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The following summary is a synopsis of the College's Emergency Evacuation Plan. It is meant to provide an overview
understanding of the plan's basic commitments and strategies, but for purposes of brevity and security, does not
outline all internal details, assignments, and locations. These exist in the Crisis Management Team's broader Crisis
Management Plan and would be made available to students, employees and their families in case of an actual

First Steps
Upon notification of an emergency situation, the College's Crisis Management Team would be alerted
and assembled to assess the situation, initiate contact with, and to receive specific instructions from, the
appropriate local, state or national authorities. The team would then use the confirmed information to
determine appropriate campus response and communicate instructions to students, employees and
their families.

Evacuation Procedures
If a decision is made to evacuate the campus – the team would consider the specific needs of, and
communicate instructions for, the following campus groups:

Local: living within 1 hour drive
Regional: living within 2-8 hour drive
National: living within 8 hour or more drive
International Students
Students with a disability

Within the above categories:
Students with cars
Students without cars


Summary Action Steps for Evacuating Students

1) Students leaving campus via their own transportation:
- Each student leaving campus via their own transportation will be asked to register their evac location
using one of the following:
- Sign-out sheets that will be placed on the doors of every student residence hall and apartment;
Resident Directors in each of those facilities will collect this information for dissemination on a rolling
- E-mailing their name, student ID, person they are traveling with, destination, and contact phone
number to dispatch@messiah.edu
- Calling and leaving the above information by phone at ext. 6009 or at 1-877-MC-READY (1-877-627-
- Campus "phone banks" and e-mail terminals will be made available in various locations for students
leaving campus in order to contact their families.
- This student evacuation information will be processed and distributed by numerous offices on campus
and families would be given specific instructions on where to call via the College's web site or
emergency hotline.
2) Students who are having someone from off campus pick them up:
These students would be prepared to meet their rides at a location designated by the Crisis
Management Team. Traffic control personnel will direct those picking up students to the proper
locations, which would also be designated via the College web site and emergency hotline, and other
means of campus communications.

Essential Employees
The Crisis Management Team will designate specific staff assignments for essential employees through
employees' individual supervisors. Some likely assignments include:
Building and Property Service staff
Campus Events staff
Campus Information Center (CIC) staff
Counseling Staff
Dining Services staff
Early Learning Center
Oakes Museum Staff
Public Relations staff
Residence Education Staff

Non-Essential Employees
Non-essential staff will be dismissed as notified by supervisor
Non-essential staff will be asked to assist in the housing of students who need a place to stay and will be
notified where to report to pick up student(s) on their way off campus.

All off-campus communication will be communicated by the Public Information Sub-team of the
College's larger Crisis Management Team, and will use the following means to communicate official
College statements and instructions:

Campus-wide phone mail
Campus-wide e-mail
Messiah College web site (www.messiah.edu)
Messiah College hot line (717.691.6084)
Residence education staff in the residence halls
Campus Events staff can go to classrooms and inform instructors of decision
Channel 6
Emergency signage at bulletin boards and on doors
Local media

To communicate clearance to return to campus, the College will use the following primary means:
Messiah College web site (www.messiah.edu)
Messiah College hot line (717.691.6084)
Local media
Further information pertaining to Emergency Response and Evacuation procedures specific to certain
emergencies, including Question and Answers can be found on the Messiah College Emergency
Response website at www.messiah.edu/emergency

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