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2. All work shall conform to the Massachusetts Highway Department and OSHA Standards and Guidelines along with all other applicable local, state, and federal requirements.

3. All underground piping installation shall conform to the requirements of the dispenser and piping manufacturers and the Town of Chatham Fire Department.

4. Underground piping, and system components shall be installed in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations by a licensed contractor certified for such installation by the piping manufacturer. All installation details shall be in accordance with manufacturing details for all system components.

5. Location of all existing and proposed services are approximate and must be confirmed independently with local utility companies prior to commencement of any construction or excavation. All utility service connection points shall be confirmed independently by the contractor in the field prior to the commencement of construction.

6. All utility locations are approximate. It is the responsibility of the contractor to locate conduits, product piping, etc. Prior to commencement of excavation of any type.

7. Existing piping and all other equipment are to be removed and disposed of in accordance with all federal, state and local codes and regulations.

8. All excavated unsuitable material must be transported to an approved disposal location.

9. It shall be the contractor's responsibility to notify "DIG-SAFE" (1-888-344-7233) 72 hours prior to any excavation on this site. Contractor shall also notify the Chatham Water and Sewer Departments to mark out their utilities.

10. Contractor shall notify the Chatham Fire Department and obtain proper trade permits. It is the responsibility of the contractor to notify the Chatham Fire Dept. 48 hours prior to commencement of construction.

11. The limits of work shall be clearly marked in the field prior to the start of construction or site clearing. Contractor is responsible for providing all necessary traffic safety measures at all times in accordance with all applicable regulations including M.H.D. Approval and police details as required.

12. All concrete and bituminous patch areas to match existing grades.

13. Solid waste to be disposed of by contractor in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

14. Contractor is responsible for all excavation to be performed in accordance with current OSHA standards, as well as additional provisions to assure stability of contiguous structures.

15. Any reproduction of thess Engineered Documents without the prior consent of the "Engineer of Record" is strictly prohibited.

16. In case of discrepancies between plans, the site plan will supersede in all cases. Notify Engineer of Record of any conflicts.

OWNER OF RECORD/APPLICANT: Norman St. Pierre Dd. Bk. 5118, Pg. 119 Pl. Bk. 392, Pg. 46, Lot 3

17. All features not labeled as "new", "proposed", or "to be removed" shall be considered to be "existing to remain".

18. Existing monitoring wells to be removed/replaced/reset in accordance with environmental plans by others. These plans are not intended to represent any environmental work/improvements.

NOTE: The topographic and planimetric information shown hereon was prepared by Chas. H. Sells, Inc., using aerial photograpy methods. Chas. H. Sells, Inc. purports their work to be performed in accordance with "United States National Map Accuracy Standards'', which are: Horizontal Accuracy: 90% of all well-defined features, with the exception of those unavoidably displaced by exaggerated symbolism, will be located within 1/50 of an inch. (The base plan was prepared at a scale of 1"=40'.) Vertical Accuracy: 90% of all contours and elevations interpolated from contours will be accurate within one-half of the basic contour interval. (The basic contour interval is two feet.) The topographical and planimetric information shown hereon was oriented by affixing all sources of data to the Massachusetts Coordinate System.
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1. It is the responsibility of the contractor to review all of the drawings and specifications associated with this project workscope prior to the initiation of construction. Should the contractor find a conflict with the documents, relative to the specifications or applicable codes, it is the contractor's responsibility to notify the engineer of record in writing prior to the start of construction. Failure by the contractor to notify the engineer shall constitute acceptance of full responsibility by the contractor to complete the scope of work as defined by the drawings and in full conformance with local regulations and codes.


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Description: Typical layout of a gas station with convience store on a small lot in Massachusetts.