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Newsletter for University of Iowa College of Pharmacy Alumni and Friends • Winter 2006

Community Pharmacists - Invaluable Partners
For Al Shepley (’71 BS), owner of Shepley      students’ didactic education by teaching       internship and eventually becoming a
Pharmacy in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, teaching         them to become lifelong learners. “A lot of    manager.
students and residents is as much a part       times we could tell them the answer, but
of the business as filling prescriptions and    we make a point of having them look it up      Coming to Iowa in 1974, Shepley also
counseling patients.                           for themselves.” The explosion of digital      made a point of becoming active in the
                                               reference materials means that what used       Iowa Pharmacy Association. He is currently
“I think it’s really important to show what    to mean a trip to the College library is now   vice president of the Iowa Pharmacy
you do to prospective pharmacists, to          available online. “Our connection with         Foundation and current chair of the
show them the best way to do things,” said     the UI has given us some great links to        Medicare Advisory Committee. Nationally,
Shepley. Shepley Pharmacy emphasizes the       online sources,” he noted. Students help the   he is a member of the NABP multi-state
importance of patient care. “For us, patient   professional pharmacists research specific      jurisprudence committee, helping write
care comes first. When excellent patient        topics, benefiting both the pharmacy and        the questions as they pertain to pharmacy
care is the gold standard, everyone benefits,   honing their own skills.                       law. He also represents Iowa pharmacy in
doctors, nurses, pharmacists, all of us.”                                                     Washington D.C., and has met with the
                                               Shepley got his first job in a pharmacy at      state delegation to discuss pharmaceutical
Shepley credits his colleagues, Ruth Clark,    age 16, as a stock boy in his hometown         topics of concern in the state.
‘92 BS, RPh, and Amy Jackson, PharmD,          of Ottumwa, Iowa. He worked there
with being a strong influence on students       through high school and during breaks
passing through the pharmacy. Shepley          from the College. In fact, this familiarity
Pharmacy is a general practice, specializing   with community pharmacy made the
in patient care and pharmaceutical             transition to professional life just that
outcomes, offering the full range of           much easier. After graduation he moved
services to the town of just under 3400.       to a Bloomington, Ill. pharmacy for his
“We do some specialty compounding
and participate in efforts such as the
anticoagulation clinic but what we do is
just care for our patients.”

The pharmacy is also active in patient
education, offering patient education in
diabetes, smoking and asthma, among
other topics. (

Shepley estimates that over the years a
couple hundred students have benefited
from a Shepley Pharmacy education.
“Sometimes a former student will
introduce him or herself to me at a
meeting and it can take a few minutes
to remember them. Still, it’s nice to see
former students and find out later how
they’re doing in the profession.”

Part of the success is rounding out the
                                                                               Al Shepley and Amy Koering
    From the Dean                                                                               Clinical &
    Partnership                                                                                 Pharmacy
          With Practice                                                                         Reorganization
    Our Alumni Board was here over Homecoming
    weekend to provide input and inform our planning                                            The Division of Clinical and Administrative
    for the future. Much of the discussion focused on                                           Pharmacy has a new administrative
    the continuing efforts to hone our curriculum with                                          structure, announced by Bernard Sorofman,
    a focus on measuring outcomes as our students                                               PhD, professor and head of clinical and
    progress through the program, graduate and enter                                            administrative pharmacy.
    practice. As always, the exchanges between the Board
    and the faculty were constructive and Board members were highly engaged in discuss-         These new appointments include:
    ing the structure and focus of our Pharmacy Practice Laboratory sequence, our plans         Associate Head and Director of Experience
    for experiential education in light of new accreditation standards and the complex          Programs: Jay Currie, ‘80 BS, ‘94 PharmD,
    task of assessing outcomes.                                                                 professor (clinical), is responsible for all
                                                                                                aspects of CAP division responsibilities
    While this exchange has become typical for these semiannual sessions, the interest          and oversight of the professional program
    on the part of the Board and the clear links that we have developed with pharmacy           experiential education.
    practice were never more evident. Twenty-five practicing alumni sit on this Board
    with terms of three to six years, another 12 each serve as members of our Industrial        Assistant Head for Professional Education:
    and our Deans Advisory Councils and of course nearly 300 serve as preceptors for            Gary Milavetz, PharmD, associate
    our students in either introductory or advanced clerkship settings. In short, we could      professor, represents the division on all
    not plan or deliver our curriculum without the help and support of alumni and other         issues related to the Doctor of Pharmacy
    practitioners.                                                                              educational program, with the exception of
                                                                                                experiential education.
    This extraordinary commitment to education is typical of pharmacy and maybe even
    more typical of Iowa pharmacists. Leading change in the delivery and reimburse-             Assistant Head for Post-Graduate Education:
    ment of health care has been a forte of our state association and both of its colleges of   Karen Farris, PhD, associate professor,
    pharmacy. Fall Pharmacy nights, IPA annual meetings and educational expos, student          represents the division and head on all
    leadership programs, joint research with practitioners to evaluate innovations in phar-     issues related to the graduate educational
    maceutical care such as PCM, our emerging partnership with IPA to deliver continuing        programs, residency training, and post-
    education at a level that enables practitioners to develop new knowledge and skills, are    doctoral fellow programs.
    all examples of this interdependence. While the abundance of awards received by Iowa
    pharmacists at this year’s APhA meeting further reflected this leadership to the profes-     Assistant Head for New Professional
    sion it also underscores the unique partnerships with practice that we have come to         Initiatives: Randal McDonough, ‘87 BS,
    rely upon.                                                                                  ‘97 MS, ‘00 PharmD, associate professor
                                                                                                (clinical), represents the division on
    When I decided to come to The University of Iowa nearly 7 years ago, one of the             all issues related to new professional
    major attractions was this incredible legacy of interaction and leadership. I have not      initiatives.
    been disappointed and continue to be energized and wanted to take this opportunity
    to offer our heartfelt thanks for all you do for our students, faculty and College.         The division’s Web site can be found at:

College Hosts                                                                               Leadership
                                                                                  Legacy of Honors & Awards
Technology                                                                  As the College’s Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum adapts to
Meeting                                                                     meet the challenges of the profession, its alumni are on the
                                                                            front lines of change in the field. James Wallace (’80 BS),
The College hosted the National Institute                                   pharmacy director at Trinity Regional Health System, is one
for Pharmaceutical Technology and                                           of these leaders.
Education’s (NIPTE) executive board
meeting on Sept. 22. Based at Purdue                                      Wallace became involved with the Iowa Pharmacy Association
University, NIPTE is made of representatives                              right after graduation. “It was so easy to become involved
from universities, pharmaceutical                                         through the Young Pharmacists Committee. It really was a
companies and the U.S. Food and Drug           springboard to meeting people so smart and on top of things. I feel it really rounded me
Administration (FDA). Its goal is to foster    out as a professional.”
collaboration and scientific exchange to
address issues in research, technology and     Over the years, Wallace continued his involvement with IPA, serving as president of the
education related as they relate to how        board in 2002-2003 and chairman of the board from 2003-2004. “Sometimes people
pharmaceutical drugs are developed and         don’t get involved because they feel they don’t have the time or resources. Becoming
manufactured.                                  involved is as simple as joining the organization, supporting it financially, volunteering on
                                               a committee. Many people are also active in local schools or their community. ”
Participants in the NIPTE include
representatives from the UI as well as         After serving in the IPA leadership, Wallace is broadening his professional involvement to
Duquesne University, the Illinois Institute    the national scene. Of interest is increasing Iowa participation in the American Society of
of Technology, Purdue University, Rutgers      Health System Pharmacists (ASHP). He has served as a delegate to the ASHP house for two
University, the University of Puerto Rico      years and hopes to continue involvement in the group.
San Juan/Mayaquez, the University of
Connecticut, the University of Kansas, the     Wallace’s work as pharmacy director at Trinity QC has also put him on the edge of change
University of Kentucky, the University of      in the profession. He served as pharmacy director from 1991-1995, head of its Homecare
Maryland and the University of Minnesota.      services from 1995-2001 and returned back as director in 2001. Trinity is a three-campus
                                               provider located on the eastern border of Iowa and western border of Illinois with
Rolland Poust, PhD, professor of               campuses in Moline and Rock Island, Ill., and Bettendorf, Iowa. The system offers a range
pharmaceutics and director of the College’s    of services, including oncology, psychiatry and primary care. This offers its pharmacy
Division of Pharmaceutical Service, is a       staff “a tremendous opportunity to be a generalist.” Pharmacists are assigned to specific
NIPTE board member, and Lee Kirsch, PhD,       campuses, and must obtain licensure in both Iowa and Illinois.
associate professor of pharmaceutics, is a
member of NIPTE’s executive committee.         Like so much of pharmacy, the profession “has seen a lot of changes and yet so much
                                               has remained the same,” Wallace said. He noted that while the biggest change is
“We were very pleased to host this meeting     reimbursement, with the rollout of the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, “the
of highly motivated academicians who           challenge is to continue to provide great care with fixed or dwindling resources. ”
believe that we can lower the cost and
improve the quality of health care by          Trinity has been progressive in its use of automation, with the only ROBOT-RX, a
leveraging the creativity and innovative       centralized robotic drug distribution system that automates the storage, retrieval and
spirit of university-based research and        dispensing of unit doses. In Feb. 2006, the system instituted medication bar code charting
education on the long-standing and             and will have physician order entry on computer within a year or two.
recurrent problems associated with
pharmaceutical development,” Kirsch said.      At Trinity, the pharmacists feel part of a team “and enjoy great support from
“Our expectation is that the efforts of this   administration and physicians.”
group will result in innovation that will
benefit both the public good and also           Wallace and his colleagues see UI, Drake and Creighton pharmacy students on their
generate technology transfer and economic      general hospital pharmacy rotation. Wallace hopes to expand the rotations to include
development at the local and state level.”     general medicine and infectious disease. “We are very much a community hospital,
                                               something that can benefit pharmacy students at all levels.”
More information about NIPTE is available
online at

    Pharmaceutics Research and Education
    This is the first of a series of articles introducing the UI College of Pharmacy’s academic and service divisions.

    As one of three academic programs at                                                                                            As the scaffolds used in drug delivery
    the UI College of Pharmacy, the Divi-                                                                                           system possess similarity to those used
    sion of Pharmaceutics links the physi-                                                                                          in tissue engineering, a natural link
    cal world of dosage form development                                                                                            exists between these two areas of study.
    with the disposition and action of drugs
    in the body. “One of the strengths of                                                                                           Svensson noted that division alumni
    the discipline is its breadth. It is an                                                                                         have been enthusiastic supporters of
    adaptable discipline that has been able                                                                                         the division, serving on the advisory
    to follow the changing face of science,”                                                                                        council, recruiting division graduates,
    said Craig Svensson, PhD, Lyle and                                                                                              and providing financial support.
    Sharon Bighley Professor in Pharmaceu-
    tical Sciences and Division Head.                                                                                              In recent years, alumni have honored
                                                                                                                                   faculty by setting up endowed fellow-
    Long engaged in the development and                                                                                            ships to support graduate students. The
    evaluation of drug dosage forms, the                                                                                           Keith Guillory Pharmacy Fellowship
    field has expanded to research into the                                                                                         was established to support outstanding
    development of medical devices and                                                                                             graduate students in pharmaceutics. The
    tissue engineering. The UI’s phar-                                                                                             Flanagan-Guillory-Matheson-Wurster
    maceutics faculty has followed these                                                                                           Pharmaceutics Fellowship is currently
    trends, balancing the training of future                                                                                       being developed to recruit and support
    scientists, teaching professional degree                                                                                       outstanding graduate students who
    students, and carrying out landmark                                        graduate students. “We see the focus of the         have a specific focus on the areas of
    research in the field.                                                      graduate program as the training of scien-      physical and applied pharmaceutics. Alumni
                                                                               tists who are problem solvers able to work      graduates who created the fellowship
    The UI’s PharmD students benefit from                                       in a variety of settings, including indus-      include: Gus Hartauer (’89 PhD), Rong Liu
    this knowledge beginning in their first                                     try, academia and government regulatory         (’91 PhD), Kalpana Patel, (’92 PhD) and
    professional year when they take a required                                bodies,” said Svensson.                         Colin Rowlings (’89 PhD) in the name of
    year-long pharmaceutics survey course                                                                                      professors Douglas Flanagan, Keith Guillory,
    that exposes them to the basic, applied and                                Division faculty are engaged in training and    Lloyd Matheson and Dale Eric Wurster.
    clinical aspects of the specialty. In their                                research in three general areas:
    second professional year, students study                                                                                   For a comprehensive look at the division, including individual
    the fundamental principles of pharmacoki-                                  Physical and Applied Pharmaceutics is           research activities by faculty, visit it on the Web: pharmacy.
    netics and biopharmaceutics. Throughout                                    the scientific foundation of drug product
    the first three years of the professional                                   development and includes the physical and
    program, key principles of pharmaceutics                                   chemical characterization of active ingre-
    are reinforced through integrated projects                                 dients, as well as drug products. Faculty
    in the Pharmacy Practice Laboratory (PPL)                                  are engaged in applied and fundamental
    sequence.                                                                  research aimed at improving and re-engi-
                                                                               neering pharmaceutical product process
    “This is where we seek to link the didactic                                design and development.
    with practice through active learning exer-
    cises,” Svensson said. For example, in PPL                                 Drug Disposition and Dynamics is focused
    students apply the formulation principles                                  on understanding and modeling the pro-
    they’ve learned in pharmaceutics with                                      cesses by which drugs are absorbed, dis-
    training in the basics of compounding. In                                  tributed, metabolized and eliminated from
    2004, the division initiated an elective in                                the body, as well as the impact of these pro-
    pharmaceutical compounding. Svensson                                       cessed on drug action. Faculty are engaged
    indicated that the division hopes to expand                                in research at the molecular, biochemical,
    its elective offerings in compounding in                                   cellular and whole body level.
    future years and that CE programs on this
    topic are in the planning stage.                                           Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering is a
                                                                               newer multidisciplinary field that seeks to
    The division also supports an active gradu-                                develop novel dosage forms with targeted
    ate program, which currently includes 37                                   and controlled release of active agents.

Pharmacy Students Take Part
                                                                                                     New Staff Profiles
in State Fair
                                                                                                                       Jennifer Bertrand
                                                            Members of the Academy of
                                                                                                                       is the new program
                                                            Student Pharmacists brought “Fun
                                                                                                                       assistant in the Office
                                                            in the Pharmacy” to the UI booth
                                                                                                                       of Academic Affairs.
                                                            at the Iowa State Fair on August
                                                                                                                       She is responsible
                                                            16. The students’ exhibit included
                                                                                                                       for pre-pharmacy
                                                            screenings for heartburn, poison
                                                                                                                       advising, recruiting
                                                            prevention, and dermaview screen-
                                                                                                                       and new student
                                                            ings to show fairgoers the cumula-
                                                                                                     orientation, coordinates all pharmacy
                                                            tive effects of sun exposure. Suntan
                                                                                                     student organizations, and is the advisor
                                                            lotion samples, coloring books,
                                                                                                     for Student Council, PSAN, and the
                                                            and heartburn prevention samples
                                                                                                     Pre-Pharmacy Club. Bertrand has a
                                                            were distributed.
                                                                                                     PhD in animal science from Oregon
                                                                                                     State University and was a postdoctoral
                                                                                                     fellow in the UI Carver College of
                                                                                                     Medicine Department of Pharmacology.
                                                                                                     She has taught biology as an adjunct
                                                                                                     faculty member at Kirkwood and
                                                                                                     Muscatine Community Colleges, and
                                                                                                     was an academic advisor at Muscatine
    Danielle Ficke councils a state fair visitor about                                               Community College. She is married and
                 heart burn awareness                                                                has a three-year-old son.

                                                                                                     Kristen Dearden

Continuing Education for
                                                                                                     is the College’s
                                                                                                     Assistant Director of
                                                                                                     Educational Affairs
Preceptors                                                                                           for the Collaborative
                                                                                                     Education Institute
                                                         Preceptors and adjunct faculty              (CE), a partnership
                                                         attended two continuing education           between the College’s
                                                         programs organized by the Division of       Division of Continuing Education and
                                                         Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy        the Iowa Pharmacy Association. The CE
                                                         Professional Experiential Programs,         seeks to empower pharmacists through
                                                         with the help of the Alumni Office.          programs of continuing education and
                                                         The programs, hosted at seven sites         professional development.
                                                         across the state, is one way the College
                                                         expresses its gratitude for practitioners   Dearden will lead the planning and
                                                         who volunteer their time and talent.        coordination of continuing education
                                                                                                     programs, including developing
                                                    “Managing, Learning and Evaluation on            budgets, writing grants, marketing,
Rotations,” was presented by Jay Currie (’80 BSPH, ’84 PharmD), clinical professor, and              and overall operations of the division.
Christine Catney (’96 PharmD, ’86 MS), assistant director of pharmacy services. Attendees            She was previously the IPA’s Manager
shared strategies and tools for effective communication, as well as general rotation                 of Public and Professional Affairs for
teaching practices. The seminars also allowed representatives of the College to meet with            15 years. While at IPA, she worked on
the preceptors and discuss issues that affect them.                                                  continuing education programs as well
                                                                                                     as administration and coordination
More than 100 preceptors attended these events in Iowa City, Davenport, Sioux City,                  of projects such as the Iowa Center
Mason City, Des Moines, Mt. Pleasant, and Dubuque in September and October. The class                for Pharmaceutical Care, Technician
will also be offered over the Iowa Communications Network for anyone unable to attend.               Certification in the State of Iowa, and
                                                                                                     most recently IPA’s 125th Anniversary
                                                                                                     Celebration. Dearden is based out of Des
                                                                                                     Moines where she lives with her husband
                                                                                                     and daughter.

                                                                   IDIS Reaches Around
    Honors & Awards
                                                                   The World
    Gary Milavetz, PharmD, associate professor and
                                                                   Pharmacy faculty member Ronald Herman, ‘76 BS, ‘78 MS ‘92 PhD,
    assistant head for academic affairs, clinical and
                                                                   clinical associate professor, spent two weeks in September training
    administrative pharmacy, was named a director-at-large
                                                                   pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates to use the Iowa Drug Information
    of clinical specialists and scientists of American Society
                                                                   Service, (IDIS) a computer-based drug information database. In the UI
    of Health-System Pharmacists for 2006-2008.
                                                                   College of Pharmacy, Herman is director of the Iowa Drug Information
                                                                   Network, a branch of the UI College of Pharmacy’s Division of Drug
    Milavetz has served as a preceptor in ASHP’s Asthma
                                                                   information Service (DDIS).
    Traineeship program for several years. He is active in
    local, regional, and national pharmacy organizations
                                                                   Subscribers, who are found in every state in the U.S. and on all seven
    serving in both elected positions and as an appointed
                                                                   continents, have access to 200 medical journals from 1966 to the present,
    member of assorted organizational committees and task
                                                                   with materials from 1997 to the present available on the Web or CD-ROM.
    forces. He is also a clinical pharmacist in the division of
    allergy and pulmonary of the department of pediatrics
                                                                   In the United Arab Emirates, the General Authority for Health Services
    at UI Hospitals and Clinics. His specialty area is pediatric
                                                                   (GAHS) is responsible for the provision of health services for the emirate
    pharmacotherapy with an interest in medications used
                                                                   of Abu Dhabi. Currently, there are five major hospitals and 46 primary
    to treat respiratory disease.
                                                                   health centers in Abu Dhabi. The government’s primary goal for GAHS
                                                                   has been the provision of quality medical care that meets the regulatory
    Pharmacy researcher Thomas Prisinzano, PhD, assistant
                                                                   standards of leading international health care organizations.
    professor of medicinal and natural products chemistry,
    will study the development of a potential new treatment
                                                                   Included among these goals is the establishment of a national drug and
    for substance abuse, thanks to a five-year, $1.67 million
                                                                   poison information center. Mohamed Abu Khair, drug consultant advisor
    grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the
                                                                   and head of the pharmacy activities, and fellow GAHS pharmacy leaders
    National Institutes of Health.
                                                                   requested training from the DDIS.
    In his research, Prisinzano will take a natural compound
                                                                   Herman consulted with GAHS leadership and trainied pharmacists who
    derived from plants and, using medicinal chemistry,
                                                                   will operate the new National Drug and Poison Information Center. He
    convert it into a product that could be used as a pain
                                                                   spent four hours training nearly 75 pharmacists in IDIS utilization. The
    reliever or a treatment for methamphetamine or cocaine
                                                                   training included lectures, hands-on demonstrations and many projects to
    dependence, for example.
                                                                   demonstrate implementation of the new skills.
    The natural compound, salvinorin A, targets opioid
                                                                   Eventually, hospitals across the region will have access to the IDIS database.
    receptors at the same place in the brain where morphine
                                                                   In addition, five pharmacists who will operate the national center and five
    and other opiates act. Research has shown that opioid
                                                                   GAHS pharmacists were given approximately 60 hours of individualized
    receptors are involved in some of the abuse-related
                                                                   training to develop their skills as specialists in medication information.
    effects of drugs. Understanding how salvinorin A inter-
    acts with opioid receptors will allow new medications to
                                                                   Although it is common to countries such as the United States, the United
    be developed to treat drug abuse and pain.
                                                                   Arab Emirates has not had a national poison control center. Herman said
                                                                   that the once the center is completed, its staff needs to be knowledgeable
    Zhendong Jin was reconigized for having one of his
                                                                   in IDIS use, as well as in general management of the center.
    Organic Letters papers being the most accessed paper
    in 2004. Organic Letters is one of the most prestigious
                                                                   “My training in Abu Dhabi was two-fold,” Herman said. “One part was to
    journal in Organic Chemistry.
                                                                   work with those individuals and give them basic information-searching
                                                                   skills and ability to process information, and how to take care of poison-
    Congratulations to the 2006 AACP Faculty Delegate:
                                                                   type situations. We also reviewed how to evaluate literature—how to
    Jeff Reist & Alternate Delegate: Jim Hoehns
                                                                   be able to realize whether the information that they are looking at is

                                                                   The new poison control center is to open in the coming months. Herman
                                                                   said he plans to revisit the country, possibly as soon as spring 2006.

                                                                   In May 2004, Herman spent 10 days in the African nation of Botswana,
                                                                   teaching pharmacists there how to use the network, and he helped
                                                                   establish that country’s first national drug information center.

Miller Receives American
                                                                              New Faculty Profile
College of Clinical
Pharmacy Award                                                                CoraLynn Trewet, PharmD,
                                                                              MS, the College’s newest
                                                                              faculty member, always knew
William Miller, PharmD, professor of clinical and administrative              she wanted to work in health
pharmacy, has been named the 2005 recipient of the Paul F. Parker Medal       care, but it wasn’t until she
for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Pharmacy.                      went to work with her uncle,
                                                                              an assistant director of
The annual award is presented by the American College of Clinical             pharmacy at a local hospital,
Pharmacy (AACP) to acknowledge significant and sustained contributions         that she knew just what she
to the field. Miller received the Parker Medal on Oct. 23 at the annual AACP   wanted to do. “I shadowed
meeting in San Francisco, Calif.                                              him for a day at age 13
                                                                              and knew I wanted to be a
Miller came to the UI in 1997 as head of the College’s Division of Clinical   pharmacist. I never looked back,” she added.
and Administrative Pharmacy, a position he held until 2001. He has been
and remains “one of the most influential clinical pharmacy leaders of the      Trewet, who graduated from Drake University in May
past 30 years,” according to the Parker Medal selection committee. One        2003, completed a two-year practice management
of Miller’s key contributions to the profession was his appointment of the    residency and completed her master’s in pharmacy
Commission to Implement Change in Pharmaceutical Education when               administration, both at the University of Kansas. She
he was president of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy          is a native of Atlantic, Iowa.
(AACP) in 1989. He charged the commission to redefine the mission of
pharmacy practice as a basis for pharmaceutical education and develop a       In addition to her role as an assistant professor of
conceptual framework for pharmacy practice. Under Miller’s leadership,        clinical and administrative pharmacy, she will be a
the commission made recommendations that revolutionized pharmacy              faculty member with the Broadlawns Family Practice
education and influenced pharmacy practice worldwide.                          Residency Program in Des Moines. “In Kansas I
                                                                              worked with students in a clinical setting, serving as
A founding member of the AACP, Miller served as the organization’s            a preceptor during internal medicine and transplant
president from 1985-1986. He also is a founding member of the board           rotations. I also taught a class to second year pharmacy
of directors of the journal Pharmacotherapy and has chaired the journal’s     students. I’m really looking forward to my first group
board since 2003. A leading advocate for progressive postgraduate training    of Iowa students because I know they’re outstanding.”
and residency accreditation, Miller was a member of the American Society
of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Commission on Credentialing from          She adds, “Iowa is a great place to be a pharmacist! We
1991 to 1997 and chaired that body for three years. He remains active         are lucky to have two wonderful pharmacy schools
on ACCP and AACP committees, and he serves as a residency program             that believe in the profession and produce leaders.
accreditation surveyor for ASHP.                                              Iowa practitioners are on a higher level and the
                                                                              synergy that comes from such a high level of practice
As a department chair, Miller was responsible for the development and         and such great leadership is one of a kind.”
expansion of clinical pharmacy programs at the University of Tennessee, the
Medical University of South Carolina and the UI. Miller began his career at   Trewet currently holds an elected office with the
the University of Kentucky, where he served under Paul Parker.                American Pharmacists Association, sits on the Council
                                                                              for Professional Affairs with the American Society of
                                                                              Health System Pharmacists and is an active member
                                                                              and frequent presenter for other state and national

                                                                              She has completed research on continuity of care and
                                                                              pharmacist documentation. Trewet is interested in
                                                                              preventive health, lipid management, diabetes, and
                                                                              health outcomes.

                                                                              Trewet is happy to return to her home state and admits
                                                                              to being a newly minted Hawkeye fan. “I recently got
                                                                              married to a big Hawkeye fan. I grew up a huge Iowa
                                                                              State Cyclone fan, but am a proud Hawkeye now. Go

    Alumni News
    Tom Veach  (‘52 BPharm) has recently          in Williamsburg, Va., on August 13, 2005.         Patti (Weimerskirch) Trenkamp (‘01
    received a Citation of Achievement            She is a clinical pharmacist at Sentara           PharmD) & her husband Travis, of
    Certificate for 50 years from the Texas        Williamsburg Community Hospital and               Charlotte, Iowa, announce the birth of
    State Board of Pharmacy. Tom does relief      Sentara Careplex Hospital and Joshua is           daughter Ella Rose on September 8, 2005.
    work now for HEB pharmacies in San            a professor of physics at the College of          Big brother Isaac is two years old.
    Antonio.                                      William and Mary.
                                                                                                    Peggy (Stearns) Badgett (’84 BS), of
    Paul Naber (‘70  BPharm) RPh, manager         Tracy (Jepson) Graham (‘99 PharmD) and            Orangeville, Ill., is working for Dave
    of the Bellingham Cost Cutter Meridian        husband, Brad Graham announce the                 Scofield (DEGREE & YEAR) at Hartig Drug
    Pharmacy, Bellingham, Wash., has              arrival of their second son, Ethan Roger          in Stockton, Ill. She reports that she and her
    obtained a National Provider Identifier        Graham, on April 23, 2005. He joins his           husband are busy raising three children,
    from the Centers for Medicare and             big brother, Tyler James, 2. The Grahams          riding horses and racing bikes in time
    Medicaid Services, a key for securing         live in Loveland, Colo., where Tracy works        trials and keeping up with their small farm.
    compensation for Medication Therapy           as a clinical pharmacist at Poudre Valley         She’d love to hear from classmates (“Jim
    Management services for Medicare              Hospital. Brad is finishing his Ph.D. in           Callahan, where are you?”). Email her at
    Part D Prescription benefit starting in        economics at the University of Colorado at
    January 2006.                                 Boulder. They hope to move back to Iowa
                                                  next summer.                                      Ryan Schimmer (’02    PharmD), of
    Randy Juhl  (‘72 BPharm, ’74 MS,                                                                Centennial, Colo., married Jennifer
    ‘76 PhD), vice chancellor for research        Maggie Murphy    (‘00 PharmD), of Ames,           Pennington on October 15 in Denver,
    conduct and compliance at the                 Iowa, recently started working at Wyeth           Colo. Jennifer is a University of Colorado
    University of Pittsburgh, was named to        Pharmaceuticals as a medical science              graduate and a clinical pharmacy specialist
    the Waldorf College Board of Regents.         liaison specializing in infectious disease.       in cardiology at Kaiser Permanente in
    He received an associate’s degree             She participated in the official launch of         Denver.
    from Waldorf College in Forest City,          the newly approved antibiotic Tygacil in
    Iowa in 1968. He is a distinguished           Chicago. “The main focus of my job will be
    alumnus of both Waldorf College               to develop relationships with key thought
    (1994) and the UI College of Pharmacy         leaders in the Upper Midwest territory, as
    (2000). Prior to his vice chancellor          well as providing support to the field-based
    appointment, he served as dean of             area account managers.”
    the School of Pharmacy at Pittsburgh.
    Randy also served as chair of the
    F.D.A.’s Nonprescription Drug Advisory
    Committee and of the Pharmacy
    Compounding Advisory Committee for
    the F.D.A.

    Laurel Marsden Loyd (‘77    BPharm),
    of Richmond, Va., is assistant director
    of pharmacy at the VCU Health
    System, where she has worked for 19
    years. She’d love to hear from former
    classmates ( She
    reports that she was recently spotlighted
    on the ASHP Web site, “click on the
    ambulatory section on the left margin
    to find out what I have been up to.”

    Jennifer Bergman (‘94 BPharm), of
    Normal, Ill., reports that she and
    her husband, Joe, have two children,
    Elizabeth, 5, and Joseph, 2.

    Veronica DeLallo  (‘99 PharmD) married      Class of 1988 graduates Don Keeley, Eric Schmitt and Mike Piggott enjoying themselves at the Keeley
    Dr. Joshua Erlich at a ceremony on the                               Invite Golf outing in Streator IL on July 30, 2005
    College of William and Mary campus

Homecoming                                               The Season For Giving -
Fever                                                    and Saving
                                                                               By Mary Rettig, Director of Development for the University of Iowa colleges of
Wonderfully warm fall weather set the stage for a
                                                                               Pharmacy and Nursing,The University of Iowa Foundation
great Homecoming Weekend. The Hawkeyes beat the
Illini in front of over 70,000 students, alumni and
                                                                               Private support for the University of Iowa College of
other fans. The College of Pharmacy was pleased to
                                                                               Pharmacy is vital throughout every season, but your
host more than 100 guests for the weekend.
                                                                               giving can mean even more if you make your gift for
                                                                               the College before this calendar year winds down. Your
                                                                               year-end contribution can help make a difference for
                                                                               the College’s students and faculty and increase your tax
                                                                               savings in 2005.

                                                         Such a contribution also can be a gift that keeps on giving. My job as the
                                                         College’s fund raiser is to help you create such a legacy—and one good
                                                         way to do so is by establishing a deferred gift.

                                                         I can work with you and your professional advisor to determine the type
                                                         of deferred gift that best suits your situation. Including a bequest in your
                                                         will is one way to remember the College. A charitable gift annuity or
Many attended the Saturday morning breakfast and         charitable remainder trust also can benefit the College tomorrow, while
tailgate and enjoyed the pre-game festivities. Alumni    providing financial benefits—such as potentially providing income, reduc-
were also able to catch up with former professors.       ing your taxes, unlocking appreciated investments, and reducing your
Lloyd Matheson, Keith Guillory, Bernard Sorofman,        investment concerns—to you today.
Jay Currie (’80 BSPH, ’84 PharmD), Ron Herman
(’76 BSPH, ’78 MS, ’92 PhD) and Sandy Johnson            If you’re considering a planned gift for the UI College of Pharmacy, here
(’87 MS) were just some of the College’s faculty in      are a few things to keep in mind:
attendance. As always, Matheson led a popular tour
of the pharmacy building.                                          • Estate plans are fully revocable: We understand that your first
                                                         priority in planning your estate will always be providing for your loved
The individual class reunions were also very well        ones and we recognize your right to revise your plans at any time without
attended. The class of 1980 celebrated their 25th        any obligation to the College.
reunion at Joe’s Place on Friday night and boasted the
                                                                   • Bequests can be made from different types of assets: One
largest number per class back for the weekend. The
                                                         type of bequest that is easily overlooked, but is especially appropriate for
class of 1995 also celebrated on Friday night with a
                                                         charitable uses, involves using assets from qualified retirement plans. More
gathering at Mondo’s out in Coralville. Alumni from
                                                         than half of retirement assets could end up being forfeited to taxes if left to
1975 got together after the game on Saturday for
                                                         an individual heir—so using those assets to make a bequest can protect the
dinner at the Brown Bottle in North Liberty.
                                                         value of the retirement nest egg you worked hard to save.
                                     This year                    • You can go online to learn more: Check out www.uiowafoun-
                                     about 15   for more information about deferred gifts.
                                     students            Maximizing your charitable giving before December 31, 2005—through
                                     walked              either an outright or deferred gift—can help you claim as many tax deduc-
                                     alongside           tions as possible. Also, any gift you make for the college before the end of
                                     an Iowa bus         this year will count toward the University’s $1 billion Good. Better. Best. Iowa.
                                     plastered           fund-raising campaign, which ends on Dec. 31, 2005.
                                     with College
                                     of Pharmacy         By making a year-end gift for the College, you can ensure a better future
                                     signs               for all those whom the UI College of Pharmacy touches—and a better tax
acknowledging all COP student organizations. They        season for yourself.
also handed out fliers with “Know your medicine.
Know your pharmacist.” to kick off American              For additional information about giving options, contact Mary Rettig, the
Pharmacy Month.                                          UI Foundation’s director of development for the UI College of Pharmacy,
                                                         at or at 319-335-3305 or 800-648-6973. To make a gift for the
Don’t miss out on the fun next year—Homecoming           College online, go to
’06 will be October 6th and 7th!

     Students Receive White Coats                                                                      College
                                                                                                       Raises Money
                                                                                                       for Hurricane
                                                                                                       Nicole Brogden, P3, spearheaded a very
                                                                                                       successful College effort to raise money
                                                                                                       for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In
                                                                                                       four days Brogden helped to raise more
                                                                                                       than $3,700 from students, faculty, and
                                                                                                       staff. The money was given to the UI
                                                                                                       provost’s office, which coordinated all
                                                                                                       University donations to the American
                                                                                                       Red Cross for hurricane relief. Brogden
                                                                                                       credits pharmacy student groups,
                                                                                                       including Student Council, ASP, and UI-
     The 109 members of the entering class received their first white laboratory coats, the             SHP, for their efforts.
     symbol of their admission into the College and the profession of pharmacy, at the begin-
     ning of their first semester on August 20. Jordan Cohen, dean of the College addressed
     the students. Thomas Halterman (‘89 BSPh), CEO, Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care,
     and president of the College’s Alumni Board, and Susan Purcell (‘74 BSPh, CGP, FASCP),
     manager of Mercy CareMor Pharmacy and co-founder of the company Miller-Purcell, wel-
     comed the students to the profession.

     Michael Kelly (‘88 PharmD, ‘89 MS), associate dean of academic affairs, Lucinda Harms
     (‘83 BSPh), instructor, and Jeffrey Reist (‘82 BSPh), clinical instructor, both from the
     division of clinical and administrative pharmacy, assisted students in receiving their white
     laboratory coats and name badges. The students also recited the Oath of a Pharmacist.

     UI Pharmacy Students Offered Glucose Screenings
     Students from the College offered free blood glucose screenings to the public as part of a nationwide effort to identify individuals at
     high risk of developing diabetes.

                                                                                        “Operation Diabetes” was launched by the American
                                                                                        Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists
                                                                                        (APhA-ASP) and is sponsored by Rite Aid. In addition to
                                                                                        providing glucose screening, the promotional campaign
                                                                                        is designed to increase awareness of diabetes and the
                                                                                        dangers associated with the disease.

                                                                                        Twenty UI pharmacy students were trained by Jenna
                                                                                        Steffensmeier, a clinical pharmacist with the Veterans
                                                                                        Affairs Iowa City Health Care System to administer
                                                                                        the blood glucose screenings. Individuals who were
                                                                                        identified as having high blood glucose levels received
                                                                                        information for referral to their physicians.

2005 Scholarship Award Recipients
John Lach Memorial Scholarship           Thomas D. Hill Scholarship                  Carleton R. Mikkelsen Scholarship
Aiman Abbas                              Janice Worsham                              Sara Morio
Zhixin Zong
                                         Frances T. & Charles Holub Memorial Award   NACDS Scholarship
Courtney Adam Memorial Scholarship       Amy Lassen                                  Abby Heitman
Minh Pham
                                         Iowa Pharmacy Alliance                      Petersen Linder Scholarship
Albertsons/Osco Scholarship              Michelle O’Connor                           Cheryl Ozog
Heather Chapman                          Heidi Wood
Leslie Landgren                                                                      Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship
Kellie Metz                              Iowa Pharmacy Foundation                    Jea Young Min
Beth Renken                              Heather Arnold
                                         Jodi Langstaff                              Sattler Family Scholarship
Melissa Arbogast Memorial Scholarship    Laura Uthe                                  Jessica Eveleth
Jessica Frank
                                                                                          Scherling Prize
Ilse Buckner Memorial                                                                     Christine Rupp
Kierstan Hanson                                                                          Gordon H. Sheffield Scholarship
                                                                                         Jaclyn Sprock
Burroughs Wellcome
Scholarship                                                                              Shopko Scholarship
Molly Pille                                                                              Matthew Witry

David & James Carlson                                                                    H. Curtis Snyder Award
Scholarship                                                                              Jillian Hernan
Kristina Beacom
Laura McGonegle                                                                          Target Scholarship
                                                                                         Lauren Jacobi
Vernon Conzemius
Scholarship                                                                              Teeters/Wahl Scholarship
Emilie Porter                                                                            Tracey Irwin
                                                                                         Megan Leloux
Ben M. Cooper Memorial
                                         J. M. Long Foundation                       Wilbur J. Teeters Scholarship
                                         Chad Denlinger                              Mikel Brandhorst
Molly Mader
                                         Johnson County Pharmacy Association         John S. Thor Memorial Award
Alice Gates Coxon Memorial Scholarship
                                         Scholarship                                 Erica Long
Kellie Metz
                                         Jill Mastascusa                             Nolan Ngo
CVS Pharmacy Scholarship
                                         Dean Kuever Scholarship                     Walgreens Scholarship
Kimberly Gavin
                                         Chelsea Hunter                              Kristi Hawkins
Heather Heit
Mary Beth Leistad                                                                    Kathleen Herbert
                                         Ernest Kyle Memorial Scholarship            Stevie Hudrlik
Pamela Murphy
                                         Sarah Tierney                               Jennifer Jepsen
Sarah Wiese
                                                                                     Kristin Prendergast
                                         Ronald P. Madden Scholarship                Stacy Weipert
Max Eggleston Scholarship
                                         Michael Novak
Jonathan Elbert
                                                                                     Wal-Mart Scholarship
                                         Charles J. Malecek Scholarship              Zachary Russell
Lori A. Grimes Memorial Scholarship
                                         Jessica Purcell
Ashley Bramble
                                                                                     Zopf Memorial Award
                                         McQueary Brothers Scholarship               Anna Metz
Hartig Scholarship
                                         Phyllis Hemerson
Erin Daley
                                                                                     Zuehlke Scholarship
                                                                                     Dane Shiltz

                                                                             Legacy Call
Calendar of Events
                                                If your family has more than one COP graduate … we’d like to know
January 24                                      more about you! Help the alumni office keep its Legacy records up to
COP Phoenix Game Watch                          date. Send your name, year, and address along with the names of any rela-
Phoenix, Arizona                                tives who also graduated from the College to: Vicki Wittenberg, College of
                                                Pharmacy, 115 S. Grand Ave. #118, Iowa City, IA 52242-1112 or email it
January 27—29                                   to, or
IPA Expo
Des Moines, Iowa                                Name, Year of Graduation:

February 3rd                                    Address:
Alumni Board Meeting

Feb 4
Admissions Interviews

Feb 11
Admissions Interviews

Feb 18
COP Ball
Feb 26                                        Dean of the College of Pharmacy: Dr. Jordan L. Cohen, 319-335-8794
AACP Meeting                                  Alumni Board President: Julie Kuhle
                                              Director of External Relations: Barbara Kelley
March 31                                      Editor: Leslie Stodden
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM                             HawkScripts Planning Committee: Chris Catney, Anne Duggan, Keith Guillory, Barbara Kelley,
Rho Chi Initation Banquet                     Leslie Stodden, Vicki Wittenberg

                                              HawkScripts is published by the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy with editorial
May 5 - 6                                     and production support from the Office of Health Science Relations. Contact us at pharmacy-
Capital Campaign Celebration        
                                              Vol. 21       No. 1
May 10
Senior Dinner
Holiday Inn Conference Center

May 11
10:00 AM
Graduation at Hancher
                                                                                                                       Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                                           U.S. Postage
For more information on any of these events             The University of Iowa                                                 PAID
email or call us              College of Pharmacy                                              Cedar Rapids, IA
at 319-335-8780                                         Iowa City, IA 52242-1112                                          Permit No. 214

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