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									                GUIDE FOR USING VIDEO CONFERENCING:

Videoconferencing allows people located in different locations to meet and
communicate much the same as if they were in the same room. There are a number of
different tools and technologies that can be used to accomplish this, internet, video
cameras (webcam) and software is required on both sides.

Things required:
    Video input : video camera or webcam
    Video output: computer monitor , television or projector
    Audio input: microphones, CD/DVD player, cassette player, or any other
      source of Pre Amp audio outlet.

      Audio output: usually loudspeakers associated with the display device or

      Data transfer: analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet

      Computer: a data processing unit that ties together the other components,
       does the compressing and decompressing, and initiates and maintains the data
       linkage via the network.

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Setting up Conferencing:

Safe videoconferencing begins with the initial setting up and registration of the
videoconferencing device, which may be anything from a dedicated studio to a laptop
with built-in microphone and camera. As videoconferencing is a two-way technology,
cameras and microphones should be located in rooms where there is the least risk of
private activities being accidentally seen or overheard.
Always disable the auto-answer function. This means that all conferences will need to
be pre-arranged by phone or e-mail, but it is the safest option.
Ask everyone who can see or hear the conference to introduce themselves. If a
participating site is forwarding the conference to others—through their own
multipoint conferencing unit, for example – or has technicians able to see or hear the
conference, they should remind the other participants of this.

    Before starting an important meeting make sure that all the equipment is
    You should try to make an effort to speak more clearly when you are
     conducting a videoconference.
    When not speaking into a microphone turns it off. This would get rid of the
    You should make sure that you have set up the videoconference in a quiet
     place. Minimize the background noise, so communicating with the other
     person would be much clearer.
    It is usually best to look straight into a camera when speaking. This would
     make it appear that you are looking at the person you are communicating with
     from the other end.

Video conferencing for Regent Tec employer and employees:
By using video conferencing, you can save time and money while conducting several
key business activities or meetings. The overall costs of video conferencing and web
conferencing software are significantly lower than that of travelling, and it provides
an easy way for Regent Tec to hold meetings, conduct interviews, give lectures, and
trains new employees. Video conferencing can affect how business is conducted in
the organization. Video conferencing allows staff in different locations to see each
other regularly, which enables them to become better acquainted and helps to
improve interactions, job satisfaction levels and overall morale.
Fewer business travels mean employees will spend less time away from their family
and personal interests, and in doing, so they could be happier and more productive.
More face-to-face meetings can be conducted over video and at lower costs to help
you to build better relationship with your customers and business partners.
Video communications enable data, documents and images to be shared instantly.
With today’s high-definition video equipment, materials and designs can be observed
in great detail with instant feedback from stakeholders, to speed up decision making.
This in turn speeds up Regent Tec services to market, and can even help to solve
customer service issues.

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