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     Dec. 2011
Service Notes             1
                                                            ~ Service Notes ~
                               Dec. 4: Happy Impoverished Holidays! (Rev. Lois Van Leer) It’s the holiday
WUUC Board                2    season, right? We are supposed to buy, buy, buy, and give, give, give. But the economy is
One More Step             2    uncertain at best, many folks around here are underemployed or unemployed, and others
                               have seen their retirement investments dwindle. These are tough times. How do we “do”
Treasurer’s Report        3    holidays and celebrate this season in these times?
Call Process Task Force   3
                               Dec. 11: Calling Our Clergy: Why Is This All So Ministerious?
Minister’s Column         4    Woodinville UU Church is entering a time of discernment about “calling” its
                               Consulting Minister, the Rev. Lois Van Leer, to “settlement.” What in the world
From the DLL              5    does that mean, and how does it change anything? Janine Larsen, a WUUC mem-
                               ber and former president, will share what she’s learned about healthy ministerial relation-
Social Justice            6    ships while she’s been UUA District Executive, and give us food for thought as we begin
Cares & Concerns          6    to reflect on the future of our shared ministry with Rev. Lois.

In the Kitchen            7    Dec. 18: Joyful Noise. Please come join us for a morning of vigorous singing!
Circle Supper             7    Michael Lawson will lead us in song along with our Joyful Noise band. Hand-
Holiday Singing           7    clapping, foot-stomping fun!

Books                     8    Dec. 20: Solstice Labyrinth Walk Come and walk the return of light into our win-
Family Night              8    ter’s darkness in evergreen softness and candlelight. More details at
Meditation                9
UU Seminary                    Dec. 21: Hanukkah Potluck and Celebration This winter party celebrates
                               the season of light through Jewish stories and the lighting of the menorah. Bring
Golden Girls                   something delectable to share. The celebration begins at 6:00.
Sister Circles            10
Men’s Breakfast           10   Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Service at 7:00 p.m. Please note that there will be only one
                               Christmas Eve service this year. A service of story, music and candlelight for everyone.
Cork Board Notices        11
                               Dec. 25: Christmas Day Service at 10:00 a.m. An informal service of music
Closure Procedure         12   and stories. Come in your pajamas or comfy clothing and drink hot chocolate
Email Lists               12   (sorry, you will have to bring your own coffee!!!) and hear the Christmas and other
New York Nuptials         12   winter stories.

                               January 1: Burning Bowl The beginning of the calendar year is an opportunity to let
                               go of the old and set one’s intentions for the new year. There will be four altars set for
                               that purpose: a burning bowl to burn away the old, water to symbolically cleanse
                               one’s self, oil to anoint one’s self with intention, and candles to light for hopes
                               and commitment. Come and “cleanse the chambers of the heart,” and make
                               room for the new…
                           Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church                                        Page 2

         The One More Step issue                             W.U.U.C. CONNECTIONS

                                                                            Our Mission:
When I was ten years old, my family went on a
road trip to visit various relatives, one of whom was       We are a diverse religious community dedicated
my Uncle Ben in Arizona.                                    to lifelong spiritual exploration and growth. We
Ben was a normal, produc-                                   welcome and support individuals and families of
tive person in the ways most                                all types. As a liberal presence in the community,
of us are, but something in                                 we challenge ourselves to act for peace and justice
Ben’s mind was a little dif-                                                    in the world.
ferent: once in a while, for
no apparent reason, Ben                                        Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church
would be unable to walk                                            19020 Woodinville-Duvall Road
through a doorway. Instead,                                                  PO Box 111
he would just stand there …                                            Woodinville, WA. 98072
as if on hold, waiting.                                            
It couldn’t have happened very often. But it was im-
portant enough to tell me, because there was a simple                    Board of Trustees:
solution: if I saw Ben standing still in front of a door-                President: Chick Sweeney
way, my instructions were to place a foot in front of                   Vice-President: Chuck Bean
him. Then he could step over it, and proceed through                     Treasurer: Mollie Twidale
the door.                                                                Secretary: Leslie Morton
                                                                                Holly Beck
I don’t know the clinical details, or even if it was a                       Rebecca Guthrie
symptom of some larger issue; my information didn’t                            Bill McKenzie
extend beyond the remedy. I imagine this must have                            LeRoy Mietzner
caused some difficulties before anyone figured out                           Kerrie Vespaziani
what was going on—how could any perfectly mobile
person not walk through a doorway? And yet, there he                             Minister:
might be … ready and willing, as soon as there was              Reverend Lois Van Leer:
something he could easily step over.
                                                                       Director of Lifetime Learning:
With that in mind, we offer the                                        Carrie Krause:
“One More Step” issue: as gray
December closes out the year                                                    Bookkeeper:
2011, we step forward into                                          Leif-Ivar Pedersen:
2012. How will 2012 look to
you? What would you like to
have happen? What is the foot                                               Office Administrator:
that you need to step over, to                                         Lori Varosh:
get into that next room? Some-
thing new is only one step away.                                           Newsletter Proofreader:
                                                                    Pamela Denchfield:
- The Editor
                                                                             Newsletter Editor:
                                                                   Joe “Big Chief” Prisco:
       Treasurer’s Report—Dec. 1, 2011                               Call Process Task Force

Just a Little Financial Update …                           Greetings from your Call Process Task Force!

WUUC is in good financial condition, but we’re a little    Our mission is to guide our membership and Lois Van
behind last year’s contribution rate. We are keeping our   Leer in deciding whether we should “call” Lois as our
costs as forecasted. Our reserves are solid and we’ve      permanent minister. We now have a specific timeline
begun drawing down our minister savings account, as        for the call process, so here is what you can expect in
planned, to keep our budget in balance.                    the coming months.

Many of you have taken advantage of the convenient         December 11th: Janine Larson will deliver a sermon
and painless method of making automatic electronic         on the call process. We strongly encourage everyone to
monthly contributions directly from your bank to ours.     attend, as her sermon will answer many of your ques-
It has simplified your lives and our bookkeeping.          tions on how the process works.
Thanks!! Any others interested in setting up this easy
method of making pledge payments, please contact           January 8th through February 5th: Small group meet-
Mollie Twidale at and she’ll reply       ings will be held to discuss the call process. Meetings
with the information you need to get started.              will be led by trained facilitators. We are working with
                                                           the neighborhood connectors to schedule many meet-
Tax Reminder—If you want your pledge payments              ings at different times and places, and everyone will
and other contributions to WUUC included in a              have the opportunity to attend any meeting. Watch for
WUUC statement for 2011 federal income tax deduc-          sign-up instructions as we get closer.
tions, we need to receive them by Dec. 31.
                                                           Late February: Our Annual Budget Drive will occur
And thanks for all the contributions you have made.        and in the weeks following the Task Force will make a
They make our wonderful church life possible.              recommendation to both the board and Rev. Lois.

                                                           April: The entire congregation will meet to discuss the
Mollie Twidale, Treasurer                                  call process on a Sunday after the service.

                                                           May: The entire congregation will meet on a Sunday
                                                           after the service to vote on the budget and on calling
                                                           Rev. Lois.

                                                           Questions? Please feel free to ask anyone on the Task
                                                           Force. Our members: Cass Bunting (youth representa-
                                                           tive), Alaine Davis, Adam Fass (chair), Robert Gal-
                                                           loway, Julia Simon, Aggie Sweeney, and Ken Vogt.
                                                           Mollie Twidale is our group’s liaison to the board.
                                  From the Desk of Rev. Lois Van Leer
                  Minister’s Column                                  wreath with four or five candles known today. Roman
                                                                     Catholics in Germany began to adopt the custom in the
                                                                     1920s, and in the 1930s it spread to North America. Profes-
Winter has come with grey skies and wet, damp, cold days.            sor Haemig’s research also indicates that the custom did not
Fall here had been so lovely and almost gentle with brilliant        reach the United States until the 1930s, even among German
colors and soft sunlight. ’Tis the season of hunkering down,         Lutheran immigrants.
drawing inward, dark outlasting day, and one holiday after
another. Even though Lori and I have                                 Advent, which literally means “to come,” is comprised of
done our best to get off mailing lists                               the 4 Sundays prior to Christmas. On each Sunday, one can-
and junk mail, the onslaught of cata-                                dle of the wreath ( itself symbolizing a crown) is lit and bibli-
logues began after Halloween. All of                                 cal readings and prayers offered. On Christmas Eve or Day,
our energy is to be supposedly turned                                a center, white or “Christ” candle is lit. The first 3 Advent
outward in this season of inwardness                                 candles are purple, which symbolize royalty as well as som-
and quiet. How are we do negotiate                                   berness. The first Sunday candle symbolizes hope and the
this dissonance?                                                     second, love. The third candle is rose-colored, symbolizing
                                                                     the anticipation and joy of Christmas and Christ’s birth. The
Whether you are Pagan, Jewish, Christian or UU, this is the          fourth candle is light to symbolize peace. Many Christian
season of light returning on the winter solstice and the start       churches now use blue candles instead of purple ones to
of the days lingering just a bit longer than night. Each tradi-      symbolize the hopefulness of this liturgical season.
tion has its story, its miracle to proclaim, its myth, its reason
for gathering, engaging in ritual, feasting. Personally, I like to
combine the elements of them all: the bringing into my home
the evergreen boughs and their forest smell; the lighting of
candles which proclaim the miracle of the oil lamps lasting
for the proscribed ritual days; the storytelling about the birth
of a peacemaker. And it is a time of gathering, sorting, and
giving thanks for memories of holidays and festivals past.

Many UU churches incorporate an Advent wreath as part of
this winter season. An evergreen wreath was used by pagans
for years in Northern Europe. The wreath itself symbolized
the “eternal cycle of the seasons” and candles symbolized
“the persistence of life in the midst of winter.” Its use in
Christian churches started either in the 16th or 19th c. de-
pending on what source one wants to cite.                            Here at WUUC, we have traditionally used a wreath as part
                                                                     of our winter holidays. The candles we light also symbolize
Wikipedia references the research of Prof. Haemig of Luther          the hope, love, joy, and peace of this winter season. These
Seminary in St. Paul, who assigns Johann Hinrich Wichern             are wonderful words and concepts to ponder and give light
(1808–1881), a Protestant pastor in                                  to. They also give us a way to focus internally each week
Germany and a pioneer in urban mis-                                  during the hype of consumerism and pressure and stress of
sion work among the poor, as the in-                                 this holiday time. So I challenge us all to spend the four
ventor of the modern Advent wreath.                                  weeks leading up to Christmas to taking time each day, to
                                                                     light a candle and ponder the meaning of hope, love, joy,
During Advent, children at the mis-                                  and peace.
sion school Rauhes Haus, founded by
Wichern in Hamburg, would ask daily
if Christmas had arrived. In 1839, he
built a large wooden ring (made out of an old cartwheel) with        Shalom, Salaam, Peace,
19 small red and 4 large white candles. A small candle was lit
successively every weekday during Advent. On Sundays, a              Rev. Lois
large white candle was lit. The custom gained ground among
Protestant churches in Germany and evolved into the smaller
                                     Lifelong Learning by our DLL Carrie Krause                                                         Page 5

While Unitarian Universalism honors the                                    items should be brought in that morning and placed on one of the
uniqueness of each individual, part of our covenant                        tables based on price. Children will have the opportunity to pur-
as a congregation of children, youth and adults is to                      chase gifts for their family first and adult volunteers will wrap
co-create community that is safe, respectful and                           them. Then adults will be able to browse the tables for items.
welcoming to all. We often refer to this as our
“church home” and our “church family,” but we are                          December 4: UU Bookstore Holiday Book Fair
really a community, and although family systems are                        Take time to do a little browsing and support the youth group’s
evident in our interactions and always will be, com-                       efforts to attend General Assembly 2012. Senior Youth and advi-
munity is different from family. As in a family, our interactions in a     sors will be manning the tables. All books are from the UU Book-
larger community must take into consideration the whole, not just          store and will be available at regular price.
our most pressing desires or our way of thinking, but we have a
larger group of people to consider from varied backgrounds, cul-           Adult Insight:
tural and ethnic understandings and belief systems. What speaks to         “Silent Nights” continue on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m.
me may not hold true for you and vice versa. A community cannot            through December 20th. This is a time to sit quietly and reflect.
be inclusive without give and take. As a child or youth, you may be        You may come and go as you like during that time. There will be
asked by anyone to walk, listen, share, take turns, do your best, par-     readings available for your reflection, candles you may light and
ticipate, and be kind and respectful of others. As an adult you may        soft music. I hope that this might offer you a respite from the
even be asked the same things!                                             busyness of your life and an opportunity to connect more deeply
                                                                           with your soul. On Tuesday, Dec. 20th, the labyrinth will be set
In this sacred space we call church, everybody has a part in uphold-       up for you to walk and the focus will be on Solstice. Open to any
ing covenant and right relations. It is so important for us as a com-      age capable of participating in a meaningful way.
munity to live into our principles. Every aspect of our time together
should reflect them. When we speak directly, without blame or per-         “Immigration as a Moral Issue,” January 11 to February 15:
secution, to someone we are in disagreement or conflict with, we           Group size will be limited, but if enough people are interested and
are seeking to understand and showing our respect for them and             enough facilitators are available, it can be offered on two different
our relationship. It is in our UU community that we should not be          days. More information coming in the Winter brochure, available
afraid to speak our truth in love, to listen with an open heart for the    in December.
“other” story, to find the place where our life intersects with the life
of another. By offering this opportunity to each other—the chance          Five Wishes Workshop, January 22, immediately following the
to tell our story and truly be heard—we co-create the community            worship service. The Five Wishes/Advanced Directives workshop
that I dream about. May we all be willing to continue this journey         will provide an opportunity to consider the important issues in
together in community, honoring our differences and speaking our           advance of dealing with end of life decision making and to look at
truths.                                                                    different documents available to help clarify participant’s wishes
                                                                           and be able to communicate those wishes with the people they are
Upcoming Multigenerational Events                                          closest to. More information available in the Winter brochure
                                                                           coming in December.
December 4: There will be a Re-Gifting Fair after worship to
honor our 7th principle, promote reduction of consumption and              Carrie Krause
provide an opportunity for some bargain shopping. Gently used              Director of Lifelong Learning

December RE Calendar for Children and Youth
 Date      Sunday Morning Class                                                         Junior and Senior Youth Groups
 12/4      Children’s Worship & Activities                                                 Junior Youth – (12/3 – time TBD)
           (Begin in Portable 2)                                                           10th-12th OWL – 6-8:30 pm
 12/11     Seasons of Light, Social Justice Activities                                     Junior Youth – 6-8 pm
                                                                                           10th-12th OWL – 6-8:30 pm
 12/18     Seasons of Light, Social Justice Activities                                     Junior Youth – Time TBD
                                                                                           10th-12th OWL – 6-8:30 pm
 12/21                                                                                  Junior Youth – Service Trip to Seattle – Time TBD
 12/24     Christmas Eve Intergenerational Worship Service – 7:00 pm

 12/25     Christmas Morning Intergenerational Story Telling and Song – 10:00 am
                                                 Social Justice, Cares & Concerns                                                      Page 6

                    Advocates for Justice
                                                                                        WA State Unitarian Universalist
   Justice Cluster Meet-Ups in December and January                                           Voices for Justice
                                                                                         Legislative Priorities Named
The process of responding to the justice conversation of
Sept. 25th is going into high gear with four separate meet-ups                  At its annual Legislative Conference November 12th, WA
for clusters of justice concerns. Many thanks to D.D. Hilke,                    UU Voices, our statewide legislative advocacy organiza-
Janis Anable, Diane Vogt, and Rev. Lois for help in creating                    tion, named the four top issues it will address during the
the clusters of justice issues. Here is the schedule:                           2012 state legislative session—a session that will be fo-
                                                                                cused on budget constraints and needs to preserve life-
Dec. 11 Sustainability and ecology: climate change; animal                      giving services for Washington residents.
rights; preservation and growth of wild places; ethical eating; sustainabil-
ity; local agriculture, local economies and time bank; Green Sanctuary          The four WA UU Voices 2012 advocacy priorities are:
designation; composting program
                                                                                      Raise revenue
Dec. 18 Helping at-risk/vulnerable populations: Tent City-
4; emergency preparedness; nursing home music project; literary (adult                Protect services for low-income persons
and child); outreach to vulnerable youth; outreach to vulnerable adults;
scouting alternatives; prevention of child prostitution and abuse; Totes-to-
                                                                                      Economic reform
Go; expansion of Totes-to-Go to other school districts; GLBTQ; inter-
cultural understanding/race relations and treatment of native peoples;
project of publicizing personal social injustice stories; blood drive; ending         Restore the democratic process
human rights violations against immigrants and the UU Justice General
Assembly 2012; community building skills and orientation                        Read more about the conference at: http://
Jan. 8 Global and national outreach: safe drinking water for all;
global justice initiatives and UUSC; peace; attacking gender bias and           Addressing these critical justice priorities will take all
oppression of women; programs to end chronic, persistent hunger                 of us working together. WA UU Voices needs your help
                                                                                more than ever. Subscribe to our email newsletter at
Jan. 15 Policy reforms: separation of church and state; drug law
                                                                       Throughout session, we’ll keep you
reform; abolition of the death penalty; access to health care, economic
justice programs and reforms; education reform; tightening laws about           posted on justice advocacy days, let you know when your
driving while impaired, immigration law reforms                                 phone call or email to our legislators is essential. Help us
                                                                                bring a hopeful, justice-inspired UU presence to the 2012
The Justice Cluster Meet-Ups will start in the sanctuary at the                 legislature!
end of coffee hour (about 30 minutes after the end of the
service) and we expect to finish in about 45 minutes. The
purpose is to put all of those interested in particular justice                              Taking Care of Our Own
issues in contact with each other so that each group can de-
                                                                                At our Christmas Eve service, a collection will be taken to
cide on its own next steps. Facilitators from ASJ will be avail-
                                                                                fund the Cares & Concerns committee’s “Helping Hands”
able to help. Information sources for some topics and con-                      fund (which replaces the depleted Helen Palmer fund).
tacts on justice groups at some nearby UU churches will be                      These contributions will be used to assist WUUC members
provided. “Home Run” results could range from deciding to                       and friends who find themselves in financial need. The
form a justice group on the topic, identifying educational ma-                  maximum amount of assistance is $500 per family per year
terials on the topic to bring to the attention of the congrega-                 with the actual amounts being decided by the C & C com-
tion, agreeing to participate in a rally, merging two topics to                 mittee on a case by case basis. Additional contributions will
                                                                                be accepted at any time, of course, but this is our official
create a viable larger group, or starting work on a specific
                                                                                once per year opportunity to contribute to a social justice
justice project, and discovering who you can connect with at                    cause right here at home. On behalf of our own needy,
WUUC to share your justice interests and expertise.                             thanks for your generosity.

You are invited to join in any or all of these meet ups whether
or not you originally signed on for a particular topic.
                                                                                                                   Page 7

                  In the Kitchen                                                Circle Supper
                     With Pat Resende

                                                            December Circle Supper: This month’s Circle Supper
Happy Holidays! I’ve noticed a new trend in the WUUC is on Saturday, December 10, 6:30 p.m., at the
kitchen lately—people are just dropping in to help! On home of LauriBeth and Brad Hull in Bothell.
several Sunday mornings lately, we’ve had two or three
people working together in the kitchen to get things ti- All members, friends, and newcomers, single or part-
died up after Hospitality. Many hands make light work, nered, 18 or older, are welcome to join us for an eve-
and your assistance is greatly appreciated! Keep comin’!    ning of delicious food (potluck), warm companion-
                                                            ship, and lively discussion.
Speaking of volunteers… Marge Lindsay has been com-
ing in occasionally on weekday afternoons to clean. The This holiday circle supper will feature white ele-
kitchen has been sparkling lately, thanks to Marge’s ef- phant exchange (optional). Bring a wrapped gift. Use
forts—next time you see her, please say thanks.             this opportunity to get rid of that talking trout Uncle
Check out our new signs! After Rev. Lois and Margy Buck gave you or the Obama chia head from Aunt
Rockenbeck did such a wonderful job of touching up Bertha. If your dedication to simplicity leaves you
the walls, it seemed a shame to leave those old signs up. without a white elephant just come and enjoy the con-
So now we have newly-printed signs in Lucite holders. versation.
Thanks to Steve Resende and Robert Galloway for
helping to install them.                                    To RSVP and get directions:
We’re getting good coverage for Hospitality treats, but we
still need coffee/kitchen volunteers. You can sign up Unfortunately the Circle Supper became full as
online or on Sunday mornings, or you can contact Pat this was going to publication.
Resende at, (425) 844-2373. Hospi- Please plan to come next month.
tality is simple and fun. You will receive a reminder email
with instructions. So grab some friends or your
Neighborhood Group or WUUC committee and sign up
today!                                                                   Gather Round the Piano for
                                                                        Holiday Singing on Dec. 16th
Do you have ideas for organizing the kitchen and making
it operate more smoothly? I’d love to hear them! You can Lend your voice to a round of holiday singing at WUUC on
contact me at or (425) 844-2373.          Dec. 16th (Friday) from 7 to 8:30. Terry Levitt will pro-
                                                             vide the accompaniment for our community gathering.
In November, Hospitality volunteers were Linda
                                                             Santa costumes are optional. Singers of all ages are wel-
McCrystal, Marge Lindsay, Isobel Schiller, Reyna             come. Refreshments will be provided.
Ronald, Robert Galloway, the Anderson/Lee/Zak                You are invited to donate $2 to the
family (who brought treats and then stayed to help clean     WUUC auction account to add to the
up too), and Deanna Paulin.                                  Holiday cheer of our treasurer. : )

Thanks so much to all of you who stepped up to help!
                                                             Marian Johnson and John Hilke
                                                       Books & Stories                                                      Page 8

WUUC Nonfiction Book Club - March 9, 2012                                        Holiday Family Night

It’s hard enough to live a secular life in a religious world;
bringing up children without religious influence can be even
more daunting. Despite the difficulties, a large and growing
number of parents are choosing to raise their kids without

In Parenting Beyond Belief , Dale McGowan celebrates the free-
dom that comes with raising kids without formal indoctrina-      Please join us on Saturday, December 3rd, for our annual
tion and advises parents on the                                  WUUC family night and tree decorating event. Along with
most effective way to raise free-                                our usual games and activities, we will have ornaments to
thinking children. With advice from                              make and put on the tree, cookies to decorate, and maybe
educators, doctors, psychologists,                               even a visit from Santa Claus!
and philosophers as well as wisdom
from everyday parents, the book                                  Come as early as 3:30 if you have a longer game to play, the
offers tips and insights on a variety                            event will officially begin at 4:00. Our potluck dinner will be
of topics, from “mixed marriages”                                at 5:30.
to coping with death and loss, and
from morality and ethics to dealing                              It has been tradition to bring soups and breads to this event,
with holidays. Sensitive and timely,                             but please feel free to expand this tradition to include other
Parenting Beyond Belief features reflec-                         festive dishes.
tions from such freethinkers as Mark Twain, Richard
Dawkins, and Bertrand Russell that will empower every par-       Please bring enough for your family plus 3-4 others.
ent to raise both caring and independent children without        Drinks and dessert will be provided.
constraints. (modified from
                                                                 If your last name begins with A-N please bring a main dish.
Please join us on Friday, March 9, to discuss the next           If your last name begins with O-Z, please bring a side dish.
WUUC Nonfiction Book Club selection: Parenting Beyond
Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion. The    Hope to see lots of you there! If you are not subscribed to
meeting will be held from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Lane &             the family list and would like to receive the evite for this
Alaine’s house.                                                  event, please contact Adam at

                UU Common Read                                                    ~ Book Exchange ~
                                                                 UUs tend to be voracious readers and some of us still
                    By Rev Lois Van Leer
                                                                 read actual hardcover and paperback books. You may
                                                                 have noticed a bookcase by the kitchen with a sign that
Last year the UUA suggested that we all                          says “Give one, Take one.” The hope is that members
read the book, The Death of Josseline                            and friends will drop off books they are done with and
which focuses on immigration issues along                        perhaps find a new one to read.
the Mexican/U.S. border. I highly recom-
mend it.
                                                                             This is for all ages and is absolutely free!
This year’s read is Acts of Faith: The Story
of an American Muslim, the Struggle for                                               UUA Book Fair
the Soul of a Generation by Eboo Patel.
Many of you have had a lot of questions                          Come browse a selection of titles from the UUA and
about Islam and how we interact with Mus-                        Skinner House on December 4th. Order will be taken
lims. I am hoping this book will give us                         and books will be available for pick-up on Dec. 11th.
some good insight and ideas. Both books                          All profits go to fund our Senior Youth group’s pres-
are available through the UUA bookstore.
                                                                 ence at Justice GA 2012!
                                                  Meditation & Art                                               Page 9

Deepen Your Spirit at Seminary for a Day                                 Wed. Night Meditation Group

                                                                The Wednesday Night Buddhist Meditation Group is
                                                                a place where one can sit quietly in a comfortable po-
                                                                sition for 40 minutes without any distractions or de-
                                                                mands. We sit in the sanctuary; anyone can join.

                                                                We start at 7 p.m. but it’s fine if one needs to arrive
                                                                later. We don’t ask people to have meditation experi-
                                                                ence; basic instructions will be offered if needed. We
                                                                then have tea and talk about specific mindfulness

                                                                Feel free to join us!

If Unitarian Universalism calls your spirit to explore your
theology more deeply; if you’ve always wanted to know
more about the Bible and other sacred texts; if you long
to grow in your understanding of our Unitarian Univer-
salist history and heritage; if you seek a spiritual practice
that might inspire and sustain your own bending toward
justice—then come to Seminary for a Day at First Uni-
tarian Church of Portland on Saturday, January 28.

You are invited to have a taste of a seminary education
according to the learning model at Starr King School for
the Ministry, one of our UU seminaries. Rev. John
Buehrens, recent member of the Starr King Board of              The Visual Arts Club is pleased to announce a
Trustees and former President of the UUA, along with            new art show featuring paintings by
other area clergy will involve you in a day of theological      Diane Vogt. Please take a moment to look at
reflection and spiritual exploration.                           these vivacious and lively works of art by one
                                                                of our outstanding artists in residence. If a
Save the date and look for more details in the weeks to come.   painting particularly strikes your fancy, most
                                                                are for sale. As always, a portion of all
                                                                WUUC Gallery sales is used by the VAC to
                                                                benefit the WUUC community.

                                                                The 20th Anniversary Timeline is also still up,
                                                                around the corner into the hallway.
                                         Men’s & Women’s Groups                                                   Page 10

                                                                           Evening Sister Circle
                    Golden Girls
                                                          For our Evening Sister Circle in December we will be doing
                                                          some crafting. This is a great opportunity to make something
                                                          easy and fun that can be a gift for someone or for you! Also,
The Golden Girls (those of us age 50+) are going back     we will have more ideas printed out (if you want to make
to one of our favorite places in December—Russell’s,      them at home). If you are not up for being crafty, just come
3301 Monte Villa Pkwy, Bothell 98021. We like this        and have a beverage and/or snack.
place because usually it is not noisy and we can really
enjoy our conversations with one another, plus, the       Tuesday, December 6 At WUUC in the Library 7-9pm
food is quite good.
                                                          All women are warmly invited to the Evening Sister Circle.
                                                          We meet for meaningful discussions, personal sharing and
So whether you are a long time WUUCie or just new         support. If you have any questions about the Evening Sister
                                                          Circle or wish to learn more please feel free to contact Mich-
to our church, you are cordially invited to join us on    ele Hopkins or Holly Beck at hol-
December 16—the 3rd Friday of the month—at       We look forward to seeing you!
11:30 for lunch.
                                                          We have a list of things that you will need if you choose the
Watch for the RSVP reminder closer to the date. We        projects below (we will have some of these items, but feel
look forward to sharing this time with you.               free to bring what you can). You can email us and let us
                                                          know what project you are interested in and we will make
                                                          sure we have as many materials as possible. Also, if you like
Questions? Email                    to make holiday cards we will have stamps, ink and accesso-
                                                          ries (please bring blank cards and envelopes).

                                                          Printed/Painted Box
                                                          White paper, color or design paper (we will have a few options)
                                                          Round paper mache box (Ben Franklin has these)
                                                          *bring extra scissors!

                                                          Tissue Pillar Candles
                                                          Colored tissue paper
                                                          Embossing heat gun (we will have one or two)
                                                          Pillar candles (any color, we will have 2-3 of these)
             MEN'S BREAKFAST!                             Holiday Bags
                                                          Plain bag (we have enough of these for everyone)
                                                          holiday rubber stamps (we will have some stamps and ink)
                                                          holiday ribbon (we will have some)
                                                          hot glue gun (we will have 1-2 of these)

                 DATE: 12/24                              Christmas Potpourri Blend
                TIME: 7:30 AM                             Powdered cinnamon
  DENISE'S PLACE CAFE, 11801 NE 160TH ST # C,             Powdered ginger (optional)
              BOTHELL, WA 98011                           Ground cloves & nutmeg
 AN EVITE INVITATION WILL BE SENT TO THE                  Applesauce (about 1-2 cups)          Cheers ~
  MEN'S LIST THE WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT.                   Cinnamon sticks
                                                                                               Michele & Holly
                                                          Sandwich bag to take item home
       QUESTIONS? CONTACT ADAM FASS                       *We will have a small amount of      Your
                                                          each of these                        Evening Sister Circle
                                                                                               Craft Goddesses!
      Any missing meeting dates? (See       *Donations are always welcome*
                                                                              Page 11

     Wireless Access Reset                           It’s Getting Cold!
    Coming for the Holidays
                                               The children in Dragonflies
Our church wireless network will have          are collecting mittens,
its security reset between Christmas and       gloves, scarves and hats for
New Years as is our custom to ensure           children and youth in
our network is reasonably secure. New          need.
connection information will be available
from the IT Committee or the office            Please bring your dona-
after Christmas.                               tions by December 18th and
                                               place in the basket in P1A.
Any questions, please feel free to con-
tact Steve at
                                                       Thank you!

 Thanks to an Awesome Volunteer!
   L a u r i B e t h            H u l l

Please join us in expressing gratitude         Got something you’d like
to LauriBeth Hull for her long ser-
vice in leading the Communications             to put in the newsletter?
Committee! After several years                 It could go here next
chairing this committee
(affectionately dubbed “ComCom”),
                                               month! Just send it in to
LauriBeth Hull has stepped down. Lucky for
us WUUCies, LauriBeth is continuing to serve
ComCom by providing user support, maintain-
ing the websites, and so much more.
Thank you, LauriBeth!

—from LauriBeth’s fellow ComCom volunteers
~ Important Notice: Church Closure Procedure ~ (...and more)                                                          Page 12

                      Closure Criteria
The primary criteria for temporarily closing the church are asso-
ciated with safety. These include:
1.   Is there safe access to the church, to include consid-
     eration of both driveways and walkways? If no, the
     church closes.
2.   Is there power in the church? If no, the church closes.
3.   Is the Washington State Patrol asking persons to stay            Curious About the Church Email Lists?
     off the roads? If so, the church closes.
These are just a few criteria for closing. The decision makers      Check out the WUUC Email Lists page on the public
may be asked to make a call based on their best judgment, even      website!
if none of the above apply.

Decision Making                                           
The chain of command for making the decision to close the           Go here to see:
church, based on their availability, is:
                                                                     What email lists are avail-
   Minister                                                          able through WUUC
   Buildings & Grounds Chair                                       How to subscribe and un-
   Other staff who are at the church, such as Director of Reli-      subscribe
     gious Education, Director of Lifelong Learning and Office
                                                                     Guidelines for appropriate
   Board President                                                   use
                                                                     Tips for sharing images
If a committee cancels their activities for an evening due to          and other files
weather conditions, they will both email and phone the office        And much more!
and the minister.

If a decision is made to remain open, WUUC encourages each          Thanks to Brad Hull for his assistance with this useful
person to make their own safety a priority. The church con-         reference.
gregants, friends and staff live in a wide range of areas which
may be affected differently, particularly when it comes to          Pamela Denchfield
weather. If congregants feel that there is any danger posed by
traveling to the church, they are encouraged to stay home.
                                                                    Chair, Communications Committee

Communication Process
In the event of a closure of the church, communication will be
made three ways:
1. An all-church email will be sent.
2. The website will be updated with closure information.
3. The phone message will be changed to indicate the closure.
                                                                                     New York Nuptials
Please check your communication method of choice frequently
as the situation may change. If there is no information given
about a closure, please assume the church is open. We will          Rev. Lois officiated at the wedding of Curtis Kiefer
attempt to ensure that any decision is communicated if closure      and Walter Frankel in upstate New York. These two
might be ambiguous, but the default is open, unless otherwise       men have been partners for
noted.                                                              30 years. On 11-11-11 at
                                                                    11:00 a.m., they were legally
The Office Administrator will ensure that all staff and the chair
(s) of the Communication Committee will be trained in the
above procedure and will update the list of trained personnel

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