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					Apologies that we were unable to put this whole long final article in the school newsletter. A
   one page shortened version appears there. Please take a moment to read this version.

      Imagine that: Dare to dream! Live your dream!

                       Inspired to set the world on fire -
                             Vince papale & 40 others
                       help light a spark in tems students

By all accounts, Local Speaker Day was an amazing success. Students, staff, speakers and volunteers
enjoyed hearing stories of how our amazing collection of speakers conceived, planned, and achieved
(and in many cases, changed) their dreams. Their paths were very different but the sense of
fulfillment in their lives was all the same. It is our hope that your child came home buzzing with
stories and excitement.

Based on their thank you note reflections, a final writing assignment in which students were asked to
select the one speaker that influenced them the most and why, each of the 40 speakers particularly
touched at least one student. Jerry Izenberg, Sports Columnist Emeritus from the Star Ledger,
wowed many of the students with his stories from his childhood about his immigrant parents
watching him as he had his first experiences hitting a baseball through stories of being 1 of 4
individuals to cover every single Super Bowl! And Jacqueline Eastridge, the ultramarathoner and
senior paralegal at Pepper Hamilton who, with her tales and DVD of racing 150 miles through the
Sahara race this past fall and on June 17th the same race in the Gobi Desert, impressed upon the
students that it is the dream and the desire to achieve that dream that makes the dream important –
no matter what it is. She will be have a blog on for the Gobi race. She is also seeking
donations to CHOP if you are so inclined. Thanks especially to the TEMS parent and student
speakers (and alumni) who enrich this community – Homa, Sharon, Leo, Nancy, and Morgan.

We hope you all got to see the nice article in the Suburban about Local Speaker Day and the
coverage on abc6 News (thanks to Matt O’Donnell.

Volunteer parents once again, under the experienced hands of Amy Lord and Allyson Hotz, put out
an amazing spread in the library to give speakers a wonderful warm place to relax in between their
many presentations (over 360 presentations were given on that day). Thanks to Chappy Graf, Anne
Bowers, Missy Fennimore, Amy Rafferty, Linda Niccolo, Karen Earley, and Lisa McDugall for all of
their efforts.

The day would not have been possible without our parent escorts responsible for each making one
specific speaker comfortable in our building, escorting them to where they needed to go, and helping
out during their presentations. Coordinated by Michele Manning and Marcie Romberger, we want to
thank Amy Allen, Angela Beer, Kathleen Bouhdary, Patti Campbell, Chris Caine, Diane Claffey,
Karen Consolo, Bridget Cowell, Kim DeStefano, Sharon DeStefano, Martha Faass, Jane Fisher, Geri
Fried, Joanne Frey, Sheree Gibbons, Chappy Graf, Gretchen Guttman, Lisa Herron, Jennifer Horan,
Sherri Kimmel, Johanne LaMarche, Tanya Lanzilotti, Sharon Kirkby, Edie Lewis, Tina Lopez, Susan
Margolis, Linda Mays, Jodi Monster, Ginnie Mosher, Maria Melli, Laura Manton, Karen Moon,
Doreen McGillis, Lisa McDugall, Sandi Nicholson, Wendy Parker, Amy Rafferty, Julie Siegele, Lori
Smith, Jeanne Swope, Donna Stahlheber, Mike Smith, Usha Srivinisan, Carolyn Updike, Liz Ward,
Becky Wagner, Beth Wright, and Linda Ruhlman.

On May 8th, Vince Papale spoke to students to help tie together all of that which has been learned this year.
He was truly inspiring as he challenged students to persevere and be persistent towards their goals,
emphasizing how they each need to be willing to hear what is within themselves and find what interests
them and then to go for it. His energy was electrifying and definitely contagious to the students. He
encouraged all to listen to their hearts, and take advantage of opportunities and their own potential.

Congratulations to Clarke Fox, overall winner of the Submit A Quote contest, whose submission of
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no
path and leave a trail,” was selected by the students as the best quote to exemplify the Imagine That
theme. Thanks to Tish Lanahan for coordinating this last contest of the year. Look up over the entry
doorway in the school lobby where the Emerson quote is now hanging on a permanent banner for
the school.

Our final activity is currently ongoing – a Bibliography project. Students were asked to recommend
books, music and movies that represent the Imagine That theme. This will be compiled along with
the bibliographies that Andy Pitts and Mary Simon and another submitted by Barnes and Noble for a
great list of summer reading, watching and listening that you will also be able to find on the TEMS

All of us on the LWL Committee hope that each of our students has been bitten with a bug to
pursue their dreams. We wish them all success.

One last thank you to our core team from this year without whom this program could not have
happened: Doreen Cunningham, Mary Simon, Susan Margolis, Marybeth Panaro, Bryn Smythe, Amy
Rafferty, Christine Reiss, Missy Fennimore, Tish Lanahan, Tina Lopez, Vicki Higgins, Lisa Earle, and
in crunch time with our bios: Chris Caine, Johanne LaMarche, Missy Fennimore and Jodi Monster.
Also thank you to Ales DelSignore and Lois Duffy for the final bulletin board.

Next year’s theme will be Heroes: We Create Ourselves by the Choices We Make. Students
will find out that being a hero is not about becoming famous and being a sports star, instead they will
come to understand more fully the importance of heroic decisions. We encourage as many of you as
possible to get involved with this wonderfully fulfilling program in September. There are so many
ways in which to help- no matter what your skills, strengths and interests, there will be something of
value for you to do.

To new parents to the school, this is truly one of the most rewarding and easy ways to become
involved at TEMS – a decision you will not regret. Lives Well Lived emphasizes what our children
can do to enrich and fulfill themselves throughout their lives. Check in your first day packets for a
Lives Well Lived sign-up form.

Rita and I want to thank the PTO and Administration (particularly Michele Capuano and Mark
Cataldi) for their unwavering support of Lives Well Lived over the past few years. Without that, and
the incredible core and extended team of volunteers, our students would not be exposed to these
amazing people and their stories, and might miss some of the important lessons learned. As this is
our last year as co-chairs for Lives Well Lived (Rita is stepping back and Vicki is moving onto the
high school), we leave the program in wonderfully capable hands and wish all of you continued
success. For both of us, this was often a full-time job as the program is so rich with pieces, but it was
a labor of love. Enjoy your summer and may you all have time to Imagine That!

Vicki Weiss and Rita Borzillo
Co-Chairs, Lives Well Lived Committee

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