Chapter 22 Review sheet by keralaguest


									                                 AMERICAN HISTORY
                           Unit VI – Looking Toward the Future
                                CHAPTER 22 Test Review-
          Put a + if you know it, ? if you might and Circle the item if you do not know it at all.
Vocabulary            Names                         Dates and Events
Section 1-      Section 1- Reagan’s Section 1- Reagan’s First Term
 Reagan’s First First Term          Return to simpler life- family, work, neighborhood, peace and
 Term                               Conservative movement
                      Ronald Reagan                 Reagan Revolution
                      John Anderson- 3rd party      Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority
welfare                candidate                    “Great Persuader”- “The velvet steamroller”
                                                    “Just Say No!”
advocate              Jerry Falwell                 Assassination attempt
                      Nancy Reagan                  PATCO strike- 1981
supply-side           David A. Stockman             Reaganomics- two goals- 1) reduce taxes and stimulate economic
 economics            New Right                         growth, 2) cut the federal budget.
                                                    Supply-side theory
budget deficit                                      Cut taxes and boost military spending
                      Section 2 –                   “voodoo economics”

Section 2 –            Reagan’s Foreign             1983- Federal Reserve and interest rates
                                                    1985- Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act-
 Reagan’s              Policy                           (Gramm-Rudman=Hollings Act.

 Foreign Policy       Lech Walesa                   Section 2 – Reagan’s Foreign Policy
                      Solidarity                    “Evil Empire”
                                                    Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)
initiate              Mikhail Gorbachev             Election 1986- Democrats- Mondale and Ferraro
                      Oliver North                  INF Treaty
regime                El Salvador- civil war        Nicaragua, Somosa, Sandanistas, Contras
apartheid             Nicaragua- civil war          Congress bans all direct aid to Contras
                      Grenada                       Tragedy in Lebanon
                                                    Victory in Grenada
Section 3- A                                        Apartheid in South Africa
                      Section 3- A New              Iran-Contra Affair
 New World
                       World Order                  Section 3- A New World Order
 Order                George H.W. Bush              Election of 1988- Candidates and outcome.
glasnost              Boris Yeltsin                 “Read my lips, No New Taxes”
                      Saddam Hussein                Gorbachev and reforms
perestroika                                         Velvet Revolution- Czechoslovakia
                      Nelson Mandela                Violent Revolution- Romania
                      Manuel Noriega                Fall of the Berlin Wall
                                                    End of the Soviet Union
                                                    START and START II
Section 4- Life                                     Tiananmen Square Massacre

 in the 1980’s  Section 4- Life in                  Panama- Operation Just Cause- Invasion
                                                    Persian –Gulf War- Operation Desert Storm
Gross Domestic the 1980’s                           Mandela and South Africa
                Steve Jobs
Product         Bill Gates                          Section 4- Life in the 1980’s
                                                    Space Shuttle program and Challenger disaster
                      Alan Greenspan and the        The national debit under Reagan
                         Federal Reserve Board      Deregulating financial services- Savings and Loans
                      Space Shuttle                 Savings and Loan Crisis
                                                    Changes in Immigration laws
                      Sandra Day O’Connor           Social Issues
                      Clarence Thomas               Supreme Court Nominees- Clarence Thomas

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