5 Foods that Heal Muscle Pain by hghplus

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									Foods that Heal Muscle Pains They are often referred to as edible aspirin. They are nature’s natural pain killers, foods that help to heal our muscle and aid in their recovery. The major action is clearing inflammation and once cleared, the body begins its natural repair work. This process typically takes a few days but can be lessened with the use of the following foods: 1. Tea. Green or black, hot or iced, sports scientists at Rutgers U. found that a 9 day supplement of tea-extract decreased inflammation and in particular, delayed onset muscle soreness. 2. Soybeans and/or Tofu. The branch chain amino acids stop muscles from degrading during periods of long activity such as a marathon. The antioxidant portion in these foods help alleviate aches in pains following these types of events. 3. Salmon and Tuna. Should be at the top of the list as the omega 3 fatty acids in these fish are great to clear inflammation by increasing blood flow. 4. Turmeric. Love Indian food? Hopefully the answer is yes, particularly if you are an athlete. This herb is loaded with anti inflammatory compounds known as curcumin. It also increases endurance and speeds recovery. 5. Cherries and berries. Tasty and healthy. Not often those 2 fit into the same sentence. U. of VT researchers noted that the high anti inflammatory molecules suppress and treat the micro tears in the muscles. Dr. David Orman www.hghplus.net www.OrmanInstitute.com

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