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					Island of the Blue Dolphins Study Guide

Chapter 1
  1. Who is telling the story?

   2. What is the name of the village?

   3. Who is in charge of the village?

   4. How does Karana describe her brother’s movements?

   5. Who is Captain Orlov? What does he want?

   6. Why didn’t Karana’s father immediately agree to the hunt?

Chapters 2 & 3

   7. Why did the chief warn the villagers not to visit the Aleut camp?

   8. Why is the book called Island of the Blue Dolphins?

   9. What good fortune came to the villagers?

   10. Why did Wana-a-pa-lei become angry when she saw the hunters with spears?

   11. Why was everyone concerned about the Aleuts leaving the island?

Chapters 4 & 5

   12. What caused a fight between the Aleuts and the villagers?

   13. What happened to Chief Chowig?

   13. How does Karana explain his death?

   14. What are abolones?

   15. Why was life difficult at Ghalas-at after the Aleuts went away?

   16. Who becomes chief? What does he decide to do in the spring?

   17. What upsets the men on the island?
Chapters 6 & 7
  18. What happens to Kimki?

   19. Who is Matasaip?

   20. What did the villagers plan to do if the Aleuts returned to the island?

   21. Who comes to the island? Why?

   22. Why does Ulape draw a blue mark on her face?

   23. Why does Karana jump off the ship and into the water?

   24. Why is the ship unable to wait for her?

Chapter 8
  25. Why does Ramo say he doesn’t want the ship to return?

   26. What are the rites of manhood?

   27. What happened to Ramo?

   28. What does Karana vow?

Chapter 9

   29. Why do you think Karana sets the village on fire?

   30. Karana goes to sleep on a high rock. What is the advantage of this arrangement?

   31. What does Karana find on the beach? What was she looking for at the time?

   32. Why do you think Karana throws the jewels away?

   33. Karana says that it is against the law of the tribe for women to make tools. What
       four things does she think might happen to her if she does?

Chapter 10
  34. Why does Karana decide to leave the island?

   35. What does she use as a guide?
   36. Why does she decide to turn back to the island?

   37. What good fortune does she come across on her way home?

Chapters 11 & 12
  38. Karana left the island because she could no longer stand being their alone, yet
  when she returns, she feels happy. What are four things that made her feel happy?

   39. Why does Karana decide to build her house on the headlands?

   40. What does Karana use to build a fence? Why does she build a fence?

   41. Karana wants to kill a sea elephant. Why is this important to her?

Chapters 13 & 14
  42. Why was Karana unable to kill an elephant herself?

   43. How did she hurt her leg?

   44. Why did she spend five days in the cave, and what did she decide while there?

   45. When Karana returns to where the elephants were, what does she discover?

Chapter 15
  46. Where does Karana think the yellow eyed dog came from?

   47. How does she chase the dogs out of the cave?

   48. What happens to the leader of the wild dog pack?

   49. What does Karana decide to name the dog? What does this mean?

Chapters 16 & 17
  50. What keeps Karana from feeling lonely?

   51. Karana finds a sea cave. Why is this a great discovery?

   52. How does the devil fish protect itself?

   53. Describe the spear Karana made. What does she plan to do with this spear?
   54. Rontu gets into a fight with the other dogs. Why does Karana decide not to help

Chapters 18 & 19
  55. Where does Karana get the birds she now keeps as pets?

   56. What does Karana use to make her new clothes and hair ornaments?

   57. What does the devil fish do when Karana spears it?

Chapters 20 & 21
  58. What does Karana discover in the cave that makes her afraid? What does name
      this cave?

   59. The Aleuts return to the island. What does Karana do?

Chapters 22 & 23
  60. Who is Tutok?

   61. Karana reveals her secret name to Tutok. Why do you think she does this?

   62. After the Aleut hunters leave the island, what is the beach like?

   63. What name does Karana give the otter?

Chapters 24 & 25
  64. What makes Karana decide never to kill another animal?

   65. How does Karana keep track of her time spent on the island?

   66. What happens to Rontu?

Chapters 26 & 27
  67. What is xuchal? Why does Karana make it?

   68. What does Karana name her new dog? What does it mean?

   69. What happens to Karana after she went to sleep under her caneo?
Chapters 28 & 29
  70. What does Karana lose after the great wave?

   71. What does Karana see when she goes to gather seaweed?

   72. How long before the ship returns? What does Karana do?

   73. What happened to the ship that came to take her people away from the island
       many years ago?

   74. How long had Karana lived on the island alone?

   75. Historically, Karana is now known as

   76. Where is the actual island located? And what is its use?

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