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HOW raise sheep GARUT

Often there are still many people who erred when distinguishing between sheep and goats. More
unique is better known than the delicacy of goat satay lamb skewers. Is it really the same sheep
and goats? Or both are different types of farm animals? Basically, sheep and goats is a type of
grass-eating animals belonging to small ruminants, both the population was almost evenly spread
and there around the world. But if we look carefully the physical visual contrast to sheep goat.
Posture sheep tend to be more rounded than the slender goats. Long goat ears and drooping.
Form was more curly fleece and curly so it can be used as a wool coat, while another case with
an inclined straight goat. Farm animals sheep are now thought to be the result of human
dometikasi of three types of wild sheep: Sheep Mouflon from Southern Europe and Asia Minor,
Argali Sheep of Southeast Asia and Urial from Asia. The sheep were originally hunted in the
wild until finally reared by humans. Compared with cows, pigs, horses and buffalo as fellow
ruminants, cattle sheep first century has commercial value since 7000 BC. Even in Indonesia
where livestock of sheep can be seen at Circa 800 BC reliefs on the Borobudur Temple.
Olehkarenanya not be surprised if the population is far more sheep than goats in the world. Data
Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) in 2002, the world's sheep population of approximately
1034 billion while the tail is only about 743 million goats. The largest population of sheep and
goats in the world is China's Bamboo Curtain countries, where the second largest country is
Australia and India for the sheep to goats. As part of the national farm sector, the percentage of
sheep and goat meat needs of the people of Indonesia is still far below other livestock sub sectors
such as chicken / poultry (56%), beef (23%) and pigs (13%). According to data from DG.
Livestock - Agriculture RI in 2005, sheep and goat meat consumption in society is still very low
at only around 5%. But if you see a potential need for cattle meat which, at more or less each
year about 5.6 million head for the needs of sacrificial worship only, and not including supply
needs for aqiqah, the restaurant industry to satay stall vendors who require 2-3 tails each day, the
growth of sheep and goat populations are not comparable with the numbers increasing demand.
This potential has not calculated the market needs in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and
Singapore, as well as the Middle East region each year takes approximately 9.3 million head of
sheep. Where sheep meat supply needs for the Middle East region is still met by Australia and
New Zealand. Sad indeed, in which Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population
in the world is actually more a chance for it. Sheep and goat population growth in Indonesia is
relatively small while demand continues to increase as the population and improvement of public
welfare income. Is not impossible that a time will there is a shortage of sheep and goat meat
production so that the implementation of sacrificial worship will import from Australia or New
Zealand. In Indonesia, the presence of sheep and goat population is almost evenly spread across
the region. But unfortunately for livestock grazing sheep and goats in this country is still largely
in small scale and traditional. In contrast to Australia, the pattern of intensive farming with the
support of technology has made the country is able to produce large-scale sheep production and
quality. Just imagine, total Australian lamb exports to the country of Saudi Arabia in 2006 was
equivalent to 3.6 million head. Livestock population of the largest sheep and goats at the end of
2006 is in the province of West Java province is approximately 3.5 million head or about 49% of
the total national population. In this province there is even a kind of small ruminant livestock
germplasm is a wealth of Indonesia and became the hallmark of the province which is known by
the nickname parahyangan the earth. Sheep, Ovies Aries, the lamb is the result of three family
crosses the sheep: Merino - Australia, Africa and Java Kaapstad of Fat Tails in Indonesia. Fat
Tailed Sheep Java preexisting long as the type of local sheep, Merino sheep brought by Dutch
traders to Indonesia while Lamb Kaapstad Arab traders brought to the land of Java around the
19th century. Sheep is a type of tropical sheep are profilik that can give birth more than 2 (two)
tails in a cycle of birth. Where the period of 1 year, 2 Sheep can experience the cycle of birth.
Lamb has a weight average above other local Indonesian sheep. Ram can weigh about 60-80 kg
may even have reached more than 100 kg. While ewes weigh between 30-50 kg. Physical
characteristics of the male is horned Sheep, big and strong-necked, with shades of white, black,
brown or a mixture of all three. Is the dominant feature of ewes did not have horns, but even if
small horns with similar shades of color ram.
Sheep germplasm is the world's rarest animals because posture is almost like a bison in the USA.
Sheep populations in Indonesia certainly the largest in the region of West Java province with the
deployment area locations include: Garut, Majalengka, Brass, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya,
Bandung, Sumedang, Indramayu and Purwakarta. Maybe some people are more familiar with
almost cattle with sheep Sheep identical complaints that competed in agility arena fights. Sheep
are the exotic animals. Indeed correct when until recently among the people of West Java
province was still fond of sheep agility contest, but need to be clarified that the agility arena
fights are now does not allow two rams fight to the death. Regulatory changes have been made
by organizations Sheep Goat Breeders Association of Indonesia (HPDKI) which is currently led
by Drs. H.A.M Sampurna, MM. as general chairman and Drs. H. Uu Rukmana HPDKI region as
chairman of West Java province. Arena fight today is more agility into the arena of arts and
culture is a meeting place for friendship among breeders, hobbyists, show room, the transaction-
quality seeds of sheep and attractions. Some names like Kang Ibing, puppeteer Asep Sunarya is a
name well known as a hobbyist and owner of high quality Sheep. Hobby cattle Sheep guaranteed
not to lose his satisfaction with the care of animals such as cats, fish and so on. A horn Sheep
satisfaction when males can form and grow up, or with beautiful complexion and hair color are
produced. Boots, cowboy hat, black dress is the hallmark hobbyist when it comes to arts and
cultural arena fights dexterity. And make no mistake, the price of one head of cattle Sheep-
quality males among hobbyists could be worth over 10 million dollars and some even hundreds
of millions of dollars. But that should be feared in the current condition is qualified Sheep
population is shrinking and may be endangered where contrary to the nature profilik owned. The
lack of serious attention to the business sector Sheep breeding population makes eminent
somewhat hard to find. And this also makes the Sheep livestock for sacrificial worship needs of
increasingly expensive. As stated by the DVM. Zulkifli Abdul-Jabbar as the Secretary General of
Sheep Goat Breeders Association of Indonesia (HPDKI) in his discussion with the author
recently. The condition is of course very unfortunate, especially when we know the economic
potential of livestock Sheep are not only synonymous with sheep complaint, Sheep meat quality
also has a fairly good nutritional value compared to the goats to meet the consumption needs of
the community. In fact not only used meat only, skin Sheep can be used as raw material for the
manufacture of high quality jackets. 2005 data obtained from the website Garut district,
industrial leather jackets made from raw Sheep can absorb 2656 workers with an export value of
Rp. 84.7 billion to the various destination countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and
Australia. Sheep manure can provide benefits and value of benefits if treated properly that is as
raw material for making organic fertilizer. From the results of research conducted, the crop
nutrient needs can be met by the provision of fermented organic fertilizer made from raw sheep
manure is very beneficial to increase agricultural production. A graduate of Japan's principal
investigator of the Research Institute for Medicinal Plants and Aromatika - Bogor, Dr. Ir. Mesak
Tombe, now managed to find a technology that has been getting a patent for improving the
quality of organic manure produced from livestock manure, the technology called Bio Triba.
Packaged in a liquid formula containing microorganisms B. Pantotkenticus strains J2 and T.
Lactae strains tb1. Technology found Dr. Ir. Mesak Tombe very helpful in the maturation
process of cattle manure into organic fertilizer between the period of 1-2 weeks. Not only that,
this technology can also be applied to the processing of organic waste and household markets.
Another advantage of this technology is that it can serve also as a bio-fungicide for disease
control in plants. Is appropriate when the livestock and agricultural sectors do have synergy.
Moreover the current farmers in a difficult position between the increase in production costs as a
result of fertilizer prices continue to soar, on the other hand farmers can not arbitrarily raise
prices so that the dwindling revenue. Terbesit idea anyway to combine livestock Sheep with
freshwater fisheries sector. Design corral sheep on a stage made fish pond. In the local market
segmentation, market potential Sheep have a multi-user. As presented by Agus Ramada as
Director of Eka Agro Rama as agri business company concerned in the business of cattle Sheep
and organic farming. And this is what makes cattle Sheep feasible to be developed as an option
in the business sector is the first largest market peternakan.Potensi livestock Sheep to meet the
annual needs of sacrificial worship. Then followed the daily meat consumption needs be it
household, restaurant and satay stalls. Next is the need aqiqah, and the last is a hobbyist who is
always looking for male seed unggulan.Penjelasan Dr Sheep. Ismeth Inounu, principal
investigator for the field of breeding and genetics of Animal Husbandry Research and
Development Center (Puslitbangnak - MOA RI), on his visit to the farm location Eka Agro
Sheep Rama, Bandung regency, West Java province last April, the government is currently
giving serious attention for business sector development and multiplication of livestock breeding
sheep and goats, among others Sheep. Not only pure-breeding program to restore the best quality
livestock Sheep, but the composite sheep development program to be able to produce offspring
or seed new seed is also being actively carried out. Berbagaimacam discovery related technology
sheep reproduction continue to be developed to facilitate the multiplication of sheep production
and quality, for example laserpuntur technology and injectable hormonal synchronization will be
very useful for heat and mass marriages. The successful marriage of local lamb with sheep's
Sumatra St. Croix from Virgins Islands and Barbados sheep, and then with sheep Sheep St. Croix
and Moulton Lamb of France, is a composite sheep development program that successfully
carried out by Puslitbangnak - MOA RI invention of the application of these technologies. Not
only to the extent that, at the farm location Eka Agro Rama also has managed development
programs in the form of composite sheep Sheep mating females with males from England
Suffolk Sheep, Sheep and females with stud Merino - Australia that has produced quality
puppies with the expectation would be far better so as to meet the needs of meat consumption.
Nature is Yanuardi as Director of Operations with cold hands managed to run the program
development of the composite sheep. In the cattle business development Sheep then Eka Agro
Rama does not move by himself. Especially with the potential to penetrate the local market
opportunities and a world that is still quite large. Also initiated a cooperative effort from
upstream to downstream sectors in order to achieve the desired objectives of livestock
enterprises. One of the partners of cooperation which always helps Eka Agro Rama in business
development, among others, is Kampoeng Livestock - Wallet Dhua'fa Republika. Existence
Kampoeng Livestock - Wallet Dhua'fa Republika admirable sub-sector in the development of
sheep goat farm in Indonesia. Program Tebar Animal Sacrifice and 1000 Aqiqah being run by
Kampoeng Livestock not only aims to advance the business of cattle sheep and goats in
Indonesia, but also aims to help people less fortunate in the consumption needs lamb. As
explained Purnomo, SPT Kampoeng as Director of Livestock - Wallet Dhua'fa Republika. Eka
Agro Rama himself is currently focused more engaged in the business sector Sheep breeding and
propagation. Providing for the needs of Sheep sacrifice quality, aqiqah, restaurant satay stall until
the pavement is a dream for us, said Agus Ramada. With the stock Sheep population is
increasingly limited because many farmers are reluctant to membibitkan sheep, Eka Agro Rama
implement the conveyor system with sales of Sheep weaning off. Sheep is the leading female in
the business of livestock production machine run. But of course this business very well require
cooperation with various parties both in the production and marketing. It is impossible forever
Eka Agro Rama add capacity enclosure with limited land area. The role of the organization set
(HPDKI) here has a great contribution to map and develop potential existing production network
in which can then be directed also to the door of marketing available. Eka Agro Rama through
training activities that are held together Agromania and also Kampoeng Livestock-breeders will
always look for new breeders who are interested in business development Sheep. Not just
training, mentoring and technical guidance functions of the cultivation and marketing of door
access is also an important part of post-training activities. Where in addition it should be
embraced as a public information media also sounding every farm owned business program, said
Agus Ramada. Puslitbangnak role with the existing halls and the local provincial livestock
department as well as the knowledge base should not be ignored, it is very necessary so that the
ranchers will not be blind to the application of latest technology. Certainly not small foreign
exchange earnings that can be obtained from the management of Sheep intensive livestock
enterprises. Especially with the potential needs of the market lamb in the Middle East region as
many as 30 thousand head per week. Not a job that is lightweight and easy course, but could be a
promising business opportunity if we want to start thinking and moving in that direction. Long
journey begins is with the small step. Healthy Sheep Breeders Greetings! Search on Google:
Being billionaire With Organic Farming

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