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Melva Lamboglia
MISL 705
La Tecnologìa para la Enseñanza de una Segunda Lengua
Article for a Magazine
November 24th, 2007

Tittle: The School Approach To Designing Computer Assisted Instruction for



       Since the computer was invented many years ago, it has been used with success

and failures for many purposes ( scientific, business, and educational ) becoming an

important tool for all kind of labors.

       One of the main purpose of computer application is in education, which has

discover the usefulness of it.     In education, computers are being used with increased

frequency in school in all grade labels and subjects. It also “has been divided into hree

categories: management, instruction and learning, and action research”. (Person,

Computer Application in Education) For this article we shall talk about the use of

computer through the two main function of computer: instruction and learning.

Computer Language Learning (CALL)

       Computers in education have been used for general purpose such as to write

syllabus, lesson plans, written exams, written practices about the topic selected, and so
forth, making the development of an school year more organized for the teaching-

learning process.

       Nowadays, one the most important role of computer in education is the CALL.

(Computer Assisted Language Learning) . It plays a significant position in the language

learning process. In Europe and North America, this process has years of advance.

Teachers in their syllabus have CALL plan for all their school year themes. They teach

their themes using the computer technology to enrich their teaching process, as well as

their students´learning.   Students can research, manage and learn this new knowledge

guided by the instructor (teacher).

       In Panama, the language teaching-learning process through the computer

assisted programs has few years. Few schools have focused their attention to this

methodology because of the amount of money that it represents. Our schools do not

have the building structure, the appropriate personnel and the capital necessary to fit the

learning objectives.

       To acquire these objectives are necessary: a computer lab with access to internet,

updated computers and a teacher with computer knowledge. However, our schools

always lack of one of those elements. If the school has the building structure, it does

not have the equipment. If the school has the equipment, it lacks of the instructors.

       CALL is more important in our schools day by day. Some language teachers

have discovered the benefits of using the computer to teach any theme, and students are

realizing the interesting and funny to learn with a computer.

       For further CALL application in lesson plans is necessary to take in

consideration the following tips:

       1. To select the theme to teach previously.

       2. To select the sub-topics about this theme.
       3. To identify the teachers´ teaching and students´ learning objectives.

       4. To establish the days, place and time for CALL..

       5. To find internet resources as links or working pages.

       6. To prepare a common language site for the instruction.

       Most Panamanian language teachers are concerned about the language teaching

problems that have been faced during many years. That is way, teachers of all the

Republic of Panama, specially English language teachers,          are taking courses of

computer and teaching English as second language to improve themselves in order to

teach their students in a captivating way that lead them to continue their learning by


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