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                                                                                                      • Burning rubbers:    Subaru
                                                                                                        Impreza S202

                                                                                                      • Inaugural AME HSE Day
                                                                                                        2009 Highlights

                                                                                                      • Unusual guest onboard
                                                                                                        Allied Conquests

                                                                          It‟s the Holiday            • The tale of 49 days, 56
                                                                                                        hunks and 1girl

                                                                                                      • and more……….
Happy holidays from AME!
It‟s the time of year again for us to go       read of this edition: how a girl survives                  “Guess there will
around wishing everyone “Happy New             49 days with 56 hunks! We leave the                            always be
Year”. Before we say good-bye to               rest to your own imagination.
2009, we present this 3rd edition of In                                                                  something new to
                                               The most eventful happening of the
the Pipeline that features all the
                                               year was in the Q3 when AME was                          learn in this industry”
happenings in AME for the fourth
quarter of the year.
                                               awarded the Petronas Carigali IRM                                 – Jatin
                                               contract, however work only started in
This edition is slightly different than the    Q4. This is possibly the largest contract
previous two. We‟ve added in articles          of this type in the region and a
written by our personnel on matters not        contract everyone desired to have.
only related to their work, but also           Well done AME!
subjects on healthy lifestyle, managing
                                               It was a fitting end to 2009 and a great
your finances and of course, the must
                                               start to the following year. “Happy New
                                               Year 2010”

Quickie @ Q4 2009
Apart from the monthly Birthday
celebrations,   we‟ve     feasted       on
different occasions like Aidilfitri, Diwali,
AME‟s 21st Anniversary and Xmas.

The Marine Dept. had their hands full
when ACE dry docked at JSML‟s Yard.
Several courses were conducted
throughout the year including a KMDSI
Hat Course for all our technicians.
Busy year it was for HSE with lots of pre-
mob briefs, office fire drills, HSE Awards
Presentation, PTW and H2S courses.
And also the inaugural AME HSE Day.

                                                                      Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
                                                Snake! Snake! Snake on Board!!!! //by Marine Dept//
                                                On the morning of Oct 20 2009, the             Harding of Michigan State University
                                                crew of Allied Conquests had a                 USA, the snake is probably a
                                                shock of their lives when they                 banded sea snake. These species
                                                discovered a live 1.5m sea snake               are the most venomous and
                                                chocking up the cooler during                  potentially dangerous to people,
                                                routine maintenance. This is a first           especially if they are handled.
                                                for even the most seasoned
                                                seafarer.    The   uninvited   visitor         In Southeast Asia hundreds of
  The fellow managed to slip into the bilges.   escaped into the engine room                   people die from sea snake bites
                                                bilges and was discovered by the               each year. Despite this alarming
                                                oiler “Robert” during his daily bilge          statistic, sea snakes are not evil,
                                                cleaning. It was caught after some             aggressive serpents that strike out at
                                                “hide and seek” with the engine                humans       with    little   or    no
                                                room team. To protect this species             provocation. On the contrary, sea
                                                and to catch it alive the CE “Roicki”          snakes are among the most docile
                                                made a snare with a rope (similarly            of reptiles. When threatened,
                                                to snake catching tools) and                   harassed, or even abused, sea
                                                caught the fellow alive. After                 snakes will usually expend most of
                                                showing to all, the sea snake was              their strength in an effort to escape
                                                released back alive into the sea               their tormentor before biting as a
                                                where it belongs “unharmed”.                   last resort. Certainly, this tolerance
                                                                                               to abuse varies from species to
         CE Roicki with the sea snake           Vessel Master Capt. Shivaji reported           species. But no species of sea snake
                                                the following “Never saw a live                will bite a human unless carelessly or
                                                snake choking up the Coolers.                  unknowingly manhandled

                                                According to snake expert James                Thank god no one was hurt.

Updates from HSE //by HSE Dept//
Since the last issue of In the Pipeline, HSE Department
has seen rapid expansion with new team members
joining in. This has resulted in improvement on overall
efficiency and effectiveness of its performance.
We‟ve organized a lot of HSE awareness campaigns,
activities, incentives and so on with the objective of
enhancing knowledge and competency towards
instilling safety culture in our daily lives.

U-See U-Act (UCUX)
UCUX program is a continuation from the former ACT
                                                                                   HSE Awards on Allied Conquests
program. While goals and objectives of both are
essentially the same, more attractive tokens and
incentives were offered to encourage staff and crew
(onshore and offshore) to participate more in working
towards eliminating or reducing workplace hazards.

For instance, HSE awards presentations were
organized on board both Allied Conquests and Allied
Centurion for “The Best” and “The Most” UCUX
submission. We are positively moving towards the right
direction because as of September 30 th, 2009, we
have achieved 1 UCUX : 1066 Man hours; that is a
whopping 306% increment compared to our previous
1 UCUX : 3265 Man hours. We are very optimistic that
we will be able to achieve our target of 1 UCUX : 1000                              HSE Awards on Allied Centurion
Man hours. Congratulations and thank you all for
supporting this program.

…continued on page 7

Page 2                                                              Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
                                           Subaru Impreza WRX s202 //by Eric//
                                           Called the S202 STi, it's a limited            open and it looks like thieves have
                                           edition 400-off model created for              nicked all the trim, leaving behind
                                           the Japanese market by Subaru                  only the vast water reservoir for the
                                           Tecnica International (STi), Subaru's          intercooler    spray.   Inside,   the
                                           motorsport division. The starting              changes are small - black trim, blue-
                                           point of the S202 is the lightweight           faced dials, a numbered S202
                                           'RA Spec C' Impreza, a Japanese                plaque - but it won't escape your
                                           model that's packed with all the               notice that the slim-rimmed Momo
                                           mechanical bits that matter and                wheel doesn't have an airbag. In
                                           stripped of luxuries. The S202 puts a          order to save weight, the car has
                                           few back in, such as air con and               been further stripped the electric
                                           electric windows, but it can afford            wing mirrors and rear wiper. The
                                           to because its version of the RA               S202 weighs 140kg less than a UK-
                                           Spec C's flat-four, already uprated            spec WRX STi and has 60bhp more
                                           with special cams and a roller-                in “stock” form.
                                           bearing turbo, has a revised ECU
                                           that takes power even higher, to no            To make things more interesting -
                                           less than 316bhp.                              The exhaust system has been
                                                                                          upgraded from the turbo downpipe
                                           The four-wheel-drive system has a              all the way to the rear with Trust‟s
                                           mechanical limited slip diff at the            race-spec      titanium     cat-back
                                           back, a 'Suretrack' diff at the front,         exhaust system. Intake has been
                                           and the suspension has been fine-              changed to APS cold-air intake
                                           tuned throughout, with 'pillow ball'           system, fuel pump has been
                                           bushing for the lower arms and                 upgraded to a higher flow unit, a
                                           trailing links. The dark recesses of           Zero Sports intercooler air guide has
                                           the S202's exterior are dotted with            been installed to channel air more
                                           special STi componentry; tucked to             effectively to the intercooler, and
                                           one side in the gaping lower air               completing the engine set up is a
                                           intake is an STi-branded engine oil            reflashed of the original ecu using
                                           cooler, while jutting from the rear is         ECUTEK. Power is now up from
                                           a STI titanium silencer                        316bhp on engine to 402bhp, and
                                                                                          torque from 384 Nm to 486 Nm.
                                           Hidden from view are braided
                                           brake hoses, and under the bonnet              The suspension system too has been
                                           the inlet tracts are crafted from red          upgraded to a set of Tein Monoflex
                                           silicon tubing. Oddly, the strut brace         with Electronic Damper Function
                                           has been deleted. Pop the boot                 Control, i.e. adjustment of soft/hard
                                                                                          shock absorbers at a touch of a
                                                                                          button of 32 settings. Stiffer anti-roll
                                                                                          bars, front strut bar with brake
                                                                                          master cylinder stopper, carbon
                                                                                          fibre rear strut bar, front and rear
                                                                                          lower arm bars with rear diffuser, all
                                                                                          of which made by Cusco have also
                                                                                          been added. The brake rotors and
                                                                                          brake pads were upgraded as well,
From the Pantry                                                                           and finishing it is a set of Advan RS
It has been overheard from a
reliable source that AME have                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
signed an MOU for another
                                                                                          Editor’ note: This may all seem like
DP2 DSV which will be named
                                                                                          a foreign language to most but to
“Allied Achiever”. This vessel is                                                         put it in “lay-man’s terms” Eric spent
expected to join the expanding                                                            a lot of money to make his car go
AME fleet in January 2010. So       “If you’re not in the position to spend a lot of      faster, unfortunately, with the
we look forward to an official      money, there are always other options                 Malaysian jams, he is traveling as
                                                                                          fast as all the other Kancils.
announcement in the next            available to lower the suspension on your car”
Page 3                                                         Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
                                               You call that a Challenge //by Jatin Doshi//
                                               AME was recently awarded an                     management decided to charter a
                                               Under Water Inspection In Lieu of               vessel from our affiliates in Thailand,
                                               Dry-dock (UWILD) project to carry               Mermaid Offshore Services (MOS).
                                               out inspections on two FSO‟s                    Due to the scope of work, an Air
                                               (moored tankers) for FPSO Ventures              Diving system and Work Class ROV
                                               Sdn Bhd. which were located in                  were also required. Luckily, MOS
                                               Petronas owned fields, offshore                 had all the required equipment
                                               Terengganu. Earlier in the year AME             serviced and available, which
                                               had successfully completed a                    allowed us to continue using our
     Air diving “A” Frame on the stern         UWILD for the same client on FPSO               equipment on our vessels, and
                                               Cendor, and therefore we were                   getting the vessel plus all the Diving
                                               invited to submit a bid for this                & ROV equipment directly from
                                               project. The project was awarded                MOS. The vessel chartered was the
                                               to AME in early October with the                Mermaid      Challenger,      a     DP1
                                               stipulation that the AME vessel must            offshore diving support vessel.
                                               be on location within fourteen (14)
                                               days or face Liquidated Damages                 As this was the second project AME
                                               for late arrival. So we set about               was handling for FPSO Ventures,
                                               preparing for a fast tracked                    both Darren (our General Manager)
                                               mobilization. This mobilization was             and I, were already known to the
                                               made even more difficult due to                 client, which made our dealings
                                               the fact that all our vessels and               with them often a straightforward
    Project Crew onboard Challenger            equipment were already offshore                 affair. Although we did meet some
                                               working for Petronas Carigali Sdn               new faces during our initial kick off
                                               Bhd (PCSB)!                                     meeting.

                                               Behind       the      scenes,         our       …continued on page 8

49 days //by Maziah Medani//
                      “Welcome onboard”, that was the most                         Or BOKOR or BETTY FIELDS? Or working with 56
                      memorable phrase I received from Mr. Michael                 other men onboard the dive support vessel
                      when I was accepted into the company. Or                     Allied Centurion, for nearly 49 days?
                      perhaps was it “You‟ll be the prettiest girl on
                      board”? Hurm… I think I like that better.                    What a great experience. A lot of things to
                                                                                   share. A lot of stories to be told. The sun shines
                      It never came across my mind that I would                    bright but it doesn‟t burn you. Every day when I
                      have been accepted to be part of the team                    wake up, I looked through the window (you
                      (Project Management Team) when I first came                  know the one that stated TO BE KEPT CLOSE AT
                      for the interview. In the first place, I was being           SEA), I could see the calm clear crystal blue
                      interviewed by Jatin for the Assistant Operations            water awaiting me for more challenges every
                                                                                     HSE Awards on Allied Conquests
                      Engineer position in AME. This meant, I would                day. Every single day. To breathe the freshest
                      have no opportunity to go offshore if I had                  air that you have ever breathed in your entire
                      accepted the position.                                       life. To enjoy the most beautiful sunrise and the
                                                                                   most magnificent sunset, to view the brightest
                      However, life is full of surprises. When I came for          stars. No traffic jam, no people rushing and
                      the second time for the company briefing with                pushing you at the LRT stations. No feet aches
                      five other short listed candidates, I was so                 from wearing heels and no need to stand all
                      surprised that the AME management wanted to                  the way from Stesen Universiti to Terminal Putra.
                      give me the chance to be part of the Project                 Nope, no stilettos inside the vessel. Only Crocs
                      Management Team. It was one of the                           and safety boots.
                      happiest moment in my life
                      because finally I got the chance                                     In the vessel you don‟t have to worry
                      to experience working offshore.                                      about anything. Everything is prepared
                      It was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!                                        and ready and you just have to get
                      Tell me how many women have                                          enough rest and do your work as best
                      been there? How many women                                           as you can. Full stop. Well, you can also
                      have been to BARAM or WEST                                           socialize a little bit here and there.
                      LUTONG FIELDS?                                                       …continued on page 9

Page 4                                                              Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
                                               SAAB Seaeye Tiger ROV //by Zulhany Ujang//
                                               AME have recently acquired a new                 in our yard on the November 19th,
                                               Inspection        Class      Remotely            2009 while the Launch and
                                               Operated Vehicle (ROV) called the                Recovery      System   (LARS)     and
                                               “Seaeye       Tiger”.   Our    affiliate         Control Van was designed and built
                                               company          Mermaid      Offshore           by MOS in Thailand and is expected
                                               Services (MOS) has had great                     to arrive in our yard early in the first
                                               success with this vehicle which can              quarter of 2010.
                                               be used for both platform/structure
                                               inspection and pipeline inspection.              We are very excited to start
                                               Surprisingly, a pipe tracker can be              operating this new ROV as soon as
                                               attached to the ROV giving it                    possible. This new addition increases
                                               additional      capabilities for      an         our ROV fleet to two Work Class
                                               Inspection Class ROV.                            ROVs and two Inspection Class
                                                                                                ROVs. This will definitely assist us with
                                               With its ability to perform well in              our expanding regional projects
                                               strong currents up to a depth of                 and keep AME in the forefront as
                                               1000m, it will certainly provide AME             the Malaysian underwater service
                                               another good option to conduct                   provider.
                                               underwater inspection activities.
                                               The ROV Tether Management
                                               System (TMS), hydraulic power pack
                                               and hydraulic winch was fabricated               For technical sheets, please visit our
                                               in the United Kingdom and arrived                website

Holiday Sweet Holiday //by Admin Dept//                                 Alvin Ch‟ng
                                                                     Bird Nest, Beijing
Year 2009 is full of memoirs for everyone. All of us
worked hard to achieve the company‟s goals to
make as much profit as possible. Stress, tiring, tensions
are some of words that we always hear from
employees. The only way to get rid of this (not the
employee) and relax is to go on vacation, which most
of the AME staff like to do with their family.

For this issue we would like to share the vacation
moments of some our staff who visited some
                                                                                                                    Nin Chin
interesting places during their vacation in 2009.
                                                                                                               Sun & Moon Lake‟s
                                                                                                                 Temple, Taiwan

                                                                      Nageswara Rao
                                                                 Surat Railway Station, India

        Jatin Doshi                  Airin Mariza
      Safari Park, Bali         Cat Museum, Sarawak

Page 5                                                              Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
                                               Ride to Fitness //by Hasnan//
                                               It all started after my poor Executive          pedaling around in the Klang
                                               Health Screening report back in mid             Valley.    After a few phone
                                               2006, with high cholesterol level and           conversations, he helped me to
                                               sugar, I had to change my lifestyle.            acquire my first bike, a local brand,
                                               A regime of workout and exercise                Proton      T-Bolt        at      RM
                                               needed to be inserted into my                   1000.00…..phewww.
                                               lifestyle, the teh tarik and nasi lemak
                                               was “out”. This was advised by the              I started my first ride right after the
                                               doctor. I started with brisk walking            Hari Raya holidays with 4 other
        In action during Nibong Tebal MTB      and jogging. The easiest kind of                friends on 14/10/2007 and clocked
               Jamboree June 2009              workout I perceived.        It became           at 14Km distance. It was common
                                               boring after a while. For unknown               for newbies to feel pain all over the
                                               reasons, I started thinking of cycling          legs and bodies for 2-3 days. I was
                                               and was more inclined towards                   assured that the pain would be
                                               mountain biking as this seemed to               temporary and it would subside
                                               spark a spontaneous interest in me.             once you are conditioned. And
                                               Road bikes (or generally known as               truly indeed, after a month or so,
                                               racing bikes) was less appealing                the riding pain was much less.
                                               due to its radical riding position. Did         Weekends were no longer a bore
                                               some sketchy and crude homework                 and were much looked forward to.
                                               on mountain biking before I started             The weekly endeavor continued
                                               to look around for one and was                  and I managed to clock 37 Km a
                                               surprised to discover that nothing is           month after.         Once you start
       Daniel Poon enjoying his lunch after    less than 2.5 K for a mid range bike.           mingling around, you can‟t help but
     completed 57km at Kulim. DP finished in                                                   comparing bikes.
        the top 100 out of over 1000 riders    I heard about my junior from high
                                               school who was already actively                 …continued on page 7

Manage Your Finance //by Nageswara Rao//                       4.   Get into the habit of saving on electricity. Ceiling fans use
                                                                    less energy than air-conditioner. Turn off lights that are
During economic downturn, we always think about                     not being used. Switch off ALL electrical products main
how we can support our family during the rough                      switches when you are away for more than 2 days - not
times. Always follow this simple formula:                           only does it save (there‟s electricity leakage when the
                                                                    mains are on even if the equipments aren‟t) but also less
                Income - Saving = Expenses                          risk of electrical short circuit too!

Expenses should never exceed our income. Always                5.   Go to the park or stay home and watch DVDs instead of
practice Budget – Allocation – Spending. Monitor your               going to shopping malls and cinemas. You will be less
monthly expenses. Spend less on unnecessary things.                 tempted to buy and also save on the movie ticket. When
Think twice before buying. Following are some tips to               going for a holiday, book way ahead to get the best
manage our monthly finance.                                         deals. (Air Asia / Jet airway)

1.    Put a fix amount of your salary (10 to 25%) into a       6.   Follow strict budget every month e.g. 10% saving, 5%
      separate account without an ATM card. When                    donation and 10% education or self-development, 10%
      you do not see the money you will not use it. Use             for investment of building multiple sources of income, etc.
      the money in this account only for investment or
      emergency. Make it a joint account if you are            7.   Save the earth by re-use paper, draft, write digitally, car
      married. Seeing the money grow will motivate                  pool and plan your journey before driving to save the
      you to do it every month.                                     traveling cost.

2.    Instead of eating out, try your hand at home             8.   No window shopping. Shop only during sales period
      cooking. You will be amazed to know how much                  (don‟t shop simply because it is cheap). Prepare a to-buy
      money you can save by cooking at home. You                    list with budget and priority - is it a MUST HAVE or NICE TO
      can make a lunch for the next day if you make                 HAVE? Buy items that we use regularly in bulk for better
      enough food to have some leftovers.                           discount.

3.    Use a high rebate Credit Card (subject to card
      approval) besides one that give merchants                …continued on page 9
      discounts, zero installment plan etc.

Page 6                                                              Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
Updates from HSE //continued//                             Side track… 
2009 AME HSE DAY                                           On 6th & 7th August we had a 2 day PCSB Technical
We have had our first AME HSE Day successfully             Workshop. At the last minute our HSE Manager Mr. Abdul
conducted on December 4th, 2009 at AME Yard. It            Ghani was informed he will be the MC. We soon found out
was officiated by Mr. Albert Michael, our Technical        that Ghani can really talk, however sometimes his mouth
and Operations Director, along with En. Ruzlle Abd         get‟s away from him. Below are a few quotes we heard
Ghani, Senior Manager DD DSE and En. Abd Aziz              from him during the workshop
Yaacob, Senior Manager Offshore Installation. We
also had Engineers and HSE staff from PCSB Head            On discussing site visits from the Management – “we will visit
Office joining us. In line with our HSE Day slogan “STAY   the vessels take the guys out for dinner & sleep with them”.
SAFE, Your loved ones are at home waiting for you”,        During his first evening‟s closing speech– “everyone stay
we invited speakers from Selangor Road Safety Dept         alive & we’ll see you tomorrow”
and NIOSH, to give presentations on Road Safety and        During the next morning‟s opening speech – “OK let’s get
recognizing the role of HSE in Organisations. Our aim      the balls rolling”
is to further emphasize to everyone on the
importance of HSE practices in an organization and         Ghani was a great MC and had everyone laughing, thanks
also to remind all employees that safety is beyond         very much Ghani and keep going like this and you‟ll have a
the work boundary – it should be practiced in their        job for life.
daily lives too. On the same day, we have given out
HSE awards presentation for UCUX campaign and
HSE Poster Design. We would like to extend our
gratitude to AME Management and our office
                                                           Ride to Fitness //continued//
colleague for helping us to make the event a               The second phase crept in.         You are infected by
success. We hope to organize more of similar               “upgradititus”, an urge to upgrade your bike with better
programs in future for the benefit of everyone.            components. Bit by bit the components of the trusty T-Bolt
                                                           were replaced until eventually the whole bike got a total
Thank you.                                                 facelift.  It evolved into a totally different bike giving
                                                           supposedly better performance and was lighter in weight.

                                                           Looking back in the yester years, made me reminisce of my
                                                           youth days. There were bicycles in those days but it did not
                                                           become an obsession. There‟s something different and
                                                           special about cycling. Personally, I felt that it‟s a good and
                                                           fun way to work out. While getting your physique all worked
                                                           out, I also felt better spiritually. It was as if all the worries of life
                                                           was shaken off and left on the trails during every
                                                           ride…unbelievable? Try it!

                                                           The “weekend warrior” outing continues.                 Some
                                                           achievements that I feel worth mentioning are the kepala
                                                           Batas -Pantai Merdeka 56km ride, the Kuala Kubu Baru-
                                                           Fraser‟s hill ride, though ended up in dismay because of a flat
                                                           tire and few more.

                                                           My relocation from up north to KL helps to boost this interest.
                                                           What more is that there‟s also another avid cyclist, Daniel
                                                           Poon, in AME. The cycling community in KL is also ripening
                                                           with ride groups forming here, there and everywhere.
                                                           Another blessing is my house is just minutes away from FRIM, a
                                                           famous riding track amongst mountain bikers. This is a
                                                           research forest offering cool shady tracks just on the outskirt
                                                           of Kuala Lumpur. An excellent getaway from the hectic city
                                                           life. If you want something extra, there are riding events
                                                           organized by various groups. One of it is Kuala Lumpur
                                                           Mountain Bike Hash (KLMBH) that holds its monthly ride set in
                                                           the wilderness of jungle and forest around Klang Valley.

                                                           If you are in your forties and your doctor is already cautioning
                                                           you to sweat it out a bit, why not consider cycling?

Page 7                                                        Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
You call that a Challenge //continued//                                                       ROV S40
The most pressing issue for the client was time (or lack
                                                               Pep talk by Ops Supt, Jakobsin
of), as their FSO‟s needed to be inspected and
approved to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) class
standard before the end of the year (and pass!) so
the FSO‟s could continue working offshore. Thus, their
„eagerness‟ to start was passed down to AME. The
date for mobilization was set for the 20 th of October
2009 and MOS done a great job to ensure all their
supplied equipment was mobilized and tested within
the limited time frame.

The Mermaid Challenger came with an IMCA
compliant Air Diving system, which was located on
the stern of the vessel. The Work Class ROV was a              Bunga Kertas within 8 days, taking into account our
Scorpio 40 (S40), which was set-up in the middle of            scheduled time frame was 20 days for this FSO. We were also
the back deck. However MOS decided not to use an               pleasantly surprised to find that the anodes which were
A-frame but instead to use the vessel crane for launch         supposed to be replaced in our work scope, were in almost
and recovery of the ROV, which actually worked very            brand new condition. Thus, as agreed with the client, none of
well. Don‟t be fooled by the photo (far right), the ROV        the anodes needed replacement and all 56 anodes were
did a good job for us, we didn‟t want to „really‟ blow         handed over to the client for future use.
it up!
                                                               Now for the funny side to the anode story. Initially, we were
The Mermaid Challenger departed MOS‟s port in                  informed that all the anodes on this FSO were located on the
Thailand on the 17th of October and arrive at the              hull. The clients were adamant that this was the case, and
agreed mobilization port of Kemaman Supply Base                even produced the drawings for this. However, upon further
(KSB) in Terengganu on the 20th of October. Darren,            inspection of the drawing and by the diver in the water, we
Shafiq (from our Subsea Inspection & Engineering               found the anodes (all 56 of them) distributed unevenly inside
department {SIE}) and I drove down to KSB to meet              the sea chests. Of course, we were a little worried at first that
with the project team to assist with the mobilization.         we would be asked to replace these anodes (which would
Although, Shafiq (being the youngest) got the                  have been pretty difficult considering the limited access for
unenviable task of driving the fully laden, company            the diver). However, as most of the anodes were still in
owned, Ford Ranger by himself! This was because the            excellent condition the client decided otherwise, after some
Ranger was loaded with inspection equipment, diving            smooth negotiations. This also cut down our scheduled time
consumables and not to mention 500kg worth of                  frame by a week, and as this was a lump sum project, we
anodes for the project. More about the anodes story            were pretty happy (to say the least) .
                                                               Surprisingly, even the client didn‟t know that the anodes were
Once everyone had arrived at KSB, all the project              inside the sea chest, and only confirmed this after we
crew had to attend a pre-mobilization safety meeting           inspected all the sea chests. This was something new for us as
and a drug & alcohol test prior to joining the vessel, as      well, because after many years of UWILD projects, this was
these were just some of the client‟s requirements. One         the first case we had encountered. Guess there will always
of the Air Diver‟s hired from MOS came pretty close to         be something new to learn in this industry.
failing the drug & alcohol test, due to the seemingly
common mistake of taking „sleeping‟ pills. So after            After about 10 days of good weather (during the so-called
much negotiation and eventually handing over the               monsoon season), we were hit with some terrible weather,
„sleeping‟ pills to the Doctor, he was allowed to join         which lasted about 4 days and really slowed down our
the vessel with a slap on the wrist. While the AME             progress. During the days after this bad patch, the weather
supplied project specific equipment was being                  was still pretty marginal, but the guys onboard continued to
loaded onboard the vessel a SAMAK or religious                 push hard to complete their scope of work at both FPSO
cleansing (for Muslim beliefs) was conducted. For                                                 Bunga Kertas and FSO Abu.
those who are not aware, all vessels working in                                                   We eventually completed the
Malaysia for Petronas directly or in-directly must                                                entire work scope on the 13th
conduct this to ensure that all food served on the                                                of November 2009, 24 days
vessel is „Halal‟. Finally, the vessel left KSB for the work                                      after    starting    the    job.
site on the same afternoon, which was approximately                                               Considering we were hit by 9
300km from KSB or 15 hours travel.                                                                days of bad weather, this was
                                                                                                  an excellent achievement
Thanks to the organizational skills and efforts of our                                            and within our proposed
project crew on board (plus some good weather), we                View inside the sea chest,      schedule. I would like to thank
managed to get a great start to the project,                     comparing a new anode to         everyone involved with this
completing about 70% of the inspection work at FPSO                   the existing ones           project for a job well done.

Page 8                                                              Volume 3   ●   December 2009 ● Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
Manage Your Finance //continued//
4.    Instead of just allowing your money to rest in a bank and earn a small amount of interest, it would be wise to invest
      some of the money as alternative sources of income.
       Invest in Amanah Saham Malaysia / Wawasan 2020 if there is additional fund open for subscription. The return is
           higher than FD and EPF
       Consider putting in more than the required percentage to your EPF (must be between RM50 to RM5,000). It will
           show “Bayaran Caruman Diri Sendiri” on the EPF statement Ref: Forms KWSP 3 (AHL) & KWSP 16D (AHL).
       Buy investment linked insurance policy

5.    Delay gratification always, such as, to delay for the first buying urge at the 1st encounter even though it seems DIRT
      CHEAP, believe that there‟s always cheaper and better out there. Always compare at least with 3-4 of the same
      merchant for same products.

6.    Share, share, share where possible e.g. share an order of food or drink when it‟s too big for one person (don‟t waste
      food; people elsewhere in the world are in need of)


This is a tip for McD McNugget lovers. If you fancy of having 12 pieces of nuggets, you will most likely order 2 sets of 6 pieces
from the McValue Meal. Here is the trick. Buy 3 sets of 4 pieces from the McSaver menu instead and you end up saving up
to 50 cents and still get to enjoy the 12 pieces of nuggets!!!

49 days //continued//
Depending on yourself. That is what offshore life is.

There were 56 men and a lady onboard. And yes I
was the only female there... The guys were all cool,
friendly and willing to help whenever, and wherever I
need them. In fact, they really respect me despite me
being the only female there, and they are willing to
teach and share their experience. Well, maybe that's
the privilege for being the only female there I guess.

Another good thing being here is (for the ladies), you
                                                                                                      The (lady) diver wannabe
don‟t have to worry about fashion. There‟s only one
season, one style, one fashion statement. COVERALL,
and SAFETY BOOTS. The most versatile accessories               THAT YOUR STOMACH IS NOT EMPTY. Thus, Ramadhan was a
would be SAFETY HELMET, and SAFETY GLASSES. So I               very challenging month to spend offshore for a first timer.
don‟t really have to worry to stock all new clothes as         Indeed. However, this only lasted for more or less a week or
there would be no time or place for you to dress up.           two. After that I think I was the happiest person on earth to
Well, you can still experiment with your make up               be on the vessel when everyone else was dying to go back
though…                                                        to the shore or should I say Labuan??? Oh ya one more
                                                               thing, NO HOLIDAYS when you are offshore dear boys and
Hurm… so far you‟ve only read the good and happy               girls…
experience. Well there IS actually should I say
„challenging‟ experience being here too. Which is              49 days, that‟s all it took to change the 49 days younger me,
being SEA SICK!!! Yes that was the most terrible               to what I am now. They say working offshore needs mental
experience which I NEVER LIKED being on the vessel.            and physical fitness, but I believe that working in KL really
It‟s even more painful than fever, flu, cough, that            needs you to be more than that. MONEY, time, emotion,
combine      with    Premenstrual      Syndrome,     and       stress management skills should be inside your hand if you
Conjunctivitis because these diseases would never be           want to excel and not screw your life.
able to defeat the feeling of being sea sick. I am not
                                                               I know being a Subsea Inspection Engineer is not a wrong
kidding you. You can‟t even stand properly, and
                                                               choice. And yes I really miss to be in the middle of the sea
what you want to do is either throw up, or just lie in
                                                               (but I would never ever miss being sea sick). And of course
bed all day long! Every time I woke up, I told myself
                                                               am looking forward to be working back there as soon as
„Did I choose the wrong job? Why am I still inside this
                                                               possible. To breath the freshest air, to enjoy the most
vessel?” That‟s how terrible sea sick can be. You don‟t
                                                               beautiful sunrise and the most magnificent sunsets, to look at
have any appetite to eat BUT you have to eat
                                                               the brightest stars. I‟ll be back and that‟s my promise.
something or else the sea sick will be even worse. The
trick to prevent sea sick is very simple. JUST MAKE SURE

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