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									Volume 9, Issue 1                                                                                January 2012

    Congratulations to the Employees of The Year…..                                          Melissa
                                 Adam Dale                                              Melissa was born and
                                Adam was born and raised in                             raised in Austin, Texas.
                                Amarillo, Texas. He is mar-                             She is engaged to be mar-
                                ried with two children, Damion                          ried in Oct. 2012 to Cody
                                and Faith. Adam has worked                              Nolen. Melissa has worked
                                at Golden Plains Community                              at Golden Plains Commu-
                                Hospital for approximately 4                            nity Hospital for approxi-
                                years, as a Cook in the Nutri-                          mately 2 years as a Medical
                                tion Department.                                        Records Clerk.

                                Adam likes to work on cars                              In her off time, Melissa
                                and be with his family. For                             loves horse back riding and
                                being the cook he is, he says                           you may find her watching
                                he does not like sweets.                                football, rooting on her fa-
                                Don’t try to get the cafeteria                          vorite team. She loves ani-
                                recipes out of him either, I                            mals of any kind and says
                                have already tried.                                     the more the merrier.

Christmas Party Fun….

Thank you to all who participated in the organization of the Christmas Party: The Administra-
tion Department, Marilyn Baird, Ashley Fitzgerald, JoAnn Phelps, Marty Tull, Amy Hogan,
Georgia Hughes Tanya Clements, Beth Jones, Sandra Hernandez, and Sheri Cramer.
Aiden’s Closet Receives Contributions
                                                                                                HOT OFF THE PRESS
                                                                                                    Aiden’s Closet is so fortunate to
                                                                                                    have received so many wonder-
                                                                                                    ful contributions from the com-
                                                                                                    munity and hospital staff.
                                                                                                    Aiden’s Closet was started as a
                                                                                                    result of a baby’s life ending
                                                                                                    sooner than it should have and
                                                                                                    leaving a legacy affecting the
                                                                                                    lives of the hospital staff, Borger
                                                                                                    and the surrounding communi-
Awesome diaper wreaths for the new little ones
in the Women’s Center. Thanks to Beth Jones,                                                        Aiden’s Closet was created to
Monica Coburn and Brian Young for making the       Orion Engineered Carbons donated a box           provide newborn infants born at
wreaths from supplies out of Aiden’s Closet.       of baby items over the holidays for Aiden’s      the hospital, who are in need of
                                                   Closet. Sherman Hurst and Chad Clements          clothing, diapers, blankets and
                                                   are pictured with Kelly Chisum from the          accessories. Aiden’s Closet is
                                                   Womens Center! Thank you Orion!                  funded strictly through contribu-
                                                                                                    tions from the community. Ma-
                                                                                                    terial and monetary contributions
                                                                                                    can be made to Golden Plains
                                                                                                    Community Hospital Women’s
                                                                                                    Center. Golden Plains Commu-
                                                                                                    nity Hospital is extremely proud
                                                                                                    of this service project and would
                                                                                                    like to thank Diane Williams,
                                                                                                    Beth Jones and the Marshall
                                                                                                    family for their dedication and
                                                                                                    hard work to keep Aiden’s leg-
Beth Jones receives a check from the JPS for
                                                                                                    acy alive. For more information
$250 for Aiden’s Closet. Georgia Hughes, Fran
                                                   Thank you to First Baptist for their contribu-   on Aiden’s Closet call the
Braden, Cindy Cornelius and Shirley Baker from
                                                   tion of baby items to Aiden’s Closet.            Women’s Center at 467-5750.
the Jane Phillips Society presented the check.

                                                         Bears Given to EMS from the Volunteers
   Congratulations to Amber Hall for winning a
   $5.00 gift certificate to the GPCH gift shop.

   Jamie Loven                Kathy Wagner

   Angela Raines              Halena Leonard

   Stephen Brown              Sherry Kramer

   Kimberly Hogan             Kendra Nicks

   Javier Villescas           Carol Burland

   Amber Hall                 Pam Trout

             Keep trying and good luck!!!

                                                      Thank you to the volunteers for the bears given to the EMS, from left to right.

                                                      Rochelle Daffern, Julie Sims, Helen Sibley, Governor, Sherry Hanrahan and
                                                      Marsha Woods.
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From the Desk of the CEO
2012 ALREADY! 2011 was a very busy year for Golden Plains Community Hospital with so
many changes. 2012 will be a year of calm and settling in. Making it through construction, mov-
ing to the new hospital and starting NextGen have been quite the accomplishments. To top it off,
we are finishing the year very close to budget. All in all, a great year in my book and you should
all be very proud of what this hospital has achieved.

Our new office building is planned for 2012 and a new surgeon will start in late summer. We are
looking forward to adding telemedicine support, with the decision of what platform to deliver it
through still pending. The hospitalist program is an alternative if the telemedicine system doesn’t
give us the increased capabilities we hope it will for our patients.

The new hospital has created interest with specialists from Amarillo to do day surgeries. The outpatient services like Lab
and Radiology have already seen increases in their patient flow. We look forward to seeing those state-of-the-art OR rooms
being utilized on a consistent basis. So, I hope you rested over the holidays and look forward to seeing a busier year ahead.
Busy doing what we do best, taking care of patients.

Dennis Jack, 806-467-5702

Ringing the Bell for Salvation Army!                                     Thank you to all who participated in ringing the bell for
                                                                         Salvation Army.

                                                                         Melissa Brown      Betty Herrera

                                                                         Jennifer Harvey    Jacob & Jayden Harvey

                                                                         Kim Riggs          Dallas Riggs

                                                                         Dennis Jack        Jared Jack

                                                                         Joann Phelps       Glen Phelps

                                                                         Dana Cook          Jordan Brittenham

                                                                         Tanya Clements
Jacob Harvey and Dallas Riggs            Dana Cook & Jordan Brittenham
                                                                         If there is a service organization the Hospital can con-
                                                                         tribute time to, please let Tanya Clements know at 5612.

Cornerstone Academy Visits the Hospital

Thank you to Cornerstone Academy for visiting and
touring the new hospital. Kids, ranging from 3rd grad-
ers to Seniors were part of the group. Awesome job
Kathy and Tammy, and thank you for showing off your
departments and answering their questions. Great to
see the kids interested in the inner workings of the
hospital.                                                                                                                    Page 3
“A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” Jimmy Patricia Neal

                                 I would like to personally thank eve-
                                 ryone for contributing to the United
                                 Way of Hutchinson County. The gra-
                                                                                         Happy Birthday to
                                 cious employees of GPCH donated                        our January Birthdays
$22,506.03. That is wonderful! I am so grateful to work with such an
amazing group of people here at GPCH! I would also like to thank the                   Jan. 1      Chad Larkin
GPCH United Way Committee, Jamie Loven, Kimberly Hogan, Kathy                          Jan. 2      Casey Young
Batson, Dana Cook and Kim Riggs, for all their help and ideas. Every
year you raise the bar and show Hutchinson County how amazing                          Jan. 3      Cheryl Allgood
GPCH employees are.
                                                                                       Jan. 4      Diana Stephenson
The winners of all the drawings and raffle are as follows:
                                                                                       Jan. 9      Juanita Fisher
Grand Prizes:            Danna Jackson, Social Worker, I-Pad
                                                                                       Jan. 11 Jessie Garza
                         Mark Elliot, EMS, Night Out on GPCH
                                                                                       Jan. 13 Julie Simms
2 extra PTO days:        Theresa McCollum, RN OB
                                                                                       Jan. 16 Donna Anderson
Thanks again to everyone for helping all the citizens of Hutchinson
County by donating to United Way!                                                      Jan. 18 Kim Charles

                                                                                                   Mary Sell
Jennifer Harvey, Human Resources
                                                                                                   Misty Piazza
                                         Cheers to you in the New
Welcome GPCH                             Year!! Find the
                                         glasses of Cham-
                                                                                       Jan. 19 Lori Villanueva

New Employees!!                          pagne by Janu-
                                         ary 16, to be
                                                                                                   Holly Ward

                                         placed in a draw-                             Jan. 24 Genella Crook
                                         ing for a $5 gift
Mindy D. Sewell                          certificate from the Coffee                   Jan. 27 Lori Waggoner
LVN for Med/Surg/ICU                     Ranch. Call Dana Cook at 5730
                                         when you find it, Good Luck!!                 Jan. 29 Barbie Barbour
Larry McCrory                            The winner will be announced
                                         in the following month’s news-
CRT for Respiratory Therapy                                                            Jan. 30 Eva Garcia

  Give Blood!   REMINDER ~ If you have not signed the Mission &
Coffee Memorial Value boards in the Executive Board Room, please
Blood Bank will stop by and sign both boards.
 be in Borger on
                                                        Must try: BEST BREAKFAST CASSEROLE EVER 1 lb.
  Thurs. Jan. 26
                                                        sausage; 1 can crescent rolls; 2 cups cheddar cheese,
       10-7                                             shredded; 4 eggs, beaten; 3/4 cup milk; 1/4 tsp. salt; 1/8
      at the                                            tsp. pepper; 1 small yellow onion chopped; 1 green or red
   Union Hall                                           bell pepper, chopped. Preheat oven to 375. Brown sau-
 111 E. Coolidge                                        sage & drain. {suggestion - add the onion & bell pepper to
                                                        the sausage while it’s browning} Spray a 9x13 casserole
                                                        dish with PAM & line with can of crescents. Add other in-
                                                        gredients in layers.

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