March to the Brazos

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          a. ENEMY FORCES:None
          b. FRIENDLY FORCES: Fightin’ Texas Aggies
          a. The Corps of Cadets will conduct their annual march to the Brazos on Saturday
             May 1st, 2010.
          a. Commander’s Intent: Commander’s intent: Safety is paramount. All cadets
             should take care of their feet and hydrate prior to step-off. COs and 1SGs need to
             ensure that their units are physically prepared for the march. Pass-down exercises
             should be motivating, good bull but should not hinder/ negatively contribute to
             any cadets’ return.
          b. Concept of Operation- Each Major unit will depart at staggered times to duncan
             for chow, from the quad and from the beef center back to campus. This will
             ensure that there is no congestion throughout the march.
                  i. Maneuver: This operation will be conducted in 5 phases
                         1. Phase 1: Chow
                         2. Phase 2: Step off to Beef Center
                         3. Phase 3: Arrival at Beef Center
                         4. Phase 4: Step off to Campus
                         5. Phase 5: Arrival at Campus
          c. Tasks to Maneuver units
                  i. Route of movement-Follow Joe Route through the Wellborn tunnel and
                     continue on John Kimbrough, cut across the Bush Library grounds, cross
                     FM2818 at the light, follow Bush Drive west, turning left onto Nuclear
                     Science Road. Go cross-country across the RLEM land, past the Physics
                     Observatory, the waste water treatment plant, down the road to Whites
                     Creek. Turn right onto Whites Creek, and then take a left onto River
                     Road. Follow River Road to Dogwood, make a right, then another right
                     onto Flyway. Follow Flyway until it dead ends into private
                     property. Cross the private property, the creek, and exit left onto Kemp
                     Road. Turn right into the back entrance of the Beef Center. Return will be
                     a reversal of the route. Outfits will not break formation until through the
                     Arches on the return.
                         1. Map of Route

             WHAT                          WHO                            WHEN
             Phase 1:
             Breakfast, Duncan Dining      Corps Staff , 1st & 2nd Wing   0600
  Breakfast                     Task Force & 1st BDE           0615
  Breakfast                     2nd BDE & 3rd BDE              0630
  Breakfast                     1st & 2nd REG                  0645
  Breakfast                     Aggie Band                     0700
  Phase 2:
  Step off for MTTB             Corps Staff , 1st & 2nd Wing   0700
  Step off for MTTB             Task Force & 1st BDE           0710
  Step off for MTTB             2nd BDE & 3rd BDE              0720
  Step off for MTTB             1st & 2nd REG                  0730
  Step off for MTTB             Aggie Band                     0740
  Phase 3:
  Arrive at Beef Center         Corps Staff , 1st & 2nd Wing   1000
  Arrive at Beef Center         Task Force & 1st BDE           1010
  Arrive at Beef Center         2nd BDE & 3rd BDE              1020
  Arrive at Beef Center         1st & 2nd REG                  1030
  Arrive at Beef Center         Aggie Band                     1040
  Lunch served                  Corps                          1110
  March of Dimes Awards         G. Rollie White Visitor        1200
  Area Clean Up                 Operations                     1215
  Phase 4:
  Senior Buses start leaving    Class of 2010                  1230
  for campus.
  Step off for return to Quad   Corps Staff , 1st & 2nd Wing   1230
  Step off for return to Quad   Task Force & 1st BDE           1235
  Step off for return to Quad   2nd BDE & 3rd BDE              1240
  Step off for return to Quad   1st & 2nd REG                  1345
  Step off for return to Quad   Aggie Band                     1350
  Phase 5:
  Arrive on Quad                Corps Staff , 1st & 2nd Wing   1530
  Arrive on Quad                Task Force & 1st BDE           1535
  Arrive on Quad                2nd BDE & 3rd BDE              1540
  Arrive on Quad                1st & 2nd REG                  1645
  Arrive on Quad                Aggie Band                     1650

     ii. Specific instructions
            1. Once outfits reach the beef center they will conduct all pass down
                activities in designated areas according to the following diagram.
                    a. Diagram
d. Coordination instructions
                 i.    Outfit commanders will inform Major unit Operations of any heat
                      casualties and injuries. These numbers will be reported to Corps
                      Operations officer upon arriving at the beef center.
        e. Safety
               i. Cadets will not climb on top of the service pipes at the 1st Crossing
              ii. Cadets will not climb hay bales
             iii. Cadets will not climb on anything not explicitly stated on these
             iv. All Commanders will ensure that all pass down activities are conducted in
                  a safe and beneficial manner.
                      1. All wrestling will be conducted at the kneeling position.
                      2. No Cadets will engage in any activities near the ditch at the Beef
                      3. Commanders will ensure that Cadets do not get wet in any way.
                      4. Failure to follow these instructions will ensure that CTO’s will
                          cancel all activities for respective major unit and outfits.
              v. All injuries or heat casualties need to be reported to Major unit
                  Commander, Corps Commander and CTO’s.
                      1. Gimp cadets will ride on service trucks provided by major units
                          and provide work/clean up duties per CTO’s discretion
        a. Concept of Support
               i. Support will be provided by Corps Staff, Major units and CTO’s
              ii. Location of CP: Corps Staff
        b. Material and Service
               i. Supply
                      1. Class I- Subsistence
                              a. Cadets will carry at minimum of 50oz of water with them
                              b. Chow will be provided at the beef center at 1110
                              c. Additional water, provided by the Corps will be available
                                  at 3 locations
                                       i. Treatment plant
                                      ii. Nuke plant
                                     iii. Cattle guard crossing
                      2. Class II-Clothing, individual equipment
                              a. Uniform is C’s and T’s
                              b. Compression shorts are encouraged for all cadets
                              c. Cadets are required to bring an extra pain or socks to
                                  prevent blisters
                      3. Class VII-Major end items
                             a. Operations staff will provide one emergency vehicle per
                                 major unit.
                                      i. Will be a truck
                     4. Class VIII- Medical Supplies
                             a. Cadets are encourage to bring own medical supplies
             ii. Transportation
                     1. Class of 2010 will depart on buses from the beef center at 1230
       c. Medical evacuation and hospitalization
              i. All injuries will be reported to MAJCOM, Corps Commander and CTO’s
             ii. There will be EMT’s at the beef center to further evaluate seriousness of
       a. Command
              i. Class of 2011 will assume command of units during the return back and
                 will follow all respective orders and procedures.
       b. Signal-
              i. All Commanders and major unit commanders will carry a cell phone in
                 case of emergency.

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