana Club Officers; Fire
                                   atop Vaughn Building.; Trinity 5th grade Cookbook; San
                                    Jacinto Band Officers & twirlers; Fashion luncheon

                                        Do Not Cite

                                      @Midland. CC; James Lister, VFW Commander, Post
                                     547; Coscard @ MR.A; PERAROMA-Parker Drilling-
                                   Midland Memorial Hospital; Midland Boys Club Award-
                                      Joe Campbell; Aerial Skyline of Midland; Eskimo
                                      girl in cold; Nickel Chrysler Lease-Nancy Dunlap;
                                      Accident-truck & sign; Edna Hibbitts-Lioness of the
                                      Week; Hearst Co. transaction; Motorcycle injury-
                                      Farm Road 1170 & Ridge Road; House Fire-107 E
                                      Nobles; Hand bells; Dennis the Menace Park
                                      Christmas Tree; Street sign-SPAKS instead of
                                      Sparks; 87th Birthday party for Laura Baker; Lee vs.
                           Midland High School JV Football; Westside Lions; Harlan Brancel;
                                      Unidentified lady.

P 2001-50.87 – Negatives
P 2001-50.87.01-p-2001-50.87.26        Don Hedge Petroleum – Punt Pass & Kick; Bee photos-
                                        Hiltn Kaderl; Permian Basin Landman‘s Auxiliary;
                                        Rain & flooding-Illinois & Andrews Highway; Bell
                                        Telephone-special services-Switching; Old Folks-
                                        Bikes & trikes; C.J. & Lona Corneuos (?); Car
P 2001-50.87 – Negatives cont.           Accident-Highway 80 @ Fairgrounds Rd.; Boys State-
                                        Tom Craddick; Tom Hughes & phone; Highway 80 @
                                        Loop 338 E. of Odessa-Major 10-50; Midland. Hilton;
                                        Camp Fire Girls-Cooking School; Bare-assed kid;
                                        Old car-Model ―A‖ & low angle weeds; COM Swim;
                                        Bicyclist in rainwater on Big Spring St.; Tesco
                                        Sub-station-Washington Park; Food Co-op; Tom
                           Craddick & Petroleum Snelson at Midland County Commissioner
                                 Midland Association of Life Underwriters; Odell Anders (for
                             Classy); Southwestern Bell Building from Gulf Building; Aggie
                                        Flag @ half-staff; 10 50 Major accident 1300 E

P 2001-50.88 – Negatives
P2001-50.88.01-p-2001-50.88.24       Midland Reporter Telegram building; M/M Wm. Jowell
                                     (Spotlight on Arts); Big Brothers/Big Sisters-Cub
                                     Stadium-Denny Pickett; Flags @ Elk Lodge; Man
                                     Power – adv shot; Davis Mountains; Lawyers Wives;
                                     Turtle in car; Car crash-1st Svgs Building.-500 W. Wall;
                                     Allison Swim Meet; Grapes-YMCA Camp; Bus-
                                     Illustration; Major accident-2700 N. Big Spring St.;
                                     Hazel Hellums; Toastmasters Officers; E. R. Styles-
                            General Manager. –Southwestern Bell-Allison Journalism; Debbie
                                     Offield & Misty (7); Texaco-cheap gas-Phyllis

                                      Do Not Cite

                                     Brown; Bowling @ Air Park-Al‘s Garden Center;
                                     Reynolds Bros. Reproduction; Miss West Texas
                                     Pageant; Salvation Army-grand opening; Midland
                                     Ministerial Alliance-Mrs. de Little; Camera store-
                                     Flash test; Lee football players Jeff McGowen &
                                     Herb Pearce sign w/TT.

P-2001-50.89- Negatives
P 2001-50.89.01-p-2001-50.89.24     Golden Gloves in Odessa; DAR-Lt. Brewer Chapter
                                    Presentation to Swim Team; C.L.‖Chet‖ Todd; Old
                                    School building in Midland; School Board meeting/Plan
                                    ―O‖ protest; Jack Moore; Tennis-WTL; Partial
                                    Eclipse & Aura; Recovered goods @ PD-$30,000
                                    in stolen items; MS Readathon promo; Belly Dancer
                                    @ UTPB; Woodrow W. Bailey Jr.; Carol Thomas-
                                    City Council candidate; YMCA track-Shirley Boyd-
                                    Skylines; Berte Haige; Helen Stevenson & dogs;
                                    Dan Van Dyke; Tom Bagley (Bobby Hillin‘s driver;
                                    Gem collection; Copies of Shirley Boyd‘s Mexican
                                    Rivera trip; Scott Shelton; Crime Prevention
                                  Pamphlet; Firemen testing hydrant; Museum of Southwest
P 2001-50.89 - Negatives cont.     Mammoth Skull; Museum of Southwest-Randy Makleen
                                    And Herb Ray; Elderly series-M/M Rufus Emmons

P-2001-50.90 - Negatives
P-2001-50.90.01-p-2001-50.90.25    Storeroom-hail in hands; Model airplanes- Chad Ambrose
                                    Bill Coombes; Gibraltar building; Elderly series-Mrs.
                                    Hinosos-Leisure Lodge; Motor Cross #2; Motor
                                    Cross #2; Motor Cross #3; Motor Cross #4; Motor
                                    Cross; Water Tower- birds in trees-Billie Welch;
                                    Reporter Telegram building; lightening over Midland;
                                    Elderly series-Lottie Ruple & Water tower lady; 55
                                    Dance Club – water tower; Dawna Parret; Water
                                    Tower III; Chickens; Eggs Odd signs-Permian
                                    PHO O; Kids & flowers; Joyce Sherrod wins
                                    School Board election; Sign: Antler‘s Motel; Sally
                                    Melzer-3002 Meadowbrook-sand in yard; Bumper
                                    Sticker-REPENT; Damage to Hank‘s store sign-
                                    Cuthbert @ ―N‖ St.

P 2001-50-91 – Negatives
P 2001-50-91.01-p-2001.50.91.25     Bicycle Motocross; Midland Post Office & Federal
                                   Building features; ―Vanities‖; Jack Puryear; Lightening
                                   over Sam Houston school; Jeff & Ted McVea-RT
                                   Computer Room; Jeff McVea-Hotrod #1; Kid w/bucket

                                        Do Not Cite

                           on head, carrying flag; Lee & Midland High School Valedictorians
                                    and Salutatorians—telephoto shot-Gibraltar Building &
                                    1st National; Rose shots for Lifestyle cover; Kids @
                                    water fountain; Lions meet; RUDE Oil Secretaries;
                                    Hodge Theater ―Fence painting-Lisa Smith;
                                    Lightening over 1st Baptist Church; School
                                   destruction; Eddie Chiles; Old bowlers-Dorothy
                                    Scott & E. X. Hill-Westgate Manor; WIPP Presidents
                                  Conference- Carlsbad, NM; Guadalupe Mountains - WIPP
                                    Protest; Orthodontics: cover photo; Carlsbad, NM-
                                    New cave; Office building.-600 N. Loraine; M.O.G.;
                                    Joe Welborn; New phone books;

P 2001-50-92 – Negatives
P 2001-50.92-01-p-2001-50.92.26      ―Radiation‖ man-sand blast; Jr. Women‘s Association;
                                    Helen Tinning; Braces: Dr. Jim Holman; Tall City
                                    Riders; Superior Oil building; Teachers Recognition &
                                  POWs; Trinity Center Aux.; TX National Merit Scholarship
                                    awards; Airport Garage openers; Jaycee‘s awards;

P 2001-50.92 cont.                   Ranchland Hills CC members; Core Labs; Biz pgs-
                                     Bustemonte/Trailer; Jackie Forsythe & Dan-aa yrs &
                                     Cari-7 yrs.; Orthodontics & Bite casts; LACE Auxiliary;
                                     Susan Holland-golfer; Midland Assoc Retarded Citizens-
                                     Officers; Corey Hale, BD face; Sam L. Majors Jewelers;
                                     Women of the Year; Accident-Garfield & Louisiana;
                                  John Cooper-Zeta MUCH; Midland County Bar Association
                                     Officers; Insurance Women of Midland; House Fire-
                                     Butternut Lane.


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