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									Halogen On-Target Goal Management is one of the most distinctive features of Halogen
eAppraisal and highly valued by HR professionals, managers, and senior leaders.
It allows you to incorporate organizational goals at multiple levels and track relevant milestones or
Key Performance Indicators throughout the organization all year long.

   Align your entire workforce by cascading goals from the highest level down through
    departments and teams.

   Support "SMART" goals — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Oriented and Time-

   Help each employee clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the
    success of their team, department and the organization.

   Keep progress toward goals and objectives on target with automatic reminders and graphical
    status indicators.

   Track goal and milestone/KPI status with drill down reports.

   Turn on or off the ability to modify goals during a specific review period.

   Give HR leaders, managers, and senior leaders continuous "line of sight," up or down the
    reporting chain, to see how each individual is supporting and working towards departmental
    and organizational goals.
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Leverage a built-in, ready-to-use library to define competencies/behaviors to suit your
specific needs — from simple to highly sophisticated.

   Use the competency library that comes standard with Halogen eAppraisal and modify or
    extend it. Import your own library or one of our third party competency libraries.

   Create a wide variety of competency layout styles including long, short, and matrix (matrix
    format allows you to capture additional information or behaviors within a competency).

   Choose a 2 to 15-point rating scale and assign virtually unlimited scoring and weighting
    options based on your needs.

   Address competency gaps with training & development planning.

   Minimize or eliminate the time required to develop competency definitions to support your
    performance review processes.

   Use consistent language and describe the specific skills, behavior and knowledge with as
    much detail as your employees need.

   Ensure employees understand the skills and competencies that are required to perform
    specific tasks.

   Track, evaluate, and manage competencies across the organization.

   Implement a competency management system that brings rigor and fairness to the review and
    evaluation process.

   Identify top performers and talent across the organization.

   Help the organization achieve its vision and goals through a high performing workforce
Halogen eAppraisal's Career and Development Planning feature gives you a practical tool for
helping every employee continually develop and succeed.

   Associate development activities and plans to identified competency gaps and overall
    appraisal feedback.

   Ensure the specialized skills, knowledge and behaviors that are key to your organization's
    success are understood and incorporated into individual development plans.

   Easily import training courses and/or learning activities from your LMS or database.

   Simply select courses or learning activities from a categorized list - or add new items to the list.

   Get an overall view of organizational, group or individual training requirements for the year.

   Track employee, group or organizational development status with comprehensive manager
    level reports and drill down capabilities.
Allocating compensation adjustments across an entire organization can be a time-consuming
task. Halogen eCompensation™ helps simplify and streamline this process in several ways:

   Easily support merit-based pay, pay for performance and bonus programs

   Have eCompensation suggest pay adjustments based on appraisal scores, job category,
    salary scales and other criteria.

   Automatically calculate compensation-ratios and verify all recommendations against
    established budgets and pay guidelines, flagging or restricting those outside policy.

   Provide convenient access to background information on every employee such as
    performance appraisals, journal notes, goals and development plans, and rules and guidelines
    for their adjustment.

   Keep the entire process moving until final approvals are in place with eCompensation's
    automated workflow and reminders.

   Establish confidence in organization-wide pay rates and adjustments—the products' built in
    checks and balances reduce errors and helps ensure more accurate and fair compensation

   Avoid legal hassles — access to sensitive compensation information is strictly controlled.
A powerful management tool for quickly gathering and analyzing invaluable 360 degree
feedback from peers, direct reports, or other supervisors on particular competencies or the
overall performance of an employee. Particularly useful for evaluating shift workers or staff
who work for multiple managers.
Halogen's eAppraisal's Multi-Rater features allows HR or managers to collect feedback from multiple
sources as part of an employee performance appraisal process.
Halogen e360 provides HR with a powerful yet practical means to collect 360 degree feedback on an
individual, group or the whole organization as part of an independent 360 degree feedback process.

   Capture valuable feedback from multiple sources quickly and easily.

   Choose the assessment questions and the respondents with point and click simplicity.

   Gather both numeric and comment-based ratings.

   View real-time reports that include graphical comparisons of individual and group scores as
    well as anecdotal summaries.
       Monitor the status of all assessments underway and add new respondents at any time.

       Automatically send automatic notifications and reminders to respondents.
    Halogen eSuccession™ makes it simple and affordable to get a best practice succession
    planning program underway, today!
    Halogen eSuccession™ follows the Talent Pool model: a proven best practice approach to
    succession planning that establishes a larger number of "promote-able" employees, who are more
    likely to stay loyal and who's skills are better aligned with your organization's strategic plans.

       Generate larger pools of promote-able employees for all key areas -- not just leadership!

       Don't just plan to replace someone! Address your current and future needs. The Talent Pool
        model actually compels organizations to understand the skills and competencies required to
        support their 3-5 year strategic plans -- which helps them align their succession planning
        efforts more closely with corporate vision.

       Retain key talent. Statistics show employees that are part of a Talent Pool are more likely to
        stay with an organization

       Implement in practical stages and start seeing results today.
    Dashboard for HR, Line Managers and Executive
    HR administrators, managers, and senior leaders get a visually compelling, graphical snapshot of the
    key performance indicators that drive their efforts -- in real time!

    Year-Round Employee Performance Journals
    Managers and employees can now capture performance information very easily — and make their
    employee evaluations living, continuously evolving documents.

    Optional Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Library
    This library of competencies enables the assessor to provide high-quality feedback on leadership
    skills in the performance assessment and development of leaders, managers, and executives.

    Integrates with all major HRIS systems
    Use Halogen web services to create your own interface from your HRIS to Halogen's Employee
    Performance and Talent Management suite.

    Flexible Implementation Options
    Have our solution deployed on your premises or in our carrier grade hosting environment -- all with
    little to no IT effort!

The five components of DPAS II for Administrators are:

       Vision and Goals
       Culture of Learning
       Management
       Professional Responsibilities
       Student Improvement

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