Alerts and observations of many of the needs and requirements of travel

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					Before going out of the house .... see Joisatk and make sure that all of
you I carry pictures of passports
Work on the extraction of the visa (visa) enough time
Select date of travel, and then booking procedures before the crowded
Download the ATM card Visa
Copy of Visa ATM card
Customer service number for the card exchange for notification in case of
No. airlines in your country and the country will travel to
Make sure that all tickets before going out to the airport and make sure
to keep tickets in a safe place irreversibility
Picture of the tickets for retrieval in case of loss
Some cards carry a personal
ATM card valid Mufaulah
Sure of the date of the end of the ATM card and Visa
Securities reservations housing bonds
Images of hotels and accommodation reservations
Numbers for the embassy and consulate in your country abroad
Numbers of Arab embassies may need in the outside
Numbers and address of the hotel you want to live in it with the
distribution of cards to the children
Numbers, Tourist Bureau, which had foreclosed and its branches abroad
Carry some local money to be used in local Mtark while Go and return
Currency, multi-categories of the country intended to travel
Paper money transfer so as to caution when accountability for source of
Addresses other alternative hotels in case the desire for change
Dictionary of the Arab to the language of the State of destination has to
travel frequently traded items
Vocabulary forbidden meat and drinks forbidden language of that State
Map of important places in the town
Map of the state and major cities and transportation routes and
neighboring countries
The daily program for the trip planned for the places to visit and days
and days shopping excursions
Pictures of your children, and for the need in cases of loss or to report
them to identify them
Monitoring reward for the children of those who keep mobiles numbers of
parents and even utilized in emergency situations
Commemorative photo of your country made a gift of knowledge
Photographs and you are your country's official Bzyk made a gift of
knowledge, there
Total of Almsawik can make a gift to your knowledge of the Muslims and
the deployment of the Year
Addresses of Islamic sites in Arabic and that illuminate the minds of
expatriates and invite them to hold on to religion
URLs Islamic language of the country intended goal to spread Islam on the
basis of sound make sure that the money be distributed in different
places so as not to lose it once
I keep some in small denominations of currency and for use in shopping
without having money does not remove all
So as not to burden yourself with your financial weight of the luggage
before going to the airport and to know you carry
To the owners of quality and mood do not forget your purpose for the work
of Arabic coffee and tea accessories from coffee, cardamom and dates
Also to the owners of quality and mood of long trips I carry them for
your cooking is necessary and may be much Alkatm with the small size of
the most important ... with the importance of local spices used to flavor
Put a few medications for ambulatory emergency
Aldegetl camera shots are beautiful hunter do not forget
So as not to fall in trouble remember the camera charger
Do not rely on the camera's memory attached to the camera Aldegetl Vsatha
very few ... Take another larger memory and put the original reserve
Camera Alvedioa memory of you and your children are family friendly
Highlighted Camera video tapes may require much time to look for it
there, take them to fill your need
So as not to disturb your trip contact your mobile retrieved the new card
especially for this trip, with a new best people your number
Remember that all bills were paid by the mobile travel so as not to cut
off contact with him.
Charger is a key requirement to travel
Laptop is considered by some the best officer and coordinator of the
trip, if you carried the laptop CD Vastahb some useful and entertaining
for you and with you .... for those who carry the charger with you .....
and the subject topic that serves passengers of the writer / faisalooh
find on this Link programs and applications ... For passengers and
Diary of a book and milestones to monitor attitudes and your days happy
funny and to track the numbers

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