Pha and Tina Lor—Family Time is Important

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					                        Winter 2009

 Pha and Tina Lor—Family Time is Important
2008 CFFC Branch Awards & Customer Appreciation Events
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                               Cape Fear Country Winter 2009
                                                                                               From our President
                                                                                               Where Your Interest Pays Dividends . . 4

                                                                                               Lon Beasley. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                               CFFC Member Visits Germany
                                                                                                 for Agriculture Study Trip . . . . . . . 8

                                                                                               YBs sPotlight

5                                            8
                                                                                               Pha and Tina Lor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

                                                                                               FFa student PersPective
Cape Fear Farm Credit Clinton                Cape Fear Farm Credit                             Paul Cameron Lambert . . . . . . . . . . .12

branch member Lon Beasley is                 Fayetteville branch member                        Paige M. Kennedy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

a poultry and row crop farmer                david Collier has been very                       commoditY corner
in Magnolia, north Carolina.                 active with the local and                         North Carolina Poultry Federation . . .14

He is also part of a family business that    state Farm Bureau and other                       communitY news & events
has been expanding since the 1920s.Lon is
the Grow-out Manager for Nash Johnson
                                             agriculture advisory boards.                      CFFC Supports the
                                                                                                 2008 N.C. State Fair . . . . . . . . . . .16
& Sons Farms and the House of Raeford’s      He has served on numerous organizational
                                             boards and committees, most recently              CFFC Participates in Sampson
Wallace division.
                                                                                                County BBQ Cook-Off . . . . . . . . . . 18
                                             serving on the American Farm Bureau Young
                                             Farmers and Ranchers committee.                   2008 Cumberland County
                                                                                                 Young Farmer of the Year . . . . . . .19
                                                                                               R.H. Byrd Family Named 2008 Harnett
                                                                                                 County Farm Family of the Year . . .20
                                                                                               Reggie Strickland Receives
                                                                                                 Outstanding Alumnus Award . . . .21

                                                                                               association news
                                                                                               Lumberton Branch Named
                                                                                                 “2008 Branch of the Year” . . . . . . 22
                                                                                               Welcoming New Employees . . . . . . 22

16                                           20
                                                                                               CFFC Employees Recognized
                                                                                                 for Years of Service . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
                                                                                               Recently Retired from CFFC . . . . . . 23
Cape Fear Farm Credit was a                  Cape Fear Farm Credit dunn                        Several CFFC Branches Held 2008
sponsor of the north Carolina                branch member r.h. Byrd Jr.                         Customer Appreciation Events . . 24
                                                                                               Make Your Vote Count . . . . . . . . . . . 26
department of Agriculture and                was presented the 2008 harnett
Consumer services’ “got to                   County Farm Family of the Year                    reciPes
be nC” Agriculture exhibit.                  award at the Farm City Week                       Comfort Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

The exhibit featured hundreds of “Goodness   Banquet on november 25, 2008.                     tidBits
Grows in NC” products and several member     The R.H. Byrd family was selected for this        Baby Announcements. . . . . . . . . . . . 28
companies had booths set up for sampling     award because of their dedication to agricul-     Anniversaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
products.                                    ture and for passing on agriculture to the next
                                                                                               Newsworthy Members
                                                                                                and Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

                                                    Cape Fear Country Winter 2009   3
                                                           FroM       PrE
                                                           Fr oM T hE Pr E s I dE nT

      Where Your Interest Pays Dividends

                                                                                                                          richard A. Eason

“Where your interest pays dividends”… Once        monitor events and proactively manage your       and that we are grateful when you choose to
again, we are holding true to our marketing       association for the long term.                   do business with us!
tag line. Cape Fear Farm Credit distributed to         Our formula for success is simple:               Our upcoming Annual Stockholder’s
our members the 2003 surplus allocated in         Provide service that exceeds expectations,       Meeting will once again be held in Fayette-
the amount of 4.2 million dollars in January.     make safe and sound loans, operate effi-         ville at the Crown Coliseum Agri Expo Center
In March, we estimate that we will distrib-       ciently, retain adequate capital to provide      on Thursday, February 19 at 6:00 pm. There
ute an additional 11.3 million dollars in cash,   for growth and adversity and return above        will be good food provided along with an
which represents 23% of your interest accrued     average patronage dividends back to you,         opportunity to win cash door prizes. I hope
in 2008. That’s over 15.5 million dollars total   making us second to none when being              to see you there!
that we are giving back to our customers!         compared to the competition.                          Finally, I’d like to mention two valuable
     Despite a very difficult year due to              As I stated above, it has been a very       employees who recently retired. Deborah
severe economic uncertainty, Cape Fear            difficult year for many of our farm members.     Bunce has been a dedicated employee for
Farm Credit had                                                                                                            over 33 years in our
operating profits of                                                                                                       Fayetteville Branch.
20.3 million dollars         The following areas summarize our 2008 results:                                               Her devotion to the
in 2008 that came
                             Estimated net Income .............................................$20.3 million               farmers of Cumber-
very close to 2007’s                                                                                                       land County was
record profits of
                             2003 surplus and estimated                                                                    always evident and
20.6 million dollars.
                             2008 Patronage distributions..................................$15.5 million                   will certainly be
We realize how               Estimated return on stockholder Equity............................18.7%                       sorely missed. Jim
important excellent                                                                                                        Dove gave over 34
                             Loan Volume growth ...........................................................7.5%
cooperative perfor-                                                                                                        years of dedicated
mance, in the form of                                                                                                      service to Farm
patronage dividends, can be during a stressful    Such a year certainly makes us pause and         Credit. We will miss Jim’s wit along with his
year. For that reason, we are very proud to be    realize to take nothing for granted. I’d like    willingness to always readily assist those who
able to return a large portion of that profit     to thank our employee family for their hard      asked for his help. We wish Deborah and Jim
back to you, our members/stockholders.            work and great results. I’d also like to thank   the very best in their retirement!
     At this point, there still remains much      our Board of Directors for their dedication           I look forward to seeing all of you
uncertainty regarding the US economy. While       and sacrifice to work with management as we      February 19th at our Annual Stockholders’
we know the present weakness will have an         strive to meet and exceed our corporate goals.   Meeting!
impact on our members, we remain confident        Most importantly, thank you, our members,
that Southeastern NC agriculture will weather     for choosing Cape Fear Farm Credit. Please
the economic storm. We will continue to           know we don’t take your business for granted

                                                             Cape Fear Farm Credit   4
                                                                              FE AT ur E

                                                                Lon Beasley
                                      house of raeford—The Ones with Real Taste

          ape Fear Farm Credit Clinton                    for Nash Johnson & Sons Farms and the                     breeding to the production of raw, processed
          branch member Lon Beasley is a                  House of Raeford’s Wallace division. House                and fully cooked chickens and turkeys for
          poultry and row crop farmer in                  of Raeford is a family-owned company that                 retail and food service customers.
Magnolia, North Carolina. He is also part of              offers the world’s most complete line of                        The once small poultry operation has
a family business that has been expanding                 poultry products. The business covers every               expanded from a local business in Rose
since the 1920s. Lon is the Grow-out Manager              aspect of the poultry industry from specialized
                                                                                                                                                   Continued on next page

(From the left) Dennis Beasley, Lon Beasley and Clinton Loan Officer David Sutton in front of the “Big Ed” feed mill. This mill is named after Marvin Johnson’s son who
passed away in 1991.

                                                                  Cape Fear Country Winter 2008     5
                                                                      FE AT ur E

ConTInuEd FroM PAgE 5

Hill, N.C. to a company that operates eight
facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia and Louisiana with more than 5,000
employees. In the early 1920s, Sue Johnson
(Lon Beasley’s great-grandmother) raised
several turkeys in her backyard as a hobby
and for the family’s personal use. Who knew
that this small brooder house in Nash and
Sue Johnson’s (Lon’s great grandparents)
backyard would expand into the poultry
operation it is today!
     In 1925, Mr. Nash Johnson’s children
sold these homegrown turkeys on the streets
of Rose Hill, N.C. The turkeys were selling like
hotcakes, so in 1936, Mr. Johnson decided
to expand the business and build a turkey
hatchery. By 1955, feed prices were so high
that Mr. Nash Johnson and his sons, Marvin
                                                   (From the left) david sutton, dennis Beasley and Lon Beasley standing in front of the house of raeford
(Lon Beasley’s grandfather) and Bizzell,
                                                   rose hill division
began construction of their first mill operating
under the business name of Nash Johnson            Raeford, NC, and by 1978 the Johnson’s had              per week. Dennis was young and single
& Sons Farms, Inc. Within a few years, the         sole ownership of this plant and the business           when he began his career with House of
feed mill was producing over capacity, so in       name was changed to House of Raeford.                   Raeford, but in 1978 Dennis married Marvin
1959 Nash and his sons expanded to include              Lon’s father, Dennis Beasley, became               Johnson’s daughter, Diane. They later had
a chick hatchery and grow-out operation.           actively involved in the business in 1972 when          three children: Lon, Natalie, and Mary Susan.
Just two years later, Mr. Nash and three           they were growing approximately 400,000                 Currently, Dennis is the Senior Vice President
partners purchased a processing plant in           broilers per week and about 80,000 turkeys              of Live Production. In the late 1990s, the

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                                                                                                                        ◆ Bed and Breakfast

                                          Allen Brothers Hunting Preserve ◆ Bladenboro, N.C. (just 15 miles off I-95)
                                 ◆ 910.736.5360

                                                               Cape Fear Farm Credit   6
business changed its focus from growing
small four pound birds to growing larger eight
pound chickens to expand their market. With                           “I've been extremely pleased with the
dedicated employees, conscientious contract                          level of service and the relationship I’ve
growers and their strong family values the
business has grown, and House of Raeford is
                                                                       established with the folks at CFFC.”
now processing 3.7 million broilers per week
and nearly 200,000 turkeys per week. Dennis
commented, “We wouldn’t be at this point if             and his drive to succeed. As a young child,          Farm Credit helped some of these growers
it weren’t for our employees and growers. We            Lon aspired to work for the family business,         with their financing needs as they began to
are very blessed to have such good people and           so upon graduating from the Agricultural             build new facilities. Dennis estimates that
everyone gives 110 percent. The employees               Institute at N.C. State University in 2003,          during this expansion approximately seventy
in all of our operations are first-class, and           Lon began working with House of Raeford              percent of the houses were financed through
that’s why we have such quality products to             as well as operating his own poultry facilities      Cape Fear Farm Credit.
offer.” He went on to say, “When everything’s           and row crop operation. He said, “I’ve always             During that time, Lon already had
living good, laying good, hatching good and             wanted to be involved in agriculture, and the        seven grow-out houses and 1100 acres of
feed conversions are good, I’m happy.”                  poultry and farming business is all I’ve ever        corn, soybeans and wheat, but decided to
David Sutton, Clinton branch loan officer,              known. I couldn’t imagine life any different.”       expand his poultry operation as well. He
commented on the House of Raeford family                When Lon started with the House of Raeford,          built five chicken houses on the family farm
operation by saying, “I’ve never heard many             he moved around through all the different            in Magnolia, NC and came to Cape Fear Farm
complaints from their growers. The growers              departments because his father wanted him            Credit to do business with David Sutton, a
have a great relationship with Dennis and the           to see how the entire business operated from         loan officer in the Clinton branch. When
rest of the folks at House of Raeford and Nash          production to processing. When an opportu-           asked about his experience with Cape Fear
Johnson & Sons.”                                        nity to expand operations in Wallace arose,          Farm Credit, Lon said, “I was impressed
     Dennis is also extremely proud of his son,         Lon handled the construction end of the              by the fixed rate option and the patronage
Lon’s enthusiasm about the family business              project. During this expansion, Cape Fear            refund! I was also impressed with the way
                                                                                                             Cape Fear Farm Credit took care of our
                                                                                                             contract growers during the expansion.
                                                                                                             I’ve been extremely pleased with the level
                                                                                                             of service and the relationship I’ve estab-
                                                                                                             lished with the folks at CFFC.” When asked
                                                                                                             about his favorite part of his job with House
                                                                                                             of Raeford and his own farming operation,
                                                                                                             Lon stated, “I’ve always loved to watch
                                                                                                             things grow, and I enjoy the people I work
                                                                                                             with. His father, Dennis commented, “Lon’s
                                                                                                             been driving a tractor since he was six years
                                                                                                             old. From a young age, he’s loved watching
                                                                                                             anything grow, so I knew he was making a
                                                                                                             good decision to farm and work in the family
                                                                                                             business. He’s doing a great job!”

Dennis Beasley and son Lon Beasley beside a picture of the first hatchery built in Nash Johnson’s backyard
in 1941

                                                                Cape Fear Country Winter 2009    7
                                                                    FE AT ur E

         Cape Fear Farm Credit Member Visits germany for
                      Agriculture study Trip

                                                                                                  ape Fear Farm Credit Fayetteville
                                                                                                  branch member David Collier has
                                                                                                  been very active with the local and
                                                                                         state Farm Bureau and other agriculture
                                                                                         advisory boards. He has served on numerous
                                                                                         organizational boards and committees,
                                                                                         most recently serving on the American
                                                                                         Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers
                                                                                         committee. Through his involvement in the
                                                                                         community, his desire to promote agriculture
                                                                                         and his professional career, he recently had
                                                                                         the opportunity to participate in an agricul-
                                                                                         ture study trip to Germany.
                                                                                              This past September, David went on a
                                                                                         three-week educational agriculture trip to
                                                                                         Germany where he experienced, first-hand,
                                                                                         the similarities and differences between
                                                                                         American and German agricultural practices.
                                                                                         This trip was sponsored by the American
                                                                                         Council on Germany and the American Farm
david Collier with red hartz Mountain cattle in background                               Bureau. This program is designed to give indi-
                                                                                         viduals who are engaged in the fields of envi-
                                                                                         ronmental affairs, journalism, urban affairs
                                                                                         and agriculture an opportunity to broaden
                                                                                         their professional experience and establish
                                                                                         productive relationships with their trans-
                                                                                         atlantic counterparts. David went through
                                                                                         an application process and was one of four
                                                                                         Americans selected for the 2008 program.
                                                                                         David enjoyed learning about German agri-
                                                                                         culture and history and was very fascinated
                                                                                         by the agricultural practices in Germany.
                                                                                              Well, what are some of the similarities
                                                                                         and differences he observed? While exploring
                                                                                         the countryside, David noticed a large amount
                                                                                         of small equipment being used by the German
                                                                                         farmers and ranchers. Ironically, Germans

                                                             Cape Fear Farm Credit   8
use large tractors, but this small equipment is
used because German law prohibits farmers
from driving equipment on the roads if the
equipment takes up more space than one lane.
David commented, “It’s nothing for farmers
in North Carolina to drive tractors with disks
that are wider than one lane on our state
roads. The drivers just pull off on the shoulder
for cars and trucks to pass, but in Germany
that’s not allowed.” Pickup trucks were few
and far between as he only recalls seeing one
Dodge Ram truck during his three-week stay.
                                                       david with other participants in front of the Berlin Wall
“Most people drove smart cars or compact
cars, but I did see some folks traveling in            years old. The barns, houses and shelters on                of the largest flour mills in Germany. This
small sports utility vehicles,” David said.            these farms are considered historical, so the               mill processes more than 300,000 tons of
Then he went on to say, “Sugar beets are a             government has implemented laws to help                     wheat per year gathered from 300 farmers
large income producing crop in Germany,                eliminate the destruction of these historical               throughout the area. The majority of the flour
much like cotton in North Carolina.” Sugar             structures. The group toured one of the five                is used to make baby food and also goes to the
beets are also grown in the United States in           veterinary schools in Germany, and similar                  large bakeries.
cooler climates like Minnesota and North               to the United States, there is a shortage of                     When asked to tell about his favorite
Dakota. Also, David mentioned that about               large animal veterinarians. Until recently,                 part of the trip, David reminisces about the
ninety percent of the corn production in               education was free in Germany, but now                      Harvest Feast in Berlin. David says, “The
Germany is used to make silage. “Germany               students must pay approximately 500 euros                   Harvest Feast was much like a county fair
is one of the world’s largest users of wind            per semester for schooling.                                 and farm show combined. The event was held
power, so we saw lots of wind farms as we                    David spent four days in Berlin where                 in a small village called Brandenburg and
traveled through the country.” Another key             he and the others on the trip toured the                    was a celebration at the end of the harvest
point he noticed is how focused the German             Reichstag building and met with members of                  season. This festival was my favorite part of
culture is on preserving the history within the        parliament that represented farming districts               the trip because we were able to meet actual
country. Many of the large farms throughout            to discuss timely issues. David and the group               farmers and their families that lived in the
the countryside are between 200 and 300                also toured the Library of Parliament which                 community.”
                                                                              is the third largest in                   David was grateful for the opportunity
                                                                              the world. They had the              to visit with German farmers, ranchers and
                                                                              opportunity to meet                  agriculture industry dignitaries and officials.
                                                                              with the public relations            David said, “My trip to Germany would not
                                                                              representative for the               have been possible without the Cumberland
                                                                              German Department of                 County and North Carolina Farm Bureau. I
                                                                              Agriculture to hear about            was honored to be selected and look forward
                                                                              organics, traceability and           to the opportunity to host four exchange
                                                                              rural development. Many              students from Germany next year.”
                                                                              areas in Germany are                      David has been a Cape Fear Farm Credit
                                                                              facing similar farmland              member since 1995 and has a swine operation
                                                                              encroachment issues as               with eight finishing floors. David, his wife,
                                                                              some areas of the United             Kelly, and their daughter, Taylor, live in
                                                                              States. The group also               Wade, North Carolina.
Fayetteville Branch Manager Misty hales-McCorquodale (far right) with         toured Saale Muhle, one
david, his wife, Kelly, and their daughter, Taylor

                                                               Cape Fear Country Winter 2009     9
                                                                       YBs s PoT LI ghT

Raeford-Laurinburg Loan Officer Rebecca Wood (left) with Tina and Pha Lor in their goat pasture

                                                       Pha and Tina Lor
                                                   Family time is important

          oung, beginning and small farmers Pha and Tina Lor are                     languages: Hmong, Thai, and English. Leaving Thailand in 1993, the
          Laotian poultry growers in Scotland County. They came to be                Lor family made their way to the United States, where they decided
          poultry farmers in an unusual way. Pha’s father worked as a                to call Detroit, Michigan home. Several years after the move, Pha and
local contact for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Laos from              Tina got married and became very interested in finding a farm to raise
1961 through 1975. After the Vietnam Conflict, his family was forced to              their children. In 2004, the Lor family found the perfect poultry farm
leave the country due to political unrest and related unsafe conditions              in Laurel Hill, North Carolina.
for the entire family. They immigrated to Thailand, where they spent                        You might wonder why the Lor family picked up and moved to
11 years in a refugee center while Pha was a teacher, teaching English,              North Carolina? Well, Pha worked as a carpenter while living in Detroit
among other subjects, to his fellow refugees. Pha is also fluent in three            and found that he worked nonstop. The family did not get to spend

                                                                    Cape Fear Farm Credit    10
much time together, and family is extremely important to Pha and
Tina. So, with the help of a realtor, the Lor family purchased a poultry
farm in Scotland County in 2004. Pha and Tina moved with the plan
that they would work on the family farm and spend more quality time
with their children, Somchai (age 12), Christy (age 11), Jennifer (age
nine), and twins, Richard and Victor (age seven).
     In addition to their four Mountaire poultry houses, the Lor family
has a very interesting traditional farm where they grow their own vege-
tables and raise goats, pigs and cattle. This traditional farm operation
is much like Pha remembers from his childhood in Laos. Pha, Tina
and the children all work on the family farm in some capacity. You
might find the children feeding the pigs, goats and dogs or on a tractor
mowing grass around the chicken houses. Pha believes in hard work
and stresses the importance of education to his children. He wants
them to succeed in life and understands the need for them to take their
education seriously.
     Rebecca Wood, loan officer in the Raeford and Laurinburg offices,
speaks very highly of the Lor family and has enjoyed getting to know
them over the last two years. She states, “Pha and Tina are such hard
                                                                               Pha and Tina Lor on their family farm
workers. In fact, Pha is one of the top 25 growers for Mountaire, and
he recently received a letter from the integra-
tor asking for his feedback on how he raises
such good, quality birds.” Rebecca’s first                “The people at Cape Fear Farm Credit have looked
encounter with the Lor’s was in the kitchen of
                                                         after me, so when I refer a family to Rebecca, I want
their home where Pha translated for another
Laotian family that was inquiring about the                        to make sure they are a good fit.”
construction of new poultry houses. At that
time, Pha was financed with another bank, but
was intrigued by the loan products that Cape Fear had to offer. It was
only a few months later that Pha decided to refinance his poultry houses
with Cape Fear Farm Credit. When asked why he made the switch, with
enthusiasm Pha said, “I liked having a fixed rate option, and I knew
Rebecca would provide me with honest information. I never thought I
would find such good people when I moved to North Carolina! We want
to say thank you to Cape Fear Farm Credit and Rebecca for all that they
have done to help us with our farm operation.”
     Cape Fear Farm Credit is dedicated to relationship lending and
depends heavily on referrals from current members. Pha has definitely
shared his pleasant experience with others and has referred several
families to Cape Fear Farm Credit. Pha said, “The people at Cape Fear
Farm Credit have looked after me, so when I refer a family to Rebecca,
I want to make sure they are a good fit.”
     So, as you can see, with the help of Cape Fear Farm Credit, the
Lor family enjoys a lifestyle of working on the farm while spending
quality time together!
                                                                               Christy and Jennifer in their traditional hmong dresses

                                                          Cape Fear Country Winter 2009    11
                                                          F F A s T udE nT PE r s PE CT I VE

                                                FFA Student Perspective

                                                      What has FFA taught you about leadership and work ethic?

                                                                pon entering the ninth grade,           capacities outside the FFA due to my public
                                                                my freshmen year, I had no idea         speaking talents. These events are crucial
                                                                what the FFA was, or, as a matter       elements in the FFA program, which can
                                                      of fact, what it was about. I soon learned        help to build team working strategies, time
                                                      however, that the National FFA organization       management, and how to present one’s self
                                                      is among the largest student organizations        professionally.
                                                      in the United States, that strives to promote          Through my Supervised Agriculture
                                                      leadership through Career Development             Experience, floriculture, I have managed to
                                                      Events (CDE’s) and Supervised Agriculture         save money for college while continuing to
                                                      Experiences (SAE’s).                              build my knowledge on flowers and horti-
                                                           Having the opportunity to be a member        culture. My SAE was titled as placement,
name of student: Paul Cameron Lambert
                                                      of the FFA has not only helped my leadership      because I worked in a local florist. This has
high school and grade: Clinton high school,           skills to grow, but also helped me to develop a   developed my true work ethic and taught me
                                                      strong work ethic that requires responsibility    how to communicate with customers, helped
FFa advisors: Mr. Carson Phipps & Mr. ronnie          and time management skills. Being elected to      me build a client list, and learn the basic
Warren                                                serve as Chapter President last year put me in    business skills needed in today’s society.

FFa involvement: Paul has been involved in the        the position to organize all chapter activities        When I reflect on my time spent in FFA,
FFA since his freshmen year. he has served in         and help prepare students for Regional Rally      I know that I could not have been as successful
the capacities of Vice-President and President of     and State Convention. Through my respon-          in high school without the knowledge gained
the Clinton high school FFA Chapter. Aside from
                                                      sibilities as President, I came to realize not    from my FFA experiences. I am extremely
serving as an officer, he has also participated
in the Career development Events of ritual &          only how important it is to plan, but also how    thankful for everything that FFA has provided
Parliamentary Procedure and Prepared Public           important it is to assign the work load equally   to me and the leadership my advisors and
speaking.                                             throughout the officer team, and not depend       fellow FFA members have given me. As I now

other extra-curricular activities and academic/       on one individual.                                begin to prepare for my final semester in high
athletic/community achievements: north                     Career Development Events such as            school and finish sending off the final applica-
Carolina Technology student Association state         Prepared Public Speaking and Ritual and           tions for scholarships and colleges, I could not
President, Clinton high school Beta Club President,
                                                      Parliamentary Procedure have helped me            be any prouder to call myself a member of the
Member of the Clinton high school Marching Band,
Key Club, Career & Technical honor society, and       expand my speaking abilities and given            National FFA Organization.
relay for Life Team                                   me the opportunity to serve in leadership

                                                               …I could not have been as successful in
                                                              high school without the knowledge gained
                                                                      from my FFA experiences.

                                                                Cape Fear Farm Credit   12
                                                   What is your opinion of the importance of learning soft skills (such
                                                   as leadership development, communication skills, group dynamics
                                                   and teamwork, responsibility, etc.) through your FFA program in
                                                   preparation for advanced education and/or your future career?

                                                           hus far in my high school career, I          of these FFA events. I see the most instanta-
                                                           have taken classes that have taught          neous changes in underclassmen when they
                                                           me how to solve a complex equation,          attend FFA Camp at White Lake. A few will
                                                   the difference between a helping and a               arrive that have never been to summer camp,
                                                   linking verb, and the breakdown of human             and are shy in social opportunities. By the
                                                   DNA. The information that we are taught in           end of the week-long stay, they all have a new
                                                   our classes helps us in our future careers;          found confidence that stuns their families

name of student: Paige M. Kennedy                  but to what extent is knowledge of a subject         when they arrive home. FFA also has lead-
                                                   enough? Education can only go so far without         ership conferences where workshops will be
high school and grade: gray's Creek high
                                                   good soft skills. Soft skills are personality        conducted to help break down these soft skills
school, Junior
                                                   traits, social skills, and personal habits that      to make them easily attained by the members.
FFa advisor: Tara King                             you develop. I believe that soft skills are the      MEGA conference was a personal favorite of

FFa involvement: 3rd year member, attended         foundation of hard skills, or, knowledge of a        mine. While attending MEGA, I learned how
national Convention 3 times, participated in Ag    subject. If your job requires a vast knowledge       to become more aware of any bad public
Issues, Ag Comm, Ag sales, Parliamentary Pro-      of a particular area, but you lack the soft skills   speaking habits I have, like fidgeting, and
cedure, has been an officer for 2 years, Chapter
                                                   needed to carry out your job, then what good         how to fix them. Once members have gained
reporter last year, Chapter President this year,
south Central regional reporter, attended MEgA,    is the information? For my future career in          these soft skills, they have opportunities to
roPEs/sLC, FFA Camp                                a communications major, I need to know               polish and put them to the test. Competitions
                                                   proper English, the proper way to interview          are available to members to prove that they
other extra-curricular activities and academic/
athletic/community achievements: Varsity           a subject, and how to type it all up on a            have developed teamwork and communica-
Tennis Team Captain, Forensics Team member,        computer. Those are the hard skills that will        tion skills, and other valuable attributes. For
Yearbook Editor                                    be complimented by any soft skills I possess.        those who wish to, opportunities such as
                                                   That is why I believe that the soft skills that I    officer positions are available as high as the
                                                   learn in FFA are the key to a successful life.       national level to really use the skills they have
                                                        The National FFA Organization is full of        learned in the National FFA Organization. I
                                                   opportunities to not only learn information          have been an officer for two years now, and

           Without soft                            about agriculture, but also to develop soft          my soft skills have been sharpened because
                                                   skills such as leadership, communication             of all the opportunities I have been given to
          skills, no hard                          skills, and teamwork. These skills may be            lead the chapter.

          skill is useful.                         developed in a direct way, such as attending              Without soft skills, no hard skill is
                                                   one of the many leadership conferences that          useful. The FFA has a great program that
                                                   are conducted throughout the year, or an             sets young adults up for a great life ahead of
                                                   indirect way, like attending a social event          them as they develop these leadership skills
                                                   such as FFA Camp. Either way, you are sure to        and the confidence to pursue them. If you
                                                   achieve them. FFA makes sure to have these           use the resources that this organization has
                                                   opportunities available to every member,             to offer, and combine it with the hard skills
                                                   from the chapter to the national level.              that you learn, then there is no limit to how
                                                        I personally have seen people change and        far you can go in your life, both personally
                                                   grow from being shy and timid, to becoming a         and professionally.
                                                   friendly, open person from attending just one

                                                          Cape Fear Country Winter 2009   13
                                                                   CoM M odI T Y C ornE r

               North Carolina Poultry Federation
                                    By Bob Ford, Executive director, n.C. Poultry Federation

                                                                                                                                         Bob Ford

             ore than 5,000 farmers feed               levels. The NCPF initiates action that can          their understanding of the ins and outs of
             their families with the income            change, amend or modify existing unfair             our industry, so that public policies can be
             from poultry operations and               legislation and prompts the introduction of         created and revised with a clear picture of
production in North Carolina. Upwards of               new legislation that can be very beneficial         what needs to be addressed for the benefit
25,000 more people make a living either                to the poultry food industry, and thus local        of both the public and our industry. We also
working directly in the poultry industry (for          North Carolina economy as a whole.                  work with state agencies and legislators to
example, on the assembly lines, delivery                     Public perception is extremely important      continuously improve our own industry
of product to stores, managing relations               to our producers. Many of our producers             standards, be it safety, labor, or operating
with growers) or by being associated with              actually work- at their own expense- to go          costs. We cooperate extensively with many
it via an allied connection (i.e., packaging           above and beyond what the state requires,           state agencies, agribusiness groups, even
or refrigeration). Poultry and eggs help to            to better the public perception and goodwill        poultry federations in other states, to help
make up 33.8% of North Carolina’s total                within their communities. In fact, the NC           ensure the livelihood of the poultry industry
farm cash receipts or $2.2 billion dollars             Poultry Federation rewards some of North            and its farmers and families.
annually, ranking us as the   2nd   largest state      Carolina’s farmer growers each year with our             We are funded solely by our members
in total value sold. The poultry industry has          Grower Environmental Excellence award.              and sponsors; their contributions enable
more than filled the gap left behind by the            These awards are presented to nominated             the Federation to educate future poultry
decline in tobacco production, thus keeping            poultry and egg growers who demonstrate an          producers, regulators, and the consumer at
local dollars right here in the local economy          excellent level of environmental management         large. Our livelihood is a result of the support
through employment and consumption.                    and responsibility. This task is difficult to say   and contributions our dedicated members
     The North Carolina Poultry Federation,            the least, both in theory and in the face of        and sponsors donate. Through them we can
a non-profit trade association, was founded            legislative attempts to make the process more       reward growers for going the extra mile,
in 1968 with one single purpose in mind: the           and more expensive and requirement-laden.           induct lifetime achievers into our Hall of
establishment of programs designed for the             Many poultry producers feel strongly about          Fame, and reward allied industry partners
protection and improvement of the Poultry              educating the public about the good work            who have made notable differences in our
Community in rural North Carolina, starting            that is done on their farms, and are willing to     industry each year at our annual Banquet/
with the personal welfare of the individual            answer any questions or concerns the public         Kickoff meeting and golf tournament. Most of
poultry farmer. We represent the interests             may have about the farm.                            all, though, our livelihood enables us to look
of the entire poultry industry: turkey, quail,               The Federation works hard to recognize        after and empower our friends in poultry
duck, chicken, and of course, their eggs.              those individuals who work hard to support          to help protect their interests, especially
     Our association is headed by an                   it. We nurture relationships with various           important during tougher economic times
executive director, executive committee, and           state senators and representatives to increase      such as those we face right now.
25 additional Directors. This board includes
growers, integrator representatives, and
allied industry partners who work together
                                                            Our [the Federation] livelihood is a result of the support and
to provide continuous advocacy in addressing
poultry issues at the local, state and federal
                                                            contributions our dedicated members and sponsors donate.

                                                                   Cape Fear Farm Credit   14
Cape Fear Country Winter 2008   15
                                                    C oM M unI T Y nE W s & E VE nT s

                                      Cape Fear Farm Credit
                                  Supports the 2008 NC State Fair

                                                        ape Fear Farm Credit was a sponsor       serves BBQ and all the trimmings! It’s one of
                                                        of the North Carolina Department         the best buys at the fair. The Cape Fear volun-
                                                        of Agriculture and Consumer              teers served food and drinks, cleaned tables,
                                               Services’ “Got to be NC” Agriculture exhibit.     ran the cash registers, welcomed customers
                                               The exhibit featured hundreds of “Goodness        and promoted Cape Fear Farm Credit. The
                                               G ro w s in N C ” p ro d u c t s and s e ve ral   volunteers included Director Tom Butler and
                                               companies had booths set up for sampling          employees, Gail Barrett, Jamie Butler, Cliff
                                               products. The Farm Credit train display           Kilpatrick, Rebecca Wood, Kelly Christensen,
                                               was an attraction that attendees could not        Chris Parsons, Becky Thompson, Nelson
                                               pass by without stopping to inspect the rural     Powell, Melissa Boney and Skipper Jones.
                                               town details.                                          The total State Fair attendance was
                                                    Volunteers from Cape Fear Farm Credit        765,067. Sunday’s attendance of 101,775 set

Raeford-Laurinburg Loan Officer Rebecca Wood   also worked in the NC Pork Council’s “Pork        a record for the final day.
(left) and dunn Loan Assistant Jamie Butler    Chop Shop” booth. The Pork Chop Shop

                                                         Cape Fear Farm Credit   16
                                                                      (From the left) CFFC raeford-Laurinburg Loan
                                                                      Officer Rebecca Wood, Kenansville Loan Officer
                                                                      Cliff Kilpatrick, Whiteville Consumer Loan Officer
                                                                      Becky Thompson and Burgaw Loan Assistant gail

                                                                      (From the left) Clinton Loan Officer Nelson Powell,
                                                                      Dunn Loan Officer Kelly Christensen, Lillington
                                                                      Loan Officer Stuart Betts, and Elizabethtown Loan
                                                                      Officer Brook Hall

                        C & D InsuranCe servICe, InC.
                         Serving the CFFC area since 1957
Jim Burgin, President                                                                     Clint Knox, Agent

         Visit our new offices at 53 S. Broad Street, Angier NC 27501
 919-639-2990 or 877-306-2990
            We Can Meet All Your Farming Insurance Needs.

                                 Cape Fear Country Winter 2009   17
                                                              C o M M unI T Y nE W s & E VE nT s

           CFFC Participates in Sampson County BBQ Cook-Off

       he Sampson County 22nd Annual Court Square Street Fair
       & 15th Annual BBQ Cook-off was held on October 11, 2008.
       The day was full of family events, fun, food and an antique car
show. The fun-filled event was held in downtown Clinton around the
courthouse. The Clinton branch and Capital Markets team of Cape
Fear Farm Credit participated, for the first time, in the BBQ Cook-off.
Clinton Loan Officer Nelson Powell and Capital Markets Relationship
Manager Joel Britt enjoyed being chefs for the day and look forward
to next year's event!

     Clinton Loan Officer Nelson Powell (left) and Capital Markets Relationship
                                      Manager Joel Britt at the BBQ Cook-off

                                                                                            Farmers are our business…
                   384 West Depot Street                                                     We speak your language.
               PO Box 158 • Angier, NC 27501
                                                                                   Crop insurance (multi-peril and crop hail)
          919-639-2025 • 1-800-655-8106                                           Poultry and livestock houses • Life insurance
                                                   Health insurance • Annuities

                        Serving local farmers and ranchers in NC, SC, VA, MD and DE.

                                                                    Cape Fear Farm Credit    18
           2008 Cumberland County Young Farmer of the Year

         ape Fear Farm Credit Dunn branch
         member Collins Bullard was
         recently named the 2008 Cumber-
land County Young Farmer of the Year by
Farm Bureau. Collins lives in Stedman with
his wife, Alison, and children Garrett (age 5)
and Jack (age 1).
     Bullard is a fifth generation farmer
and has been helping on the family farm for
about as long as he can remember. In fact, his
poultry houses were built on the land where
his great-great grandfather’s house previ-
ously stood. Ray Bullard, Collins’ father, is
also a past recipient of this award.
     Collins currently raises turkeys for
Prestage Farms and continues to help his
                                                 dunn Branch Manager John Patterson (left) and Collins Bullard in front of Collins’ turkey houses
father with the family crops. Collins has
eight turkey houses, and together he and his          Collins has been a Cape Fear Farm                   of farm loans than any other lender. John
father have 1200 acres of corn, soybeans and     Credit member for about two years, and                   Patterson at the Dunn branch understands
wheat. They also have approximately 30 acres     when asked why he likes doing business with              what I am trying to do and what I need to
of produce and three topping floors. Now that    Cape Fear, he replied, “It’s fast, painless and          get it done.”
is enough to keep any family busy!               Cape Fear is more familiar with these types

            B u i l t                  w i t h        p r i d e                   &       B u i l t                 t o           l a s t

                        Donnie Rosser Construction, LLc
                                                             DRC Post Frame Buildings
                                                             Economical • Basic and Custom Designs • Metal Roofing
                                                             Horse Barns • Riding Arenas • Garages • Hobby Shops
                                                             Warehouses • Recreation Buildings • Farm Shelters
                                                             Donnie Rosser—Licensed General Contractor
                                                             Fayetteville, NC • 910-483-8381 •

                    FREE Estimates • Guaranteed Work • Plans Prepared • Permits Procured

       w w w . d o n n i e r o s s e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m

                                                        Cape Fear Country Winter 2009    19
                                                         C o M M unI T Y nE W s & E VE nT s

                    R.H. Byrd Family
      Named 2008 Harnett County Farm Family of the Year

          ape Fear Farm Credit Dunn                a very important part of our life. As farmers,           Cape Fear Farm Credit Director for many
          branch member R.H. Byrd Jr. was          we must plant the seeds and then have faith              years as well. They are also active members
          presented the 2008 Harnett County        that those seeds will grow.”                             of Bunnlevel Presbyterian Church and are
Farm Family of the Year award at the Farm               This family has played a role in the                very involved in the community.
City Week Banquet on November 25, 2008.            advocacy of agriculture in North Carolina                      The Byrd’s have been members of Cape
The R.H. Byrd family was selected for this         over the years. R.H. Byrd Jr. has been the               Fear Farm Credit for over 30 years and they
award because of their dedication to agri-         president of the Harnett County Farm                     enjoy working with the folks in the Dunn
culture and for passing on agriculture to the      Bureau for nearly 20 years. His father,                  branch because they understand agriculture
next generation. R.H. was very grateful for        Roy, served on the Harnett County FSA                    and their farming business.
this award and thanks his father for helping       Committee for over 20 years and was a
him get involved in farming at a young age.
     The R.H. Byrd family has a long history
in southern Harnett County that dates back
to the 1800’s. Over 200 years later, they have
three living generations that continue to work
on the family farm. R.H. Byrd Jr., his father,
Roy H. Byrd Sr., and his son, James Michael,
all participate in the farming operation in
some capacity. The family farm consists of
950 acres of cotton, over 130 acres of tobacco,
600 acres of soybeans, 250 acres of corn and
225 acres of wheat.
     R.H. Byrd Jr. is married to Sherrie and
they have two children: Sarah Elizabeth Byrd,
a junior at N.C. State University, and James
Michael, a student at Harnett Central High
School. James Michael works in the fields
every chance he gets and plans to continue
learning from his father and grandfather.
Eventually, he plans to take over the family
business. Sarah also has a love for agriculture,
and upon graduation she wants to pursue a
career in agribusiness. R.H. Byrd Jr. and
Sherrie have enjoyed raising their children
on the family farm where they have years and
years of history. Sherrie says, “We’ve enjoyed
raising our children in agriculture and faith is   r.h. Byrd Jr. (far right) with his father, roy h. Byrd sr., son James Michael, wife sherrie and daughter
                                                   sarah Elizabeth

                                                               Cape Fear Farm Credit   20
      Reggie Strickland Receives Outstanding Alumnus Award

          ape Fear Farm Credit Clinton             farming operation, the
          branch member Reggie Strick-             Strickland’s are partners
          land was the recipient of the 2008       in Southern Bales Cotton
Outstanding Alumnus Award by the Agri-             Gin Company. Reggie is a
cultural Institute at N.C. State University.       director at the gin, serves
He received this award during N.C. State           on the Board of Directors
University’s Alumni Reunion on September           for the N.C. Soybean
27, 2008. The Outstanding Alumnus Award is         Producers Association,
presented to a person who graduated from the       serves on the Board of
Agricultural Institute more than ten years ago     Directors for the Mount
and is actively involved with the Agricultural     Olive Southern States
Institute and its students. Reggie is honored to   and is also on the Public       Clinton Branch Manager Jay darden (left) with member reggie strickland
be the 2008 recipient and hopes to continue        Policy Committee for the
his involvement with AGI for many years to         North Carolina Pork Council. Reggie remains           borrowed money to build eight new finishing
come. Reggie lives in Mount Olive with his         very active with the Agricultural Institute at        floors to expand his swine operation. Reggie
wife, Laura, and two children: Savannah (age       N.C. State University; he currently serves            comments, “I can remember going to the
11) and Grayson (age 8).                           on the AGI Alumni Committee. Between the              Dunn PCA with my father many years ago to
     Reggie, his wife, Laura, and his father,      farming operation, the cotton gin, Laura’s            do business, so I’ve known about Farm Credit
Garrett Strickland, own Strickland Farms in        position with Delano H. Hill & Associates,            for a long time. I’m still a customer today
northeastern Sampson County. The family            their children and their community involve-           because I don’t have to explain farming to
grows 3,000 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans         ment this family stays busy!                          Jay Darden. He and the others in the Clinton
and tobacco, and they also have finishing               Reggie has been a Cape Fear Farm Credit          branch understand my business.”
floors with Prestage Farms. In addition to the     Clinton branch member since 1991 when he

  Potential customers could be reading this ad just as you are now.
     Cape Fear Country is now offering advertising space within our publication. contact skipper Jones, VP/Marketing
                   Manager, for more information. 910.323.9188 •

                                                          Cape Fear Country Winter 2009   21
                                                                          As s oC I AT I on nE W s

   Lumberton Branch Named                                                                        Welcoming New Employees
   "2008 Branch of the Year"
                                                                                          deneice Core

        his past October, the Cape Fear Farm Credit team gathered                                                         Deneice Core joined the Fayetteville
        at Lu Mil Vineyard for the association’s annual sales meeting.                                                    branch of Cape Fear Farm Credit in
        At the meeting, the annual performance awards and the 2008                                                        January 2009, as a loan assistant. Prior
Branch of the Year were announced.                                                                                        to coming to Cape Fear Farm Credit,
     The Branch of the Year award was calculated based on numerous                                                        Deneice worked at First Federal Bank as
performance categories and each branch was compared and given a                                                           a Loan Processor for 13 years and Central
final score. The awards given were as follows:                                                                            Carolina Bank as a Teller for two years.
                                                                                                                          Deneice grew up working on her family’s
     2008 Branch of the Year: .................................... Lumberton
                                                                                                                          tobacco farm in Wade, N.C. She currently

     Annual Branch Awards:                                                                lives in the Godwin-Falcon area with her husband, Roland, and their

     Highest Credit Quality ............................................... Lumberton     two children, Laura, 22, and Garrett, 17. She also has an 18-month-old

     Most SMM Loans Closed Per Employee ....................Kenansville                   grandson, Dyson. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading and

     Most Number of Loans Closed Per Employee ........... Lumberton                       spending time with family and friends.

     Most Volume of Loans Closed Per Employee ..................... Dunn
     Most New BE Per Employee ......................................Fayetteville
     Most New Income Generated Per Employee ............. Lumberton
                                                                                                 CFFC Employees Recognized
     Appraisal Team Awards:                                                                          for Years of Service
     Most outside Fee Income Generated ...............Wayne Strickland
     Most Number of Appraisals Completed ..........Wayne Strickland

     Most Total Fee Income Generated...................Wayne Strickland
                                                                                                       ape Fear Farm Credit recognizes employees for their years of
                                                                                                       service through an Employee Service Award Program. Through
                                                                                                       this program, employees receive a certificate of appreciation
                                                                                          for their service and also choose from a variety of gifts depending on
                                                                                          the number of years served. In 2008, the following employees reached
                                                                                          important milestones in their Farm Credit careers.

                                                                                          5 Years:                                15 Years:
                                                                                          Matt Edwards                            Ronda Hoffman
                                                                                          Appraisal Trainee                       Assistant Controller
                                                                                          Jay Smith                               Karen Roberson
                                                                                          Chief Relationship Manager              Lillington Loan Assistant
                                                                                          David Sutton                            25 Years:
                                                                                          Clinton Senior Loan Officer
                                                                                                                                  Wayne Strickland
                                                                                          10 Years:                               Principal Appraiser
                                                                                          Dennis Honrine                          30 Years:
                                                                                          Director of Risk Management
                                                                                                                                  Linda Wilson
(From the left) Lumberton Loan Officer Ginny Martin, CEO Richard Eason,                   John Patterson                          Elizabethtown Loan Assistant
                                                                                          Dunn Branch Manager
Branch Manager Betty Kay Williams, Loan Officer Kevin Kinlaw, Loan Assistant                                                      35 Years:
Vicky Edwards, and Loan Assistant Vickie Walters
                                                                                                                                  Carole Piver
                                                                                                                                  Shallotte Loan Assistant

                                                                         Cape Fear Farm Credit    22
                  Recently Retired from Cape Fear Farm Credit

Jim dove                                                                           deborah Bunce
                               Jim Dove began his career on September                                              Fayetteville branch loan assistant
                               9, 1974, as a loan officer in Kenansville. He                                       Deborah Bunce retired from Cape Fear
                               transferred to the Burgaw branch in 1980.                                           Farm Credit after 33 years on December
                               Jim spent most of his loan officer career in                                        31, 2008. She began her career on
                               Burgaw until 1985, when he became a loan                                            October 1, 1975, and was hired by Donald
                               officer in Cape Fear Farm Credit’s Special                                          Rosser. Over her 33 years of service in
                               Assets Management Department. In                                                    the Fayetteville branch, Deborah faith-
                               December 1986, CFFC formed an Appraisal                                             fully supported four different branch
                               Department to separate the appraisal                                                managers. Her devotion and commitment
function from the lending function and Jim became an appraiser for the             to the Fayetteville members has been ever present. Her personnel file
association. As an appraiser, Jim has been a loyal supporter of our associ-        is filled with accolades describing her thorough knowledge of the loan
ation’s efforts to promptly serve our member’s credit needs. Jim’s role for        process. Deborah’s knowledge and organizational skills will certainly
the association has been highlighted by his strong knowledge in special-           be missed upon her retirement.
ized areas such as blueberry production and row crop farms as well as                    Deborah and her husband, Maxton, have two children; their
his commitment to seeking out sales data to underpin and support value             daughter, Carin, is a Senior at UNC-Wilmington and their son, Rhett,
conclusions by him and his fellow appraisers.                                      is a Senior at Cape Fear High School. Her family attends Stedman
     Jim’s future plans include doing some traveling to spend time                 Baptist Church. Upon retirement, Deborah plans to spend quality time
with extended family, canoeing on the Black River/Cape Fear River,                 with her family and enjoy her free time.
restoring an antique 1940 Farmall M tractor, attending antique tractor
shows throughout North Carolina, doing some volunteer work, and
he would love to visit Alaska again. Sounds like Jim will stay busy
with retirement plans, but he also intends to begin his own appraisal
business for the general public and may provide occasional contract
appraisals for Cape Fear Farm Credit if needed.

                                                                                   retirement dinner for deborah

(From the left) CFFC Chief relationship Manager Jay smith, Chief Appraiser
dan gurley, Jim dove holding awards, Principal Appraiser Tony dempsey and
Evaluator glenn Matthews

                                                              Cape Fear Country Winter 2009   23
                                                 As s oC I AT I on nE W s

                             2008 Customer Appreciation Events

        everal Cape Fear Farm Credit
        branches held customer appreciation
        events during the fourth quarter of
2008. Shallotte kicked off the schedule with
a dinner at Love’s BBQ on October 20, 2008.
On October 28, 2008, Whiteville held their
dinner at East Columbus High School. Several
FFA students from East Columbus, West
Columbus, South Columbus and West Bladen
High Schools helped with Whiteville’s event,
and their help was greatly appreciated. The
Dunn branch held their dinner at the Dunn
Community Building on November 6, 2008.
Then, on November 13, 2008, members
from the Kenansville branch gathered at the
Duplin County Extension Building for lunch
                                                                              above: (From the left) shallotte Branch Manager
                                                                              glenn Waters, members Carolyn and Bobby Long,
and entertainment provided by Cold Biscuit.
                                                                              shallotte Loan Assistant Carole Piver and shallotte
The Clinton branch had an evening of fun at                                   Intern Evelyn McCumbee
the Sampson County Agri-Expo Center on                                        left: shallotte members Bill Tripp (left) and
November 25, 2008. The Raeford and Laurin-                                    Melissa sellers
burg branches had a joint Customer Appre-                                     Below: FFA students that helped with the Whiteville
                                                                              customer appreciation dinner: (no particular order)
ciation Dinner at Springhill Middle School on
                                                                              Trent Bostic and Megan Malpass from East
December 4, 2008. The events concluded on                                     Columbus, olivia strickland, donnie Jernigan, and
December 11, 2008, with a customer appre-                                     Brandon Mcgee from West Columbus, scarlet stanley
ciation dinner for the Fayetteville branch                                    and Andrew Watts from south Columbus and dustin
                                                                              Matthews and Andrew Clark from West Bladen
members at Paradise Acres.

Whiteville members Jimmy and Bertie Lanehart
with their granddaughters, savannah, grace and

                                                 Cape Fear Farm Credit   24
                                                                                                          dunn Branch Manager John Patterson (left) with
                                                                                                          members dixie and Elwood Tew
(From the left) CFFC directors Corbett Fields, Tom Butler, ron Allen, Arnold smith, dan Lewis, Lyle ray
King and Jeff simpson at the Whiteville customer appreciation dinner

                                                                                                          above: dunn Loan Assistant Jamie Butler (far right)
                                                                                                          with Jami and Trent Tyler and their daughter
                                                                                                          left: (From the left) Kenansville member Linwood
                                                                                                          Jenkins, Kenansville Loan Assistant Kim hunter and
                                                                                                          members Mildred and Vernon Jenkins
                                                                                                          Below: (From the left) Kenansville Branch Manager
                                                                                                          robin Albertson, member Louis howard, Bill McKoy
                                                                                                          and Loan Officers Cliff Kilpatrick and Gerald Wilson

Clinton member James Lamb with mother Thelma
Lamb and two daughters Meagean and Kensely

                                                                Cape Fear Country Winter 2009    25
                            As s oC I AT I on nE W s

top: Amanda Bass (left)
with husband Chet and
daughters Kaylee and
graycen. Amanda is
the daughter of Clinton
members george ray and
Charlene Carter
second from top:                                              Your Vote
Fayetteville Branch
Manager Misty hales-
McCorquodale (far left)
with members dennis
and susan Walters

third from top:
raeford-Laurinburg Loan

Officer Rebecca Wood
                                                                  e sure your vote counts in the
(center) with raeford
members henry and Ellen                                           upcoming Cape Fear Farm Credit
Locklear                                                          Director Election. Mail ballot
                                                         voting will begin within ten days after the
Bottom left: (Left to
right) Fayetteville Loan                                 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting on February
Assistant Cathy Keane,                                   19, 2009.
Loan Assistant deborah                                        As a cooperative, Cape Fear Farm
Bunce (retired from
                                                         Credit operates under the principle of
CFFC on december 31,
2008 after 33 years) and                                 one person, one vote. To ensure your vote
Branch Manager Misty                                     counts, please be aware of the following
hales-McCorquodale                                       criteria: According to the association bylaws,

Bottom right: (Left to                                   if you have multiple accounts where one
right) raeford members                                   individual is listed as the voting stockholder
dana Wright with                                         for all accounts you may only vote once.
daughter Allie Wright and
                                                         When voting, you will be required to sign
mother-in-law shirley
Wright                                                   as a voting stockholder and date the ballot
                                                         before mailing, so please follow the voting
                                                         instructions carefully. If you submit multiple
                                                         ballots, only the most recently dated ballot
                                                         will count. If you mail multiple ballots which
                                                         are signed and dated for the same day, none
                                                         of the ballots will be counted.
                                                              If the person who signs as voting stock-
                                                         holder is actually not the voting stockholder
                                                         as of the record date December 31, 2008, for
                                                         a particular account, then the ballot will not
                                                         be counted. If you would like to verify the
                                                         voting stockholder for your account, please
                                                         contact your local branch.

                            Cape Fear Farm Credit   26
                                                                     rE C I PE s

                                          Comfort Foods
                         When the world is harsh, we all need comfort foods!

Mac and Cheese Casserole                                                      Fettuccini Alfredo
What could make macaroni and cheese more comforting? A crisp                  Hot pasta coated in a rich cheese sauce is the
buttered bread crumb topping, of course.                                      ultimate in comfort food—and it’s so easy when
Ingredients:                                                                  you start with bottled Alfredo sauce.
3 cups penne or medium shell pasta                                            Ingredients:
16 ounce jar four cheese Alfredo sauce                                        10 oz. jar alfredo sauce
1 cup frozen baby peas                                                        1/4 cup milk
1 cup soft whole wheat bread crumbs                                           9 oz. pkg. fresh refrigerated fettuccine pasta
2 tablespoons melted butter                                                   1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Directions:                                                                   (optional) cooked chicken or bite size shrimp
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 1-1/2 quart glass casserole with         Directions:
cooking spray and set aside.                                                  In heavy saucepan, combine sauce and milk and mix well to combine.
     In large pot, cook pasta according to package directions, drain          Heat gently over low heat. Meanwhile, cook fettuccine according to
and return to pot. Add alfredo sauce and peas to drained pasta and            package directions and drain well. Immediately stir into hot sauce
cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until mixture is combined,           mixture and toss gently to coat. Add chicken or shrimp if desired.
about 3-5 minutes.                                                            Serve with Parmesan cheese. Serves 4-6.
     Place in prepared dish and top with a mixture of soft bread crumbs
and melted butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until
casserole is bubbling and bread crumbs are browned. Serves 4-6.

                                                          We Specialize in Farm Insurance!

                                    Snipes Insurance Service, Inc.
                                                      “Nothing but Insurance since 1952.”

                                         We can lower your farm insurance cost and provide better coverage.
              Crops                       Don’t pay your next premium bill without calling us for a quote!

                                 Dunn, NC • 910.892.2121 • 800.849.8032
                     John Snipes | • Dal Snipes |

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                                                                    T dB I T E
                                                                    FEI AT urs

                      Baby Announcements

                                                                                                 Joseph “Avery” Hart was born on July 19,
                                                                                                 2008. He weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and was
                                                                                                 20 inches long. He is the son of Whiteville
                                                                                                 branch members John and Heidi Hart and
                                                                                                 the grandson of members Harry and Carolyn
                                                                                                 Hart, all of Bolton.

Shallotte members Danny and Melissa Sellers                                                      Elizabethtown members Channing and
are proud to announce the birth of their first                                                   Lauren Gooden are proud parents of Tyler
child, Cayden Bryce Sellers, on December                                                         Dewitt Gooden (not pictured). He was
12, 2008. Cayden Bryce weighed 8 pounds          Collin Walter Dorsch was born on November       born on December 30, 2008 and weighed 8
14 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is the      9, 2008. He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces. He      pounds 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. His
grandson of Shallotte members Richard            is the son of Whiteville branch members Brett   grandparents, David and Pat Gooden, are also
and Chrisi Clemmons and great-grandson           and Samantha Dorsch and the grandson of Bob     members of the Elizabethtown branch.
of Shallotte members A.W. and Gwendolyn          and Billie Jo Dorsch, all of Nakina.
Clemmons. We expect Cayden Bryce to be the
next generation of farmers and a Cape Fear
Farm Credit member!


Colin Phillip Willoughby was born on                                                             Kenansville members Bobby and Mary
December 3, 2008. He weighed 6 pounds            Dunn members Noah and Jennifer Jackson          Brown celebrated their 50th wedding anni-
6 ounces and was 19 inches long. He is the       welcomed their first son, Kash William          versary on December 4, 2008.
grandson of Whiteville branch members            Jackson, on November 16, 2008. He
Larry and Hilda Willoughby of Evergreen.         weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 23
                                                 inches long.

                                                            Cape Fear Farm Credit   28
         Newsworthy Members                                                                 Whiteville members Bertie and Jimmy Lanehart and their
                                                                                      daughter, Susan Rhodes, were the fastest and most accurate tobacco
           and Employees                                                              stringing team at the NC State Fair contest in Raleigh. They won the
                                                                                      title as fastest stringer in the state by tying the most “hands” of tobacco
                                                                                      to the tobacco stick in 58 seconds.
Raeford member Carmelo “Tito” Crespo-Aguado was recently                                    Duplin County Commissioner Frances Parks of District I was
promoted from Major to Lt. Colonel with the 16th Military Police                      sworn into office on December 1, 2008. Frances and husband Benjamin
Brigade, Airborne Division, US Army. Tito and his family are based                    Parks are members of the Kenansville branch.
in Raeford, and have a Paso Fino Horse Farm.                                                Cape Fear Farm Credit Director Lyle Ray King has been
     Dunn member Andy Herring was awarded with the Farming                            re-elected to a four-year term on the AgFirst Board of Directors.
for the Future Outstanding Conservationist Citation; presented by                           Harrells Christian Academy participated in the National Scholars
Woodmen of the World on November 11, 2008. Andy was awarded                           Program at Wake Forest University this past September and several
this honor in recognition and commendation for practicing good                        of the participants were children of Cape Fear Farm Credit members
conservation procedures in the operations of a family farm, thus                      and employees. Participants included Will Minchew, the grandson of
preserving the land for future generations.                                           Clinton branch members Nelson and Carolyn Waters, Tyler Sutton,
                                                                                      the son of David (Clinton loan officer) and Amela Sutton and Tanner
                                                                                      Guthrie, the son of Kenansville members Guy and Christy Guthrie.
                                                                                      NYSP is a program for outstanding 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students
                                                                                      to explore, invent, learn and think creatively.

Woodmen of the World representative Billy Jackson (left) presenting
award to Andy herring                                                                 Will Minchew (left), Tyler sutton (second from left) and Tanner guthrie (second
                                                                                      from right)

                                                                                Specializing in flight conditioned birds
                                                                                     that are ready for release.

                                                                                      Volume discounts are offered
                                                                                        and delivery is available.

                                                                                        Carolina Quail
                                                                                 214 Byrd Road, Bunnlevel, NC 28323

                                                                                         Office 910.893.9669
                                                                      Billy Spruill 919.455.4295 Ashley Jones 919.427.3076


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                       FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY

Vision Statement
With our highly trained and skilled employees,                  This is Southeast’s vision
we are providing quality products and services                  of where we want to be.
that exceed customer expectations.                             Are we there yet? No, but
We are recognized as the                                      we are working hard every
number one choice of                                             day to get there, so we
customers in all the                                                can serve you better.
markets we serve.

we’re “Committed to your suCCess.”
  Lumberton - 910-739-6012        Whiteville - 910-642-8181
    Loris - 843-756-6021         Laurinburg - 910-276-8396
                     Clio - 843-586-2262

            Remember: “Nothing Runs Like A Deere”

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                                                    Nichols Buildings, Inc.
                                    1010 Cedar Creek Road | Fayetteville, NC 28312
                                       (910)323-1944 Office | (910)323-9876 Fax
Allan Buffalo              |                             Tom Sanders
Eastover, NC                                                                                                        Autryville, NC

                Form, Fit, and Function for Any Market
                                  Nichols Buildings, Inc exists to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.
                                  Quality, service, and reliability are but a few words that come to mind in our
                                  building description. Our customers know that Nichols Buildings takes pride
                                  in offering only the highest quality products to ensure exceptional longevity
                                  with minimal maintenance requirements. Nichols Post Frame Buildings carry a
                                  five year warranty against leaks and workmanship. Our product line consist of
Corey Horne                       materials that meet or exceed NC Building Codes. Ninety-Five percent of our      Four Seasons RV
Stedman, NC                       next sales come from the recommendations of past satisfied customers.              Sanford, NC

     Global Technology
     Down on the Farm
     Smart soil sampling can make a world of difference for any farm operation. That’s why
     FCI puts the latest technology to work for you. With our VRT (Variable Rate Technology) system, we use GPS
     to “map” your fields. We then test soil samples from various grid sectors and computer program the results
     – along with crop specific information – to generate an “Application Map.” This enables us to apply the precise
     amount of soil nutrients (lime or fertilizers) needed in each sector. And you reap the benefits of VRT soil
     treatment, which include:

     • Optimizes nutrient management for maximum field fertility • “Only-what-you-need” application cuts
     costs and is more environmentally friendly • Tailoring soil nutrients is ideal when alternating crops in
     different sectors • Provides valuable information for future crop planning

     For the high tech soil sampling that can deliver higher yields and lower costs down on
     your farm, contact FCI today.

                                                      2274 St. Pauls Hwy • Raeford • 910-875-4277 •

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                                                                                           PrsrT sTd
       Cape Fear Farm Credit                                                              u.s. PosTAgE
       P.O. Box 2405
       Fayetteville, NC 28302
                                                                                           CoLuMBIA sC
                                                                                           PErMIT 1160

                           Johnson ProPerties
                           realtors & auctioneers, inc.
                           50 East DEpot strEEt • p. o. Box 310 • angiEr, north Carolina 27501

          We specialize in marketing all kinds of real estate, using both
              the conventional and auction methods of marketing.

       Broker/owner • James W. (Jim) Johnson iii, gri, Cai, aarE, CEs             NCAL #2522, 7340
919.639.2231 • 800.865.5896 • •      NCRBL #8835

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