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					MultiZack Brush-System
Punched Roller Brushes

          High Performance
Brushes for cleaning, deburring, trans-
porting, sorting, washing, guiding and

      Cleaning the conveyor belts in a bakery                             industry

 Paper industry                                  Clean Aircraft

                                                                           Roller Brushes
                                                                           - for Paper Mill
                                                                           - 6000 mm Long
                                                                           - 8 million bristles.

 Transportation of           Deburring of Aluminium          Stretching of Leather for Car
 window frames               Profiles                        Upholstery

                             Osborn Roller Brushes are used           For Example:
                             efficiently in many different branches   Paper Industry
                             of industry and in many working          Automobile Industry
                             procedures.                              Transport Sector
                                                                      Beverage Industry
                                                                      Wood Industry
Fill Material
For every application, we have a fill material. You can choose from many wires, synthetics, fibre
bristles and a special nylon with special grit. We can offer a wide range due to each application
needing a specific material. Our high quality materials can be heat or acid resistant.
Whatever is required - we can meet your needs.

                   Abrasive nylon - enlarged

                                                           Multi-Filament Bristles

                                                           These bristles are available as abra-
                                                           sive or non-abrasive. They consist of
                                                           a number of single filaments which
                                                           are then braided spirally with a
                                                           nylon material.

                                                           These multi-filament bristles are
                                                           high quality. Compared with con-
                                                           ventional mono-filaments, this ma-
                                                           terial has an extended life cycle.
MultiZack Brush System

                    The MultiZack Brush System for many
                    MultiZack brushes show an extended
                    lifecycle even under extreme conditions.
                    Easy mounting of the brush bodies ena-
                    bles quick and easy changeover, also a
                    wide range of fill materials are available.
                    The brush bodies are resistant to acid,
                    and suitable for the food industry. They
                    are light-weight, and they display an
                    excellent accuracy of rotation.
Punched Roller Brushes

Punched Roller Brushes can be manufactured in dif-
ferent lengths, forms and diameters, and with the
many different fill materials. Punched roller brushes
are manufactured with wood or plastic bodies, also
can be supplied with a steel shaft if requested. With
the almost unlimited possibilities of construction,
we are able to offer made to measure punched
brushes for every application. Our range of fill
materials includes:

- steel wires and stainless steel wires, straight or
  crimped, diameter 0,15 - 0,5 mm
- synthetic filaments made of Nylon or PPN,
  straight or
  crimped, diameter 0,10 - 1,4 mm
- abrasives with different grit sizes,
  diameter 0,25 - 1,5 mm
- natural hair: horsehair, goat hair, pig hair, cow hair
- fibres: tampico fibre and coconut fibre

These punched roller brushes are renowned for
easy mounting, high efficiency and many material

Application Areas:
These products can be used for cleaning, transpor-
ting, applying, structuring, pressing, degreasing,
dust removal, sweeping and many more.
Lag Brushes a
and Special Brushes

             Brushes for special applications and strip brushes
             As a manufacturer of industrial brushes, we have the experience to
             match applications to material. If brushes are a requirement, then call
             us. We can help!
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                                           ISO 9001 Certifed Quality System

                                                                              2040 GB
                                                                               Subject to technical alterations

Manufacturer of Industrial Brushes,
Surface Finishing Tools and Load Runners

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