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Microsoft SharePoint
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Mohammed Zayed
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 Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) overview
 Microsoft Sharepoint Server in a glance
 SharePoint Integration with WF
 Building Workflow in MS SharePoint Designer
 Workflow authoring scenarios
 Live Demo - Using the workflow
 Developing workflow with Visual Studio
 Live Demo - Building the workflow
 Workflow Tools Technical Comparisons
 Microsoft Business Process Management Vision
 Information Worker Products and Services
 Resources and Best Practices
Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  Single workflow technology for Windows
     Extensible framework & toolset
     Base platform for Microsoft, ISV and customer solutions
  A framework for building workflow into applications
     A framework to build on - not an application or server
     Exposed to developers via .NET 3.0

        Office 2007            Future MSFT Application          Custom ISV Application

                        Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

                                 .NET 3.0/3.5 Framework
                      Windows Operating Systems (Client and Server)
What are workflows?
 Encapsulated logic for coordinating business processes
    provides abstractions to model real world processes
    valuable for modeling long running and stateful behavior
    Workflows in WF are decomposed into activities

   Sequential workflows                      State machine workflow

    modeled as flowchart                    modeled as state diagram
.. What is MS Workflow ?

  Workflow is a natural way to organize and run a set of work units, or
  activities, to form an executable file representation of a work process
  Microsoft Windows platform component that provides a programming
  framework and tools for development and execution of workflow-
  based applications
     WF: Designer for Visual
        Workflow Extensions for .NET Framework 3.0
     WF: Runtime Engine
        MS.NET Framework 3.0/3.5
A New World Of Work

      Trends          Role of Software

   One world of          Simplify how
    business          people work together

    Always on,          Find information
 always connected         and improve
                        business insight

   Transparent         Help protect and
   organization        manage content

       Cost           Reduce IT costs and
     pressure          improve security
 SharePoint Investment Areas
    Server-based Excel
    spreadsheets and data                                                   Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs,
    visualization, Report Center,                                        wikis, e-mail integration, project
    BI Web Parts,                                                            management “lite”, Outlook
    KPIs/Dashboards                                                                             integration,
                                      Business            Collaboration                   offline docs/lists
                                     Intelligence         Collaboration

OOB workflows, WF
Integration, Rich and
                         Business                Services                                    Enterprise Portal
                                                                                                template, Site
Web forms based          Process
                          Process            Workspaces, Mgmt,         Portal
                                                                        Portal            Directory, My Sites,
front-ends, LOB
actions, pluggable         and
                            and               Security, Storage,                           social networking,
                                                                                               privacy control
SSO                       Forms
                           Forms             Topology, Site Model

    Integrated document               Content
                                      Content                 Search
    management, records
    management, and Web
                                    Management                                      Enterprise scalability,
                                                                                    contextual relevance,
    content management with                                                     rich people and business
    policies and workflow
                                                                                             data search
Workflow Services

  State management
  Tracking capabilities
  Transaction support
  WSS Provides custom implementation:
    transaction, persistence, notifications, roles,
    tracking, and messaging.
What are activities?
  Activities are reusable components (like form controls)
     Model based on activity producers and consumers
     Producer encapsulates logic into reusable black box
     Producer exposes behavior through properties and events
     Consumer drops activity on workflow designer in Visual Studio
Workflow Authoring Scenarios

 Visual Studio and                                  LOB
  Workflow SDK                                  Integration
                                           specific processes
                                             Purchase orders
                                          Product lifecycle mgmt

SharePoint Designer                      Custom Tracking Apps
                                           Service Requests
     Workflow                                Asset Tracking

                             Custom Form Actions        Document Processes
                               Email Notification          Spec Review
                              Exception Handling        Weekly Status Report

Out-of-the-Box                            Tracking Applications
  Solutions                                   Issue tracking
 (with customization)

                                                                                   Ad Hoc
                        Routing and Approval              Office Server Features
                          Review – Approval                   List Moderation
                         Signature collection               Publishing Process
                         East Asian workflow               Document Expiration
Office Activity Examples
Activities are the building blocks of workflows.
   Create Task
   Complete Task
   On Task Change
   Delete Task
   Update Item
   Create Item
   Copy/Delete Item
   On Item Change
   Log to workflow history list
Creating your own Activities

  Create a new Workflow Activity Library project
  Inherit from System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity
  Must override the Execute method
  Write your custom code
  Define custom Properties
WSS Workflow Fundamentals

  WSS supports workflows on items and documents
     WF associated with list, document library or content type
     WF can be started and completed by user actions
     WF can be configured to start without user action

  WSS adds a dimension of human accountability
     All WSS workflows are associated with a task list

  WSS adds a dimension of tracking and reporting
     All WSS workflows are associated with a workflow history list
..WSS Workflow Fundamentals

  Workflow Stages
   Workflow Association
   Workflow Initiation
   Workflow Status
   Workflow Task Completion
  WSS Workflow Architecture

        Workflows are run on items and documents
             Workflows associated with list, document library or content type
             Farm-wide table tracks associations to WF templates

                                            Workflow Template
                                                                     Workflow Assembly
                                                                    Form 1   Form 2   Form 3
                                                Workflow A

 Content Type

                                                Workflow B           Workflow Assembly
      List            Farm-level Workflow
                       Association Table
Document Library                                                     Workflow Assembly
                                                Workflow C
                                                                    Form 1   Form 2
Sample Business Process

                         Request Approval

                                            Revise proposal

                           Send Task to
          Approver          Approver

                                            Request change


     Proposal Rejected      Completed
Simplified Business Process

                 Request Approval

                   Send Task to


Using The Workflow
Developing Workflow
Tools Comparison
   Using Visual Designer
      It’s not for a specific Sharepoint Site
      Developing custom code to your activities
      Design Forms to communicate with users
      Done by Professional Developer
      Can author both sequential and state workflows
   Using Sharepoint Designer
      It’s for a specific Sharepoint Site
      Code-free, declarative rules-based workflows .
      you are in effect assembling pre-existing activities into
      Likely Done by Web designer or Knowledge worker.
      Can Author sequential workflow only.
What Is SharePoint Designer?
 New product targeted at enterprise solution
 creators and designers using SharePoint
 Great web design tool
   High quality design surface and integrated code view
   Deep web standards support (XHTML, CSS, XSLT,
   Excellent ASP.NET support (control hosting, prop
   editing, data binding, intellisense)
 Part of MS family of web tools:
   Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
   Expression Web Designer
   Visual Studio Web Developer
The Workflow Designer
Creating application logic without code
Workflow Designer Overview

  RAD workflow development tool
  Deep SharePoint integration
  Low barrier to entry
  Enables new scenarios:
    Custom SharePoint List logic
    Reporting & tracking apps (event-based)
Rule-Based “No Code” Workflows
 Built on Windows Workflow Foundation hosting in SharePoint
 Workflows are composed of pre-existing building blocks and
 conditional logic
    Based on Events, Conditions, and Actions
    Described by XOML files in web site
    Triggered by initiation form or list events
    Supports rich data binding to list items
 Extensible via custom actions, conditions
Sample Workflow Actions

    Assign Custom Task
    Send Email
    Create/Update/Delete List item
    Collect Feedback
    Wait for Timer
    Wait for Data Change
Creating a custom workflow in Sharepoint Designer
Development Steps

1.   Model workflow in Visual Studio
2.   Create and bind InfoPath forms
3.   Deploy to SharePoint server
4.   Debug the running workflow
            Workflow Deployment

Compile your workflow template as a strong-named
Create the feature definition file that provides Windows
SharePoint Services with the information necessary to
deploy your workflow at the specified scope.
Create the workflow definition file that provides Windows
SharePoint Services with the information necessary to
instantiate and run the workflow.
Set the deploy property so that building the solution
deploys the workflow files to the correct location, copies
the workflow assembly to the global assembly cache
(GAC), and activates the workflow feature in Windows
SharePoint Services.
  Model Workflow In Visual Studio
      Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF – (RC5)
      SharePoint 2007 SDK – Visual Studio templates for SharePoint workflow
   Create project of type “SharePoint Sequential Workflow Library”
   Create the workflow

Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF

SharePoint Server 2007 SDK:
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
Types of InfoPath forms in Workflows
  Association form
    User adds workflow to a list
    For setting options on WF
  Initiation form
    For manual workflow start
    Collects workflow parameters
  Task completion form
    A user to edit a task from WF
    User edits or enters data
  Modification form
    Linked off WF status page
    Can modify in-flight WF
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
InfoPath forms are used in these places
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
SharePoint hosts the InfoPath form
             Hosting Environment
                                   InfoPath Form
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
Data from SharePoint is passed in
             Hosting Environment
SharePoint                         InfoPath Form
  object                             Templates
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
Submit the form, saves data to
             Hosting Environment
SharePoint                         InfoPath Form
  object                             Templates
Create And Bind InfoPath Forms
SharePoint starts the workflow

             Hosting Environment
SharePoint                                   InfoPath Form
  object                                       Templates

                SharePoint -> Task/WF Host
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
Pushing data from WF task into IP

     Task                       Task data as xml
     •instructions =          ItemMetadata.xml
    “Please do this.”

                        <z:row xmlns:z=“#RowsetSchema”

                         InfoPath Task Form
Deploy To SharePoint Server
 Generate Metadata files
 Create the CAB (WSP)
    Box admin installs “WSP” file
 Install/activate the “feature”
 Associate workflow to the list/library
Debug The Running Workflow

  Visual Studio running on server machine
  Open the workflow in Visual Studio
  Attach to all of the W3WP Processes
  Start the workflow
Building The Workflow
Recap – Steps involved
  Create Workflow project in Visual Studio 2005
  Model the workflow
  Create and bind InfoPath forms
  Design workflow code and activities
  Sign and compile the assembly
  Author the feature definition file
      Add GUID
      Add title
      Add description
      Add manifest location
  Author workflow template definition file
      Add GUID
      Add name
      Add description
      Add form URN’s
      Add assembly details extract the public key
  Run the post build event to deploy the workflow
  Associate the workflow to a list
  Attach to the W3WP.exe process and debug
VSTO to make it easier

  Visual Studio tools for Office (VSTO) soon to be released
  Include new VS templates for SharePoint workflow

  Development steps with VSTO
    Create workflow in Visual Studio Tools for Office
    Design the actual workflow, add code etc. (This is the “real”
    developer task)
    Press F5
Advanced Workflow Features
Collaboration and Communications
  Information workers need tools to enable them to work collectively
  irrespective of any geographical barriers.

Unified Communications
                                                        Communications that once were separate
                                                                      become unified
                                                           E-mail, instant messaging, and Web
                                                        conferencing are available to people in the
                                                            context of the work they are doing

Empowering Global Teams with Collaborative Workspaces
                                                          Teams can easily collaborate by using
                                                       workspaces that match when, how, and where
                                                                    they are working

Connecting People, Process, and Information

                          Knowledge Network
                          for SharePoint Server 2007
Business Processes
         Organisations need tools to define a collection of related structural
         activities that produce something of value
         Information workers need tools to enable them to easily undertake these
         activities providing appropriate inputs and handling the outputs.

    Electronic Forms
                                                                   Scalable, security-enhanced,
                                                                     standards-based data-
                                                                        gathering solution                Windows Workflow is great
                                                                                                            for workflow within an
                                                                                                             application whereas
                                                                                                              BizTalk is great for
                                                                                                               workflow across
    Workflow – e.g. Approval, Request Feedback, Translation                                                applications and this is
                                                    Workflows in flight are persisted in SharePoint         precisely why BizTalk
                                            Human workflow interaction via Office Client or SharePoint.      shines in Enterprise
Window Workflow                             Out of the box standard patterns re shipped with MOSS 2007     Application Integration
                                           Custom workflows developers using SharePoint Designer 2007
   Foundation                                    Complex workflow developers using Visual Studio

    Business Process Orchestration and Integration
                                                             Process Orchestration
                                                              Message translation
                                                           Well proven – high scalable
Biztalk Adapter for SharePoint Libraries
                                                       Extensive admin and analytics tools
Business Intelligence
   Information workers need tools to make well informed business
   decisions and enable competitive advantage.

Business Insight
                                                     Dashboards, KPI web parts
                                           Browser based access to spreadsheet functionality
                                             Connect to OLAP cubes / SQL 2005 Analysis

Drive Business Performance
                                           Performance management process through
           Microsoft                          personalized Web-based scorecards
 Office PerformancePoint                    Advanced analytic and data visualization
       Server 2007                            Planning, budgeting and forecasting
Project and Portfolio
   Organisations need tools to effectively manage and coordinate work,
   resources and costs … ranging from one-time projects to complex
   programs and portfolios across the business.

Effectively manage and coordinate work from simple projects to complex programs
                                                                Manage projects and programs
                                                                Control resources and finances
                                                                  Time and status reporting

Identify, select, manage, and deliver portfolios that align with their business strategy
                                                         Manage projects, programs and applications
                                                           Align portfolios with business strategies
                                                         Advanced portfolio analytics and optimization
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