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									3 Easy Promotion Steps                         Participation Guide
1. Coordinate a local group to do a
public benefit fair or some other kind of   Decide what promotional event you want to          ICR’s
event. Establish certain areas of respon-   organize and participate in.
sibility that can be delegated to others,   1. Set a date for your event.                   Tenth Annual
but establish a key person to oversee       2. Budget. Include all materials, printing
the projects.                                 and mailing, any worker’s fee, rental
                                              space, licensing, and advertising. Allow
                                              more money in your budget than you
2. Contact local media and inform them        think you will spend.
about World Reflexology Week and what       3. Time. Give yourself enough time to pre-
local activities are planned. This can be     pare, properly promote and operate your
done through news releases, try to            event smoothly. Mistakes happen when
schedule an interview with the media -        people get rushed.
television or radio, submit an article to   4. Promotional Materials. Print enough
the newspaper or local magazine, vol-       promotional materials, (posters, coupons,
unteer your time to a special public        business cards, etc).
event planned that same week.               5. Event Materials. Have all the supplies
                                              you need for your event: tables, chairs,
                                              blankets, sheets, towels, hand cleaners,
3. Establish a reflexology network and
have several reflexologists do a joint ad
                                              flyers, booths, food and beverages, etc.
                                            6. Licensing. Have the proper licensing
in the newspaper offering a discount for
the week.
                                            required to operate your event.
                                            7. Space. Allow yourself enough space for
                                                                                           Reflexology Week
                                            the public to move freely during your event.
                                            8. Advertise your event in local newspa-
     Why get involved?                        pers, magazines, radio, television, com-
                                              munity bulletin boards, markets and local
Exposure! A successful business is          10. Workers. Make sure you have enough
based upon filling a need and marketing        people to help your event run smoothly.
that service. Participation in community    11. Take pictures of your community event
events is an excellent way to:               and reflexologists working on the public.
                                                                                            September 18-25, 2011
                                            12. Document all you do and write up a re-
Gratification! Feel satisfied knowing         port detailing the event, the names of
you have joined together with reflexolo-      local reflexologists who participated, the
gists worldwide to spread the benefits of     group to whom your services were pro-
reflexology… for a healthier world.           vided, the size of the event, and the re-
                                              sponse from the community. Send a copy
                                              of the report to ICR.
      Global Awareness                                     World Reflexology Week Participation Guide
                                                        The following is a guide for promotional ideas to help promote World Reflexology Week.
Together we can promote greater public              Remember to promote your events with the local media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc).
awareness of reflexology around the globe.
The International Council of Reflexologists
has developed this promotional package for      Demonstrations. Set up a small booth or work          give a hands on demonstration.
its members and reflexology organizations       area and give 10-15 minute sessions in places
world wide to celebrate World Reflexology       like:                                                 Athletic Fundraisers: Volunteer your services
Week, the last full week of September each            health food stores                              for the athletes that participate in charity events
year.                                                 health and fitness clubs                        like road races, bike races and walk-a-thons.
                                                      farmer’s markets
                                                      shopping centers                                Senior Citizens: Volunteer your services at
                                                      book stores                                     senior centers, assisted living facilities & nursing
To spread public awareness will require an            coffee shops                                    homes.
active participation from ICR members. The
benefit of this awareness is beneficial for     Pre-arrange special sessions of 10-30 minutes         Environmental Support: Donate a percentage
everyone.                                       with local groups, organizations, businesses and      of your income & solicit funds to benefit a local
                                                events in advance, like the following:                environmental cause.
                                                        nursing homes
                                                        police, fireman or rescue teams               Local Charities: Look for local events to pro-
It will generate more health conscious minds,                                                         mote awareness of the healthy benefits of re-
                                                        convention groups
a greater understanding for holistic and
                                                        women’s or homeless shelters                  flexology. Offer your services for free to local
complementary health care, and more                                                                   charities, donate proceeds or give relief to care
                                                        hospices for the terminally ill
successful businesses for today’s profes-
                                                        veteran’s hospitals                           givers.
sional reflexologists.
                                                        spas, resorts or hotels
                                                        bed & breakfasts                              Referral Special: Offer client incentives to
                                                        corporate business (for employees)            refer new clients during World Reflexology
                                                        college campuses                              Week.
We hope you will plan at least one activity             local tourist attractions
and schedule it sometime during the last                fund-raisers (races, walk-a-thons)            Collect donations: Coordinate volunteer
week of September so you can be part of this            cultural events                               efforts to collect donations and useful items
global awareness. Help spread the good                  local mum’s club, etc.
                                                                                                      for shelters.
news about the benefits of reflexology!
                                                Have an Open House Day to show the public
                                                your office. Have some healthy food & bever- Give away inexpensive marketing items
                                                ages, plenty of literature on reflexology and your that are related to reflexology and have
                                                practice, and give out discount coupons.           your business information (name, phone,
                                                                                                      address) on it.

                                                Give a Seminar on reflexology to educate the
                                                public about the benefits. Hand out flyers and

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