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Fleet Services Managers find that the use of GPS vehicle tracking systems is a cheap
and reliable facility that makes their role of controlling vehicle resources that much
easier. Modern GPS vehicle tracking systems are able to offer Fleet Managers up to
date information about the allocation of their resources through live tracking feeds.

GPS live tracking enables a number of useful facilities that both enhance customer
services and provide companies with cost saving practices, which are very much
welcomed during the current economical climate. The ability to immediately see
where a company's resources are located increases response times and in the case
of emergency services can shave valuable seconds off arrivals.

Taxi and delivery or courier services also benefit vastly from using GPS live tracking
as it is useful in directing vehicles to difficult to find addresses or provide the nearest
response vehicle to a particular customer. This again increases response times and
gives a better customer experience and service, which is particularly useful during
peak traffic periods or occasions of heavy demand.

Increased security and zoning are other features that result from installing fleet
vehicles with GPS tracking systems. The data produced by tracking systems also
includes that vehicles status, so if a van suddenly moves without reason there is a
likelihood it may have been stolen. Alternatively should a forklift truck leave its
designated warehouse, again theft may be the reason.

Zoning or Geotagging where users create a predetermined geographical area and
should the vehicle tracker be taken outside of this zone it will issue an alert. This
could equally be used to warn controllers if a vehicle was entering a notorious area
of traffic congestion or a prohibited region. Just as indications of a vehicles status
can help with security, so too can geotagging and should the defined geographical
area be crossed it may be due to criminal intent.

Live GPS tracking has also proved useful in the retrieval of stolen property and the
ability for Fleet Managers and police forces to follow vehicles has had serious impact
on commercial crime. GPS systems only require a clear line of sight to one of the
many satellites orbiting the earth and so live tracking can be just as easy whether
you are following a car through town or a tracker across the open countryside.

All of this valuable data makes the role of the Fleet Services Manager much simpler
and means that they are better able to allocate vehicles, are more likely to have an
increased response time and find reduced costs in fuel, insurance and maintenance
due to better vehicle usage.

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