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									                                                    MFT Program Newsle!er
                                                                                                Volume 5         June 2009

                                                  MFT Program Update
    As is the case with all healthy systems,    which will help us fully prepare for our                   Inside this Issue
our program is experiencing both change         AAMFT reaccreditation in 2010. In
                                                addition to preparing for national               Dr. McCahill: Reflections & Directions    2
and continuity. In terms of change, we
welcomed four new part-time faculty             reaccreditation, the full-time faculty is
                                                                                                 Practicum Corner: UCSD Family Medicine   2
members this year - Dr. Joshua Madsen           discussing anticipated changes in
(Research), Dr. Ellen Stein (Law &              California MFT curriculum requirements,          Congratulations MFT Class of 2009!       3
Ethics), Dr. Steven Jella (Child Abuse),        which will likely require that programs
and Jessica Fodor (Self of the Therapist) -     expand to 60 units. In preparation for           Graduation Reflections                    3
and welcomed back Dr. Don Myers                 these changes, Ana will be teaching our
(Assessment & Treatment of Child/               newly revised Human Diversity course in          Practicum Corner: UCSD Pediatrics        4
Family). Saying hello to new faculty            the fall, which is increasing to three units.
                                                   Another significant change this year has      Practicum Placements 2009-2010           4
members was accompanied by the sadness
of saying goodbye to cherished                  been a new requirement that all MFT              Dr. Stefanie Carnes: USD to Pine Grove   5
contributors to our program. Leita              students have an international experience.
McIntosh-Koontz, who brilliantly taught         In April 2008, I took eight Family Studies       Photo Feature: MFT Trip to Hong Kong     5
the Child course for so many years, has         students to Hong Kong for a cultural
left USD to devote more attention to her        immersion with a specific focus on grief         MFT Alumni Update                        6
private practice and supervision of USD         and loss in Asian culture. Ana is taking
students at UCSD. Denice Davis, who             her Diversity & Family Therapy students
somehow made Law & Ethics both                  to Costa Rica in August.                               Welcome to our new
engaging and less scary (my perspective),           We continue to recruit and graduate                students, who began
has left USD to make room for her               outstanding students – the heart and soul
                                                of our program. We had a record number
                                                                                                           this spring!
growing divorce mediation practice.
    Although the roster of full-time faculty    of applications this year and look forward             •   Erin Hanley
members is intact, we’ve just completed         to welcoming 32 new MFT students this                  •   Kayla Jones
three successive semesters of sabbaticals       fall. Have a safe and happy summer!                    •   Wendy Williams
(Ana – Spring 2008, Lee – Fall 2008, Jo         -Todd Edwards, PhD                                     •   Kristina Stanford
Ellen – Spring 2009). Fortunately, we’ll        Associate Professor
                                                                                                       •   J o n i Woodburn
be at full strength again in Fall 2009,         MFT Program Director

                         MFT Program Specialist: A Mantra For Change
    Change. It’s a word we use often as         students have inquired about my personal         unsettling, though the possibilities are
clinicians. It’s a complicated term, often      feelings towards the program. Without a          inspiring. I am hopeful that despite my
involving excitement and fear at the same       doubt, my post-graduate service as the           step away from the MFT program at this
time. It can be so overwhelming that            Program Specialist is a testament to how I       time, my relationship with USD will
we’ve developed a diagnosis to describe         feel about the caliber of this program, the      remain, as serving this program in a
the potential effects it can have –             quality of its faculty, staff, and students,     professional capacity has certainly been a
Adjustment Disorder. After all, as we           and the weight of its mission - to help lead     privilege. Thank you, to all the students,
learn in our courses and witness in the         the transformation of family therapy.            faculty, and alumni, for the opportunities I
therapy room, positive stress is still indeed       But it’s not simply what I’m leaving         have had to represent and serve you, and
stress, packaged with more attractive           behind that sparks multiple emotions; it’s       for the many contributions you have made.
wrapping. I write to you now as the             the road ahead that provokes stirring            I am confident in the incoming Program
outgoing MFT Program Specialist, having         dreams and sleepless nights. Having              Specialist, recent alumna Gina Bongiorno,
recently decided to embark on a transition      obtained my MFT license in February, I           who has a palpable passion for this
of my own. I am grateful for the                am eager for change – change in clinical         program that will serve her well.
opportunities I have had, meeting with and      setting, change in responsibilities, perhaps        Author Charles DuBois writes, “The
interviewing prospective students,              even change in geographical location.            important thing is this: To be able at any
collaborating with faculty and practicum        With a strong conviction for working with        moment to sacrifice what we are for what
sites, and interacting with alumni and          military service members and their               we could become.” Perhaps this will be
members of the surrounding community.           families, and a deep yearning to work and        my mantra for change.
Simultaneously, I feel a sense of sadness in    travel abroad (having recently submitted a       -Brandina Morrison, '06
leaving a position that I have loved. Over      UK work visa application, now pending            Outgoing MFT Program Specialist
the past three years, countless prospective     approval), the ambiguity of my next step is
Volume 5                                                                                                                                Page 2
                    Dr. Margaret McCahill: Past Reflections and Future Directions
 !!!!!!"#$%&"'&"()$%*+&,-../$&0$-0)('"&.$1(12("$34$   I look forward to having even more time to      care for the homeless and those who live
 ),($%56$4&*7.)8$&)$9:!/$344(";$"(<.(*)-30;$30$,("$   give to my work at USD, since I’ve              in poverty, training professionals in many
 1&08$8(&";$-0$1(=-*-0(/$&0=$,("$*30)-07-0'$"3.($     “retired” from full time service as a faculty   health care disciplines and receiving many
 >-),-0$),($9:!$*31170-)8#                            physician at UCSD School of Medicine.           teaching awards along the way. It has
     I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the                My career in medicine has enabled me        been a busy 30 years or so, and I’ll
 Psychopharmacology course in the USD                 to do many extraordinary things, including      continue to do some of the teaching that
 Marital and Family Therapy Program                   those you would expect, like delivering         I’ve done at UCSD, even in “retirement.”
 every semester since spring 2002. Getting            babies, assisting at surgery, treating              But the most exciting thing that I’m
 to know MFT students in the classroom,               hospitalized patients and home-bound            able to do today is to dedicate more time
 and then so often meeting them again in              patients, as well as doing all the tasks that   to the things that I love to do at USD – to
 clinical settings is a wonderfully                   a Family Physician does, plus those that a      teaching, and to providing medical
 rewarding experience, since this “small              Psychiatrist does. Since I am Board             consultation to the USD Wellness Services
 world” often enables that to happen. Now             Certified in both Family Medicine and           team. I look forward to continuing
                                                      Psychiatry, there have been some                collaboration with USD colleagues I’ve
         Congratulations to                           additional things I’ve been able to do, such    known for the last decade, and to
      Dr. McCahill for being                          as: providing care for both physical and        developing new relationships with those
          honored by the                              mental illness to patients, as we sat on the    whom I have yet to meet. Of the many
      CA Medical Board with                           floor of a Navajo “Hogan” in a remote part      things it has been my privilege to do
        the 2008 Physician                            of the reservation; serving as a Psychiatrist   professionally, USD will top the list!
                                                      in a U.S. Naval Hospital; working as a          -Margaret E. McCahill, M.D.
       Humanitarian Award,                                                                            Consulting Physician, USD Wellness Services
                                                      UCSD Faculty Physician, founding and
          recognizing her                                                                             Lecturer, USD MFT Program
                                                      directing a training program that enables       Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Family
      clinical work providing                         physicians to become Board Certified in         Medicine and Psychiatry, UCSD School of Medicine
            free care for                             both Family Medicine and Psychiatry. I          Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine,
           those in need.!                                                                            Fellow, AAFP
                                                      served as Medical Director at St. Vincent       Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and
                                                      de Paul Village’s medical clinic, providing     Neurology, Distinguished Fellow, APA

                                        Practicum Corner: UCSD Family Medicine
     When Gary walked into his intake                 connected to. Gary’s entire tone changed        depression so quickly. I couldn’t stop
 session at UCSD Family Medicine the first            after that; he was more relaxed and better      myself from reminding Gary that he never
 words out of his mouth were, “I’m going              able to focus on himself, rather than being     had a talk with me at the end of the third
 to give you three sessions and then I will           concerned with me.                              session, to determine whether or not I was
 determine if you’re a good enough                       After eight sessions of interpersonal        a “good enough therapist." He laughed
 therapist to help me out.” These are                 psychotherapy, it was time to terminate         and said, “Oh Jenn, I had that figured out
 obviously not the words that a beginning             with Gary. We reviewed his progress and         after the first ten minutes the day we met.
 therapist wants to hear. Gary continued              discussed his newly-found strengths. Gary       Thanks for sticking with me.” Now that is
 his opening remarks by asking me very                was impressed that talking about his recent     what a beginning therapist wants to hear!
 direct questions about my credentials,               role transition at work and addressing his      -Jenn Mosher, '09
 experience working with patients with his            interpersonal deficits helped decrease his
 particular problem, and religious
 convictions (he made it clear it was
 important to him that he had a therapist
 who valued religion). My initial reaction
 was to search the databank in my head of
 all the advice I had received from our
 masterful instructors at USD, trying to
 recall what was said about working with
 clients who are defended and initially ask
 direct, personal questions. Then it came to
 me: what is he really saying to me right
 now? He’s asking, “Can you help me?”
 The only thing I could think to do in the
 moment was normalize the experience for
 him. I told Gary that most people want to
 find a therapist who will help them, a
 therapist whom they can trust and feel
Volume 5                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                        Congratulations MFT Class of 2009!
   •      Tanesha Adams                            •     Minna Rogers                            •      Jeehee Sung
   •      Gina Bongiorno                           •     Anna Santangelo                         •      Vicente Vargas
   •      Lindsay Cherevka                         •     Sachiyo Shiraki                         •      Theresa Viglizzo
   •      Lara Chittum                             •     Lindsay Simon                           •      Monica Votaw
   •      Kristina Davies                          •     Rachael Souter
   •      Emily Ferguson
   •      Rebecca Grover
   •      Alyssa Halberg
   •      Philip Hewett
   •      Mary Jimenez
   •      Michaelle Jinnette
   •      Nancy Kassel
   •      Julie Kraft
   •      Anna Lee
   •      Jenn Mosher
   •      Jennyanne Parr
   •      Natalie Pearson
   •      Ashley Pinkeney
   •      Kiley Ray

                                    Reflections upon Graduation from USD
    As we approach the end of our graduate       experience of feeling connected to my         from the homeless to the wealthy, we have
 career, I am both proud and appreciative of     peers, my professors, and to the material I   each had a hand in affecting their lives.
 our journey here. From orientation to           was learning sparked a metamorphosis in       Had it not been for the wealth of
 commencement, the two years in between          me - a growth, both personal and              knowledge we gained from our professors,
 have been defined by hard work,                 professional, which was nurtured by a year    the hours of therapy videos we reviewed,
 commitment, and remarkable                      of clinical experience unlike any other.      and the exams and papers we completed,
 relationships. I remember arriving from            When you think about the scope of          we could not have become the highly-
 Canada, wondering if I had made the right       individuals we, as a graduating class, have   skilled professionals we are today. As we
 decision to move so far from home.              counseled in our practicum year alone, you    move our tassels from right to left, let us
 Would USD turn out to be more than              cannot help but be in awe of the magnitude    not forget that the foundation of our future
 manicured lawns and immaculate                  of our reach. Combined, we have touched       lies in the education we received here - the
 buildings? From the first week of class,        the lives of hundreds of clients. From        fundamental values, ethics, and skills that
 though, I knew there was something about        those suffering with depression and           will forever set us apart from the rest.
 this program that set it apart from the other   anxiety, to those living with abuse and       Congratulations Class of 2009!
 MFT programs across the country. The            isolation; from children to the elderly;      -Gina Bongiorno, '09

             "Events and
         circumstances have
           their origins in
           ourselves. They
          spring from seeds
            which we have
               sown." -
             Henry David
Volume 5                                                                                                                      Page 4
                                       Practicum Corner: UCSD Pediatrics
     The most rewarding experience in my         rarely would I interrupt, and when I did, I
 practicum year has been the opportunity to      acknowledged the interruption and asked
 conduct cotherapy with my fellow trainee,       for permission.                                       "Being effect i v e i n
 Mika Nakamura. The practicum                        Cotherapy gives you the opportunity to
 experience itself is a trial by fire. David     assume differentiated roles. One                         a cothera p y
 Schnarch, in Passionate Marriage, has a         cotherapist can lead, while the other                    relationsh i p
 chapter entitled “Nobody is ready for           cotherapist pays careful attention to non-                 requires a
 marriage.” I wonder if the same is not true     verbal communication and gains a deeper
 for doing therapy. In my experience, it is      view of the process. Cotherapy allows you
                                                                                                        willingness t o b e
 certainly true of cotherapy.                    to model a respectful relationship to your              vulnerable a n d
     There’s not a lot written about doing       clients. You can show clients how to                  acknowledge o n e ' s
 cotherapy and what is written isn’t about       apologize, how to listen, and how to                       shadow."
 trainees doing cotherapy, though some           regard one another. Cotherapy also
 basics do apply. In doing cotherapy,            provides you someone with whom to share
 tending to the relationship between the         experiences and offers avenues to give and
 cotherapists and their process provides the     receive validation and support.
 foundation for effective therapeutic work.          Before session, Mika and I would           our observations, and our hypotheses, and
     Being effective in a cotherapy              review where we had ended in the               sharpen our sense of where we are and
 relationship requires a willingness to be       previous session and where the therapy         how we might proceed.
 vulnerable and acknowledge one’s shadow.        might be headed. We would also agree              The best and most fulfilling work I did
 Yes, I am thinking about how I will be          upon our roles - who would be the lead,        this year was in collaboration with Mika,
 viewed by my cotherapist. Yes, I feel like      and who would be more of an observer.          and I am grateful to her and for having had
 I’m competing with her sometimes. Yes,          These were not hard-and-fast decisions;        this opportunity. I have gained the utmost
 my insecurities get triggered in session.       rather, they would provide a starting point.   respect and admiration for my cotherapist
 No, I don’t feel very competent right now.          After session, we would tend to our        and feel a lasting bond forged with her that
 These are all things that need to be shared     process and experiences of the therapy         I will carry with me. I wish that every
 in the debrief; otherwise, they are likely to   first. We would begin every debrief with       practicum student could have such an
 leak out in and/or undermine the treatment.     our personal reactions and any issues that     opportunity. If you should find yourself in
     Being effective in a cotherapy              came up for us during the session. Here,       a cotherapy role, consider consulting The
 relationship requires a willingness to listen   we would take ownership of                     art of co-therapy: How therapists work
 and follow. Five times out of six, when         “unacceptable” feelings, such as jealousy      together, by Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson
 Mika was leading a line of inquiry and a        or pique, and acknowledge our anxieties,       (New York : Guilford Press, c1991),
 question would come to my mind, she             feelings of incompetence, or maybe even        available in the USD Copley Library.
 would cover my question and more. Very          shame. Next, we would discuss the case,        -Vicente Vargas, '09

                                      Practicum Placements 2009-2010
                                                 Catholic Charities                             San Diego Hospice
                                                     • Jennifer Galvis                               • Nathan Cressall
                                                     • Megan Jones                                   • Andrea Obst
                                                     • Mariana Mesnik
                                                                                    St. Vincent De Paul
                                                 Children's Outpatient Psychiatry         • Christina Arvallo
                                                      • Kendall McCartney (Central)
                                                                                    UCSD Family Medicine
                                                      • Kelsey Peck (Escondido)
                                                                                          • Leila Aftahi
                                                      • Jessica Robledo (Oceanside)
                                                                                          • Laureen Copfer
                                                 Harmonium                                • Tania Riosvelasco
                                                      • Chelsea Keller                    • Laura Sudano
                                                      • Jacqueline Leong
                                                                                    UCSD Outpatient Psychiatric
                                                 Phoenix House                      Services
                                                      • Katherine LaMee                   • Shannel Busuioc
                                                      • Maria Pizano                      • Nicolle Clemmer
                                                      • Brianna Salinas
                                                                                    VA Hospital
                                                                                          • Benjamin Inouye
                                                       "             % $$& #
                                                                                          • Jodi Staszak
Volume 5                                                                                                                    Page 5
   Dr. Stefanie Carnes: From USD to Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction
     I look back fondly on the days I worked    Path program, at Pine Grove Behavioral
 on my Masters degree at USD in 1995 and        Health and Addiction Services in
 1996. I remember long agonizing hours of       Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Gentle Path is a           "...the families are
 studying for comps in the library, the         voluntary program for people who have                  devastated and
 harrowing experience of interviewing for a     destroyed their lives with out of control              struggling with
 practicum placement, and the even scarier      sexual behavior, including everything from          feelings of betrayal,
 experience of meeting my very first            professional sexual boundary violations,
                                                                                                          shame, and
 therapy client - a man who had recently        voyeurism, exhibitionism, anonymous sex,
 been released from prison after doing hard     affairs, prostitution, and of course our              pain...Navigating
 time for manslaughter and was struggling       most common presenting problem,                     family therapy with
 with the adjustment to society as a convict.   cybersex – in it’s many forms. When                  this population is a
 All of these wonderful growth experiences      working with this population everyday is a               minefield."
 were outshined by the friendships made,        new adventure. Just when I think I have
 and the incredible supervision and training    heard it all…..
 I received from the faculty at USD. After          Due to the fact that I had systemic
 completing my doctorate in 2000, I was         principals permanently etched into my         certified sex addiction therapist training
 given the opportunity to serve as adjunct      brain back in 1995, we have a strong          process.
 faculty, an experience I treasure to this      family therapy component to our treatment         When I look back at my experience and
 day. It was such an honor to work beside       process. The families of our patients come    training from USD, the foundation of my
 the faculty I respected so much and to         in for one week of intensive family therapy   clinical experience was so strong and
 work with such motivated and dedicated         during their stay. As you can imagine, the    really assisted me in becoming the
 students. I taught classes such as family      families are devastated and struggling with   clinician I am today. I use so much of the
 studies, gender, assessment, practicum and     feelings of betrayal, shame, and pain. It     training from USD that I learned way back
 everyone’s favorite...research!                was these families that inspired me to        in 1995 on a daily basis (especially
     Since leaving USD, I have specialized      write my first book, “Mending a Shattered     boundaries!). Congratulations to all of the
 in working with individuals and families       Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex            2009 graduates! You can rest assured that
 struggling with sexual addictions. I am the    Addicts.” Navigating family therapy with      you will reap the benefits of your
 director of one of the nation’s premier        this population is a minefield and requires   education for years to come!
 residential treatment programs for the         special training. Currently I serve as a      -Stefanie Carnes, PhD
 treatment of sexual addiction, the Gentle      faculty member and supervisor for the

              April 2009 International Immersion: MFT Students in Hong Kong
Volume 5                                                                                                                                  Page 6
                                    USD MFT Alumni: Where Are They Now?
 Katherine Reeve Balls, '02: Lives in San         Andrea (Boylan) Laurenzano, '06: Until              Prolonged Exposure Therapy. Teaches a
 Diego, and is a stay-at-home mom for her         December 2008, had been practicing                  Beginning Meditation Course for San Diego
 twin daughters. Plans to return to clinical      Functional Family Therapy (FFT) with                Adult Ed, and volunteers as a Breastfeeding
 work in the future.                              Greater Lakes Mental Health Care in                 Educator, conducting monthly support groups
 Michelle (Bipat) Behrooznia, '05: Working        Tacoma, WA, providing FFT to adolescents            for pregnant women and new mothers.
 for the Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Disorders     on probation and their families. Currently a        Stephanie Rebhan, '06: Working in North
 Program through UCSD Department of               full-time mom.                                      Texas at an intensive outpatient counseling
 Psychiatry. Collaborating on three treatment     Emily Naugton Lindley, '04: Currently               center for senior adults, a collaborative
 outcome studies: 1) brain imaging for GAD        married with a 9-month old daughter, and            program that services patients from nursing
 and Panic Disorder; 2) collaborative care for    working part-time for PsyCare in Poway,             homes, assisted living, or private residences.
 children with anxiety disorders; and 3) PTSD     CA. Also working on her dissertation for her        Provides therapy to patients with mood
 and domestic violence.                           PsyD in MFT from Alliant, with a focus on           disorders and mild dementia/early onset
 Neena (Gokli) Brammer, '03: Works as a           Bowen Theory and Parenting.                         Alzheimer's, and is currently working
 school-based counselor at Pine Hill School       Jennifer Lundy, '02: In private practice at         towards MFT licensure in Texas.
 in San Jose, CA, providing individual            Positive Change Counseling Center in La             Juliet Schmitt, '94: Practicing clinically at
 therapy and IEP assistance to children with      Mesa, CA, providing support to adolescents          Psychiatric Centers of San Diego, in San
 emotional disturbances and special needs,        and adults struggling with anxiety,                 Marcos, CA. Specializes in working with
 ranging in age from 1st-12th grade.              depression, PTSD and relationship issues.           families with children, typically presenting
 Hernando Chavez, '03: In private practice        Also works part-time as a Research Therapist        with issues such as ADHD, parenting,
 in Beverly Hills, CA, focusing on the            at the VA, providing Prolonged Exposure             couples with marital discord, women with
 treatment of sexual minorities and sexual        therapy for Veterans with PTSD.                     Bipolar Disorder, children and adults with
 issues. Also a college professor teaching        Victoria Matney, '08: Working full-time as          anxiety, and teens with depression and self-
 human sexuality, lectures nationally and         an MFT Registered Intern at Center for              injurious behavior.
 internationally on sexuality issues, leads       Community Solutions, a non-profit                   Phaedra Scoortis, '03: Working in private
 workshops and educational seminars, and          organization dedicated to healing and               practice in Mission Valley, primarily with
 writes website articles for VH1's The Pick-      preventing Sexual Assault & Relationship            foster youth and their families, presenting
 Up Artist.                                       Violence. Also expecting twins in                   with attachment disorders, adjustment
 Joshua Cruz, '06: Working at Summit Oaks         November!                                           problems, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and
 Hospital in Summit, NJ, a private psychiatric    Karen Mehringer, '01: Is the author of Sail         ODD. Also supervises MFT Interns, and
 and chemical dependency facility. Practices      Into Your Dreams: 8 Steps to Living a More          teaches a county/Grossmont college class to
 as a crisis and assessment clinician, and is     Purposeful Life, an inspirational speaker,          therapists, social workers, and parents,
 looking ahead professionally to becoming         psychotherapist, life coach and the founder         entitled "Attachment Parenting," focusing on
 certified as a Jungian Analyst with the Assisi   of Creative Transformations. Lives in               attachment-building tehniques and parenting
 Institute in Vermont.                            Parker, CO and practices therapy in the             skills in relation to foster/adopted children.
 Ana (Molina) Day, '05: In addition to            greater Denver area. Specialties include life       Shari Soll, '08: Currently working at the
 caring for her 11-month old, works in            purpose and direction, life transitions,            Alcott Center for Mental Health Services, an
 Eugene, OR, for OSLC Community                   personal empowerment, and relationship              outpatient community mental health clinic in
 Programs, an agency dedicated to evidence-       issues.                 Los Angeles. Conducting case management
 based Multidimensional Treatment Foster          Christina Neumeyer, '95: In private practice        and therapy with severely mentally ill adults.
 Care (MTFC). Serves as a program                 in Carlsbad, CA. Also working on a VA/              Thank you to the above-named contributing
 supervisor, coordinating the treatment team      UCSD research study to provide                      alumni! Congratulations on all of your
 for a caseload of 5 youths and providing         telemedicine for veterans with PTSD, using          endeavors and accomplishments.
 foster parent support and crisis management.
 Kristin Donahue, '07: Working for the Fleet
 and Family Support Center in San Diego,
 providing therapy to active duty and retired
 military personnel and their families. Also
 teaches in the Return to Reunion program,
 providing support to sailors as they return
 home from deployment.
 Todd Huisken, '94: Director of LDS Family
 Services, a counseling and adoption agency
 in Orange and San Diego Counties.
 Bindu Khurana, '05: Working as a Care
 Advocate at United Behavioral Health,
 serving in Utilization Management to ensure
 proper utilization of Medi-Cal funds for
 mental health services. Also a Social Worker
 at a group home, and a clinician in private
 practice, specializing in grief, domestic
 violence, and eating disorders. Will serve as
 President of SD CAMFT beginning this fall.


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