Google Earth Egypt exercise 1 by liwenting


									Name: __________________________                           Seventh Grade Social Studies
Date:    ___________________________                                     Mr. LaBrache
Section: ____________________________                                            1/3/12
                               Google Earth Introduction Class:
                                       Activity Sheet:
  Using your introduction to Google Outline sheets, perform the following exercises to practice
                                      your knowledge.

   1. Locate the region of the world where “Ancient Egypt” is found by double-clicking
      the “Egypt Introduction Activity.”

   2. There are placemarks on the map that mark some locations that will be covered in
      our Ancient Egypt unit.
         a. Use the word bank and put the correct name of the place next to the
            matching number.
         b. Then, change the number that is on the Google Earth Egypt Introduction
            Activity to the correct name of the location.
         c. Change the placemarks to yellow for bodies of water
         d. Change the placemarks for the cities and land features to bubbles with letters
            in them, so that the letter in the bubble matches the first letter of the name of
            the location

Memphis              Aswan                  Napata                  Meroe               Arabian

  Thebes      Mediterranean Sea            Khartoum             Elephantine          Gulf of Suez

 Red Sea             Luxor                   Israel               Alexandria        Sinai Peninsula

  Cairo                                                                                 Napata
1.                             7.                            13.

2.                             8.                            14.

3.                             9.                            15.

4.                             10.                           16.

5.                             11.                           17.

6.                             12.

     3. While editing the Aswan placemark, create a “snapshot” view which allows you to
        see all of your placemarks.

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