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									Better not to carry things potentially leak such as shampoo, lotion and
cleansing the mouth moisturizing fluid for hair, but if the journey was
long and there are these things in the destination, but the hotels
usually offer such things to the inmates for free

If it had to be the bearer of these flammable liquids leak, it is best
placed inside a plastic bag before placing it inside the bag are allowed
to carry passengers with him. Further steps must be followed to ensure
the preparation of travel bag in a practical and easy to remember always:

 Best to put shoes after the first wrapped in bags and put them down
Vmashih travel bag.
Better to also apply the skirts and blouses three times and put them in
groups of three pieces.
Put socks in the corner of the bag after the application well, then
wrapped in a well, or you can put inside the shoes.
The appropriate place for landscaping tools, makeup, shaving, medicines,
jewelry, camera, it allows the bag to carry passengers in his hand on the
plane which is usually larger than normal handbag.
There is no need to take iron with you, and so that you can get rid of
wrinkles clothes by placing them in a hot bath or a steamy relationship
just hung them on the straight, and the majority of hotels provide every
room an iron.
When you purchase gifts in the form of liquids or gifts affected by
pressure or are broken, must be carried in hand luggage, while the other
things, it may be placed amid the clothes. In the case of books, it is
best put down the bag with the shoes.
Fold shirts in the middle put sleeves on the chest.
Place the clothes most likely to wrinkle at the bottom of the bag while
the jeans are placed at the top.
Place the long evening dresses at the bottom of the bag with the lateral
flow outside, put clothes over it and when you finish the bag packs
Collapse edge over the rest of the dress clothes.
Wrap ties in the form of a spiral is tight.
Always remember not to put money and jewelry in the suitcase, and
replaced most of the amount Tstahbh with you to a private travel checks
or use credit cards to avoid theft.

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