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                                            T H E N E W S L E T T E R O F PA N A N I A R S L Y O U T H S O C C E R C L U B I N C .                                                              Issue No. 1 - 2010

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Here we go again
  Welcome to the first edition of                                                         PHOTOS ... PHOTOS
the Goal magazine for the new                                                               Team photos this year will be
season 2010.                                                                                       over 3 nights
  Don’t forget to submit your match                                                         18th, 19th & 20th MAY
report each week. Also anything else                                                         due to the extra number of
you would like to publish that you
                                                                                                   teams this year.
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record your score is 0405 932 103.            This means more coaches and                   Thankyou to all the teams that
  If the clubrooms are not opened you       managers and more cost to the club.          supplied a match report for the
must call or text your scores through                                                    first week of competition.
by 5.30 on the day of the match.                                                            However, overall the respone was
                                            Select sponsor carefully                     poor, with less than half the teams in
                                              Have you noticed who sponsors              the club doing so.
Juniors on target                           the AFL umpires? .                              Come on managers, if you don’t
  Saturday saw a great start to the           None other than OPSM ... seems             have time to write it yourself, ask a
season with lots of goals scored.           logical!                                     parent to do it!
  A few players got off to a flying start

                                                                 KID’S DISCO
with Lachlan Bogar from 9 Garnets
scoring 7 goals; Liam Hewitt from 7
Sapphire scored 6 and also Aleisha
Wright from 6 Pearls who scored 5.
  Managers, if a player in your team
                                                                     Saturday 1st May
scores a heap of goals or does some-                        Panania Diggers Auditorium
thing special, please put their full
name in your report so they can get a
mention in this column.

Mammoth job
  This season is one of a huge
increase in the number of teams
and players.
  This has added untold pressure on
our Registrar Greg Williams. Greg,
along with assistants Graham WIlliams
and Carolyn & Kevin Pope have put in
                                                                              From 6:00pm till 10:00pm
many, many hours to get your teams                               Entry is $5.00 (includes chips and a drink)
on the field.                                                          Heaps of prizes to be won. Kids will love it!
  I understand that they are all having
their mail diverted to the clubrooms.                                                       Tickets on sale at the door

                                                                                       GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 1
PAGE 2 - GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010
 Welcome to the new season!
   Well after holding our first registration day near-        The Diggers provides wonderful facilities for fami-
ly 3 months ago we finally started the competition        lies and is an excellent venue for the “team bonding”
last weekend, with 60 teams and over 800 players          sessions that are an essential part of building and
representing our club, by far the largest in the          maintaining camaraderie among the players and
Bankstown Association. A warm welcome to all              families that make up your team.
our new players and parents, welcome back to                 Our other major sponsor is Kingsgrove Sports and
those who have played with us before.                     you all should have received a loyalty card on regis-
   The past 3 months have been chaotic to say the         tering. Not only will this provide you with a dis-
least and the time and hard work put in by a few          count on all purchases, the club benefits from all
particular individuals has been staggering. We are        sales by way of a rebate program. The club has a
still stuck with an archaic paper-based system that       range of merchandise for sale also provided by
makes registering this volume of players an extreme-      Kingsgrove Sports including Polo Shirts, Caps, Water
ly time consuming, frustrating and inefficient            Bottles, Beanies, Jumpers and Jackets, we like to see
process, which detracts from the time your commit-        Kelso flooded in blue, yellow & white each training
tee has to deal with the myriad other issues that con-    and game day so see Equipment Officer Jodie Lavin
front us. We are assured next year Football NSW will      or enquire at the canteen to Panania-ise your
facilitate on-line registration and we will be pushing    wardrobe.
for that as well as other changes that should drasti-        The soccer club communicates to its members in
cally improve the process.                                various ways including this magazine, flyers, email
   As President of the club I like to know as many of     and our web site, if you want information or have
the members as possible so please don’t hesitate to       any queries refer to the web site or ask your team’s
say g’day and introduce yourself. As volunteers your      Manager. The committee meets upstairs in the club-
committee members have limited time to devote to          house at least monthly to deal with club issues and
the club and we can’t do everything, but we will do       members are welcome to attend those meetings to
all we can within these limitations to address con-       hear what’s going on and/or discuss a specific matter.
cerns and make changes where                                 You will be constantly reminded that we need help
necessary for the betterment of the club and all those    to allow the club, training and games to run as
in it.                                                    smoothly as possible. One of the most annoying
   At Panania we strive to encourage enjoyment of         aspects of running the club is that from a potential
not only soccer itself, but also the social interaction   pool of over a thousand people we see the same
that the team and club environment provides. There        faces week in/week out turning up to assist with the
will be various events during the year to enable play-    range of jobs required. All we ask is an hour or so 3
ers and families to get together including the Kids’      or four times a year, when your Manager lets you
Disco, Trivia & Music Night and Family Fun Day.           know help is needed please put your hand up when
Also, please take advantage of the free drink offer for   you can, all assistance is greatly appreciated.
players, coaches and managers 18 or over provided
by one of our major sponsors Panania Diggers each                                              Enjoy your soccer!
game day.                                                                                    BOB BELL, President

                                                          ANZAC DAY MARCH
                                                          Sunday saw the annual Anzac Day March from the
                                                          RSL Club and the soccer club was well represented.
                                                          All those who took part had a great time. Thank you
                                                          to all those who participated.
                                                                         Photos courtesy of Andrew Cooper (6 Emerald)

                                                                          GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 3
  MATCH REPORTS                                                    SATURDAY APRIL 17
    • Teams not listed failed to supply a
              match report
                                                                    7 - Emerald
  6 - Emerald                                                      Played Birrong – Won 4 - 3
                                                                   Wow, what a start! We were down 2 nil and powered back
                                                                   with a 4-3 win. Great effort from all kids. Excellent to see what
Played Panania 6 Diamonds - Lost 3 -                               we practice at training coming into your games. Great tackling
5                                                                  and dribbling from Kya, Carly and Lachlan in the middle.
Well what a great game to start the season. The boys of 6          James, Matt, Lauren and Rhys were excellent covering up at
Emerald (they like to call themselves the "Panania Roos")          the back. Fantastic way to start the season and looking for-
played some good soccer against a very well matched team.          ward to lots more fun with you all. Player of the match went
All the boys worked very hard attacking the ball, and trying to    to Matt due to his wonderful pass to Lauren who kicked it
find gaps in the strong Diamond defence. Luke, Jayden and          through to score.
Joshua did some great work in the mid-field, and created an                                      Belinda, Manager & Paul, Coach
opening for Jack to score early in the first half. Yaseen scored
two goals in the second half, the second of which was setup
by a great pass from Luke after a short run down the wing.
Mitchell played well in defense and stopped a number of
                                                                    7 - Garnet
Diamond attacks on our goal. Having said all that, Diamond
played very well also, and came out ahead on the day, winning      Played Birrong – Lost 2 - 5
5 goals to 3. Congratulations Diamond. Well I guess if you         Welcome to all new and returning players and supporters for
have to lose to someone, it may as well be Panania.                the 2010 season. A very good effort by all players against a
                                                                   strong team. Emily put in a fantastic performance and chal-
                                                                   lenged strongly for the ball. Luke had an excellent game and
                                                                   scored a nice goal. Jason ran tirelessly all over the field and
  6 - Garnet                                                       had plenty of good kicks. Declan had his usual consistent
                                                                   game and performed some tricky back-heel kicks. Harry
                                                                   worked hard and made many speedy runs up the field.
Played Chullora – Won 14 - 1                                       Benjamin had a busy game and won plenty of ball. Coach
Wow what a start to the season! The boys displayed such            Daniel would like all players to remember to call out to the
enthusiasm and great team work to see them beat the                player taking the goal kick so that the ball does not get kicked
Chullora Wolves 14-1. Blake was tenacious in attack and            to the other team. Congratulations to Benjamin who won the
defence and scored a stack of goals. He made some great            player of the match trophy. Good luck next week.
line breaks resulting in goals and also made some great                                                              Simon, Parent
defensive tackles to stop the wolves scoring. Dylan scored the
opening goal of the match and was always there helping out
with big runs down the field to secure the ball for Panania.
Kye had some super kicks and was always there helping out
his team mates. Keaton scored a bunch of goals with his
many exciting runs down the middle of the field breaking
through the opposition’s defence. He also made some good
tackles to help out in defence. Keaton’s efforts were rewarded
with this week’s player of the match. The team did a fantastic
job, well done 6 Garnets!

                                                                    7 - Sapphire
  6 - Pearl                                                        Played Chullora – Won 6 - 0
Played Revesby Workers – Won 9 - 0                                 The Team is Kailen Antoun, Daniel Aquilina, Isaac Fahd, Liam
                                                                   Hewitt, Alexander Lattuga, Zacharie Pedemont and Dominic
A great start to the season with a 9-0 victory over Revesby        Stoddart. Well, what can I say! What a great start to the sea-
Workers Tigers B, the four boys scored a goal each, but it was     son. The boys began the game with enthusiasm and ended
a standout performance from Aleshia Wright with 5 goals that       the game this way as well. Although we have only been
stole the show. Marcus Sahyoun scored the 1st goal in his          together a few weeks the team showed that they can work as
second game of soccer and Sarah Sinclair had a great game          one to get the ball from one end of the field to the other. The
and continues to improve every week.                               star on the day was without a doubt our goal kicking machine,
                                                                   Liam Hewitt who managed to score all 6 goals. He was on
                                                                   fire! He was of course successful due to all the boys efforts
  7 - Diamond                                                      and hard work. Daniel Aquilina showed his brilliant ability in
                                                                   defence when tackling the opposition, with Kailen Antoun put-
                                                                   ting his body on the line to get to the ball. Alexander Lattuga
Played Birrong – Lost 2 - 5                                        was everywhere chasing the ball and looking for a kick, as
The loss may not have been a great start to the season, but        with Zacharie Pedemont who broke through the opposition
the boys did play a good game. We were a little slow to start      defence with a some great runs. Dominic Stoddart is our big
with and that's when they scored most of their goals. By the       kicker, who on more than one occasion sent the ball from on
second half we had picked up the pace and with Jonathon            end of the field to the other, and last but not least, Isaac Fahd
doing some terrific tackles and Tim and Thomas doing some          who demonstrated his speed to catch the opposition. I would
great goal saving kicks we were able to come back into the         also like to take this opportunity to thank Barry Wileman who
game. Corey made it up the other end numerous times and            has filled in as our coach over the past few weeks. He has
made plenty of shots and getting one goal. Patrick was our         been outstanding with the children and has shown so much
other goal scorer teaming up well with Riley to do some great      enthusiasm. All his efforts have been greatly appreciated and
passing and dribbling. Hopefully next week boys all that hard      he has taught the boys so much in such a short time. Thank
work will pay off. Keep up the good work!                          you Barry from all the parents and especially the boys.
                                                Johnny, Coach                                               Janelle Fahd, Manager

PAGE 4 - GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010
  7 - Topaz                                                            9 - Garnet
Played Bankstown Sports – Lost 4 - 7                               Played Bankstown Sports – Won 21 - 0
It was a lovely day for our first game of socer for the season.    Hooray round one here again. Hello to everyone and hope you
We played against Bankstown Sports Strikers 6. Our team            enjoyed your break and a big welcome to Jack and Kayne and
players are Cormac Gossling, Jarrod Gray, Elysia Hunt, Hanne       their families to our team. A beautiful day for the game and
Sorenson, Tommi Vesanen and Bryce Waud. Our coach is Tom           after 6 trials the boys were ready. Adam was in goal first half
Gray. The game was a close match with Bankstown scoring 7          and quiet, second half he defended and attacked well, passed
goals and we scored 4 goals. All the kids had a fun time. Well     and scored a great goal, well done. Alexander was also quiet
done to all the kids and our coach for a great game.               in goals. He was into the first half, tackling and passing and so
                                        Sandra Waud, Manager       unlucky not to score, excellent. Lachlan was player of the
                                                                   match after scoring a record 7 goals! He had an outstanding
                                                                   game and was everywhere. Well deserved! Peter scored 4
  8 - Diamond                                                      goals. he was upback early and then roared into action on a
                                                                   scoring spree, fantastic. Kayne had a fantastic match. He
                                                                   marked hard in the middle and defended well and passed,
Played St. Christophers – Won 8 - 2                                then got into great position to score 3 goals, terrific. Mitchell
What a great start to the season, as soon as the whistle blew      also played very well. He passed and made breaks, tackled
it was as if we had never had a break from soccer. Alex            and in the second half was unstoppable to score 3 goals,
scored a beautiful goal in the first couple of minutes, backed     excellent. Thomas played well up front and midfield. He
up by some awesome goalkeeping in the 2nd half. Welcome            attacked the ball, tackled defenders and after a few unlucky
Andrea and Emanuele to the team, both showing great skills         attempts scored a great goal, well done. Matthew again had
and the ability to score goals with Andrea booting in 3 and        speed and played well in each position. He passed, made a
Emanuele with 1. Bradley was our 1st half goalie who made          few huge breaks and was so unlucky not to get a goal today.
some important saves and good goal kicks, once out on the          Next week Matt. Well what a result and biggest ever. The boys
field he was solid in defence. Ethan with 2 goals and Zahir        passed well today and were having fun. Just remember boys
with 1 also showed great passing and teamwork, well done           spread out a bit more and give space and bring on a good
boys. Zach & Luke were defence machines putting themselves         challenge next week. Congratulations on some great goals,
into everything. Our man of the match, Harle was never far         well done. Thanks to Paul Sullivan for being ref today.
from the ball making some great runs and passes. Keep up                                                            Karyn, Manager
the great passing and teamwork. Thanks to Terry for your skill-
ful refereeing and to Jenny & James our new Managers.
                                                                      9 - Pearl
  8 - Opal                                                         Played Bankstown Sports – Won 4 - 1
                                                                   Well it is on again, the start of another big season. With all of
Played Birrong – Lost 1 - 4                                        our pre-season training behind us we were looking forward to
The start of the 2010 season had dawned upon already and all       kicking off the season with a win and win we did. After a slow
the team were ready to give it their all this morning. It was a    start we ended up playing well and winning 4 goals to 1. Our
fast start with our team attacking early and Michael kicking the   goal keepers in James in the 1st half and Paul in the 2nd,
ball into goals early on in the game. This managed to give the     hardly had to touch the ball with our fullbacks in Cameron
team back the passion from last year and they played a strong      (also a goal scorer), Isabel and Aiden stopping any attacks
game. Kade and Adam were brilliant in defence, with Max and
Sean providing solid support near goals. Ryan B and Jemma                                                                Continued on page 7
were standouts in their breakthrough kicking to goals and
were unlucky to not get a goal of their own. Connor O and
Ryan W were today’s goalkeepers and did a great job despite
the 4 that got in. Well done to the Opals for today’s game.
Thanks to Birrong for a good and fair game, and to our team
for giving it their best shot!!
                                     Teresa Allouche, Manager

  9 - Diamond
Played Panania 9 Emeralds – Lost 3 -
First game back into the season after the trial games has seen
some great work by all the players. James began well this
year in trials with fast backs and great passing and continued
again this week. Ben was blocking and defending better than
ever and passing well between everyone. Cameron was all
over the field as usual and contributing well with defence and     G lo r i a J e
attack with great ball control he score in the first half. Dylan
spent fiirst half in goals and came out with lots of energy to
help the team. Connor did some amazing dribbling skills get-       Present this advert to
                                                                                                an’s Coffees Panania
ting around the players and scoring another of our goals.
Newcomer Carley was having a great time defending and              Buy any Reg or Lge Drink (Hot or Cold)
passing. Matthew H started in the backs and was moved for-
wrd in the second half which provided him with almost a goal.      & Get 2nd Drink For $1
Matthew T ran everywhere scoring a goal in the first half and      Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

had a really hard time in the second half as goalie. Liam was
like a wall in the backs with his blocking and big kicks to help    80 Anderson Avenue Panania - 9773 9145
defend. All round good effort made by evaeryone a big                                  * OFFER ENDS AUGUST 31 2010 *
improvemnet from last year. Thanks to the parents for duty
                                                                                                GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 5
PAGE 6 - GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010
that come at them pretty quickly. Sometimes they needed a
little help from our middle men in Dane and Daniel (also a goal
scorer) doing plenty of running in attack and defence. Up front
our 2 lethal weapons in Georgia and Matthew (who also
scored our other 2 goals) were everywhere and played togeth-
er really well. Billy was on the sick list and i am sure he will be
back fit as a fiddle next week. A good first up effort and we         3 minutes Ziad opened the scoring with a great goal. A crisp
can only get better from here looking forward to the rest of the      cross came in from the right that he trapped and dispatched
season. Good start super coach Adam Wells.                            with authority. All of a sudden the talk started and the passes
                                                  Ian Loy, Manager    began to find their mark. After 4 minutes it was 2 goals to the
                                                                      good guys as Ante began carving up Birrong and found
                                                                      Mitchell with a great cross that was duly despatched by the

   10 - 1                                                             talented midfielder. The back line of Ethan, Tom and Jaiden
                                                                      was firing. I love seeing the bigger players thinking they will be
                                                                      easybeats because of their smaller stature, only to find that
Played Bankstown Sports – Lost 1 - 3                                  they have been skinned by the backline and end up standing
                                                                      there, wondering what happened, while Panania are set on the
Firstly welcome back to all the familiar faces & a warm wel-          attack again by their great combination with the midfield.
come to all the new ones. I trust we will have an enjoyable           Birrong displayed some good skill at times and the limited
year like we did last year. We started our first game of the sea-     number of breaks they had looked impressive, however they
son like we finished our last one in 2009. Even though we             never really had a shot on goal. Zach was. As ever, brilliant in
were the new kids on the first division block the boys were not       goals with his anticipation and menacing presence. The third
intimidated one little bit. For the majority of the first half we     goal came from an unfortunate error on behalf of the Birrong
played the game in the Strikers end of the field. Marcus              keeper who stepped outside the box. Mitchell nearly slipped
showed he can run like Asafa Powell (maybe not the same               over in a puddle of his own drool as he lined up the free-kick.
stride pattern but just as quick) Jackson showed he is no             The keeper could only watch as another precision strike flew in
slouch in the running department as well. Harrison had a shot         the top of the net out of reach of every human on the planet
that beat everyone except the cross bar & we went to the              apart from Kareem Abdul-Jabar. After 15 minutes the boys had
break nil all. As usual our backline of Zander, Isaac, Noah &         their fourth goal with a great strike from Liam and it was look-
Luke H was solid with Luke showing that the hard work at              ing as though the game was turning into a train crash for
training is paying off. Strikers scored a goal just after half time   Birrong. To their credit, Birrong, lifted a level and the score
because of some not very good marking by us. Logan, James             remained at 4 nil at half-time. The second half was not as free-
& Nathan were still giving their all in the midfield & Jarrod         flowing as the first with the ball being caught up in a game of
might of given a bit too much with a tackle that resulted in a        pinball in the midfield for long stretches. There were some
penalty. His Mother would like to apologise to both Jarrod &          flashes of brilliance and the through balls that were going from
Tim for telling Jarrod to go hard, maybe this was the one time        the back to the forwards were some exciting stuff. One
you shouldn't have listened to her. Tim almost saved but              through ball found one of the new players, Lucas, in the clear.
Strikers went ahead 2 nil. Strikers scored again to make it 3 nil     He streaked up towards goal and our hearts were in our mouth
but our boys never gave up with Marcus crossing a great ball          as Usein Bolt from Birrong raced through and caught up to
for Aidan to score an impressive goal. A great effort boys with       him, only to have Lucas stop the ball, wait for the defender to
some more match fitness & playing in your positions will make
all the difference. Player of the Match - Noah Cauchi,                                                          Continued on page 7
Encouragement Award - Luke Hurley.

   10 - 3                  BYE

   11 - 1 A
Played Birrong – Won 5 - 0
It seemed that the belting warmth of Summer was going to go
on forever. The glory of the 2009 season was just starting to
become a distant memory when all of a sudden the days got
shorter and the nights got colder and the soccer season was
upon us. The smell of mouldy boots and Dencorub fills the air
with a familiar scent, conjuring up memories of getting up
early on Saturday morning and transporting offspring to oppo-
site sides of the earth to play games. The off-season was a
time of change. We had a departure from the champion team,
Hayden, to rep soccer. We had the inclusion of three new
players in Matthew, Sammy and Lucas. And we also had a
new disciplinarian, Paul Edmonds, whom I will from now on
refer to as “Supercoach Blue-ford T Justice”. Brains had been
busy as well. The level of organisation he displays is unsur-
passed. After collecting and distributing various information
about the team, Anzac Marches, Team photo’s, Kid’s disco’s
and the draw, he decided to take DNA samples of the players
and parents, input a micro-chip and finally tattoo the players
with a scannable barcode to replace the antiquated card sys-
tem he so despises. Supercoaches Moses, Blue-ford T Justice
and Granite Benchtop had trained the players to a knife’s
edge. The trial games had been a monumental success and
we were looking forward to that carrying on into the season
proper. The butterflies were so bad with the players that they
seemed to be levitating 2 feet off the ground before kick-off,
however, when the shrill of the whistle had the first game of
the season underway they were forgotten, and the boys began
the process of defending their title with their trademark grit,
skill and determination. I was about to start writing that the
boys were starting slowly, working into their game when after

                                                                                         GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 7
Level 1, 44-46 Marco Avenue, Revesby        Entrance via Simmons Street
                        Chairlift Access Available

                         Ph: 9771 1977
                                WE SPECIALISE IN:
                                • Neck and Back Pain
                                • Joint and Muscular Dysfunction
                                • Sports Injuries
                                • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
                                • Occupational Rehabilitation
                                • Plastering and Casts
                                • Exercise Therapy
                                • Hydrotherapy
                                • Work Conditioning Program

                                WE ACCEPT:
                                • Veterans Affairs
                                • Medicare (Care Plans)
                                • Workers Compensation
                                • Motor Vehicle Accident

                                WE PROVIDE:
                                • Private Health Fund Rebates
                                • HICAPS and Eftpos
                                • Pensioner Discounts
                                • Medicare Easyclaim

                                OTHER SERVICES:
                                • Remedial Massage
                                • Dietitian
                                • Psychology

 PAGE 8 - GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010
race past him with a look of surprise on his face, and strike a
goal from the 18 yard line that left a burning vapour trail. It
was truly a spectacular goal with Lucas showing the speed of
a leopard and the composure of the Dalai Lama. In an unfortu-
                                                                        11 - 1 C
nate incident, one of the boys copped a kick flush in the, ahh,      Played Padstow Hornets – Lost 1 - 4
how do I say it, “fleshy” part of the groin - I think you get the
picture. However, with the threat of Brains running on bran-         The boys all turned up keen and excited for the first game of
dishing the “Harry Potter” bucket of ice-cold magic water, the       the season and a step up into Division 1. After seeing Paul
player jumped to his feet and ran through the pain rather than       training them during the week I knew they would be fit and
have the indignity of freezing nuts and wet pants! On another        ready to play. Coach Flynn was away at the holiday chalet
note, it was good to see that Matthew made it back for the           during the week, but returned in time for the big game and
first round after losing an argument with a fence that required      inspired the troops before kick off. Padstow started well
many stitches pre-season. You played the lights out mate.            immediately putting pressure on our defence, but we were up
Great start to the season boys. If this is what “rusty” looked       to the challenge, Ben making some great saves and putting in
like I can’t wait to see polished.                                   some monster clearing kicks to get us out of trouble. Matthew
                                         Jim Bowmaker, Parent        worked hard all day, clearing well and winning lots of contest-
                                                                     ed balls for us. Jackson in defence was rock solid. His clear-
                                                                     ing kicks seem to be getting bigger all the time … great work.

   11 - 1 B                                                          Jamie made numerous incisive runs up the middle of the park
                                                                     and after one raid Joel got an opportunity to strike and missed
                                                                     the goal by a whisker … Dave reckons he heard the ball whis-
Played G.H. Thistles – Won 4 - 0                                     tle past the outside of the post. Daniel marked his player flaw-
Not a bad start to the season when you can get away with a           lessly and his never die attitude and terrier like defence saw
good win. With 6 new players in the team it is always difficult      him win plenty of ball and get us out of trouble. Dylan and
to tell how they will perform together with very limited prepa-      Trent were cool under continued pressure and threw their all
ration through pre season social matches. Welcome to                 into the game. Trent’s throw-ins were terrific and provided
Anthony, Dion, Matthew, Ben, Max, Kye and Ricci. The boys            many opportunities for us to attack. Brayden took on his man
played well today and showed that they are listening at train-       and beat him a number of times today… he has really got
ing and working together as a team. You could see them all           some pace this year and speedster James got off to a few fly-
trying to do the things they are learning and a lot of the time it   ing runs up the flanks putting plenty of pressure on Padstow’s
worked. The game was played at our pace and we dictated              defence. At one point we played some aerial ping pong in our
the terms for the entire match. Other than for a couple of           goal mouth which had the sideline and but Ben
defensive lapses which enabled them to create chances,               was safe as houses and saved us yet again. After some great
which were quickly stopped by Mitch in the sticks, we had            defence the boys conceded a couple of goals to Padstow late
good field position all game. Strong performances in the mid-        in the first half, one off a corner which was headed in to the
dle of the park from Christian, Ben and Tim who never                back of the net … I reckon Schwarzer would have had trouble
stopped running. It’s always hard to single out one player (or       with that one. Half Time 0-2. The second half saw an early
two) for man of the match when they tried like they did today        goal go Padstow’s way, but the boys didn’t drop their head,
however the spoils this week go to Zac Walker and Matthew            instead they set to work clawing their way back into the game.
Kopp. Zac tried all day and setup some great opportunities           A fantastic header by Kieran after a sideline throw in saw us
and Matt was everywhere trying to find a way through their           move on to attack and Callam did some fantastic work to get
defence. Goals today to Hesh and Matt who grabbed a couple           the first goal for the season. Magic! There were a couple of
each. Well done kids – a good start to the season, let’s keep
                                                                                                        Continued on next page 7
listening at training and enjoy the season.

                                            SINCE 1966

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                 PHONE 9773 6931

                                                                                       GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 9
other chances by Jamie, David and another cracking shot by
Joel but unfortunately it was not to be our day. The score fin-
ished at 1-4 after late goal by Padstow. Whilst the game was
faster than our boys were used to and the opposition was very
classy, our boys competed well and I’m told surprised
Padstow with the standard of their play and attitude. Well
done boys. Encouragement Award: Jackson. Man of the
Match was Matthew.

   12 - 1
Played St. Christophers – Won 5 - 1
What a fantastic start to the season! Saturday morning saw 14
members of our team all show up ready to play soccer with
110% commitment. After a motivational talk from Steve we
                                                                     13 - 1
were ready to take on St Christopher's. The first half saw both
Doug and Daniel dominate the centre of the field in their new     Played Yagoona – Won 3 - 0
midfield position which proved instrumental in our victory. The   Firstly we would like to welcome our new comers this year
scoring was opened by Reece with a fantastic run down the         Louis, James, Chris, Ryan and their families. I'm sure you'll
right wing and half time saw the score at 1 all. With a few       enjoy the season with us. Although we are very competitive
more words of wisdom from Steve we went back out on the           and enjoy winning, we are a TEAM of players, parents and
field ready to win. By half way through the second half all our   spectators who are committed to good sportsmanship and
preseason fitness training was paying off, as the opposition      positive encouragement for the players.We like to see this at
started to dwindle. Our defence was impenetrable with Jack        training as well as at our games.The kids love to here us prais-
L, Matthew and our newest recruit Yanni not letting anything      ing them and cheering them on. Today was to be our grand
passed (the only thing we heard from Chris in the second half     final revenge. Missing Ange up on the right side was concern-
was KEEPERS!!!! loud enough that players on other fields          ing but having a very committed team out there we were all
were leaving the ball for their keeper). Relentless attacks at    staying positive.Well the first half gave Tom a fairly quiet time
goals from all the forwards, fed by fantastic balls from the      but he had more to do in the second half. Our backs Jono,
midfield, and some great shots from outside the box saw an        Matt, James, and Angus worked fantastic all match with
end score of 5 / 1. Soccer was the winner on Saturday and         James picking up our first Man of the Match Award. Well done
our victory can only be attributed to the fantastic team work     and well deserved.Their gutsy hard work and Toms safe hands
and commitment by every one of our 14 players on the day. A       kept Yagoona scoreless today. Through the middle Alex,
thank you also to James ,who was unable to play due to ill-       Louis, Nathan, and Chris sorry, Totti. (Chris is also known as
ness, but came to support his teammates from the bench            Totti for those who did not know. I'll get use to it one day) all
(welcome to the team James, hope your better for this week).      played tirelessly defending with the backs and turning play
                                                                  around to attack with the forwards. Our first goal early in the
                                                                  first half had Josh make a break to put a nice ball through to

   12 - 3                 BYE                                     Ryan who took control and placed the ball hard into the back
                                                                  of the net.Nice work Ryan. Later in the first half Nathan decid-
                                                                  ed to have a go and had a beautiful shot from half way( well
                                                                  slight exageration but from a bloody long way out ) and only
                                                                  just missed. Unlucky Nath but it still looked good anyway. Half
                                                                  time found us only 1 up even though we seemed to have the

      2010 COMMITTEE                                              better of the play. Andrew showed his pace again today up
                                                                  and down the left side always beating his opposition to the
                                                                  ball and Sam outplayed his opposition with his fancy footwork
   President - Bob Bell - 0418 211 057                            which on one occassion found himself smacking the ball up
   Senior Vice President - Jim Carroll - 0418 198 159             and over everyone and into the top of the goals. Beautiful goal
   Secretary - Carolyn Pope - 9771 4154                           Sam. The look on your face was priceless. Two nil. Ryan eager
                                                                  to get another shot found himself going in hard and ending up
   Assistant Secretary / Recorder - Helen Barr - 0405 932 103     smashing the back of his head onto the ground, nearly knock-
   Treasurer - Graham Williams - 0407 478 539                     ing himself out and having to be assisted from the field. O.K. I
   Club Captain - Mark Beck - 0417 229 300                        have now had enough practice completing injury cards kids so
   Junior Vice President - Peter O’Shea - 0418 675 086            no more now please. I think thats enough stress for Gav and
                                                                  Dave now for the year. Well what can I say, it was nice to get 1
   Registrar - Greg Williams - 0416 128 194                       up on Yagoona after they beat us in the grand final last year
   Coaching Co-ordinator - Scott Farqhuarson - 0408 614 374       and it was really nice to see some great team work happening
   Equipment - Jodie Lavin - 9773 5710                            out there. Well done guys and keep the team spirit alive. Man
                                                                  of the Match: James Dasios.
   Publicity - Wayne Roberts - 0417 693 793
   Canteen Manager - Sharon Purcell - 0413 796 048
   BDAFA Delegates- Mike Millen - 0408 479 199
                      Steve Williams - 0408 248 382                 13 - 2
   Junior Club Captain - Douglas Walther - 0408 772 358
   Member Protection Officer - Kevin Barr - 0433 733 449
                                                                  Played Greenacre – Won 8 - 1
                                                                  Goal scored in first few minutes of the game by Sean. Second
   Fund Raising - Jodie Lavin - 9773 5710
                                                                  goal scored by Henry at 20 minute mark and a third goal also
                   Sharon Purcell - 0413 796 048                  scored by Henry, woohoo! Great pick-ups by Kieran in goals.
                   Rick Steadman - 0412 514 624                   Jamie played well as stopper. Steve defended well. Another
   Youth Club Delegates - Graham Williams - 0407 478 539          goal by Sean - yeah! Henry scores again just before half time.
                                                                  Kye scored five minutes into the second half and then Zach
                           Richard Williams - 0411 107 561        scored after a lot of hard work, then Sam scored the last goal
                                                                  midway through the half. Thanks to Ken for helping wth the
       Kelso Clubroom - 9792 2020                                 coaching while the boys on field and Dave for doing manager
        club website:                    duites on the day. We love you. Also thanks to matt. Kye,
             club email:                       Anthony and Tim from 11-1Bs for filling in for us. Well done to
                                                                  all. Jamie took over as goalie in second half and did a great
          Council Wet Weather Ground Closures:                    job. All boys played well for such a hot day. Man of the match
                      1300 655 180                                was Henry.
                                                                                                                    David Realph

PAGE 10 - GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010
                                                                        managed to force an error which resulted in an own goal. The

      17/18 A                                                           goal seem to switch on the 2’s confidence and they began to
                                                                        dominate possession which eventually saw Dane Dinham
                                                                        breaking into the clear and demonstrating all his stills in hold-
                                                                        ing of the defence and putting away a great goal. Good start
Played North Bankstown – Won 3 - 1                                      to the season & a great team effort with good games also from
We were complacent at the back and the lack of training                 Ryan Hillier, Scott Atchison & Pat Henry. Now we get to see
showed in how we played. Put the effort in at training, get             the rest of the opposition as both AA3 teams play at 1pm &
some sleep on Friday night and the game will flow a lot easier.         3pm at Kelso next week.
We have double headers coming up because it is a ten team                                                       Warren Gibson, Coach
comp and only the fit will prevail, doesn't matter how much
skill you have if the opposition just run around you all day. Our
first came from Dale's good lead up work, controlling the ball
from 3 Norths players on the left side to get a cross away for
Scotty to put home. Norths pushed hard and got one back.
                                                                           All Age 6 B
Cameron slotted home from the spot after a handball in the
box. Fine work from Scot through midfield laid off for Jake to          Played Padstow United – Won 2 - 1
score for our third. Remember, it doesn't matter who is refer-          What can I say, finally a win to our name now I no how
eeing, treat them with respect and don't argue with the deci-           Cronulla feels, just hope it's not that long for our next one. It
sion, just get ready for the next play. Thanks to Dave for refer-       was good to see Danny & Steve working on there fitness prior
eeing, triple shot espressos will now be regular Saturday               to the game looking after the BBQ with a couple of cold ones
morning fare, definitely none of those skim milk caramel                to keep themselves hydrated, maybe they should do that
lattes.                                                                 every week as they both had reasonable games. I was a bit
                                                  Greg and Jim
                                                                        concerned with Danny early in the game that me may have
                                                                        had one to many when he decided to bring back the chip &
                                                                        chase then hitting the corner post with his next shot but he
   All Age 3 B                                                          eventually found some direction. Big Steve was my man of
                                                                        match with his superb touches turning the opposition inside
                                                                        out and his turn of speed he is looking at having a big year. I
Played Panania A – Won 2 - 0                                            think Dicko has to take credit for Steve's current form
First game of the season & both Panania teams are drawn                 because Jen for men may have been a big factor in Steve's
against each other, which resulted in old friendships being put         turnaround as he is looking sharp even though he still cant
aside and an exciting game drawing a crowd. The 1’s domi-               find a shirt to fit him, I no there was a xxxl in the bag not sure
nated early and our keeper, Daniel Van Esch, had to pull off            where it went sorry big men. Goals to Micheal & Jeremy.
some great saves to keep us in the game. Our game plan                                                                        Larry Brooks
included ongoing pressure on their defence and Chris Hanson

                                                                                                DIGGERS’ OFFER
                      CALENDAR                                                                  TO SOCCER CLUB
                                                                                            All senior soccer club members are invited

                      OF EVENTS                                                             back to the Diggers on all match days for a
                                                                          schooner on us. This includes players, coaches, managers and
                                                                          committee members.

      May 1                 Kid’s Disco
                            @ Panania Diggers
      May 18, 19, 20        Photos                                                    G.1. Williams
      May 29                Premier League                                       BUILDING SERVICES PTY. LIMITED
                                                                                  ACN 099 928 784 ABN 90 099 926 784 LIC.No. 136848C
                            Family Fun Day                                         Unit 3, 13/14 Works Place Milperra 2214
      June 26               Trivia Night                                                     Specialising in:
                            @ Panania Diggers                                             • COMMERCIAL •
                                                                              Hospitality Refurbishments& Maintenance
      September 14          Coaches & Managers                                             • RESIDENTIAL •
                                                                             Renovations, Extensions, Home Maintenance
                            End of Season Drinks                                          • FREE QUOTES •
      October 29            Senior Presentation                                                GREG WILLIAMS
      October 31            Junior Presentation                                Phone: 9773 9298 / Fax: 9772 4711
                                                                                     Mobile: 0418 864092
      November 9            Annual General Meeting                                Email:

                                                                         team. Congratulate all participants upon their perform
  •    Encourage children to participate, do not force them.
                                                                         ances regardless of the game’s outcome.
       Remember that organised sport is for children’s enjoy
       ment, not yours.                                             •    Respect official’s decisions and teach children to do
                                                                         likewise. Respect for your team’s opponents - without
  •    Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than
                                                                         them there would be no game.
       winning or losing.
                                                                    •    Show appreciation of volunteer coaches and admini-
  •    Encourage players to always participate by to the rules
                                                                         strators. Without them, your child could not participate.
       and official’s decisions.
                                                                    •    Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse
  •    Never riducule or yell at a child for making a mistake
                                                                         from sporting activities. Do not use foul language or
       or losing a game. Positive comments are motivational.
                                                                         harass players, coaches or officials.
  •    Remember that children learn best by example.                •    Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by
       Applaud good performance and efforts from each                    spectators, coaches, officials or players.

                                                                                           GOAL - Issue No. 1 - 2010 - PAGE 11
  MATCH REPORTS                                                          SUNDAY APRIL 18

   14 Ladies A                                                      All Age Ladies 1
Played Bankstown Sports – Won 3 - 0                               Played Condell Park – Lost 1 - 7
Our first game of the season was played under very warm           First game and to say we were a bit rough round the edges is
conditions against the Bankstown Sports Strikers with the         probably an understatement, though Condell did not have it
first 15 minutes being a very even contest. Kyla and Fiona        all their own way, we did manage to put some good moves
did a great job shutting down the attack through the mid-         together to open up their defence and get a few shots on tar-
dle with the help of Xanthe and Jessica who were superb           get. Our goal was scored by Laura coming onto a beautifully
in protecting the flanks. On the odd occasion the attack          weighted pass from Sam. In my humble opinion, their third
did get through Rachael was quick to pounce on the ball           goal was after a hand ball, but our collective humble opinions
doing a wonderful job in the goals. With the cobwebs              don't count if we ain't got the right coloured shirt and a fox
brushed off the girls got it together, their passing game         40. Kate found a new use for Wilson but I might have to do an
was excellent. Toni had a great game and never stopped            ID card for Wilson so he can be on the bench, just like other
harassing the attack with Kristen and Sarah showing some          teams registered their eskys. I am looking forward to seeing
impressive skills in defence and attack to get it the ball        the improvement through the year.
through to the forwards. Ellie’s runs up the side were terrif-                                                Man in fluoro jacket
ic as she crossed the ball a number of times setting up
some great opportunities. This would have lead to a num-
ber of goals if not for some great work from the opposi-
tion’s goalie. It wasn’t long before the midfielders had
Kristina away where she finished it off with a fantastic goal
                                                                    All Age Ladies 3
which saw us going into the break with a lead of 1-0. Early
in the second half saw a tight tussle Samantha showed
                                                                  Played East Bankstown – Won 12 - 0
some speed and doing well in chasing down the attack              So here we are back for another season of football! Great to
with Chelsea having a great game with some excellent              some new players join the team for the season. Game one of
passing and heading skills. As the opposition tired Eleni         the season is always tough getting new players used to each
skills shone as she cut loose, getting through on a number        other and playing in different positions. The first half was fairly
of occasions with her efforts finally paying off putting one      quiet, however the captain Nicky showed the way by scoring
into the back of the net with a superb shot. With a 2-0           a hat-trick before half time. So at oranges the score was 3 nil.
lead and our girls tiring in the heat a change some field         In the second we started to play as a team and there were
positions was made bringing Rachael out of the goals, this        some good passing moves and strong positional play which
proved to be a great move as it wasn’t long before she            saw goals to Nat C , Kim, Lauren and Sal. By full time we had
was through the defence with some fancy footwork getting          score 12 in total Nicky 4, Nat C 4, Kim 2 and Lauren and Sal
off a great shot allowing Eleni to finish it off with a simple    one each. A good team performance, thanks to Jo and Katie
tap in to make the final score 3-0. Well done girls what a        for each having a half in goal. And a special well done to Kylie
great way to kick off the season.                                 for not being ill on the field ...good job!!
                                        Peter Little, Manager                                                    Margaret, Coach

 AUBURN FC                           JENSEN                      CLAPHAM ROAD, SEFTON                          –
 BANKSTOWN DRAGONS                   MIDDLETON PARK              SMITH STREET, BASS HILL                       9644    3714
 BANKSTOWN SPORTS                    KEARNS / BUCHANAN           ANTWERP STREET, BANKSTOWN                     9793    7283
 BASS HILL RSL                       WALSHAW PARK                HECTOR STREET, BASS HILL                      9645    4167
 BIRRONG                             JIM RING RESERVE            WOODS ROAD, BIRRONG                           9644    2624
 CHULLORA WOLVES                     LOCKWOOD PARK               WATERLOO ROAD, CHULLORA                       9642    6714
 CONDELL PARK                        KINCH RESERVE               THIRD AVE, CONDELL PARK                       9790    0032
 EAST BANKSTOWN                      GOSLING PARK                CHISWICK ROAD, GREENACRE                      9708    5046
 GEORGES HALL THISTLES               COLEMAN PARK                RABAUL ROAD, GEORGES HALL                     9724    9926
 GREENACRE EAGLES                    ALLUM PARK                  MAIDEN SREET, GREENACRE                       9759    0400
 MILPERRA LIONS                      GORDON PARKER RES.          AULD AVE, MILPERRA                            –
 NORTH BANKSTOWN                     GEORGE GREEN / GRAF         AVOCA STREET, YAGOONA                         9796    4729
 PADSTOW HORNETS                     STUART RESERVE              STUART STREET, PADSTOW                        9792    3726
 PADSTOW UNITED                      PLAYFORD PARK               GIBSON AVE, PADSTOW                           9771    6590
 REVESBY ROVERS                      AMOUR PARK                  ILUKA STREET, REVESBY                         –
 REVESBY WORKERS                     MARCO RESERVE               HOMELEA AVE, PANANIA                          9792    3307
 SPEARS SPORTS CLUB                  NEVILLE RESERVE             CLARKE STREET, BASS HILL                      –
 SPORTS STRIKERS                     CREST SOCCER COMPLEX        CARYSFIELD ROAD, BASS HILL                    9790    2220
 ST CHRISTOPHERS                     MARCO RESERVE               HOMELEA AVE, PANANIA                          9773    5458
 VILLAWOOD UNITED                    THURINA PARK                LOWANA STREET, VILLAWOOD                      9728    6548
 YAGOONA                             O’NEILL PARK                COOPER ROAD, YAGOONA                          9790    2391

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