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					Admission Source
AHCA                                                        AHRQ
Physician Referral                                          Routine/Birth/Other
Clinic Referral                                             Routine/Birth/Other
HMO Referral                                                Routine/Birth/Other
Hospital Transfer                                           Another Hospital
Skilled Nursing Home                                        Another Facility Including LTC
Transfer                                                    Another Facility Including LTC
Emergency Room                                              ER
Court/Law Enforcement                                       Court/Law Enforcement
Other                                                       Routine/Birth/Other
Normal Delivery                                             Routine/Birth/Other
Premature Delivery                                          Routine/Birth/Other
Sick Baby                                                   Routine/Birth/Other
Extramural Birth                                            Routine/Birth/Other
Other Newborn                                               Routine/Birth/Other

Admission Type
AHCA                                                        AHRQ
Emergency                                                   Emergency
Urgent                                                      Urgent
Elective                                                    Elective
Newborn                                                     Newborn
Other                                                       Other

Discharge Disposition
AHCA                                                        AHRQ
Discharged home                                             Routine
Discharged to a short-term general hospital                 Short-term Hospital
Discharged to a skilled nursing facility                    Skilled Nursing Facility
Discharged to a intermediate care facility                  Intermediate Care
Discharged to another type of institution                   Another Type of Facility
Discharged home under supervision of home healthcare org.   Home Health Care
Left this facility against medical advice                   Against Medical Advice
Discharged home on IV medications                           Home Health Care
Expired                                                     Died in the Hospital
Hospice - Home                                              Another Type of Facility
Hospice - Medical Facility                                  Another Type of Facility

Primary Payer
AHCA                                                        AHRQ
Medicare                                                    Medicare
Medicare HMO                                                Medicare
Medicaid                                                    Medicaid
Medicaid HMO                                                Medicaid
Commercial Insurance                                        Private, including HMO
Commercial HMO                                              Private, including HMO
Commercial PPO                                              Private, including HMO
Worker's Compensation                                       Other
Champus                                                     Other
VA                                                          Other
Other State/Local Government                                Other
Self Pay/Charity/Underinsured   Self-pay
Other                           Other
Charity                         No Charge
KidCare                         Other

AHCA                            AHRQ
American Indian/Eskimo/Aleut    Native American
Asian or Pacific Islander       Asian or Pacific Islander
Black                           Black
White                           White
White Hispanic                  Hispanic
Black Hispanic                  Hispanic
Other                           Other
No Response                     Other

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