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MLM Succes Tips


MLM Success Tips to Kick-Start Your Network Marketing Busienss

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									 MLM Success Tips
       Simple Solutions to Kick-start Your
          Network Marketing Business

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 Simple Solutions To Grow Your Network
         Marketing Business…..

I have provided three simple articles that will help you refocus your
business building activities in your network marketing business.

Article 1 –
MLM Training Tips….Keeping Network Marketing Simple

Article 2 –
MLM Tip For Success……Perseverance

Article 3 –
Looking To Master Network Marketing Recruiting Skills

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MLM Training Tip – Keeping Network
Marketing Simple
There are a lot of people in network marketing that try to overcomplicate and over think this
business including myself. In many ways, this is because many of the people that get involved in
network marketing are working full time in corporate America.

And what happens in corporate America? They overcomplicate and over-analyze every little
nugget of their business. To clear up a $5,000 issue in corporate america, they will involve 10
people on a conference call for an hour and then determine that they need a complicated
algorithm analysis with a presentation output in powerpoint. Once they complete the analysis,
they have spent 100 man hours on this $5,000 issue and it cost them $10,000.

MLM Training Tip – KISS method
Many of these people get involved in network marketing and use their background and try to
overcomplicate this business. Unfortunately, network marketing is a very simple business. I like
to remind folks that I work with that I use the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid.

I am a simple person and try to keep things as simple and basic as possible so I can understand
them. Network marketing is all about talking to people about your business. You are either
talking to your warm market or your cold market. With your cold market, you can generate
leads offline or online.

MLM Training Tips – The Network Marketing Business
The business process that you utilize once you obtain a lead is very simple. In fact, the process
only involves 3 steps:

-      Talking to People

-      Sending a Simple Message

-      Enrolling the Interested

Step 1 - Talking to People
Once you have a lead (either from your warm or cold market) you need to get on the phone with
them. Many people that use internet marketing to generate leads do not like to talk to their leads
but at the end of the day this is a people business.

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When you speak with your leads, you need to probe and ask questions and figure out what their
concerns are, what keeps them up at night, what do they desire, what their frustrations are, etc.
When you talk to the prospect you don’t want to get in selling mode, you want to ask questions
and learn if they are something you want to work with.

Step 2 – Sending a Simple Message
Once you have built rapport with your lead and you both are interested in moving forward, you
send them a simple web presentation, conference call, or whatever your upline recommends. I
send my prospects a web presentation that is 45 minutes and let them review it. Once they are
done with the review of the business, we do a follow up.

Step 3 – Enroll the Interested
When you follow up with your lead, you ask a simple question “what did you like about the
presentation” and get their feedback. Answer their questions that they might have and then if
they sound like they might be interested, you simple state….”sounds like you are ready to get
started, how would you like your name on your check?”

Again, I need to stress this very simple MLM training tip. The network marketing process really
is as simple as 1-2-3. There are many different aspects about actually generating the leads
(which can be done a ton of different ways) but the basic process is very simple.

If you are looking for a way to generate FREE leads online, then you might consider MLSP.

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MLM Tip For Success – Perseverance
Merriam Webster Definition - Perseverance: continued effort to do or achieve something despite
difficulties, failure, or opposition.

One of the most important qualities for success in business or in life is persistence. One of my
major MLM Tips for success that I continually reinforce with myself and others is the act of
persistence. Success does not always happen all at once but over time and the people that see that
success is a marathon and not a sprint understand this.

When I first started out in my network marketing business and was looking at various marketing
methods, I was looking for instant gratification; leads, new reps, healthy income.

Well, unfortunately this did not happen. What did I do next?
I did not stick with my marketing strategies and decided to do something different. In the early
days, I did not persist and stick with my strategies for success. By not sticking with my
marketing tactics, I quickly lost focus and found myself spinning my wheels. I had wasted a ton
of time!

So the MLM tip for success I want to share
with you is very simple – persistence!
Once you plan out your marketing strategies to grow your business, you need to be consistent in
execution and be persistent over time. If you can execute your plan and continually work the
plan – you will see results.
Results might not happen immediately but you will see results that will help you in the long run.
The goal of sticking with your marketing strategies is very simple – become proficient enough
with each of these strategies so that you are consistently bringing in 10-20 leads each day with
these strategies. Become an expert at 1 or 2 strategies before trying a new tactic.

Again, the MLM tip for success is Perseverance!
The marketing strategies that I am currently using to grow my business are very simple but are
built upon the foundation of consistency and persistence. The tactics I am using right now are:
1. Article Marketing
2. Daily Blogging
3. Solo Ads

I have been blogging and article marketing for some time now but I have not been involved in
solo ads so this is a new strategy that I am now starting up. I will continue to do my daily
blogging and article marketing but want to supplement with solo ads.
You might wonder where I got the idea on solo ads as a marketing strategy for success? Well, I

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am part of a network marketing community that teaches some great strategies to generate leads

==> The Real Freedom Solution

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be posting my results of these tactics and give you the
insight into what is working for me and what is not working.
Please remember this MLM tip for success that you can carry with you in other parts of your

To learn some marketing strategies to kick start your network marketing business, watch the
video below…

==> Top 10 Prospecting Tips

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Looking To Master Network Marketing
Recruiting Skills?
Are you looking to master network marketing recruiting skills and explode your income?
There is a solution available that can help you succeed in your business and can help your team
become successful. In this article, I will discuss some of the problems in recruiting and a
solution that will help you succeed.

Network Marketing Recruiting – The
If you have worked your MLM business for any period of time, you definitely know the issues
that occur while you are trying to build your business including:

-      Fumbling your words & not knowing exactly what to say to prospects when introducing
the business

-      Not finding enough prospects to talk to on a daily basis and getting your business
presentation in front of them

-      No money to purchase leads

-      Recruiting people into your business that are a time & energy drain; complaining and not
taking ownership of their business

-      Many, many others

Well, there is a way to help alleviate some of the major issues of network marketing recruiting.
Have you ever thought about instead of recruiting down the socio-economic chain you actually
recruited UP the socio-economic chain? If you can target these individuals who already have the
skills to succeed in this business – many of your recruiting problems go away.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Your Target Market
Consider recruiting the following types of people in your business:

-      Realtors

-      Insurance agents

-      Professional sales people

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-      Mortgage brokers

These people will help your network marketing recruiting because in many ways they get paid
just like folks in the home business arena. They only get paid for production so they understand
that they need to work the business hard to get paid. Additionally, these types of individuals like
realtors have a strong influential network of other professionals that are possible targets to grow
their mlm business.

Network Marketing Recruiting – What Do You Say
When speaking with professionals, some network marketers fumble their words and are unsure
what to say. When you say these specific words to a professional – the track record is that at
least 50% of them will take a look at your business. That does not mean that 50% become part
of your business but they have an open mind to taking a look. The sample of what to say
specifically to a realtor would be…

”I am an entrepreneur and I am looking for top notch sales people to help grow my business in
your area and wondering if you keep your options open in terms of making an additional income
stream outside of what you are currently doing in real estate?”

Try this and see how different your results are…..

Network Marketing Recruiting – The Solution

The great thing about this type of recruiting – recruiting professionals – is that there is already a
program on the market that will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to be successful.
It is called Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals and you can get it HERE.

You should consider getting this program – you will see your network marketing recruiting
skills help your business grow and you will be able to work with some top notch people. If you
need help with scripts, you should consider The Little Black Book of Scripts which you can learn
about HERE.

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       Simple Solutions to Kick-start Your
          Network Marketing Business

                The Real Freedom Solution
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       MLM Business, Visit Our Site:

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